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In the current era of globalization, it is essential for each and every organization to carry out effective workforce planning in terms of hiring skilled and talented candidates within job. HR manager of firm aims to carry out effective recruitment and selection process so that they can recruit potential candidates for specific post (Kor and Mesko, 2013). Management also carries out effective techniques such as telephone interviewing and in person interview so that capable candidates could be hired. Present report discusses the difference between personnel management and human resource management within Posh Nosh Limited. Further, comparison is done between Posh Nosh and public sector company i.e. Sainsbury in relation to carry out effective recruitment and selection process.


LO1- Understand the difference between personnel management and human resource management

1.1 Difference between personnel management and human resource management

Human resource management is the new concept of personnel management. It is describes various new things within Posh Nosh that are not previously taken. Thus, plan is to be made for developing positive outcomes (Tong, Tak and Wong, 2015). Following difference can be taken at workplace in term of personnel and human resource management:


Personnel Management

Human Resource Management


Personnel management is the traditional approach through organization can manage people at workplace (Zopiatis, Constanti and Theocharous, 2014).

As compare to personnel management, HRM is the traditional approach which determines for managing people and their strength at workplace.


Personnel management focuses on employee welfare and their relations.

On the other hand, HRM enhance capabilities, skills, and encourages to workers for achieve goals of the Posh Nosh.


In this aspect, personnel management undertakes functions through the company can satisfy their workers in effective manner.

However, HRM assume assumes important and valuable resources which are assisting to make profitability and positive results within the cited firm (Doherty, Haugh and Lyon,2014).

Decisions Made

In personnel management decisions are made by top management in which rules and regulations are taken at workplace for developing profitability within the company.

Beside this, HRM of Posh Nosh is taken from employee participation, authority and competitive environment, etc. Thus, decisions are made by collective bargaining within the business environment.

1.2 Function of HRM which contributing for purpose of the organization

There are different types of functions which assist to make positive results within Posh Nosh. In this way, HRM determines roles and responsibilities through business can achieve goals and objectives (Naff, Riccucci and Freyss, 2013). The cited firm has following functions which contributing for achieve objectives and goals:


Recruitment of candidates is very important function which determines for prospective outcomes at workplace. In this aspect, Posh Nosh recruit many people at workplace who are participated for doing job at workplace.


Selection is also very important element which use for taking right candidate at workplace. In this aspect, the chosen firm select only those people who are able to do task and proper work within the business environment (Pagell and Shevchenko, 2014).

Training and development

This function of HRM assist to Posh Nosh for enhance skills and knowledge to perform operations of the enterprise. In this aspect, training and development programs organised for existing and new candidates. In this aspect, higher level responsibilities are given by manager to candidates by the help of training and development.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefits determines very important element for each enterprise which assist to gain proper functions and operations (Aguinis and Bradley, 2014). In this aspect, the chosen organisation provides wage administration, salary, incentives programs, etc.

This is totally wrong. You have to write about human resources functions. Only 3 of them ( RECRUITMENT, TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT and COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS)

1.3 Roles and responsibilities of line manager in human resource management

Line manager of the business has various roles and responsibilities, though they can give their participation towards goals and objectives of the business. In this way, desires goals and targets can be taken at workplace which increases productivity and management of positive results. Line managers are perform different functions through they can fully support to whole business through different activities and actions (Zopiatis, Constanti and Theocharous, 2014). There are such roles and responsibilities are explained which determine through line manager:

  • Performance Appraisal

First thing which need to be taken by manager of Posh Nosh is developing performance appraisal. HRM determines enhancement in employee performance and wages as well. Thus, living standard can also increase through different activities and results.

  • Management of Operation Cost

In order to manage business results, it is important to develop operation cost. In this way, the chosen organisation assists to make targets and results. In this aspect, manager determine budget for each activity and action (Doherty, Haugh and Lyon, 2014). Hence, cost can be reduced which make high profits for developing results.

  • Technical Expertise

ONCLUSIONWith the help of technical expertise, the chosen business can easily enhance their outcomes and positive results. In this way, Posh Nosh can easily take advantages from development of the business operations.

  • Employee Engagement

When employees are engaged in different activities, opinion and ideas can be made at workplace. Thus, organization can easily develop solution from different problems and results. Hence, Posh Nosh can easily assist to increase profitability (Naff, Riccucci and Freyss, 2013).

