The Developing Manager of the company

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Question :

As the director of the company went to hire the person for the trainee position. So all the potential capabilities and the skills are duly being examined Kindly do answer all the learning outcomes mentioned below: -

  • What are the different practice in management and the behavior with principle.
  • Explain your own potential skills with the capabilities in attaining the position of trainee manager.
  • What are the skills required for specific managerial within Thomas cook in the position of trainee manager.
  • Examine the career development plan for a trainee manager by Thomas cook.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Thomas cook


In business world, manager is said to be a person who manages all the work and tries to attain specific goals and objectives of an organisation. On the other hand, a developing manager keeps an eye on structuring distinctive strategies and other smart ways so that management of a company can help it in running business in a smooth manner (Ahmad, Ry Nielsen and Synnott, 2013). With the help of this, it can be said that enterprise whether it is small or big can give good rivalry to its competitors. In modern era, high level of rivalry can be seen among organisations. Thus, this took companies to develop various strategies through which risks can be reduce and helped them in grabbing position at international market. In order to understand the conception of developing manager assignment is being divided into four different tasks. Thomas Cook and Virgin Holidays are two travel and tour operators that has been taken under first and the fourth task. Along with this, for third and the second task two firms which took under i.e. Clayton Crown Hotel and Frankie & Benny's restaurant. Report will include management style, communication process and leadership characteristics. It will also show, organisational culture along with alterations in it has also been discussed.


1.1 Comparison of different management styles

Management style can be known as different strategies in which managers try to make planning, prioritizing, organising and functions of an enterprise. Through this, it can be said that company's goals and objectives can easily get hit right on time. Management styles can help managing people to develop strategies through which they can assign tasks to subordinates or develop plans through which desired targets can get attain in much effective and appropriate way (Allen and et. al., 2012). As per the requirements which gets changes within organisation, it is must for a developing manager to keep on using different management styles through which they can gain many benefits. In present context, comparison among different management styles that has been followed by Virgin Holidays and Thomas Cook is being done beneath:

Management Styles


Virgin Holidays

Thomas Cook

Authoritative Style of Management

This type of style carrying an aim to deliver long term directions along with vision employees. With the help of this, managers can improve performance level of its subordinates. On the other hand, manager carries whole power on his/her own hand and do not asks or take suggestions from any other person like superiors or staff members.

Authoritative Style of management is being followed by Virgin Holidays. In times when company faces issues at that moment it is much required for manager to make quick determinations through which they can reduce the complex situations (Arnold and Boggs, 2015). On the other hand, it has also been found that company may get into trouble as well because of dictator type of style.

Thomas Cook majorly follows this sort of management style. With the help of this, it can be said that managers majorly can take proper initiatives by their own or can take quick decisions which have to be followed by employees. But, this sort of approach can be bring up conflicts among staff members and managers of Thomas Cook.

Participative Style of Management

This type of style consists with feedbacks and suggestions of employees which is being taken by managers can be known as participative. This style majorly being utilised by many companies and managers in today's business world.

Virgin Holiday's owner and manager mostly believes in this sort of style (Arends, 2014). With the help of this, they can easily develop morale of staff members through asking them what needs to be done next in order to enhance sales of company or to gain competitive advantages.

Thomas Cook do not majorly take in use of participative style because they believe that manager know what is good for company and for employees. This can be taken as a drawback for participative management style.

1.2 Leadership characteristics

In business world, it has been analysed that leaders plays vital role in an organisation. Leaders carry a good position within an organisation along with high responsibilities. This has helped business organisations through which they can start attaining specific goals and objectives Vision of leaders stays very much clear which helps them in developing effective strategies through which companies can directly hit their own targets. On the other hand, it is also been located that effective strategies and policies which is being developed by leaders can be helpful in delivering motivation to staff members (Aulton and Taylor, 2017). Some of characteristics of leaders like good communicator, commitment and passionate, inspire others, honesty and more should be their with in a leading person to become more effective for business organisations.

