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Team Work of Rubric Group

Answer :

Teamwork Reading 1

As per the case study given by Pina Tarricone, teamwork is defined as a coordinated process which allows people to bring prominent results through adequate efforts. As per the case study, it has been evaluated that team has a common goal where people develop effective relationship and that also aids in sharing knowledge and skills. On the basis of rubric evaluation, there are several elements that help in accomplishing team goals in an efficient manner. Such elements are discussed below:

  • Proper communication and positive feedback
  • Independence (Tarricone and Luca, 2002)
  • Commitment from team members
  • Adequate team bonding and coordination
  • Skilled and talented people

These are the major elements that aids in facilitating appropriate teamwork and these parameters also enhances team management aspects. With the help of proper communication, team members are able to develop proper listening power and this also assists them to express their views in different processes and activities.

Teamwork Reading 2

Study of Sheikh Raheel Manzoor has stated effect of team work on employee performance and as per the study; it has been identified that team trust is required in all the stages so that organization can meet all defined goals and objectives. The core elements for successful team work are as follows:

  • Team trust
  • Recognition and rewards (Manzoor and, 2011)
  • Loyalty among team members

These are the factors that affect employee performance and these aspects also generate positive environment at workplace.

Teamwork Reading 3

Work done by Shannon Cole on team work has evaluated that so many problems and issues arises in the team; however appropriate team structure could contribute in resolving all such issues. Array of factors have been identified by the researcher which develops team bonding and team management. Such factors are discussed in the below section:

  • Collaboration between team members
  • Appropriate conflict management system
  • Equality management (Cole, 2010)
  • Adequate opportunities for team training

There should be proper conflict management system so that issues among employees can be avoided and resolved in an appropriate manner. Team members must support each other in every domain so that team objectives can be acquired. It is an apparent fact that team always produces prominent results if proper communication exists between team members.

Critical Evaluation of Group Rubric

From the given team rubric, it can be said that team members have been managing time management and for that goals and objectives are clearly communicated; thus all the tasks are managed as per determined schedules. Some of the team members do not treat others in respectful manner as they consider that they can complete the tasks individually. Though participation from all the team members is equal; however up to some extent team mates do not listen to each other. At the initial stages, team members show little responsibility towards the assigned tasks; however afterwards, involvement of all team members helps them to motivate each other to complete tasks. Team members rely on each other for different processes; thus this also facilitates adequate support. Individuals sometimes argue with each other which shows negativity and generally individual do not listen to each other. Improvement is required in the communication level so that team members can remain updated about every aspect.

Advantages and Limitations of Team Rubric

Evaluating the rubric helps the researcher to find out areas where improvements are required which could further enhance team efficacy level. On the basis of defined team rubric, it is identified that, due to communication gap, differences generate in the teams hampers work processes. As a team, all the individuals have to participate in task accomplishment processes so that success can be facilitated. Though team members are treating each other in equal manner; however they must also support each other in every facet. Proper delegation of authority responsibilities should be there so that everyone can give their best in team accomplishment. Moreover, evaluating the rubric helps the team members to strengthen skills and abilities of people in different manner. Likewise, with the help of team work, people are able to manage time in prominent manner which increases team and individual capability.

Own Rubric

Assessment attributes Performance below competence Adequate performance Good performance Score
Standards Does not meet minimum standard Meets minimum standards Moves beyond minimum standards  
Communication Clear communication ability, I listen to others also I discuss things and I try to share knowledge as per requisites Consistency is maintained which aids in getting updated about diversified aspects 5
Team management Unable to coordinate with all the teams at a time Equal chances are provided to me in every areas I act in responsible manner; however I need to emphasize on proper coordination 4
Commitment towards the job roles Highly committed I complete all the tasks as per the schedules I contribute and support in goal accomplishment process 3
Considering time aspects Unable to prepare schedules for tasks Plans and practices are not made on time Unable to meet deadlines 4
Comments       Total


While preparing the study, I have gone through numerous articles and journals and I came to know the importance of team work from every domain. Summing up the study, I could say that team performs in better manner as compared to individual performance. Unfortunately, some of the disorienting researches have hampered my experience while working on consequent study. However, apart from that, I have realized that active participation from all the team members is required because which not only enhances team capability but also it augments organizational susceptibility. I have evaluated that trust among team members develops confidence in each other competence. The study entails positive relationship team performance and employee performance.

If, I would get an opportunity to work with a team, I would emphatically try to involve everyone in the team so that all the team members can participate actively. As per the rubric, independence is the factor that underpins team management; likewise successful team is the result of analogous efforts from all the team mates. Thus, as a part of team, I will make sure that everyone is contributing in expressing their views in team aspects. Lack of participation from team members affects the overall productivity of organization and employee performance too; therefore I would appreciate all the team mates through rewards and other methods.

In order to start a new team, I will follow below mentioned guidelines:

  • Searching skilled people for team
  • Determining objective for team formation
  • Communicating team goals to members
  • Delegating roles and responsibilities in appropriate manner

I will facilitate prominent team management through giving equal rights and responsibilities to all. Moreover, I will also listen to each and every point of individual since they also possess the obligation to explicit views in team based dimensions. Thus, from the discussion, it is clear that efficiency of team work enhances if people are able to provide equal importance to all the team members. Team members are allowed to give constructive and authentic feedback on different aspects for the purpose of facilitating improvements. Further, rewards and recognition primarily motivates every individual who work in a team and this also assists the team members to capture numerous benefits as a part of the team. Team shows the collective strength of individuals and develops loyalty amid the people towards goal accomplishment process.


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