  • Discipline of Employee

Through employee discipline, the organization can take advantages for developing positive results. In this aspect, Posh Nosh can easily get employee involvement at workplace through different activities and actions.

1.4 Analyze the impact of legal and regulatory framework

There are different types of act take place which need to be follows by Posh Nosh for development of the company. It can create impact on the business performance in effective manner. They are as follows:

  • Equal pay act 1970: This act is passed by UK parliament for providing equal payment to all employees. Hence, Posh Nosh needs to offer same payment wages to all employees so that they can take participation for attain goals and objectives of the company (Doherty, Haugh and Lyon, 2014).
  • Employment right act 1996: In UK employment rights are providing through protect them from exploitation. Hence, they can ascertain results from different activities and action at workplace. For developing positive results, it is important for offer same rights and effective authority at workplace.
  • Race relation act 1974: This act is formulated to eliminate discrimination from the cited firm on the basis of colour, nationality. In this aspect, Posh Nosh can easily develop positive results from different activities and action through taking participation of workers at workplace (Zopiatis, Constanti and Theocharous, 2014).


LO2- Understand how to recruit employees

2.1 Reasons for HR planning in organization

Human resource planning is considered as one of the most effective tool and thus it helps firm to analyze the future needs of manpower in order to accomplish objectives. Posh Nosh Limited aims to forecast its needs of HR planning and thus assess several reasons for carrying out effective HR planning within firm which are as follows-

  • Forecasting future manpower needs- It is one of the effective function that needs to be executed by HR manager of Posh Nosh and helps them to identify the future requirements of employees so that set targets can be attained (Aguinis and Bradley, 2014).
  • Hiring skilled workers- After identifying the needs of human resources, HR of cited firm carries out effective recruitment and selection process so that skilled professionals could be hired in order to fill the vacant position (Karatepe, 2013).
  • Developing tactics- Posh Nosh management aims to develop effective strategy in relation to improve the personnel working within firm. Thus, it can be attained through carrying out effective HR planning and enable businesses to accomplish desired goals (Fossum, 2014).
  • Training of workforce- At the end, it is another significant reason for carrying out HR planning that they need to train the workforce which results in improving their skills and abilities so that company could be able to raise their efficiency in order to meet set standards (Strohmeier, 2014).

2.2 Stages Involves in Planning Human Resource Requirements

Following are the stages involved in planning HR requirements within Posh Nosh Limited such as-

  • Identifying business objectives- It is the first and foremost step which helps in assessing that Posh Nosh is required to identify its objectives in order to achieve the set standards. Thus, HR manager of firm is required to evaluate the goals of firm and then aim to achieve the same (Bergstrom and Randall, 2016).
  • Assessing human resource needs- Here cited organization aims to identify the needs of human resources within firm and then fulfil the same so that organizational goals can be attained. HR manager of firm needs to assess the needs of workforce so that they could be satisfied in terms of improving the efficiency of workers towards business goals (Pagell and Shevchenko, 2014).
  • Forecasting demand and supply- In this step of planning HR requirements aims to identify the demand and supply of human resources so that growth can be attained. HR manager of Posh Nosh aims to forecast the demand and supply of workforce in an efficiency manner and thus fulfil the same through carrying out effective recruitment and selection process and achieve targets (Kor and Mesko, 2013).
  • Matching the demand and supply- In such step, HR manager needs to match the demand and supply of workforce so that it could not be surplus and shortage and thus maintain balance within firm.
  • Action plan- It is the last step in which HR planning requires involving appropriate action plan so that desired measures to be taken in order to maintain equilibrium position of workers and fill the vacant post within Posh Nosh (Aguinis and Bradley, 2014).

2.3 Comparing recruitment and selection process within Posh Nosh and Sainsbury

Following is the comparison within recruitment and selection process of Posh Nosh and Sainsbury which is a public company-

Posh Nosh limited


· Posh Nosh aims to fill the vacant post through internal recruitment i.e. job rotation, transfer etc (Karatepe, 2013).

· Further, if they are not satisfied with the workforce then they aim to advertise in newspapers and then select employees for the vacant post.

· After that, firm shortlists the candidates from the received applicants and selects on the basis of interview rounds (Strohmeier, 2014).

· Later, top management interviews the candidates and based on their efficiency they are promoted or transferred to vacant post.

· In the last step, HR manager of Posh Nosh hires suitable candidates and fulfil the job requirements
(Pagell and Shevchenko, 2014).

· HR manager of Sainsbury adopts online application in order to select candidates on the vacant post.

