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Chapter 1: Introduction

Mobile devices are the most essential part of today's life which is used for connecting the entire world with each other. People utilize mobile apps for multi-purpose activities like exploring information about business of a company, purchasing commodities through online applications and more. Therefore, it has become a major part of E-business industries for growing their businesses. Entrepreneurs can develop official interaction with customers, give advertisements for employment, create awareness about services and products among consumers etc. In the context of the travel sector, companies working in the tourism sector get various opportunities to expand their business market with the usage of mobile devices (Kounavis, Kasimati and Zamani, 2012). As the business of such organisations mainly depends on the attention and retention of loyal customers; Therefore, if travel industries introduce mobile apps then they can make official interactions with tourists. They can provide time-to-time information to travellers about services, destination packages, accommodations, transportation, food and beverages etc. This would help travel agencies or tour operators to attract tourists towards services and assist them in buying as well.

In this regard, Thomas Cook Group has been chosen in this report which deals in the travel sector and provides services related to travel and hospitality. This tour operator is headquartered in London and was established in 1841. It has near about 23,000 employees who are giving their contribution in making the holiday journey of tourists more enjoyable. This travel agency is counted as one of the top industries among other industries that are operating in the UK. The main competitors of Thomas Group are Jet2, TUI and BCD Travel. This firm provides high accommodations at affordable rates to customers to make their journey memorable.

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As Thomas Cook deals in the travel sector, therefore; by introducing mobile apps, it can provide information about holiday packages, discounts and other travel-related offers to tourists of domestic and international customers. It will help in attracting tourists towards the services of a company which will further aid in enhancing the customer base. This would also give opportunity to Thomas Cook to give tough competition to rival companies and acquire a good position in the marketplace. Through launching mobile apps, this travel agency can- provide more value for business to tourists; create a loyalty program within the app; build a stronger brand and make connections in a better manner with customers living in vast places (Van der Wagen and White, 2018). Thus, it will help boost the profitability of the business because when the expectations of customers are exceeded then its sales performance will also increase.

In order to do the design and structure of the present report, a modern approach is used. This approach does not concern much on linear processes. However, it provides various methodologies or alternative sources for project management. It includes Critical Path Method (CPM), Lean methodologies, SCRUM (Agile project management methodologies) and more. In this regard, CPM is useful in exploring the most critical path of the project. It is also helpful in estimating the time to complete major activities or tasks. In addition to this, the SCRUM methodology is helpful in developing a team to execute a plan or software products in monthly “scrum sessions” i.e. - major activities of tasks are broken down into 30-day intervals. Therefore, some of the methods given by modern approaches are helpful for software development and implementation of IT technologies in business. While, other methodologies can be implemented in process improvement, production, product engineering and more.   

Furthermore, the main structure of a report is made in a formal style which includes an executive summary; Table of Contents; Introduction; Main Body; Conclusion and References. For preparing this business proposal, both primary and secondary methods are used. The primary source helps in ascertaining the opinions of people about the implications of mobile apps. While secondary source helps in gaining more appropriate knowledge because the information which has been collected by the researcher is already been carried out by authors, scholars and others over a set topic or aim.

Research Aim: “To develop mobile app related to travel and tour sector which will provide necessary information to tourist. Case study on Thomas Cook Group”

Research Objectives:

  • To evaluate the concept of mobile app in travel industries.
  • To examine benefits provided by mobile app to Thomas Cook Group.
  • To ascertain the strategies for implementation of mobile technologies in business.

Research Questions:

  • What is the importance of mobile apps in the travel industry?
  • What are the benefits provided by the mobile app to Thomas Cook Group?
  • What are the strategies for the implementation of mobile technologies in business?

