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After the development of digital technology the society has evolved into a new era. Therefore, it is used by most of the company so as to enhance their business operations in a better manner. Digital technology is based on two way process and all the information is recorded in the form of binary functions with the combination of 0 and 1. according to the current market scenario digital technology help the organisation for getting effective results. In terms of people this has made the life of people more easier and now they can get information from anywhere in just one click. Apart from this, it is providing  competitive advancement to the firm by helping them in making appropriate strategies and plan of action. Talent Plus is the organisation that is been taken in this report, it is a consultancy firm that provides legal as well as professional advices to most of the organisation (Adams and Simnett, 2011). They are using digital technology in promoting their activities so that they can be in reach to maximum number of people. This will gradually increase their sales and profitability. As a result it is assisting them in operating their business ion a systematic manner. In addition to this, in this present time period, individuals spend their more time of using the internet sources by using the effective internet applications as well as tools in order to develop knowledge or abilities of persons in various area. Internet is regarded as most necessary marketing source which plays a necessary role in giving an effectiveness to purchasers in context to fulfil needs or demands of consumers in a systematic manner. Talent plus is recruitment organisation and it uses internet services to communicate with people and provide them effective recruitment services in an efficient manner.

P1) Research proposal which clearly define question and hypothesis with literature review.

This research is conducted so as to know the implication of digital technology and its impact on small and medium firms (DurmuÅŸoÄŸlu and Barczak, 2011). It will help readers to get know the impact of digitalisation on companies and also support to create further research. In addition to this, this research project is based upon various methodologies thus results to beneficial in future. In this current scenario whether the company is small or big everybody has incorporated digital technologies in order to get effective results. Therefore the company that has been taken in this report i.e. Talent Plus has optimised latest tools and technologies for conducting their business in a an appropriate way. Thus, it is helping them in  performing their activities in a better manner. Apart from this, company is using these technologies for enhancing the skills and knowledge of the workers and as a result it is enabling the employees for giving effective outcomes. Other than this, Talent Plus is using this for expanding their business in different areas as well.

Background of Research

            In this competitive era, digital technology is an effective source to communicate with people in an effective manner. Through digital technology, Talent plus can achiever the higher success and also increase its market growth in context to execute its business operations at large scale (Büyüközkan and Arsenyan, 2012). As Talent Plus is recruitment company and it provides effective recruitment services to the people of United Kingdom so that they will get job and their standard of living can be enhanced. Through using the advanced technology, firm can make improvement in its production process and reducing time, cost etc. Digital technology is a procedure of making every thing digital and convert information in to the digital format.

Research Aim:

            To identify the implication of new and innovative technologies for enhancing growth and development of business organisation. A case study on Talent Plus.

Research Objectives

            This part of research is based on investigation issue. An evaluation target are module in addition to worked for an examination. It is necessary that research questions should be valuable and helpful in getting positive outcomes (El-Gohary, 2012). There are some research objectives are given below as above:

  • To determine the importance of digital technologies for enhancing overall business performance
  • To examine those areas where advanced technologies can be used for enhancing growth level
  • To determine those factors which are beneficial for overall growth and development of business
  • To recommend various ways by which firms can gain customers attention and enhance overall sales and profitability ratios through E-commerce

Research Questions

  • How to determine the importance of digital technologies for enhancing overall business performance
  • What are the areas where advanced technologies can be used for enhancing growth level.
  • What are the factors which are beneficial for overall growth and development of business
  • To recommend various ways by which firms can gain customers attention and enhance overall sales and profitability ratios through e-commerce.

            This part of an investigation is identified as most necessary which aids an investigator in order to conduct research in- depth manner so from this outcomes will be valid. Under this, researcher collect relevant information and data by various assets and also actualise them in work. It is an evaluation of information which searched in the literature concerned to specific research topic. It should provide theoretical base for an investigation and helpful in identifying nature of research.

