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Introduction to Employees Relation

In the business there are various issues and decision, which is not, handles by individual. Thus, employee relation play vital role for taking business decisions and positive outcomes. With the help of employee relation, every individual feels motivated at workplace and reduce problems for discourages conflicts (BeltránMartín and RocaPuig, 2013). It is very important for company that every individual feel comfortable with focus and concentration on employees. They are also provides services through online stores which assist to customers as they are able to access services where feel convenient. Present study is based on Sainsbury which deals in grocery and food products according to customer’s requirements.

For gaining insight knowledge of company, report covers role of main players within the enterprise. Furthermore, it includes procedure for dealing in different conflict situation. Moreover, it assesses the impact of negotiation strategy for situation which needs to be taken by company for solving business issues. In addition to this, it covers impact of human resource management on employee relation.

Task 1

1.1 Explain Unitary and Pluralistic Frames of References

In the organization, every member take participation for achieve business goals. In this aspect, Sainsbury need to involve their each employee within goals of company. For maintain enterprise growth different frames can be taken within business environment. These are as follows.

Unitary Frame

In this type of frame, each member of Sainsbury contribute their participation for achieve common goal of company (Uddin, Luva and Hossian, 2013). They are maintains cooperation among various members with determines roles and responsibilities. According to roles and responsibility, each member performs their functions. Main aim of this frame is to achieve common goal at workplace so that company take unitary for all employees at firm. As results, manager of the cited firm gives direction for accomplish business targets. All employees take effective participation within firm to achieve the best results (Oriyomi, Yinusa and Abdulrasheed, 2016).

Pluralistic Frame

When organization concerns with pluralistic frame, they are assign targets on the basis of quality and ability for particular task. Every individual has different capabilities and ability to perform various tasks at workplace. Thus, when manager take pluralistic frame at workplace they are assign roles and responsibility according to workers capabilities. Every individual perceive different thing for achieve organizational objectives thus, this frame take every individual different for distinctive thing at workplace (Schultz, Ryan and Williams, 2015).

1.2 Changes in Trade Union Which Affect To Employee Relation

Trade union play very important role in which they are providing laws and regulations for doing business. In this context, they are frame rules and policies which essentially followed by Sainsbury to operate their functions. They possess various changes at cited fir. They are as follows.

Payment of Minimum Wages

Trade union play vital role in for maintain payment of minimum wages at workplace (Beattie and Crossan, 2015). In respect to this, they are determines roles and responsibility regarding Sainsbury to protect their employees in term of wages. The organization should considers all rules and regulation at workplace which made by trade union to provide them minimum wages. Further, the cited firm also needs to take true and fair treatment at workplace for all employees of the company.

Enhance Productivity of Employee

Trade union also frame rules and regulation for enhance productivity of each member within the company (BeltránMartín and RocaPuig, 2013). In this aspect, they are demonstrating that Sainsbury should provide proper training to their employees so that they can enhance their sustainability at workplace. In addition to this, it also gives positive results at workplace which generate high profitability as well. With the help of enhancing profitability, skills of employees also enhance towards the enterprise objectives.

Increasing Living Standards of Workers

In order to protect employees, trade union also frames laws to make effective results. In this aspect, Sainsbury should provide extra benefits to their employees so that their living standards can be enhance. In this aspect, they have to maintain working conditions at workplace so that every employee can work effectively at workplace (Uddin, Luva and Hossian, 2013). Thus, they can protect their employees for enhance capabilities and efficiency towards the firm objectives.

1.3 Explains Roles of Main Players in Employee Relation

In Sainsbury, various players are playing important roles within the company. They all are giving effective participation within the enterprise. In cited firm different key players are taking participation (Hamermesh, 2015). They are as follows.

Role of Employer

Employer is take very essential role in Sainsbury because they have responsibilities towards their employees at workplace. Thus, they have to take care for them for maintain workers sustainability at workplace. In addition to this, employer also responsible for giving effective working conditions to their employees so that every worker can make loyalty towards the firm and give proper attention for achieve firm objectives. They have to arrange training at workplace so that capabilities and productivity can be enhance (Kennedy, 2016).

Role of Employee

Employee are also important key player who contribute their participation for achieve business goals. They provide products and services to Sainsbury customers so that they are mediator of company and their employees. In addition to this, they have also responsibility towards the business that follows all rules and regulations of company. Good employee always tries to make effective results at workplace with giving their effective participation for business activities (Southey and Southey, 2016).

Role of Government

Sainsbury offers their products and services to customers so that they have responsibility for them. This is because, every customers not harm by company products and any activity. The cited firm should follow all laws which made by government for protect their customers. Government plays very important role because they are provide laws for business such as minimum wage act, child lobar act and health and safety act. With the help of these act, the organization can protect their employees (Mencl and Lester, 2014).

