Employability Skills


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Introduction to Employability Skills

Employability skills are very essential elements which are basic requirement of employers and employees. These aspects are based on nature of particular job that offered to employees. It includes communication, problem solving, initiatives and team work, etc. In this context, present report is based on case scenario of David was suffered from learning disability working for supermarket. He was redundant in September 2008 when the company is working with 10 years of closed down. After this, he had been selected in care home job in November 2009. In order to focus on case scenario, report covers set of own responsibilities and performance objectives. Furthermore, it includes solution for work based problem. Moreover, team dynamics included that assist to accomplish group goals. Moreover, it demonstrates tools and methods which assist to enhance solution for problems.

Task 1

1.1 Set of own responsibilities and performance objectives

In order to analyse present case of David, as an employer of him I have various responsibilities and performance objectives which need to be developed. It includes effective communication, fulfil requirement of each person and meet with goals and targets, etc. With the help of proper communication and care of David I can meet responsibilities and performance objectives as well. When I talk to him, I found his difficulties and also understood him that how he can work in present situation of care home. Further, I ensure that no discrimination will be occurred towards people. Therefore, proper care for David is demonstrated. In addition to this, health and safety needs to be implemented for him so that he can work effectively at workplace.

In order to enhance skills and knowledge of David, it is essential to provide proper training and development to him. It assist to enhance performances that accomplish objectives of him at workplace. Therefore, it can also foster to enhance coordination among various people those are work with David. In this way, participation of each employee will easily gain by the manager that assist to frame decision-making at workplace of health and social care practices. For example, if David is working in Cedar Lawn of England. There are so many people work together so that it would be beneficial to enhance relations among various members. Further, when employer of David provide timing according to feasibility of David it creates positive impact on him. In this context, positive outcomes can be seen at workplace.

1.2 Recommendation for improvement

In respect to assess the case scenario, there are various recommendation has been provided at workplace. Therefore, it will assist to enhance positive results and outcomes that increase profitability at workplace. With the help of proper plan and performances, services can be deliver quickly and effectively within the enterprise. For example, Cedar Lawn is providing day services to each patient. Thus, it would be beneficial to enhance performances of David in care home. In this aspect, following recommendation can be provided for improvements...

Give importance to team-work

With respect to perform group task and activities, in care home people are encourages towards work in a team. For this aspect, proper and effective communication will be needed at workplace. For example, in care home David unable to understand regarding patients to other team members so that it creates proper understanding among them in successful manner. Therefore, problems can be solved in systematic manner.

Team-building exercise that make group cohesive

In addition to this, every member of a team needs to be motivated to accomplish goals and objectives of the organisation. In this aspect, team-building exercise is effective tool that helpful to make proper functioning. In this way, all persons can participate in different exercise such as management games, role play, so that it encourages to David to made effective results. With the help of management games, employee performance can be developed that assist to meet with positive results.

Set priorities

Another recommendation can be given that; care home that they should set their priorities first. In this aspect, Employer of David should be determining their objectives which accomplish from participation of him and other members as well. Conflicts also arises in this aspect due to working in a group. To reduce conflicts, setting priorities helps to employer to determines participation of employee at workplace.

Training and development to disabled employees: Further, proper training and development elements need to be implemented that assist to grow effective results at workplace. In this way, care home like Cedar Lawn can enhance their performances to deal with various situations. Therefore, they have to provide proper training to disabled employees so that they can work.

1.3 Motivational techniques to improve quality of performance

In order to deal with various outcomes and results, different motivational techniques take place which assist to increase performance of employees. It assists to achieve enterprise goals and objectives that helpful to meet with targets. Therefore, following techniques are implemented at workplace...

Implementation of reward system

In order to deal with effective outcomes, at workplace reward system assist to motivate people. In this aspect, employer can deal with developing results which would be taken from quality of performances. It includes, incentives, bonus and remuneration, etc. This will assist to make effective results that are beneficial to gain participation of each member including David as well. It assists to improve quality performance of particular employee at workplace.

Self-improvement with positive work environment

Another motivational technique can be implemented that enhance self-improvement through encourage team member at workplace. In this way, idea can be shared with tools and gain knowledge that assist to perform job well. Further, conflicts need to be solved at workplace through work will be done independently.

Management practices

Management practices are another important element which assist to grow effective results at workplace. In this way, regular survey to employees can be seen at workplace to assess their satisfaction level. In this aspect, it is essential to know about opinion and want of each employee that improves working conditions. Therefore, it will help to develop effective results at workplace.