Importance of digital technologies for enhancing overall business performance

According to Faris, (2018) digital technology plays an important role in upgrading the entire business so that company can give effective results. This is helping them in maintaining a record of their data and information thus, digital technology has increased the proficiency of the company. Therefore, in context with Talent Plus, digital technology has provided better experience in relation with communication. Thus, by using all the resources like internet, laptops, smartphones firm is enabling themselves in dealing with the clients in a better way. For example: If any company wants to get information regarding the problems than they can contact to Talent Plus. Therefore, they have established an effective communication medium for the same. Further more, they have developed an application which can be accessed by any individual.  Thanks to social media and the internet which makes easier the  reaching to consumers. By using their own website tools, social medial platforms and mobile applications firms can easily capture eye of their customers. It also reduces costs of production as instead of paying to third parties for advertising in print or electronic media, companies can create their own advertisements on social medial platforms.

            Adoption of digital technology helps companies to sell their items online, that implies that eradication of intermediaries as well as brick-and-mortar store front. Thus,  digital technology has improved the process of the entire business and these are reliable as they are low at cost price. Recently, most of the organisation are using “the cloud” communication process for interacting with their employees and clients as well. This is enabling them in having connections with persons who are in different places but simultaneously working on the same projects. On the basis of view point of Ip, Leung and Law, 2011 it has been concluded that Digital technology is a necessary sources of growth and productivity and also helpful in enhance competitive value, make improvement in efficiency of business, increase sales and also save money. There are some importance of digital technology on business given below as above:

            Increase business efficiency- IF firm will use the better digital technology then from the effectiveness of operations will also be enhance din an efficient manner. Digitalisation makes easier to customize all documents like for an instance contract templates as well as agreement. In addition to this, consumers can get data or information of firm on the websites and ask any query to company. It will be helpful in developing good impression in mind of consumers and goodwill of firm will be enhanced.

            Employee monitoring- Under this, firm can manager and control the large teams with the help of using digitalisation. Through application, company can track the consumer services and it can provide many effective opportunities for the coaching. GPS tracking and speed of drivers support positive brand image in front of people (Adams and Simnett, 2011).

            Security- In this modern era, most of the business are subjected to the security vandalism as well as threats. Technology is helpful in protect implementation of confidential decisions, financial data and some of the other information which lead to the competitive benefit.

            Communication with consumers- It is a primary responsibility of Talent Plus organisation to provide better recruit services to people. According to Jehangir and et. al., 2011 technology impact of abilities of an company in context to interact with consumers in an efficient manner. Under this, it is essential for staff members to communicate with customers clearly as well as quickly. Websites are helpful in allow consumers to search answers to their all queries in a quick manner.

Areas where advanced technologies can be used for enhancing growth level

Every company establish their business in order to gain maximum profits thus for this company develops various strategies and policies that they implement for getting better results. Other than this, it is important that firm execute these plans in a proper manner so as to achieve the set goals and objectives. There are some of the sectors in which digital technology helps the company in improving their efficiency of work for example: by using suitable technologies will increase the productivity and assist organisation in realising true business success. On the basis of  Kasemsap, 2016 Implementing appropriate software will help the firm in knowing whether the organisation is having appropriate tools and software through which they can gain maximum profits. Thus, this will assist them in overcoming all the challenges in an effective manner. Other than this, it creates and open and communicative environment as this enable them in interacting with the employees so that they can communicate the message in an effective way. Therefore, through the process of interaction firm can achieve the goals and objectives. This provides a greater visibility to the workers thus, all the roles and responsibilities is clear explained to an individual according to the task they want to perform.

            With the viewpoint of Büyüközkan and Arsenyan, (2012) there are several business areas in which managers can use new and innovative technology, such as - human resource department, marketing, finance, information technology etc. For example - in recruitment process of Talent Plus managers can use job portals, posts jobs on their own websites, social medial platforms etc. thus to attain large pool of applicants. It saves costs involved printing job advertisements in newspapers or magazines. On the other hand, companies can also used new technologies, i.e. search engine optimisation and pay per click advertisement, social media sites for getting interest of customers as they can know about the brand and its offerings. Digital media is one of the greatest tool for marketing and advertising products over the world.