Task 2

2.1 Procedure For The Organization To Deal With Different Situation

Sainsbury operating their function in competitive market so that there are various issues occur at workplace. However, there are different approaches are placed which assist to solve organization problems. Mainly there is conflicts take place among various people of the organization. This is because; every individual has different personality so that it creates major issue within the business unit. In addition to this, every employee not get same payment which also generates conflicts among various members. Thus, it is essential point which needs to be solves by company in effective manner (Price and Whiteley, 2014).

Disputes among the members can be solved by company when they are assigning according to each member capabilities. Thus, every employee get payment accordingly which help to remove conflicts from workplace. In addition to this, cited firm have also determines roles and responsibilities to each member for ascertain effective results within the place. In this context, they can get positive results and remove problems from workplace. In Sainsbury employee also raise their voice instead of following guidelines. Thus, it is essential to determine rules and regulations for achieve business objectives (Oriyomi, Yinusa and Abdulrasheed, 2016).

Top level management of the organization has to resolve these problems through determining guidelines for each member so that firm can achieve their objectives easily. However, in this situation company’s employees are affects adversely but it is essential to give proper direction and management for remove these problems.

In order to solve these situations, management of Sainsbury needs to take clear communication with their all members (Jenkins and Delbridge, 2013). In addition to this, they have also responsibility to provide them platform to share their view and ideas regarding Sainsbury problems. Further, HR of the organization has duty to provide proper facilities to their all members to solve business issues at workplace.

2.2 Key Features of Employee Relation in Selected Situation

From the above study, specific conflict situation has been taken as collective disputes. Due to ineffective allotment of workload, disputes occur within Sainsbury. In this situation, whole cited firm is affected by conflicts of the firm (Dozier, Grunig and Grunig, 2013). It creates negative impact on the enterprise performance. Below are the key features can be seen selected situation.

Dissatisfy with Corporation

Main thing that seen within Sainsbury is that, employees are not satisfied with cited firm operations. Top management is unable to allocate fairly and effectively so that it creates major issue at workplace. It will directly impact on employee relation within the business environment. In this situation all employees are affected negatively which creates problems within the business (Lin, Yao and Zhao, 2014). In respect to solve this problem, top management need to take all roles and responsibility effectively for manage situations of the company.

Hindering the Relationship Between Female and Male within the Organization

Collective disputes directly harm to relationship of female and male within the enterprise (Ogbonnaya and Valizade, 2015). Thus, disputes affect to services which offers to service which offers by company to their customers.

2.3 Effectiveness of Procedure Adopted By Company To Dealing in Different Situation

In conflicts situation, it is duty of senior management to undertake various responsibilities and roles towards the firm. In this way Sainsbury adopt various approaches which solve business issues and making arrangement for deals within the environment , 2015)

In order to overcome these problems, cited firm communicate effective to solve organization problems. In addition to this, management also assigns roles and responsibility to each member for development of company. When each member have their roles and responsibility, they can give effective contribution for achieve organizational targets and objectives. The company should provide effective working condition to their employees for resolve problems at workplace. The organization have to maintain their discussion process for solve company problems (Schultz, Ryan and Williams, 2015). During discussion each employee need to take participation for speak within the business. In respect to this, management also takes effective decisions through taking every individual perception and ideas for business issues.

In addition to this, cited firm have to find issue regarding business problems and conflicts to determine effective results. In this aspect, they can handle queries of each member who are part of business issues (Beattie and Crossan, 2015). Working with informal procedures, cited firm can remove issues from workplace and enhance profitability within Sainsbury. It will helpful to the organization, to find real cause and their impact on the company operations. It makes the best solutions for solve business issues for development of company.

Task 3

3.1 Role of Negotiation in Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining depicts the process of negotiation in which they demonstrate rules and regulations regarding wages, working hours and promotion strategy (BeltránMartín and RocaPuig, 2013). Other employment terms and conditions also determine by collective bargaining. In Sainsbury follow negotiation strategy which determines effective results at workplace. Negotiation strategy has following roles in collective bargaining.

Negotiation Helps to Enhance Quality of Work

Negotiation helps to enhance quality of work. Employees of Sainsbury present essential things at workplace which need to be carry by business to protect them. They are bargains with employer of the organization to enhance quality of work (Uddin, Luva and Hossian, 2013).

Negotiation Helps to Improve Effectiveness

Negotiation also assist to enhance effectiveness at workplace. With carry collective bargaining process, Sainsbury can encounter their business issues. In addition to this, employers of the cited firm can easily discuss their issues within enterprise. It also helps to make effective and efficiency at workplace through handling business issues. In this aspect, collective bargaining makes effective results at workplace which make positive outcomes as well (Hamermesh, 2015).

It also supports to reach within productive system: With adopting collective bargaining process employer and employee can make effective results at workplace. It will make effective results at workplace. It will also assist to make positive relations with various members within the business environment. It will assist to communicate easily with various members so that organization can achieve great results within the enterprise. Various modifications can also take at workplace (Kennedy, 2016).