Problem Identification


Chapter 2: Business Concept

This concept in research includes basic information like products or services, targeted areas of the market, selling propositions which provide an advantage to organisations to gain competition over competitors and more. In order to formulate a business plan, it is essential for organisations to conduct a market survey first. It may help to get an idea about the tastes and preferences of customers and to decide which area they have to target. Thus, in context with Thomas Cook Group, this firm is going to introduce mobile apps which will offer necessary updates and information to travellers. Therefore, before making a conceptual model or business plan, this travel agency needs to conduct various research first in an appropriate manner (Xiang, Magnini and Fesenmaier, 2015). It will help in better formulating the business plan. In this regard, employers of Thomas Group need to determine the best method for conducting research in order to get feedback from respondents about the implications of mobile apps. Generally, three main approaches are used - Nominal Scale; Ordinal Scale and Interval Scale. Under these approaches, a nominal scale provides choice to users i.e. a questionnaire is formulated which includes some options on each topic. Thus, people can choose the best options as per opinion through which Thomas Cook can determine if introducing mobile applications proves beneficial for enhancing the customer base or not. Similarly, the ordinal scale assists people in giving ranks to each choice. For example: If there are five options available for a particular question then assign ranks to each one. Other than this, with references to interval scale, it gives only two options to respondents i.e. either agree or disagree on a particular statement. Thus, in this regard, managers of Thomas Group use the Nominal Scale approach for market surveys and prepare business plan accordingly.

After making decisions to use appropriate research for market survey, managers of Thomas Cook are needed to create a plan. This plan is used to deploy survey from targeted audience. In this context, present company mainly targeted to youngsters and newly married couples. Therefore, to determine their opinion, this firm has put the survey on its website and social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and more. This would help  in getting opinion of targeted audience that whether mobile apps are helpful in providing them information about services, offers, discounts, tour packages and more. Furthermore, through website and social media, managers of Thomas Cook can ask suggestions for customers to modify its services which help in developing tour packages more attractive. Thus, after collecting information from market survey, managers now are required to organise data in proper manner which help in addressing issues more appropriately. It includes preference of targeted audience in various traits, product pricing, supply/demand ratios and more. Therefore, after organising data in a well-manner, it is essential to put information into charts, graphical representation and other appropriate way. It will help in making numerically analyse the data, review process and make adjustment accordingly in business plan by drawing valid conclusion (Edgell Sr, 2016).

Today, the world seems to be at the fingertips of mobile users. They can explore information about products or services anytime, anywhere. It has been evaluated that more than 150 million tourists prefer apps for getting better accommodations than going personally. It includes hotel rooms, flight booking, transportation services and more, by which the journey of travellers can become much more comfortable and relaxable. Therefore, introducing mobile app facilities for tour and travel industries like Thomas Cook will bring various benefits and opportunities. By providing instant information to travellers about holiday packages and offers through mobile apps, they can make up the minds of customers to purchase services or plan a holiday. From a business perspective, entire operations related to - invoicing, bookings, billing and more, is automated leads to save time and effort. Along with this, by collaborating businesses with technology, travel agencies can take into account all measures which make the journey portals more safe and secure. They can keep clients' information details safe as well. Mobile technology also makes managers of Thomas Cook more capable to manage and maintain content on websites as well as keeping records of clients' interests.

By introducing mobile apps, Thomas Group will get many opportunities. It includes - building brand recognition through a direct marketing channel; giving an all-in-one solution; gathering user data; mobile marketing automation; collaboration with existing tools and monetisation. In this regard, customers who are willing to purchase travel packages can figure out the cheapest way to reach their final destination by installing travel apps on their Android and mobile handsets (Buhalis and Foerste, 2015). The utilisation of mobile apps helps Thomas Cook Group and other agencies to collaborate with tour guides. It will aid in meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction in a more appropriate manner. Travel apps also aid tour operators in promoting their products and offering additional services. For example: Notification alerts in mobile apps, and notification information related to discounts in hotels and flight bookings.

Some specific features of travel apps are that they can send regular updates to customers about Booking details; Hotel availability; Flight boarding times; reservation confirmations; Hotel check-ins and check-outs, special offers, discounts and more to targeted audiences. Along with this, mobile apps can also be customisable which allows customers to select the type of notifications they want to receive. It will help in reducing unnecessary alerts for them as well. 