Factors which are beneficial for overall growth and development of business

El-Gohary, (2012) various factors or elements  must be considered while evaluating future business growth and success. These factors are - company's cultural, knowledge management, clearly defined roles, cash flow, digital technology and continuous scalability. In order to manage all these things in an effective manner, there must be required effective technologies which also helps a business to grow and diversify over the world. In this content, Talent Plus is tend to focus on applying new and innovative technologies which will ensure to obtain high competitive edge. Digital technology plays an important role in upgrading the business so that it can be moved in forward direction. Thus, technology has improved the entire process, Talent Plus has optimised both tangible and intangible resources in order to make more money. Apart from this, company is providing services according to the needs and demands of their clients. The biggest benefits that digital technology is providing is in terms of establishing a effective communication between its employees and customers as well. Therefore, Talent Plus is hiring those candidates which can easily interact with others very quickly and clearly. Along with this, company is also focussing on the skills and information the individual have as a result it will enable the company in giving adequate information to the clients to its customers related to the problems that they are facing. Digital technology also increase the efficiency of the operations as it help the company in maintaining the data and other information in a systematic manner. Thus, it reduces the cost and time as company can know access the information in just one click.

For any company security is the biggest concern, as with the increase in use of digital technology threats of hacking data has also raised because of which now information can be accessed easily. Therefore, it is essential that company use best applications  for securing their data so that they can keep their confidential information secure from others. Thus, by having computer along with passwords will ensure that forthcoming projects are copied by other rival companies. Henceforth, digital technology increases the capacity of the incorporating new opportunities and through this they are enabling themselves in gaining competitive advancement. Digital technology is helpful in engage people and also provide them better experience to them. Loyalty, retention and consumer satisfaction all are necessary for the growth and survival of business. If consumers will get better experience then in this case they will be loyal for company, enhance sales and also retain them for long time period. In addition to this, digital transformation is helpful in improving profit level of firm and also convert consumer satisfaction in to the loyalty. According to Omotayo, 2015 it has been concluded that talent plus organisation continuously make changes in its technology to make its operations better or effective. This company provide its all information on its websites and also communicate with people through this. Businesses are impacted through alteration in technological environment. In context to this, technology is an effective application for controlling and modifying environment. At market place, there are some businesses which can leverage alteration in the technology for make improvement in production process and goods or also develop new goods so that company can expand in to the new profit and market place.

Recommend various ways by which firms can gain customers attention and enhance overall sales and profitability

With the implementation of digital technology a transformation in marketing can be seen and most the company are using this resource in order to enhance their business operations. As in recent times, most of the people are busy in sharing their day to day activities so, digital technology is considered as one if the important tool for providing information. In this modern era, use of cloud computing is raising at fast pace thus firms can apply this tool in their business practices and stores wide range of information and data at one. In context of customers, managers can store market information in cloud computing tools and utilise them when it is required. Sinkovics, Sinkovics and “Bryan” Jean, (2013) it will supports companies to obtain high competitive edge at marketplace and also helps in achieving their goals and in a certain time period. Talent Plus, is using digitalisation for establishing e-commerce in order to communicate with maximum number of people. This has reduce the real-time conversation and implementation of mobile application have changed the nature of marketing. As now people can easily ask their queries through internet or their websites. Therefore, for give effective outcomes company has hired experts who have an experience in the field of consultancy. Thus, it is helping them in giving solutions more appropriately. As the organisation deals in small scales but due to the services they are providing to its customers, it is gaining popularity amongst others as well.

            Henceforth, it is increasing the sales and profitability at the same time, other than this, company is using other mediums for reaching out to maximum number of people and for this, they have adopted latest tools and technologies which is assisting them in evaluating the statistical data in an effective manner. Other than this, company can give advertisement in newspapers, magazines and social media for attracting more and more people towards their organisation.

P2) Research methods and approaches to primary and secondary research

Research methodology is related with different kinds of plan in order to conduct an investigation in an effective manner. Under this, methodology is a theoretical and also systematic analysis of methods for apply to field of specific research topic. It is necessary part of an investigation as it may be laid down those methods which are chosen in conduct an investigation in an effective or better manner (Pantano, 2011). Basically, research methodology is related to use of various kinds of tools or techniques so that outcomes will be better.

