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Introduction to Employability Skills

Employability skills are very essential elements which are basic requirement of employers and employees. These aspects are based on nature of particular job that offered to employees. It includes communication, problem solving, initiatives and team work, etc. In this context, present report is based on case scenario of David was suffered from learning disability working for supermarket. He was redundant in September 2008 when the company is working with 10 years of closed down. After this, he had been selected in care home job in November 2009. In order to focus on case scenario, report covers set of own responsibilities and performance objectives. Furthermore, it includes solution for work based problem. Moreover, team dynamics included that assist to accomplish group goals. Moreover, it demonstrates tools and methods which assist to enhance solution for problems.

Task 1

1.1 Set of own responsibilities and performance objectives

In order to analyse present case of David, as an employer of him I have various responsibilities and performance objectives which need to be developed. It includes effective communication, fulfil requirement of each person and meet with goals and targets, etc. With the help of proper communication and care of David I can meet responsibilities and performance objectives as well. When I talk to him, I found his difficulties and also understood him that how he can work in present situation of care home. Further, I ensure that no discrimination will be occurred towards people. Therefore, proper care for David is demonstrated. In addition to this, health and safety needs to be implemented for him so that he can work effectively at workplace.

In order to enhance skills and knowledge of David, it is essential to provide proper training and development to him. It assist to enhance performances that accomplish objectives of him at workplace. Therefore, it can also foster to enhance coordination among various people those are work with David. In this way, participation of each employee will easily gain by the manager that assist to frame decision-making at workplace of health and social care practices. For example, if David is working in Cedar Lawn of England. There are so many people work together so that it would be beneficial to enhance relations among various members. Further, when employer of David provide timing according to feasibility of David it creates positive impact on him. In this context, positive outcomes can be seen at