A Study Of Consumer Behavior in the Coffee Industry: Focus On Consumption Of Reusable Coffee Cups


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Consumer Behavior from many years have been the important element in making the business achieve those set of objectives which they have established over the years. In the modern day business operations it is of due importance to encounter the people and make the products which satisfy the customers most. Thus where comes consumer behavior and its traits which helps business managers in knowing whether they are in proper and right direction or not for making the consumers more fond of their product. Consumer behavior is been important because there are so many consumers and each of them perceive different things in relation to there consumption and satisfaction level(Ranfagni, Guercini and Crawford Camiciottoli, 2014). Consumer behavior has been studied from many experts and scientists to make judgments on various consumer traits that drives a consumer to buy the product and also in addition what makes the people love the product and consume the product again and again. Thus experts have suggested many elements or factors which drives a consumer to make necessary judgments on the products whether positive or negative. Making the use of cups in a coffee industry is a great move by the big coffee house of the countries which in turn will make the consumer to store that cups and also helps them in using the cups in whichever manner they want to use.

As per the study of (Davis, 2013)a consumer is an individual whose needs and wants are unlimited if you fulfill one other will be knocking at your foot steps. As suggested by him, consumer is that animal who if feed-ed in a best possible manner will come to the same person again and again to get the piece of food. Thus this applies to normal world too which says that people in order to make a buying decision thinks too much and where is the consumer behavior plays its part to make that decision in favor of businesses and against of the businesses. Thus from his study it has been identified that businesses in order to make consumers move positively towards their product needs to maintain the interests of consumers into the product and to maintain the interest of coffee in the group of customers they need to make necessary amendments which in turn has now made many big companies to introduce a coffee cup which can be used after the first time us also(Mohan and Sequeira, 2016). Thus as it has been a fact that any new thing which impresses the consumer is likely to achieve the success in the market thus it has been great in providing the consumers with this sort of product. It is of due importance that people in order to make different perceptions will get the things which they like. The introduction of reusable cups will make a great impact on the consumers as well as the environment as well. By using these kind of products environment will become wastage free as more wastage of resources will be minimized and thus this will make the world a better place to live.

Further, as it is suggested by(Fridell, 2014) that consumer behavior of people has been affected by four major factors which are: Social factors, Psychological factors, cultural factors and personal factors. Social factor are related to those factors which are caused due to family, friends, relatives and etc. They have the influencing power to change the decision of the buyer in many ways. If family is a middle class family then they re likely to get these coffee cups because the middle class families likes the things which comes free and thus the positioning of the cups important in making the customer buy the product also it is important for the businesses to find suitable audience for that. Consumer behavior has been studied from many experts and scientists to make judgments on various consumer traits that drives a consumer to buy the product and also in addition what makes the people love the product and consume the product again and again. In addition they have suggested that in this case it is impossible to deliver this product to the young guns because they are more concerned with the status and thus they are more of listen to their friends when in the streets and thinks of becoming superior than there friends thus that thinking will not buy the reusable products because that will make them less worthy among the group of friends(Stanton and Salnikova, 2015). Relatives also play an important part in making the customer drives towards the product thus in this case also they can play important part as they follow a word of mouth communication pattern to make the customer know about the product prevailing in the market and thus so that they can buy the product.

Psychological factors are another factors which play important part in making the customer buy the product and also in delivering the value to the customers so that people can build a positive brand image towards that product. In this case it is stated that people are more of like having positive perception towards the product because her they get two things in the same amount earlier they get one thing in the same amount. Psychological factors is basically tries to develop the positive attitude of people towards the product thus this makes the people more trustworthy towards the product(Khalek and Ismail, 2015). Personal factors also drives the behavior of people which in turn helps the business to make decisions on marketing of the product. Personal factors of an individual includes his behavior towards different people and also it includes age, Personal factors are related to a customer’s age and the life cycle, what kind of job he/she is into, what are the financial conditions of particular customer, personality of a particular individual also influence its buying behavior and how a customer lives life. Thus on the basis of the job level and income level customers form the opinion towards the product thus business in this order to attract the people have to make pricing policy as lenient as possible which can make the people more interested in the reusable coffee cups.As different cultures prevails in the society thus they have different buying behavior in the coffee industry which satisfy every individual and also in addition to that making a product which will cater every day to day need as well it will cater the needs of every age class, thus it is a competitive advantage for the big houses because as they deliver the services they know customers will like only one culture irrespective of the culture they possess. Culture also includes values, customs, traditions and social class.

According to(Wang, Zhang and Kong, 2014)there are different factors which affects the behavior of consumers over the coffee industry and they are the way of service they provide. As it has been seen that there are different coffee houses in the world and every coffee house is unique and serve their customer with unique set of plans and strategies and thus this makes the people more interested towards those coffee houses which have marked their presence in the world with utmost good faith and giving the lifetime experiences to its customers, Some coffee houses present the coffee in such a manner that it is attractive and tranquilizing too. Thus this makes the people more fascinated and motivated to come to these places and also this makes the people more comfortable in buying the new products which is coffee cups which can be used by them after consuming the coffee also. As many institutions have been in the business of providing the services to the customers, some are those who have been making the use of such services in attracting the consumers to their places(Kleemann, 2014). As many of the houses like Starbucks and many others have been making coffee and delivering it in the reusable cups thus this has made customers more motivated to buy the product and thus they make the product more healthy and disease free which in turn will make the people more concern about the products and services.

As per the famous expert of human behavior (Johnstone and Tan, 2015)suggested that role of technology has also been major in driving the consumer to buy the product in the present world. By using the new techniques as well as advance intelligent solution, all this things make easy for their customers and also provide to live an easy life. In this way, industry who produce coffee adopt a new technology in such a way that not only it attract there customers but also they provide necessary products which satisfied there needs also. A customer get affected when they generate or earn extra money, so in this way company launched new techniques to attract them for there products. They give there customers rewards or extra benefits for signing in there app which help the customers to buy there products. In this race, Coffee company also follow this strategy by providing coupon or discounting to increase its sales. (Doyle and, 2013). In this present world it is important that coffee shops have to make a post of reusable coffee cups and make aware about them to more and more customers so that it will develop the market for it and hence it will be beneficial for the business to then position the product in the market and thus make efforts in making the people more to buy the cups. There are different channels which influence there customers to b buy there products, in last two decades mew techniques will also helped to connect there end users. There are many channel, Coffee company also uses all this channels so that provide sufficient knowledge about there products and services to there customers and make an impact so that they can reuse this products.

As per (Brunner, 2014)they stated that Although the technology has rise very fast speed with the help to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram any many other sites, to make like with the people and p[provide information about there products and attracts them. This channels is also useful for the company who were found that what type to customers are interested in there products. People also visiting online networks many time, we can say that in 10 to 12 hours a day. Coffee shops can also use this networks such Facebook, Twitter to promote there products and offers or providing video which is related to there products to attracts there customers. Technology will always connectable with the people for providing common values. This is a act to attracts there customers for buying there products. Everyone are here to give there idea or opinion to the others. So as same in Coffee shops, they deliver three value by offering quality of products to there customer and attract them to to re- buy or re- use there p;products.So, the environment services needs to be delivered accordingly(Brunner, 2014). One customer entering into the door is not one rather he or she is more than that because they are the brand ambassadors of the business or the shops.

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