Research methods and process
Research Onion, 2016)

Research onion -

Research onion illustrate the stages which must covered in developing a research strategy. Each layer of  research onion defines in detailed stage of research process; thus it renders an adequate progression by which a research methodology can  be designed. In first stage, research philosophies are defined, which create starting point to make an appropriate research approach for second stage. In third stage, research strategy is acquired and four layer determines time horizon whereas fifth ones encompasses with data collection. Therefore, the main benefit of research onion is to generate several stages under which methods of data collection can be observed.

  • Research philosophy - It investigates set of beliefs related with reality and provided assumptions help researcher that how the entire research will undertaken. Along with this, research philosophies are differ on goals and then best way is identified to attain such goals. It also signifies assumptions inherent with research process thus to arrive at better conclusion. There is two types of research philosophies, such as - positivism and interpretivism. In which positivism comes up with hypothesis and research questions which can test. With this approach researcher enable to find out explanations measuring existing knowledge of world. On the other hand, it supports to interpret how individuals are engaged in social and cultural life. Therefore, for completion of this research project there has been used interpretivism research philosophy as researcher can determine what people think about a specific topic or area of concern.
  • Research approaches - There are two types of research approaches such as - inductive and deductive. In which, inductive research approach means to move on specific from general; there is no framework which initially inform data collection. It is the point where data has been collected and new theories are generated. Apart from this, deductive approach is acquired to developed a new hypothesis or make hypothesis on existing theory then identify an effective approach. For completion of this research project, inductive research has been used cause there is data is analysed and then significant patterns are adopted to inform results.
  • Quantitative and qualitative approach - The approach is based upon quantitative or numerical data; it involves a various statistical standards thus to maintain its validity. It is used to study a large amount of social phenomena as well as effectively used for situations where there is large number of respondents are available. Beside this, qualitative approach is drawn up to determine how respondents interprets own reality. Basically, it helps to collect qualitative data and information which is based upon real facts or figures. For this research project, there is applied quantitative research thus to arrive at better conclusion.
  • Research strategy - In this researcher discuss, which style will use in order to gather or assess information or data, i.e. grounded theory, experiment, survey, action research, case study and so on. In which experimental designs are quite complex and scientific in nature thus it might be tough for others to replicate research. Whereas a case study design supports to doing a study upon one or more people; for this there can be used some real life cases. Apart from this, survey helps to collect a wide range of data to answers, like who, how, what, why, where and when of research topic. Among all those above strategy, survey is the finest as well as economical research tactics which helps in gathering vast range of data in a certain time period.
  • Choices - It discover the ways to use quantitative and qualitative methods for research purposes. Here, it is assured that whether both methods are ideal to use or one is fine. Three methods are suggested, in which first one is mono method that comprises that using one research approach for the study. Another one is mixed method which states to use both methods, i.e. qualitative and quantitative for entire study. At last, multi-method approach in which research is divided into separate segments, with each producing a specific dataset.
  • Time horizons - It is a framework in which project will be completed, there is determine two types of horizons, i.e. cross sectional and longitudinal. In which, cross sectional approach is based to use both qualitative and quantitative research that helps researcher to analyse behaviour or attitude of large group of people; in this data is collected at a certain point. On other hand, longitudinal method refers to collection of data repeatedly in extended period; it puts a control over variables are being studied. For completion of this research project, there is used longitudinal methods as small group of variables are being studied.
  • Data collection and analysis - The last layer of research onion is based upon analysing or interpret the information which has been gathered from various sources. In this section, researcher can use questionnaire content and sample groups in order to interpret the information. At this time, researcher should consider strategies, philosophies stances, time frame and choices so as to reach valid results.


P3 Conduct primary and secondary research by using appropriate methods and techniques

There is determined two main methods of research, such as - primary and secondary that enables to reach at better conclusions.

