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Every startup as well as existing business has to recruit excellent and talented personnel and gather sufficient financial resources for the successful functionality of the enterprise. The present project report aims at identifying the technological as well as human resources requirement for Future Solution. Moreover, lastly the report will make financial performance evaluation of the scrumptious cupcakes ltd.



1. Brief description of the business

The future solutions are the fastest growing company and providing the consultancy services to their customers. Their products which they sell to their customers and services which they provide are very specified in their workforces. Because management of these company is very good and they provide better facility to their employees so they work with full confidence and enjoy their work.

2. Managing human resources and its relationship with the business performance

Basically work of human resources in their organisation is that they manage their employees and know the pros and cones of their organization. They manage their workers and providing best environment in their workplace so that each employee of the organization work efficiently so business performance grow better and more better (Lai, Lin and Lin, 2015). Human resources are directly related to the performance of their organisation and also they divide working hours to their employees in part time and in full time. For the better performance of the organisation, human resources also required to interact with their employees so they give more better performance in their work.


1. Describe the recruitment documentations 

Mainly human resource management look for best candidate for hiring in their organization because every organization want to grow better and better in the current market trends and every change in the current market, management should have that potential to sustain in the current market trend. So the recruitment process of that particular organization is according to their management and their workforces like what type of quality they want in their employees. Recruitment process of their organization is totally controlled by the HR management.

2. Main employability skills

The human resource manager of the future solution organization, Justine Morris looks for the best employees who have the best employment skills, for their organization. Main employability skills including the communication skill, personal behaviour, interpersonal skills and more and personal skills include that hard working capability, negotiation, and ability to interact with the higher authority in proper way. With the help of this, they will be able to resolve the conflicts between any group member or management also (de Guzman and Choi, 2013).

3 Criteria to meet job objectives 

Basic criteria to meet the job objectives is that performance of the employees as well as performance of the whole organisation about their work. Achieving the job objectives employees and the organization should have proper employability skills and main thing is that objective should be very clear (Lai, Lin and Lin, 2015). Connect the employee goals to the large company goals also and this goal is also related to the individual goal and company goals so the impact of the organization in the current market trend is far better.

4 Importance of personal skills in recruitment process

In the recruiting process of the company the management look for the better communication skills in their employees and the impact of the recruitment process that could be on the performance of the production of the firm and also they look for the betterment of their organization and if there is lack of communication skill it would be direct impact on the client as well as firm (Devambatla and Nalla, 2015).



1. Describing the main physical resources 

Main physical resources of the future solution organization it would be include that the manufacturing of the building like materials and more, facilities they provide and machinery also. Providing good facility of the server and computer and their security is most important. This would be also including that quality of the equipment which they provide to their employees. Security is the main factor would be included in physical resources like secure the data, personal information about the clients and also the organization itself so the security is the major sector exist in the physical resources.


2. How to improve the performance of the organisation

Improving the performance of the organisation physical resources plays the major role in betterment of the organization. Monitoring the performance of the employees how they work in their organization. Management help their employees to improve the performance of the organisation like they treat their employees in proper way of communication or to respect each of the individual members of the group also providing the better environment in the organisation so the employee can work freely and enjoy their workforces.


3. Describe the main technological resources use by organisation

Future solution use the various type of technological resources like energy, people,tools and machine, materials, time, information and more. In the technological resources, energy used by the management that  change the energy into material. People are also the major resource of technology because without people no product will be exist in the market and without product no market even exist. In this technological resources it is also include the hardware and software also the virus protection and licences, organisation would majorly use the technological resources for betterment of the company use the experience and intellectual property.


4.  How these technological resources improve the performance of the organisation

These various types of technological resources are very helpful to improve the performance of the organisation like by using of these resources management easily interact with their clients and provide the better products and services so because of that company will grow better and better day by day. Proper hardware facility provided by the management and as well as software and also protect the software from virus. So the employees can work easily with betterment of their own performance.


1. How managing resources can improve the performance of business

Ms morris has shown the work to the board of directors who are impressed by the work of yours and now they give the further task to improve the performance of the function solution. Managing resources help to improve the business performance and growth of the future solution. All the hardware and software tools are help to improve the productivity of the company and the managing resources are the mixture of both hardware and software tools, board of directors may know the performance of the organisation that where the organization will stand in recent market trend.


1. Evaluation on the impact managing resources

 Management of the future solution should have the idea about how to control the budget of cost in their company because of the recent market trend all the ups and down are there so budget is the major issue in every organisation. Impact of the managing resources on the budget cost are   allows to the company to not fall into financial trouble and the company is running past many decades so they know how to sustain in the recent market trend because they know the basic pros and cones about the budget.



1 Explain internal and external sources of scrumptious 

Scrumptious is the small but reasonable company that exist in the current market of London and supply cakes close to London and also across the country. There are various internal and external sources exist like in internal sources savings and profits of the company and in external sources that includes the loan, overdrafts, commercial mortgages, selling shares, venture capital, leasing and factoring (Abor, 2017). These factors are related to the scrumptious cupcake ltd. savings and profit include the whole budget of the company that how much profit gain by the company and also how much savings are there.


2 (a) Calculate current breakeven point of scrumptious

Firstly meaning of the break-even point is that it refers to the revenues which are needed to be cover by the company's total amount of fixed and variable expenses during a specific period of time (Badoer and James, 2016).

Break-even point (BEP): Total fixed cost(TFC)/Contribution per unit (CPU)

CPU = Selling price - varriable cost

CPU = £1.75 - £0.60

= £1.15

TFC: Monthly fixed cost * Number of month

TFC: £4300*12 = £51,600

BEP (Number of cup cakes)= £51,600 / £1.15

= 44869.56

BEP (£) = 44869.56*£1.75= 78521.73

Scrumptious now realise that how they use their break even point so that they gain the profit from their production. Now calculating the new  break-even point because the company reduce their fixed cost.

