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A business firm needs the assistance of promotion and advertisement in order to meet desired aims and objectives. In addition, an organization can draw the attention of their customers through effective promotion and advertisement and a firm subsequently create mind pressure on customer purchase behaviour by effective promotion and advertisement. On the other hand, an organization needs to aware the customers about the advantages and benefits of its products through attractive promotion and advertisement activities. Along with that, the scope of marketing communication, promotion regulation, the impact of ICT on current trends, branding, below-the-line techniques and a budget for integrated promotional strategy will be explained and discussed in this assessment. Moreover, a suitable suggestion also will be provided for the future growth of an organization through promotion and advertisement strategies. Moreover, this paper is based on advertising and promotional activities of one smartphone as technology segment of IDEAL HOME SHOW which will come to Olympia London in summer (2017) (Lin, 2013).        

Task 1 

Understand the organizational purpose of business


There are various types of forms of communication process which are applicable in the segment of promotions and advertising. On the other hand, the management needs to answer the queries and questions of the prospects of products or services in the process of communication. In addition, the communication process includes nine elements such as sender, message, receiver, media, response, feedback, noise, decoding and encoding. In the scenario, British Home Show will be returning to Olympia London from 29th March to 9th April 2017. Along with that, all elements of communication process model are working perfectly as per the case scenario. IDEAL HOME SHOW is also sending message and invitation to their prospects, and they can be considered as the sender. In other sense, IDEAL HOME SHOW encoded a message ’From kitchens and basements to bedrooms and bathrooms, gardens and the latest high-tech gadgets, fixtures and fittings to fine food, to fashion gifts and beauty, you'll find it all under one roof at this award-winning show’ is their tagline(Ellis, 2002). The message of the home show is clear and simple. The communication channels which mainly used by IDEAL HOME SHOW are the internet, official website, tradeshow, newspaper, external billboards and telesales campaign. All these elements are considered as media elements. Besides that, viewers are called as a decoder of the message. Thus, the customers are the receiver of the message. According to feedback, the home show was perceived to an overemphasis on the quality of the products or services. Unplanned distortions enhance noise which leads to misinterpretation of the brand message by prospects. In other words, due to push performance factor, the brand message become inhumane to prospects of IDEAL HOME SHOW and causes unwanted errors in the communication process. Moreover, IDEAL HOME SHOW has a dynamic communication process which includes customer promotion packages, home interior design and branded entertainment strategy (Webb and Dickinson, 2012).


Some firms assist other business in carrying out their promotional activities which are called advertising and promotional industry. Nowadays, every organization prefer to assign the work with advertising and promotion industry rather do it by themselves. The advertisement and promotional activities are significant to every business; the firms wisely select an advertisement and promotional industry(Griffiths, 2006). While selecting the appropriate advertising industry some major core factors needed to be considered which are discussed below:

Goodwill: the advertisement industry requires reputation for attracting other companies. In other words, ad agencies need an adequate amount of goodwill as new ad agencies are not preferable. Be that as it may, major companies like IDEAL HOME SHOW preferred to be safe rather than sorry.   &n