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Chapter 3: Feasibility Research

A feasibility study is quite different from a business plan which provides an investigation function. The business plan mainly outlines actions which are required to take the proposal from idea to reality. In place of this, a feasibility plan outlines various alternatives or methods to achieve framed aims and objectives of research. Thus, it helps investigators to conduct research in an appropriate manner by providing two or three alternatives. This would become a basis for formulating a business plan also. In context with Thomas Group, managers have developed a feasibility plan in order to determine issues related to business as well as make decisions if mobile apps have the possibility of succeeding or not. In other words, it is helpful in examining the viability of a proposed service (Page and Hall, 2014). It also provides a framework and directions for the development of the investigation report. This plan concerns more on analysing, resolving and clarifying key issues as well as identifying uncertainties in the implementation of new strategies in business.

Managers of Thomas Group conduct feasibility research in order to meet the certain needs of specific objectives. The main purpose behind this is to address issues which help in preventing businesses from being successful in the marketplace. In other words, feasibility research is done by this company- to examine whether the business idea (introducing travel apps to give regular information to customers about tour packages) makes sense or needs to create some modifications in that. In this regard, a feasibility study looks out on three major aspects that are: market issues;  technical/ organisational issues and financial issues. As in the travel sector, competition is rising in a much higher manner therefore, to gain a competitive advantage, it becomes essential for companies to develop effective strategies. For this assistance, Thomas Group is going to launch mobile apps to provide regular updates and information to tourists (Smith, 2012). It will help in attracting travellers towards affordable tour packages and holiday destinations by giving attractive discounts and offers.

Primary and secondary data needs:

In order to conduct feasibility research, investigators are needed to gather information from various sources. It helps in exploring information and giving necessary recommendations for the implementation of a project. With respect to the present project, in order to find five major components of feasibility research that are: Product/Service, Industry, Market, Organisational and Financial, investigators of Thomas Group are required to gather information about these aspects in an appropriate manner. With this assistance, they can acquire data from primary and secondary sources on the basis of requirements. In the present business proposal, both types of sources are helpful in exploring the effectiveness of the idea and determining if it is beneficial for business expansion or not. Primary data aid in exploring the opinions of targeted users behind the advantages of travel apps for them (Krizaj, Brodnik and Bukovec, 2014). While secondary data helps in determining what experts think about the same concept. Thus, both sources are necessary to collect an adequate amount of information for conducting activities of market survey.  

Research Methodology


Research methodology refers to a procedure for identification, gathering, processing and analyzing relevant data on a certain topic. For conducting a research, this methodology allows project makers to critically investigate information and draw valid conclusions on the same. Therefore, research methodology is considered a systematic way of solving a specific problem. But in this regard, it is essential for investigators to design research methodology by choosing appropriate methods for the selected problem. The methodology section of an investigation report defines two main aspects which are- How information has been collected and The way it has been analyzed. So, investigation is done by conducting a proper study, experiment, observation, comparison, analysis and reasoning (Soteriades, 2012). Research is generally conducted with some main purposes such as discovering new facts, verifying and testing acquired data, analyze phenomena for identify the root cause. More precisely, methodologies undertaken in investigation reports aid researchers to get solution of identifying problems. Therefore, by using this concept, managers of Thomas Group can examine if launching travel or mobile apps aids in enhancing the customer base or not.

Research design

It is necessary for researchers to select an appropriate design by which formulated questions of research can be resolved in the given time frame. The main function of selecting a design is to ensure that the evidence which is obtained during the research is useful in addressing research problems or not. Thus, in this regard, the designed plan will act as a blueprint for the selected field of study. The major purpose behind choosing a design is to reduce errors which may happen during the interpretation of data. For this assistance, research design gives the right track which is required to be followed by investigators so that the investigation can be conducted in an effective manner. Therefore, in this regard, research methodologies consist of various designs such as descriptive, exploratory, case study, experimental and more.

In descriptive research design, investigators can evaluate overall insights of issues, problems and challenges on selected problems. In place of this, exploratory design is used to explore solutions to framed questions (Sharpley and Telfer, 2015). The concept of a case study is designed to find a particular issue.

In the present research, descriptive design has been chosen by the investigator so that deeper insights into the selected topic can be enhanced as well as overall project can also be carried out in an effective manner. On the basis of this, the implication of mobile apps in enhancing customer base can be evaluated. This design is also in getting reviews and opinions of respondents related to the importance of mobile apps.  