  • Primary data - This kind of data is originated for very first time by direct direct efforts and experience. Primary research is conducted with an aim to address specific research problem and draw a meaningful conclusion. Along with this, primary data collection is quite expensive as researcher as to analyse the each aspect that requires manpower and investment. Primary data can be gathered through several methods, like - surveys, physical testing, questionnaire, observations, focus groups, case studies etc.
  • Secondary data - It implies to get second hand information that has been already gathered and recorded by another people for different purpose. This kind of data is not related with current research problems. In addition to this, secondary data is readily available form of data collection and can be collected through - websites, journals, articles, books, websites and so on.

            From all these above methods, the present research is based upon primary research methods which will provide qualitative information. Along with this, the research method is always specific towards needs of researcher. Primary data provides more accurate and reliable data to people in comparison with secondary data. In order to get primary data, there has been used questionnaire method which provides viewpoints of different customers upon specific area of concern.



Contact no.-


Q1) Which particular digital tools are used through Talent plus company in order to reach to consumers efficiently?

a) Websites

b) Social media

c) Mobile application

Q2) What will be expected outcome that Talent Plus organisation can get execution of the digital tools?

a) Increase profit level

b) Cost efficiency

c) Enhance growth or productivity

Q3) What will be affect of digital technology in working culture of Talent Plus?

a)  No change

b) Enhance productivity

c) Knowledgeable workforce

d) Encourage Collaboration

Q4) Does digital tool helps in sharing informations about products and services with people?

a) Agree

b) Disagree

Q5) What are the major disadvantages of using Digital Technologies for Talent Plus?

a) Raise Challenges

b) Negative views on technology

c) Job Insecurity

Q6) Does government provide financial support to business in order to implement digital techniques at work place?

a) Yes

b) No

Q7) Does digital tools helps in establishing strong brand images of products at market places?

a) Yes

b) No

Q8) What ratings will provide to the offered products of Talent Plus?

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Average

d) Poor

Q9) Is digital technology is helpful in expand business?

a) Yes

b) No

Q10) Provide recommendations by which firms can enhance their sales index?

P4 Apply appropriate analytical tools, analyse research finding and data

THEME 1: Particular digital tools are used through Talent plus

 Q1) Which particular digital tools are used through Talent plus company in order to reach to consumers efficiently?




Social media


Mobile application


Digital tools are helpful in connect company with people and they can be convert in to the consumers. There are 50 respondents choose through researcher and among all of them 12 people said that  through websites, people can know about the services of firm and effectively reach at consumers. On the basis of view point of 22 respondents that social media is an effective tool with connect people in all over the world. Mostly, people are active on social media. According to 16 respondents, mobile application is an effective way which mostly organisations adopt in order to reach at customers. Through mobile application, Talent Plus company provide its services to people in an effective manner.

THEME 2: Expected outcome that Talent Plus organisation can get execution of the digital tools.

Q2) What will be expected outcome that Talent Plus organisation can get execution of the digital tools?


Increase profit level


Cost efficiency


Enhance growth or productivity



Interpretation- Digital tools are helpful in providing effective outcomes to an organisation. In order to get information about the specific topic of this research, there are almost 50 respondents selected by researcher. There are 18 respondents which said that if company will implement the digital tools and technologies at workplace. It helps in increasing profit of firm. Under this, according to 20 people that from implementation of digital technology, cost of operations will be reduced and in short period of time firm can complete its business operations. On the basis of 12 respondents, through digital technology productivity of Talent Plus will be increased.

THEME 3: Affect of digital technology in working culture

Q3) What will be affect of digital technology on working culture of Talent Plus?


No change


Enhance productivity


Knowledgeable workforce


Encourage Collaboration


Interpretation- Digital technology impact on the working culture of Talent Plus organisation. At the time of implementing the advanced technology at workplace, business effectively. It is a major responsibility of manager to make the culture of business more effective so that staff members can do their work by giving better performance. According to 10 respondents, from adopting of digital tools, there will be no impact on working culture of this company. On the other hand, 17 respondents said that digital technology impact on business by increasing productivity of firm. In context to this, digitalisation enhance collaboration among all employees which are working in an organisation for achieving specific objectives.

THEME 4: Digital tool helps in sharing informations about products

Q4) Does digital tool helps in sharing informations about products and services with people?