· In the next step, scrutinizing the candidates based on their skills and capabilities helps firm to hire suitable candidates for the post (Fossum, 2014).

· Thus, selected candidates are called by the HR team for interview rounds.

· They need to undergo several written, mental ability, aptitude and physical test to obtain the vacant post (Bergstrom and Randall, 2016).

· At the end, the candidates who clear such rounds will be called for final interview taken by the top management and if cleared, provided offer letter and date of joining.

2.4 Evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment and selection techniques of both firms

It can be assessed that effectiveness of recruitment and selection techniques are efficient and thus Posh Nosh and Sainsbury needs to adopt effective methods. It can be stated Posh Nosh Limited aims to adopt effective recruitment and selection techniques such as in-person interviews from internally within the company and does not call for candidates outside the firm. Therefore, it helps in recruiting such personnel for managerial posts and thus recruits skilled candidates for the post (Aguinis and Bradley, 2014).

As compared to this, Sainsbury which is a public company undertakes telephone interviewing and recruit candidates from outside the firm. Also, they advertise the job on different online job websites in regard to hire skilled workers.

Thus, through this HR manager of Sainsbury aims to undertake effective recruitment and selection process and hire skilled candidates from outside market. Hence, it is considered as more effective recruitment and selection process in order to fill the vacant post within Sainsbury.


LO3- Understand how to reward employees in order to motivate and retain them

3.1 Link between motivational theory and reward

Reward system and motivation theory has effective link through organization can achieve their targets and obtain positive results. Posh Nosh is not easily attaining their competitive advantages so that it is crucial aspect for them. The cited firms need to recruit more people who possess effective skill for development of the enterprise (Doherty, Haugh and Lyon,2014). In this aspect, manager need to follows Maslow's theory through they can satisfy different types of needs employee in effective manner. Thus reward system is effective so that employee can easily encourage towards company and participating for attain targets. In addition to this, they are also performs very well so that different types of reward can be given by chosen company.

Still, have a doubt? Check our more samples- 

Beside this, Posh Nosh also needs to motivate their employee through monetary and non-monetary benefits. In this aspect, clear communication regarding employee motivation and reward system can be including within the business environment. The company can also provide a responsibility which determines overall production system at workplace for development of effective results and operations. In this way, appreciation and recognition require by company which encourages to workers for development of the business outcomes.

3.2 Process of job evaluation and other factors

In order to carry job evaluation, there are various aspects which need to be carry by HR manager so that business plan can be taken. They have requires skills and knowledge for carry particular activity in Posh Nosh. Hence, plan can be made according to attributes and factors.

In this way, job evaluation can be taken that describes for development of the organization and overall production within the business environment. Beside this, HR manager requires for focusing on payment of workers which undertake for enhance market share of the enterprise. Hence, managers need to be follow pay act so that they can eliminate exploitation at workplace (Tong, Tak and Wong, 2015).

Further, cost living and legislation which made by government determines main elements which need to be focus by the company for achieve overall production and system within the business environment. High demand of product can assist to Posh Nosh for increasing their revenue and profits from different activities and overall production in systematic way.

Thus, they are able to determine skills and knowledge which assist to develop overall production system. It considers overall payment system which needed for enhance participation of employee for enhance supply of company products and services (Wei, 2014). As resultants, business can easily develop revenue from different activities and functions.

3.3 Effectiveness of reward systems in different contexts

Reward system encourages to employee to giving their potential participation for achieve goals and objectives of the company. Thus, Posh Nosh need to describe it at workplace fort getting overall participation of employee at workplace. In this way, Maslow's theory can be taken by manager for ascertain profitability and overall production system at workplace. This is because, different employee possess distinctive need so that it completing from different activities and overcoming business issues.

On the basis of employee performances, the cited firm need to give them proper attention so that they are encourages towards business development and operations (Naff, Riccucci and Freyss, 2013). They are motivated from different activities and performances which emphasized through reward system within the enterprise.

In the chosen organisation, both types of reward system can be applied such as monetary and non-monetary. Hence, effectiveness can be take place in crucial aspect which ascertain overall production and outcomes at workplace. In this way, financial reward can be implemented through bonus, incentives and many other aspects. It assists to increase living standard of the enterprise and their employee (Barrow, 2014). Thus, Posh Nosh can maintain sustainability of workers in effective manner. In addition to this, non financial award can also implement at workplace through recognition, achievement and positive motivation at workplace.