Research approach:

Discussion of the research approach is considered as most vital part of a study with respect to a particular project. It consists of various plans and procedures to conduct research which includes certain steps of broad assumptions to detail methods of data collection, analysis and interpretation. Therefore, it is based on the nature of research issues which are being addressed by investigating the entire report. Generally, the research approach is divided into two main categories, viz. Deductive and inductive research approach.  

Hypothesis relevance can be taken as a main distinctive point between inductive and deductive approaches. As inductive approach refers to the emergence of new concepts and theories. In place of this, deductive contributes to testing the validity of hypotheses or assumptions. In terms of usage of data, information collected either by primary or secondary is used to explore hypothesis under the deductive approach (Buhalis and et. al., 2012). On the other hand, in the inductive process, data helps in evaluating a phenomenological or identifying themes and patterns to create a framework.

Research Methods:

It refers to a tool used to conduct research on a certain topic. It includes various methods like qualitative, quantitative and mixed which a project maker can choose as per the purpose of research. Research methods refer to those methods, techniques or finding applications which reduce research efforts. This research method varies from information to information. This research pattern totally depends on the research questions and according to these questions, an individual will research. Research is done before the implementation of the plan or preparing strategies in advance, which provides a description of the manner to perform. This research method filters information to related subject goals. This research method provides two major approaches, that are: Qualitative and Quantitative, as explained below:-

Qualitative Research: This method deals with individual behaviour, what they pretend to do, and their choices and needs as well (Mortara, et .al 2014). It is a collection or sampling of data for an individual. Sampling is a process which is used by researchers to find out a small sample from the whole population. It is difficult to conduct the survey on a small number of people. In that case, this technique is more beneficial for an investigator. The current technique has been applied so that a number of respondents can be identified for the current field of study. Once the sample has been extracted then different views and opinions can be evaluated in order to help an investigator to conduct the survey effectively. There are two main approaches of sampling probabilistic and non-probabilistic. In the probabilistic approach, equal opportunities are assigned to the people who are selected for the current investigation. There are some examples such as random, systematic, stratified and cluster sampling. On the other hand, another technique has no equal opportunities which would be assigned to the respondents. Some non-probabilistic strategies are like convenient, purposive, snowball and quota, to overcome their needs. This method is a prejudiced-based method, which includes interviews, group interviews, interaction for data and focus interviews. In general, it is not represented in a mathematical or statistical manner, as it totally based method on subjective form. In this method, proper attention needs to be given by researchers compared to the outside world because fully depends on the requirements of an individual.

Quantitative Research:- This method deals with the quantity of any survey or deals with a large number of people. This method deals with mathematical or statistical data. if the survey is not under numbers then this is qualitative, not quantitative. This method deals with shifting and the relationship between them. This method deals with the descriptive survey. No irrelevant information is required as all the information is in figures and graphs (Page, 2014). Through this method, determined information is sampling and their sample design, survey and their designs. This method requires observational techniques to solve the problems.

Data collection techniques:

It is the most important section of research which provides methods for investigators to gather an adequate amount of data and critically analyse the same. It includes primary and secondary methods which is helpful in addressing the set objectives of research. In this regard, primary research is used to acquire original information which is not published. For this purpose, investigators are required to conduct some surveys by framing questionnaires, conducting online and offline interviews, etc. Through this process, they can analyse the opinions and beliefs of various respondents as well as draw valid conclusions also (Mistilis, Buhalis and Gretzel, 2014). In place of this, the secondary method refers to another technique which provides data published by other authors and writers on various sources. It includes books, journals, newspapers, research papers, magazines, government policies, the internet and more.

In this regard, in the current project, the secondary method is used to gather specific information about the effectiveness of mobile apps for travel agencies. Under this process, managers of Thomas Group have analysed perceptions of different authors and writers to examine if travel apps are beneficial for enhancing customer base and exceeding their expectancy or not.