2(C) Re-calculation of BEP

Break-even point(BEP): Total fixed cost(TFC)/ Contribution per unit(CPU)

CPU=Selling price - variable cost

CPU= £1.75-£0.55


TFC: Monthly fixed cost * Number of month

TFC: £4100*12 = £49200

BEP (Number of cup cakes)= £ 49200/ £1.2


BEP (£) = 41000*£1.75= 71750

Now in the comparison of both the break-even point of the scrumptious cupcake ltd. company should gain the profit from reducing the fixed cost and selling more cupcakes in london and across the country they sell 3000 cakes per month so according to this break-even point result after reducing the fixed rate more gain company achieved  (Sources of finance, 2017).


2(a) Explaining to the sister that what is the budget and why it is essential

Heather and Annabel have to know about the basic idea of the budget like how to control the budget in the company. First they have to control the fixed cost and variable cost of the product so the productivity is increases accordingly now in case of emergencies may be you have to take the loan so you require to be manage the budget so that company sustain in the market trend.

2(b) Using the budget information identify the problems and suggest remedy

According to the given information about the budget, these two sister targeted the sales revenue cost is 22000 and actually sales revenue is 20000 so loss of the cost is 2000 so in this sector they have to recover their sales revenue. Now in the part of the rent so this is equal no profit and no loss and in other FC they gain profit.In ingredients and other materials they gain profit so may be they use good quality of the ingredients and having fresh production.

3(c) Analyse why their cost needed to be controlled and what are the possible consequences


Budgeted ï¿¡

Actual ï¿¡


Type of varriance

Sales Revenue















Other FC





Ingredients and other materials





Utility bills















Other costs





Mainly poorly controlled budget is a loss of financial reward so if the product is being produced and there is a lack of quantity of quality and also planning of the productivity so there will be great chance that production is not in a proper way and customer will not be satisfied to the product. In future they can increase their quality of the product and also quantity



1 (a) Explain the meaning and purpose of income statement

Meaning and purpose of basic statements of the income is mainly included the sales revenue  and expenditure income sta are also called the profit and loss statements  or it also includes that company's financial performance or it include that current profit and loss company go through.

1(b) Explain the meaning and purpose of balance sheet

Balance sheet is the basic idea of the company's financial growth along with the company that what are owns and owes of the company. Balance sheet is to reveal the financial status about the business as of specific point of time. Judgement of the financial growth of the company is also done by the judging the balance sheet of the company. The basic key statements includes by the scrumptious is are assets, inventory, liabilities, equity these are the basics of balance sheet assets states that having separate account and another assets include accounts receivables (Bellavitis and, 2017).

Now the basic purpose of the balance sheet is that knowing the financial growth of theb company and it would be include that net worth establishing and business valuation.One main purpose is to include the key parts just to know the financial position of the company that where it stands in new market trend.

1(C) Ratio analysis to examine financial performance

Ratio analysis is the best technique to evaluate and examine the financial performance of a company through quantifying the financial resu1(C) Ratio analysis to examine financial performance

Ratio analysis is the best technique to evaluate and examine the financial performance of a company through quantifying the financial results by computing different ratios. With regards to the Scrumptious Cupcakes (SC), its financial performance has been evaluated underneath:

Profitability ratios: SC’s gross profit and net profit ratio has been computed to 54.55% and 19.50% demonstrate that company is receiving better return on their total turnover. Better pricing decisions at good mark-up and effective control and curtailment of the expenditures may be the reasons for good profitability performance (MATTHEW, FADA and UKONU, 2016).

Liquidity ratios: CR and QR have been founded to 0.78:1 and 0.61:1 lower than the targeted ratio of 2:1 and 1:1. It reflects that firm has to improve their resources under the current assets such as stock, receivables and cash and reduce their current obligations to pay suppliers on right time.

Gearing ratios: Debt to equity ratio of the Scrumptious Cupcakes is little bit higher than target ratio of 0.50:1 to 0.65:1, therefore, it can be said that there is a high investment risk that can be reduced through repaying some long-term borrowings and increasing shareholders equity.

Activity/efficiency/performance ratios: Assets and inventory turnover ratios are 3.19 and 40 times is a clear indication that stock is utilized exceptionally by the managers (Lakshmi, Martin and Venkatesan, 2016). However, debtors and creditors days are 6.64 and 54.75 days demonstrates that Scrumptious Cupcakes is getting receipts promptly from the receivables while creditors are paying delayed.

(D)M3 Suggestions to Scrumptious

  • In order to improve liquidity, Scrumptious Cupcakes’s managers need to increase their short-term assets and repay some deferral payments to the existing suppliers. Moreover, effective cash management strategies to maintain adequate working capital are necessary for repaying creditors timely (Anwar and, 2016).
  • Solvency ratio must be reduced through repayment of long-term borrowings to the lenders and raise additional capital through equity share capital. With the help of this, Scrumptious Cupcakes can maximize their solvency position to meet their long-term obligations as per the repayment schedule.lts by computing different ratios.

2(1) Evaluation the use of ratio and monitor how the business is doing

On the basis of the above ratio analysis, it has been assessed that profitability and efficiency performance of the Scrumptious because of higher GP & NP ratio to 54.55% & 19.50% and high assets turnover ratio of 40 times. However, Scrumptious Cupcakes needs to improve their liquidity position by increasing the availability of short-term assets and minimizing the use of fixed cost of capital, borrowings to manage the solvency position effectively.


From the report, it can be concluded that we discussed the business resources of the future solution and also discussed the technological resources as well as human resources and further for the scrumptious cupcakes ltd. and comparison of the break-even point for these company.


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