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Introduction to Buyer Behaviour

Customer buying behaviour is the sum of intentions, preferences and attitudes regarding decisiveness and nature of service users in the market. Understanding of consumer behaviour is necessary for organisation to provide effective products and services for customers in the specific sector. IKEA is a corporation which provides its furniture products like sofas, chair and beds to its consumers in the United Kingdom. The present report describes about the shopping and purchasing environment in the furniture sector. It explains the motivation and value in which organisation encourage the consumers in the market. Further, it defines decision making process of IKEA Corporation to focus on its products and services. In addition to this, it gives recommendations to organisation for improving its consumer strategy in the market.

Shopping and purchasing environment

Shopping and purchasing environment play important role for IKEA organisation to increase interest of consumers towards shopping. Some of these factors are described below in the points.

Displays of Products

IKEA firm can show its products in an appropriate manner which can contribute effectively to create effective shopping and purchasing environment. In addition, this factor can help the consumers to analyse the outlook products at the store. It can support IKEA to show proper aesthetics of furniture products which aids to increase its sales in the market. It can assist the organisation in attracting consumers for purchasing furniture products at store of IKEA.


It is an important technique for IKEA firm to create shopping and purchasing environment for consumers in the market. In this process, organisation can segregate its furniture products which aid consumers to know more details about commodities at the store. Furthermore, this process plays important role for service users to compare products with others by considering various factors like price and quality in the store of IKEA. Further, it can help the customers to purchase products from Corporation by creating proper interest.


Decoration of store is necessary for firm to produce effective shopping and environment for the consumers. This strategy can contribute effective role for consumers to attract them which can help to increase its sales in the market. In addition to this, it can help IKEA to leave positive impact which can contribute effectively to enhance brand image front of service users in furniture sector of the United Kingdom.

Availability of Friendly Staff

It is important factor for organisation to generate effective shopping and purchasing environment. Friendly staff can help the IKEA to recognise the needs and requirement of consumers at the store. This strategy guides the staff members to show furniture products as per the requirements of service users. Furthermore, employees also explain the specification of furniture which can create better interest regarding purchasing of commodities at the store of IKEA (Korpysa, 2013). Along with this, they can help the organisation to reduce complaints as-well-as different types of queries of consumers in an appropriate manner. So, this process can aid the IKEA to increase its sales along with revenues by increasing frequency of service users.

Perception of Consumer Regarding the Product

Perception of consumers is based on many factors like price, quality, promotion, location as-well-as ethical considerations which create impact on perception of consumers in the market. Further, it can help the organisation to fulfil the needs and requirements of consumers in furniture industry.


Pricing is important factor for organisation to create positive image regarding its furniture products in the market. For example, management of IKEA can use market oriented pricing strategy which can contribute effectively to increase the sales of products (Collado Agudo, Herrero Crespo and Rodríguez del Bosque, 2012). In addition, this type of strategy can help the consumers to change the perception regarding organisational products. Further, it can help the enterprise to increase its profit in t