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Research philosophy:

In this part of the research, some assumptions are made at the time of collection, evaluation and analysis of data. Here, investigators become able to identify the ways by which current information can be analysed. To carry out research further, an investigator has to identify some pattern through which the research objective can be accomplished. There are two types of philosophical techniques namely: interpretivism and positivism. Under interpretivism, data is analysed on the basis of a qualitative approach where human perceptions are identified. The present topic of the business proposal is launching a travel app, therefore, to know how its effectiveness can be evaluated by getting the views of different people. After reviewing different theories, it can be determined how the commitment level of a staff member in an enterprise can be enhanced to some extent. On the other hand, positivism is a philosophy which is based on the quantitative method of research. With this assistance, some mathematical tools and statistical tools are used by investigator so that they would be able to test their hypothesis. In that case, this is more suitable in this project where scientific research would be conducted and even requires some techniques (Amersdorffer, Bauhuber and Oellrich, 2012). Here, in this current dissertation, interpretivism philosophy has been chosen by researcher so that perception regarding the importance of mobile apps for travellers would be evaluated in an efficient manner. In this regard, the current field of study is based on identifying human views regarding this topic.     

Data Sampling:

Sampling is a process which is used by researchers to find out a small sample from the whole population. It is difficult to conduct the survey on a small number of people. in that case, this technique is more beneficial for an investigator. The current technique has been applied so that a number of respondents can be identified for the current field of study. When the sample has been extracted, different views and opinions can be evaluated in order to help an investigator conduct a survey effectively. There are two main approaches of sampling probabilistic and non-probabilistic. In the probabilistic approach, equal opportunities are assigned to the people who are selected for the current investigation. There are some examples such as random, systematic, stratified and cluster sampling. On the other hand, another technique has no equal opportunities which would be assigned to the respondents. Some non-probabilistic strategies are convenient, purposive, snowball and quota.

Data Analysis

It refers to a process by which managers of Thomas Group can collect, organise and analyse the data in order to come to a valid conclusion (Law, et al 2015). It is a systematic process which allows researchers to determine the responses and opinions of respondents on the basis of primary research.  Under this process, there are two methods available to analyse specific data. It includes qualitative and quantitative techniques. In this regard, under quantitative research, the entire information of the project is represented in a numerical manner. Furthermore, an investigator uses some mathematical as well as statistical tools so that they can get an effective outcome. While qualitative method presents gathered information in the form of charts, graphs and others.

Validity and reliability

The term validity refers to the authenticity of a particular data to ensure that information is collected from authenticated sources like journals, books and more. In addition to this, information is also gathered data from internet websites where different researchers have given their viewpoints on a specific topic. Therefore, validity and reliability are considered as most important aspects of a research on which the result of the entire project is based. Under this segment, it is the responsibility of investigators to use appropriate methodologies so that valid or reliable data can be obtained. It also helps in ensuring whether activities of research are conducted in an effective manner or not. Through this process, investigators get the opportunity to explore efficient outcomes from research which helps in drawing valid conclusions as well. This aspect plays an important role in the current study as through this investigator will be able to achieve effectiveness.

Ethics, Values, Referencing and Presentation:

Some ethical issues are taken as the most vital part of research by which overall investigation can be done in a proficient manner. In this regard, it is a major responsibility of project makers to be concerned with some code of practice related to the concept of study. Through this process, entire activities of research can be conducted in a proper way. Ethical considerations also aid investigators in meeting certain aims and objectives of research in a given period of time. Furthermore, on the basis of trustworthy and authenticated sources, the reliability and validity of gathered information can be ensured as well (Schuckert, Liu and Law, 2015). therefore, by following ethical considerations, managers of Thomas Group can perform overall activities of research more efficiently. They can identify solutions of framed questions and draw valid conclusions accordingly. In the present field of study, some practices followed by project makers of Thomas Group in order to obtain described outcomes are given below:

  • Privacy: It is the most essential aspect of research under which investigators need to keep personal information of each respondent in an ethical manner. They should not disclose any kind of personal data in front of third parties so that privacy can be maintained.
  • Given access: In the present research, data is gathered from various books and journals. Therefore, access is provided to those individuals whose information is included in certain fields of study. In this regard, set objectives can be achieved as well and ethical practices also done accordingly.
  • Approval: Under this aspect, it is necessary for investigators to follow high ethical norms and policies. In this regard, respondents are not forced to fill out a questionnaire or face any interview section without their approval. Therefore by this process, the values and opinions of different customers can be ensured more ethically.