Task 2

2.1 Solution to work based problem

David is disabled employee so that his employer also faces many issues to deal with activities that are performed by him in care home. This is because, dealing with disabled person is very difficult to understand them and create effective results in institute. For example, if there is communication gap so that it creates impact on handling queries of patients. Therefore, this issue will impact on performances and operations of care home. To resolve this issue and problem, there are several strategies can be implemented at workplace. It includes making smart decisions, establishment of baseline, assess patients needs and demonstrate commitment to make change, etc. Smart decision assist to develop right results with back up of communication that measure progress of people within the environment. Therefore, it will aid in accomplish understanding that encourage positive outcomes. In addition to this, effective communication also develop baseline that analysis success and progress that create for future research. These strategies assist to make solutions of communication gap at workplace.

In addition to this, another problem is occurring for development of employees. In this way, management games, training and development program assist to make positive outcomes at workplace. In management games people are eligible to develop their effective performances and outcomes within the business environment through participating in games. With the help of training and development programs, skills and ability of a person will be enhanced that reduce conflicts and increase participation of people. Through providing systematic work, organisation can have implemented it to accomplish goals and objectives. Hence, it will assist to enhance successful operations and gain results to make solution for different issues.

2.2 Communication in variety of style in appropriate way

In care home of David, there are lack of proper communication so that it creates issue on each person in development programs. At each level, conversation among people is create problem which need to be solved, so that, effective results can be made. Effective communication encourages people to handle issues that persons are face at workplace. In systematic way, use of technology assist to enhance technology and technical tools are also required to perform proper functioning and interaction at workplace. With the help of effective resources and tools, care operations can be developed easily. Therefore, communication is the best part to determines variety of style. Through interaction of each level employee, proper conversation enhanced that promote to results.

Size and structure of business assist to make effective results with appropriate communication style. Higher authority Cedar Lawn can communicate with board members. It will assist to manage professionalism and it is important to make discussion in proper aspect. In addition to this, at middle level managers of the care home can use seminars and conferences. It will assist to show experience and build confidence of particular person at workplace. It is a significant technique which is helpful to make effective communication. Verbal and written form of conversation can be developed at middle level which would be beneficial to keep proper records at workplace. On the other hand, in order to deal with lower level staff member, manager needs to focus on notice board and seminars which take place at middle level. Hence, information can be provided effectively that assist to get proper data regarding professional outcomes to each employee. Thus, they can work with guidance of upper and middle level managers delivers effective results. Informal and non-verbal communication has been formed that assist to enhance understanding to concentrate on significance outcomes of business environment.

2.3 Time management strategies

Time-management strategies assist to find out effective results and performances in order to focus on achievement of the best results. In this way, care home can be does things in efficient and better aspect to avoid overload and stress. In this context, following stages in time management can be used at workplace of care home...

Planning tools

Planning tools are very helpful to enhance productivity of care home at less time. In this way, manager can deal with different aspects of David’s performances. They can make priorities of list in tasks to make a plan so that David can be developed in effective aspect with regular making adjustments whenever it is needed. In order to break large task in smaller activities, which would be beneficial to manage task and easier to accomplish goals. This is helpful to better use of time.

Schedule time

In respect to schedule the task, all activities are needed to accomplish on time. This is because, it will assist to develop effective results and performances that make sure profitability can be develops in successful manner. Through conducting market research, it has been shown that all activities to be schedule so that task will be completed. It enhances outcomes of the company which would be beneficial to assess capabilities of a person at workplace.

Reduce multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is very effective element but it consumes time because of taking several decisions together. In this way, David unable to do more task at one time. This is because, he not easily understand problem of patient in care home. Thus, it is important to determines time according to specific need of person and perform various functions as well.

Task 3

3.1 Roles of people play in a team and how they are work together

In order to deal with developing ideas, various people work together at care home which assist to get effective results. In this way, employer play a vital role in success of enterprise in term of motivating to people as communicator. They are continuous motivating team members so that proper care for all patients can be undertake with various responsibilities as well. Team members are encouraged towards objectives so that David is also responsible to deal in effective aspect. Main aim of care home is to deliver effective and good services to patients. In sharing ideas and opinion, communicationhas been develops that assist to provide effective services to patients. It enhances understanding level of people so that it would be beneficial to get targets in positive aspect.

With the help of gathering information, all employees can keep themselves in successful operations. Within a team, all people need to ensure that productivity will be enhanced which would be beneficial to understand performances of people at workplace. It encourages to David to gather relevant information which would be beneficial to understand effective results.

3.2 Team dynamics

Team dynamic another effective element which would be determines to develop effective results in successful manner. In this way, David need to be work in a team so that he can learn that how to deal with different situations. There are several factors in a group which assesses by care home and give benefits to David. It includes unconscious, psychological forces which influence in term of direction of team behaviour and performances. With creating common purpose, effective group can be created that assist to understand dynamics through form strategy. It includes effective building of team members which assist to form group with health care system. Each team leader need to know about opportunity that ensure all group members are working in very good aspect.

There are several elements in which team dynamics creates impact such as, profitability of the institution, people enjoy to work, retention rates of staff members, performance of team or individual, reputation of the business and many more. However, sometimes team dynamics neglected and ignored. It creates significant impact on team working. In addition to this, there are several causes also create problem which need to be improved.