Interpretation- There are many digital tools which are helpful in share information or data regarding services and product with the people. With the help of using effective digital tool, Talent Plus organisation can provide details of its products with the consumers and also understand them regarding their features in detailed manner. Under this, according to the 27 respondents that digital tools are helpful in share information and data about products with people at market place. On the other hand, there are 23 people which said that it is not more effective and there is a requirement to Talent Plus business firm to adopt some of the other methods to reach information about products to customers.

THEME 5:  Major disadvantages of using Digital Technologies

Q5) What are the  major disadvantages of using Digital Technologies for Talent Plus?


Raise Challenges


Negative views on technology


Job Insecurity


Interpretation- There are some advantages and disadvantage of digital technology to a company. According to 12 respondents, the main disadvantage of digital technology is insecurity of job to people because if company will use the technology then in this case demand of workforce power will be less. But technology enhance cost of firm because to purchase new technology,m firm need to spend more money. But there are 20 respondents which said that digitalisation increase chances of challenges or risks.

THEME 6: Government provides financial support to business

Q6) Does government provides financial support to business in order to implement digital techniques at work place?







Interpretation- For small business organisation, government provides funds so that they can run their business or conduct activities in a significant or smooth manner.  These firms provides employment to people in order to increase their living standard. In addition to this, there are 29 respondents which said that for execution of digital technologies in business, government provide its financial support. But on the basis of view point of 21 respondents that government does not give their financial support to all companies. 

THEME 7: Digital tools helps in establishing strong brand image

Q7) Does digital tools helps in establishing strong brand image of products at market place?






Interpretation- With the help of adopting as well as using advance technology, company can establish its strong image of brand of services at competitive market. Under this modern era, digital technology aids in establish the better reputation of company by providing the better quality of services and products in an effective manner. There are 35 people which said that digital tools are helpful in establish the brand image at market place but according to 15 respondents for making brand of firm strong, firm needs to do something more.

THEME 8: Ratings will provide to the offered products

Q8) What ratings will provide to the offered products of Talent Plus?










Interpretation- At market place, there are many consumers which like and unlike the services of  Talent Plus organisation. In this there are  20 people, which like the services of this company more. But on the basis of view point of 10 people they like services in average. According to 6 respondents, services of Talent Plus company is poor so there is a need to this firm to make changes in its process.

THEME 9:  Digital technology is helpful in expand business

Q9) Is digital technology is helpful in expand business?






Interpretation- It is necessary for an organisation to expand business for increasing sales, profit  level and revenue of company in an effective or effective manner. Expansion of business is necessary for increasing development of company. In this, there 50 respondents which chosen. In context to this, there are 36 people which said that by using the advanced technology, Talent Plus company can expand its business firm in an effective manner. On second hand, 14 respondents which are not agree with this given statement.


P5 Covered in PPT


P6 Reflection on the effectiveness of research methods and techniques.

For completion of this research project, I analysed that digital technology plays a vital role in growth and success of small business associations. For completion of this project, I read out various research methodologies then chose the best one among them. I realise that questionnaire is one of the best approach to gather relevant data and information so as to arrive at an effective conclusion. I have made 10 questions to cover up the entire topic and get customers' opinion in detail. Along with this, questionnaire is an instrument in order to gather data that is based upon given subject to respond to a set of oral or written questions. I have used this method as it is cost effective because there is no printing costs. Additionally, questionnaire is a practical way to collect important information as it is being flexible. I made multiple choice questions to reach out vast amount of information.

P7) Determine alternative research methodologies for the project.

There are various methods to gather data and information, I already have used questionnaire. But if questionnaire method cannot be used then researcher can use in-depth interviews and observations. By using in-depth interviews which signifies with organising an intensive interviews with small group of people in order to explore their views or perspectives upon a  particular idea, program, or situation. In-depth interviews are beneficial while researcher wants brief or detailed information from a person's perspectives and explore new issues as well.  Apart from this, I also can use observation method, its a kind of co relational research in investigator observe ongoing behaviour of participants. Observational methods are prevalent in social sciences and marketing. It is a social research technique which encompasses with direct observation of phenomena of people.  Both research methods will assist me to get relevant information and data upon a specific area of concern.


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