3.2 Impact of Negotiation Strategy in The Given Situation

Negotiation is a method which adopt by company to settle disputes which take place within the organization. All issues can be carry by business which taken by company to operate various operations within Sainsbury. Negotiation strategy assists to identify the best practices in order to accomplish business objectives (Southey and Southey, 2016). Various strategies are as follows.

Competing Strategies

In this strategy, it reflects to competition which takes important place within the enterprise. Sainsbury is very large organization which has huge competition within the market. The cited firm adopts this strategy to win competition within the marketplace. It has greater flew that work for employee participation at workplace (Mencl and Lester, 2014).

Accommodative Strategies

This strategy adopted by company to resolve their business problems in systematic manner. To overcome company issues, they are maintaining operations for working effective at workplace. Sainsbury can reduce turnover and termination within the enterprise. In respect to this, they can achieve great objectives with carry various operation within the enterprise (Price and Whiteley, 2014). This strategy adopted by company to avoid major issues for maintain sustainability and growth within the enterprise. It will assist to Sainsbury to meet with business objectives so that cited firm will make their targets in effective manner.

Avoiding Strategies

With the help of this strategy, Sainsbury can cooperate with various elements for maintain outcomes at workplace. In this aspect, major issues of the company can be reduce for achieve the best results from firm activity (Oriyomi, Yinusa and Abdulrasheed, 2016). It also modifies for follow government rules and regulations for achieve targets in the best extent.

Task 4

4.1 Influence of Eu on Industrial Democracy

EU has direct influence to the industrial democracy in which Sainsbury operates their functions. It is the structure organization determine work environment in which they are work (Jenkins and Delbridge, 2013). In this context, entire enterprise design frame work to operate various functions within the international markets. Different country has different culture that create impact on the business. Thus, it directly affects to industrial democracy within UK through various aspects. EU determines various rules and regulations which create positive impact on the Sainsbury marketplace.

It involves important decisions related with cited firm which involve effective participation in the enterprise (Dozier, Grunig and Grunig, 2013). For enhancing and boosting workers capabilities, it is essential to increase employees standards towards the firm. Furthermore, it is effective fundamental aspects which enhance overall functioning within the chosen organization. Thus, policies defines in term of standards according to perspective job, terms and conditions which enhance conditions of working environment and helps to avoid issues related with workplace (Lin, Yao and Zhao, 2014). These policies determine favourable working conditions for generate high revenue and profits within the company.

4.2 How To Gain Employee Participation and Involvement in Decision Making

There are various tools and techniques through Sainsbury can gain their employee participation in decision making process. It will assist to enhance their quality and carrying various activities within the business environment (Ogbonnaya and Valizade, 2015). There are different types of functions take place which determines to accomplish goals and objectives of the company.

With the help of consultation methods, organisation can enhance their workers capabilities and participation for business objectives. It will influence to work environment of company to motivate their employees for ascertain business outcomes effectively (Gounaris and Boukis, 2013). In addition to this, it is also assists to enhance satisfaction level of customers through make loyalty for Sainsbury. The cited firm can take their employees participation through making them owner and shareholders of the enterprise. In this aspect, they can enhance their market share and it will assist to make sustainability at workplace. In this way, every employees buy company share and it creates positivity towards the firm operations.

Functions of the organisation are runs smoothly when employees take part in buying shares of company. It is beneficial for the enterprise to enhance their share price within the marketplace. In addition to this, the company can also get participation of employees through making them collective bargaining. In this aspect, they are frame various rules and regulation for working within the enterprise (Schultz, Ryan and Williams, 2015). Hence, they can understand working system of company through delivering effective system at workplace.

4.3 Impact of Human Resource Management on Employee Relation

Human resource management is very important element which play significant role within the enterprise (Beattie and Crossan, 2015). It assists for managing relations and functioning within Sainsbury in effective and efficient manner. The cited firm various strategies adopt which ensure management of different activities which can be done through place very important participation. Management creates positive working environment with develop policies and rules at workplace which encompasses to retain profits for long run.

Human resource management frame various training and development methods through they can take effective participation for development of employees (BeltránMartín and RocaPuig, 2013). It also enhances work attitude of employees as well as activities which make effective functioning at workplace.


From the above study is articulated employee relation play crucial role which enhance workers performance for satisfy customers needs and requirements. Report summarized major approaches to help the organisation for managing functions of company such as unitary and pluralistic. Furthermore, it also concluded role of key players for smooth functioning at workplace which are government, customers, employees and employees of the organisation. Moreover, trade union leads to manage different functions such as training and development programmes for employees welfare.

It will assist to enhance workers capabilities and their efficiency at workplace with emerging trends and environment. In addition to this, report illustrates impact of EU on industrial democracy of UK which enhance working conditions and effective system at workplace. Along with this it concluded that the cited firm can gain their employee participation through make them shareholders, collective bargaining and owner of enterprise.


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