3.3 Alternative ways to complete task to achieve team goals

There are several ways through team can achieve their goals. In this way, various people are working in a group to determines long term and short term targets. In case of David, motivating is requires so that he can work hard according to target and goals to enhance his capabilities. There are various ways explains under here through team can achieve mission and targets...

Brainstorming sessions

In respect to ascertain targets and team goals, every member of group needs to focus on brainstorming session. In this way, people of care home can share their ideas and opinion regarding working of institution. With the help of brainstorming sessions, organisation can move towards successful operations to care patients in proper way. Therefore, short and long term goals are accomplished through providing training and development. In addition to this, brain storming also create idea that lay in specific tool and gives direction to thoughts of a person.

Visual aids

Further, visual aids are also used to draw and show participants towards goals and objectives. Therefore, progress has been achieved as overall results which is used in long term and short term projects. Visual aids also register as a subconscious level which assist to keep all team members on track as outside meetings. Goals oriented aids used to emphasize concept with completion of mission as organisation commitment.

Measure success continuously

Business leader of care home need to measure their success continuously so that they can assess team activities which more likely to pinpoint the problems. Through address issues, they can encourage team members which assist to grow overall profits in a team.

Task 4

4.1 Tools and methods for developing solution of problems

In order to solve issue and problem, there are several elements used. These tools are required to facilitate process of problem solving and take corrective actions as well. They are as follows...

FEMA (Failure modes and effect analysis)

This tool is used to make sure that all potential problems are related particular person and how it can be resolves. For example, at care home David is fail to sought out all issue of customers so that he can use FEMA which assist to predict outcomes at workplace.


It is a statistical approach, which signifies degree and index of relationship with developing strength between two or more than two quantities or variables. Relevancy is determines in different variables to make conclusion regarding issues. For example, Satisfaction and services are two variables which need to be analyse for assess range of correlation which can be take place from +1 to -1.


It is very simple technique that assist to gather ideas of many people towards particular results. This tool assists to determine diverse experience within a team member to solve problem and develop solution. This element assists to enhance confidence and satisfaction of self of all team members to feeling ownership of the problem. Therefore, it could be stated that this method is assist to find out solutions that are faced at workplace.

4.2 Strategy to resolve particular problem

Main issue in care home that face by David is understood problem and issue of patient at workplace. In this way, care home should focus on strategy that assist to meet with solution regarding issue and problem. There are various strategies has been used in care home that seeks information, generating new knowledge and making decision. With this aspect, care home can work efficiently through concentrate on analyse information that assist to take responsibility for new learning for a personal action. Firstly, it is essential to understand the problem and after these barriers are describes so that solutions are made which create guesstimate and make solution for a problem. Further, communication is also needed very strong so that David can understand problem of a particular person.

With undertake solution towards problem all information must be recorded in list of process which quite used frequently to map the plan. In this way, team can assess and resolve problem in effective way. It would be far better to generate ideas in a list. At last results are evaluates to ascertain objectives and goals of the care home.

4.3 Impact on business to implement strategy

In order to implement the strategy, it creates positive impact on the outcomes and results. With the help of such resources, picture has been make to set conclusion to solve particular issue and problem. It also creates effective communication which make logic to solve problem. With ongoing results, systematic conclusion can be drawn which would be better to enhance communication level. It also encourages team members to take part in accomplish targets and outcomes at workplace. With undertake ideas and views of many people, learning capabilities will be enhanced to work on own time. They are motivated to create benefits with working in a team. It improves relationship and communication level among various people and manager as well.

In addition to this, people are learning more about their team members which would be beneficial to make successful career. It fulfils objectives and goals of care home. Sharing goals and ideas are more likely to frame principles over time to time. When, every person in a group believe other members, so that assist to share goals and objectives in a systematic way. Therefore proper carrying of person can be achieve. They can also make small targets for future that assist to work on successful results. It creates various opportunities and roles to accomplishment results and focus on each person participation. Each person can improve communication through introduce themselves. Thus, it would be beneficial to reduce harassment of people at workplace.


From the above report, it has been concluded that employability skills play vital role that improves performance quality of a person. In this way, the enterprise accomplishes their goals and enhance objectives to develop future results. Furthermore, it summarized case of David who is suffered from disability and unable to work as normal person. After his injury of one year, he got an opportunity to work in care home. It creates positive impact on his life to work in effective way with developing ideas as an assistant supervisor. Staff members also provide training and awareness to him through guidance and support. In this aspect, challenges are face as issues which arise and support to disability action which ensure successful work at care home. Moreover, it explained about strategies that assist to protect at workplace to monitor performances of a person. It includes, planning tool, multi-tasking and many other elements. There are several alternative ways summarized that assist to meet compete task and achieve team goals as well.

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