Key areas of Feasibility Research:

Industry: In the travel sector, Thomas Cook Group is considered a well-known company which provides the best deals to organisations. This travel agency was formed in 2007 after the merger of Thomas Cook AG, Thomas Cook & Son and My Travel Group Plc. It operates many tour operators and airlines in the UK, Germany and other countries. In addition to this, after the merger, Thomas Group became the third largest travel company which has 97 aircraft, near about 2,926 stores where more than 32,722 employees are currently working. In terms of sponsorship, this firm also sponsors the football clubs of Manchester City and Peterborough. Currently, over 19.1 million customers are engaged with the services of this company as it provides remarkable experience in terms of transportation, accommodations and comfortable journeys. Whether travellers planning a holiday for a honeymoon, a first-time international holiday or a multiple-times trip, they mostly prefer the services of Thomas Group. The reason behind this is its affordable and attractive discount offers which assist people to prefer its services while planning their holidays.

Product/Service: This platform is mostly designed to attract customers towards products of the organisation and win competition from other rival companies. In travel sectors, products or services offered by tour operators are- National and International airline tickets at special rates and discounts; Booking reservations in Hotels as per choice of travellers; Customised travel itineraries; Travel insurance; Airline and Land Transportation; Travel Insurance, Destination lists etc. In context with Thomas Group, this travel agency helps tourists in planning their holiday plans. In order to make good interaction with customers, this company has given employment to those individuals who have possessed knowledge of more than three languages, including a strong command of English. Therefore, by developing effective interaction with tourists, employees of Thomas Group can assist them in choosing their destinations, transportation, lodging and more. Along with this, they can inform travellers about visa requirements, passports, currency rates, import duties etc. All these processes, aid customers to plan holiday trips more carefully as per budget. To win a competitive advantage and attract the minds of tourists, Thomas Group is going to launch a brand new app which provides updates and necessary information to travellers. It provides benefits to a targeted audience to know about the company's offers, discounts and more. It also aids customers to have control over holiday plans which include the convenience of switching it off whenever they need to cover, manage holiday budgets and spending, etc.

Market: In this step, the organization mainly focuses on finalizing the target market in which they are going to introduce their new product. In relation to Thomas Cook, the company is introducing its newly formulated application for its users as well as employees through which the latest services and offers can be shared by all. Top management of Thomas Cook is mainly targeting youngsters and newly married couples as they are more interested in travelling and exploring new places in the world. This analysis is beneficial for Thomas Cook as it will help the firm enhance its profitability by reaching to targeted market through an online application. It can be said that after the launch of the application, the travel agency can easily maximize its business as through the app feedback can be taken from the customers at regular intervals. Along with this, customers can also update themselves about fresh trip plans which are introduced by the company.

Apart from this, mobile application contributes to enhancing the interest of users as they can explore new places for their future trips which they might be planning with their belonging ones. This application is also considered customer friendly as customers can find out their travelling places according to their budget and timing. In addition to this,  mobile applications are considered as most trendy promoting tool which not only connects the company and its users but also promotes the products and services of the company. In relation to Thomas Cook, its mobile application will be helpful in connecting its customers with the company. This application will include all of the latest packages with prices and offers. It can be said that targeted customers of travel companies that is youngsters will mostly use the app as they prefer to travel to new places and enjoy their lives most.

Organizational: This section of the feasible plan entails the functional activities of a company. As the present business proposal is based on newly launched mobile apps by Thomas Group to enhance the customer base so, major activities in this regard are based on designing and developing a tour package, determining itineraries by arranging tour escorts, making travel and accommodation reservations, quoting holidays and transferring the same to bookings, offering best customer service, dealing with their complaints, working to sales target etc. To conduct these operations properly, departments of Thomas Group carry out various activities. In this context, marketing and sales departments cooperate with each other to promote new services in domestic and international markets. The main purpose behind this is to enhance sales performance by at least 10% and expand the business market more in developing countries. For this process, the marketing division formulates strategies and policies in order to advertise its campaign in the vast market areas of the marketplace. Through the platform of social media and its own websites, its managers create awareness among people about travel apps and what kind of services it provide to them. Similarly, the operation management of Thomas Group introduces the physical and fiscal resources needed to launch new services by conducting a proper market survey. In this regard, for launching a travel planner app which includes the following steps:

  • Account Login: It is the first stage, where travellers will land. Under this step, either they can create a new account or use email/social account network credentials to install this travel app.
  • Request for holiday package: As per interest, people can choose a holiday package by specifying their location and number of days to stay, and ideation about the best package will be available on their screen.
  • Avail a deal: It provides details about reservations, accommodation and more, travellers can avail of a deal.
  • Request Customized Package: Users can request more packages with customized packages to choose the best one at affordable rates.
  • Accommodation Reservations: People will find here a list of hotels within their set budgets from where they can choose the best one.
  • Find a cabTravelers can also find a cab within the travel app for the planned destination, which makes the journey of them easier. It also give an opportunity to explore the local areas of the city in much more convenient manner.
  • Select a guide: Under this phase of mobile apps within the travel sector, users can choose guides whom they can talk in their own language. This app provides names of local or international guides, contact details, price schedules and more, by which they can book to discover new places.  
  • Tracking and Navigation: This feature of travel apps allows travellers to discover the most optimized path which displays directions and landmarks to remain safe and secure from negative activities.

Managers of the operation and human resource department of Thomas Group, need to introduce resources to meet each and every kind of requirement, which includes technical and organizational demands. For example- In case of high demand for a particular product or service, then managers should identify what technical requirements are needed to fulfil the same. Hiring highly skilled employees to provide the best customer service is taken as a physical requirement. Thus, for this assistance, managers of Thomas Group are required to assemble new techniques and systems at an organization which help in launching, processing and managing travel apps. Along with this, they must hire the best employees at the workplace as well as provide training to existing ones, so that entire operations can be carried out in an adequate way.

Financial: This platform of feasibility plan is considered the most important one which assists employers in examining the cost-effectiveness of new projects. It also provides an estimation of the total cost for a particular project. When this type of document is explored, it helps managers of a company in preparing a cost summary which includes an analysis of benefits, return on investment etc. In order to launch a travel app, Thomas Group needs to invest near about 60K to 100k Euro. Furthermore, for initiating the development, it is essential for managers to hit upon adequate procedures to craft out best travel app. It includes six major stages that are: Planning; Analyzing; Designing; Development; Quality Assurance and Launch. If all these stages are rigorously done then it can reap out the best in other mobile (travel) apps. Therefore, to do the entire activity, Thomas Group needs to make an investment of about 20k Pounds.

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Results of the Research in terms of Ambition Vs Ability:

Through feasibility research, it has been summarized that Thomas Group has a large scope in terms of launching mobile apps. This firm has made various plans and policies to launch new products in the marketplace more successfully. It has given recruitment to highly skilled and knowledgeable employees who are able to deal with customer-related problems. In addition to this, managers of Thomas Group have provided adequate training and development programs to workers. This has made employees able to understand the concept of mobile applications and in what manner they have to work, so that the chance of failure can be reduced (Buckler and Creech, 2014). Thus, this shows that Thomas Group Plc. is highly ambitious in terms of accomplishing its mentioned targets. Along with this, introducing an adequate amount of finance and making a proper budget plan, reflect the ability of this travel agency. It shows that this firm will definitely achieve success in launching mobile apps without much interruption.

In order to increase the productivity of workers, Thomas Group has implemented various HR practices at the workplace. It includes employee empowerment, engaging workers in group activities, providing high appraisals in terms of performance and more. This would help in getting the cooperation and contribution of workers in implementing mobile applications more successfully. Apart from this, Thomas Group has provided roles and responsibilities to each employee as per their skills and abilities. In this regard, the operational team monitor the activities and functions of each department in a proper manner. It will help in reducing the chance of error which might affect the process of introduction of travel apps in targeted areas. Its finance team is more on keeping a record of each transaction properly. This would aid in the utilization of the budget appropriately as well as estimating the cost used for the overall process. Thomas Group has made effective strategies and plans to stay competitive in the marketplace. It includes strategies related to marketing, sales, customer interaction and more.

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