3.4 Methods which are used to monitor employee performance

Employee performances are requires monitoring for enhance profitability and positive results of the company (Schaper, 2016). In this way, following methods can be used by the business for enhance outcomes at workplace:

  • Annual performance

With the help of trading and profit loss account, the company can easily deliver effective performances and profits. In this way, Posh Nosh requires monitoring and reviewing on each activity throughout the year. Thus, they can develop profits and positive results in systematic manner. It also helpful to maintain satisfaction level of employee and other stakeholder of the company is systematic manner. Thus, production level can be enhancing at workplace (Alegre, Sengupta and Lapiedra, 2013).

  • Feedback

It is other way which describes for monitoring performance of the enterprise. In this aspect, Posh Nosh needs to get feedback from customer through market survey. Hence, they can ascertain profitability at workplace. In addition to this, it is also helpful to deliver profits and effective results that can maintain overall growth and operations of the chosen firm (Jensen, Patel and Messersmith, 2013).

  • Setting up targets

In this way, the chosen firm has opportunity to monitor employee participation at workplace in business objectives and goals. Hence, Posh Nosh can set targets and objectives accordingly. For instance, the chosen business set their goals quarterly then they are frame resource and strategies accordingly for attain overall production and systematic review at workplace.


LO4- Know the mechanisms for the cessation of employment

4.1 Cession for employee turnover

Employees are important element of every enterprise who serve participation to achieve overall growth and objectives of the company (Vale, 2013). In Posh Nosh many reasons are take place due to employee want to leave the company. It creates negative impact on company growth and overall production. Reasons are as follows:

  • Performance of the employee: Employees are possess different quality and perception so that it is important to monitor each activity and action. In this context, employees of Posh Nosh are undertaking various things which make conflicts among them and create cessation.
  • Behaviour of manager: In this aspect, manager of the company has not good behaviour with their employee so that it creates negative impact on the organisation. In this aspect, manager needs to demonstrate effective behaviour with customer (Doherty, Haugh and Lyon, 2014).
  • Attitude and perception: Attitude and perception of employees are different  from each other so that it create negative impact on the company operations. Hence, employee leave offices which can be generate problems.

4.2 Procedure for exit interview in Posh Nosh and Sainsbury

In Posh Nosh there are various aspects due to turnover take place. In this way, the company take effective procedure for development of employee at workplace. They are taking exit interview from candidate to ascertain their view towards the business performances. In this aspect, they are also develops profitability which assist to manage at workplace. In exit procedure, manager of the chosen company ask questions and fill resignation letter (Dekker, 2014).

They have also ascertained profits through feedback and views from employee regarding business operations. Sample letter can be obtained to HR so that they can determine their opinion towards working condition of the company.

Beside this, in Sainsbury fair and specific information take place which demonstrate for enhance participation of employee. In this way, firm need to ascertain step by step procedure through they can maintain sustainability of the workers within the business. In addition to this, they are also using policies which maintain for taking views and opinion of different employee who can take part for maintain operations and outcomes (Patel, Messersmith and Lepak, 2013).With the help of policies, Sainsbury can regulate rules and regulation that assist to manage work within the business. Hence, they can ascertain results in effective manner. Hence, both organisations use exist procedure according to their feasibility at workplace.

4.3 How regulatory and legal framework can impact on company

In order to make positive results, there are various legal framework take place which create impact on the company performance (Zopiatis, Constanti and Theocharous, 2014). In this aspect, when Posh Nosh is following equal pay act, they can provide proper payment to all employee which maintain sustainability at workplace. In this way, positive impact can be made by company on their employee so that they are loyal towards company operations and outcomes. In addition to this, race relation act protect to all employee from exploitation and enhance their participation for achieve organizational goals and targets. This is because, it assist to eliminate discrimination on the basis of color, nationality and gender. Hence, every employee can participate to the organizational goals and objectives (Pagell and Shevchenko, 2014).


From the report it can be concluded that Posh Nosh has various advantages through they can employee sustainability maintain. In this aspect, the firm needs to follow legal rules and regulations through they can protect employee at workplace. In this way, various employees are participating to achieve goals and objectives in effective manner. Furthermore, it also determines responsibility of line manager who can perform different activities and goals through such activity and action at workplace.

Moreover, it has been concluded that legal and regulatory framework generate positive impact on the company operations that describes for attain profitability at workplace. At last, it summarize about exit procedure of employee within Sainsbury and Posh Nosh.


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