Virgin Holiday's leaders possess with many characteristics which is helping this firm to gain many competitive advancements. Some of characteristics like decision-making capabilities, accountability, delegation and empowerment can be considered as things that this organisation is already having. Right determinations in correct time of leaders may aid company in gaining many competitive advantages.

On the other hand, as compared to Virgin Holidays, Thomas Cook leaders believes in ruling and assign tasks to individuals of firm. At some points, it can be taken as threat for Thomas Cook because conflicts will take place because employees do not get chances of putting their own point of views. This may increase employee turnover which is not a good thing for a business organisation.

Some leadership style used by managers and leaders of both companies are given beneath:-

  • Autocratic style: Thomas Cook uses this type of leadership style because company believes in ruling and not asking for any suggestions from anyone. Policies and strategies that has been made by them has to be followed by employees without any sort of failure (Babbie, 2013).
  • Democratic style: Virgin Holiday's leaders and managers are following democratic style, because they know how important it is for growth of the company in hitting their targets to take advice from employees.

Some of the leadership characteristic are explained below:

  • A successful leaders are not only self motivated but also encourage its team members. For achieving its set targets and goal leaders on a regular basis lookout for different strategies through which objectives can be achieved.
  • A successful leaders are excellent in their decision making and even in hard situations these leaders don't give up. They consider all possibilities and alternatives before making any strategies which will be best for organisation in order to increase its sales and profitability.

1.3 Evaluate communication processes in selected businesses

Communication process can be known as means of exchange of information through informal or formal ways or with the help of different media. It is being located that both the business organisations uses communication in different ways and these are given beneath:

Formal and informal communication: It is being found that, formal communication element is being majorly used by Virgin Holidays with pre-defined channels or media. This type of communication is systematic and smooth as well which helps Virgin Holiday's people to communicate or transfer information in proper manner. Apart from this, informal way of communication helps in building up relationship among management and staff members (Bianchi and et. al., 2011).

Downward, Upward and horizontal communication: This type of communication is majorly being used by most of business firms through which many benefits can easily be gained by them. It is being found that, majorly business companies like Virgin Holidays and their managers and leaders can easily improve number of customers along with stakeholders with making better communication with them.

Verbal and Oral communication: Virgin Holidays majorly uses verbal communication while assigning tasks to individuals or to deliver information to customers. On the other hand, Thomas Cook uses various approaches which is related to oral communication through which many benefits can easily be gained right on time.

1.4 Analyse organisational culture and change in selected business

Sorts of Organizational structure and culture: Virgin Holidays is following best down or vertical joining approach sort of structure. In this manner, whatever structure organization is embracing must make an exceptionally energetic condition with the goal that workforce can play out their activity keeping in mind the end goal to increase greatest advantages (Boud, 2012). Virgin Holidays is giving a sound situation to its customers in which they are offering appreciation to each and every person who is from various culture. Culture that is following by Virgin Holidays is said beneath:

Power Culture: This is embraced by organizations with a specific end goal to receive changes that are going in the market region. Thus it will empower firm in giving administrations as per the decisions and inclinations of explorers or visitors.

Role Culture: As lodging industry is itself a major area and it incorporates parcel of specialists who play out their errand to give fitting offices and administrations. It is being found that role culture helps bosses in appointing parts and duties to its specialists for having successful outcomes (Busse, Aboneh and Tefera, 2014).

Elements impacting change in culture:

Socio-culture factor: This factor can promptly affect making some sort of alterations in business activities. In this way, it is urgent that this component is thought about while making any sort of methodologies and plan of activity.

Innovation: With the execution of new advances for instance; change during the time spent innovation can impact organizations in giving better sort of administrations and offices to its clients.

Demographics: Every territory have its own particular culture and as it is combined as far as aggregate impact. Accordingly, at whatever point adjustments is done or joined it is critical to have legitimate information of individuals who are living in a specific zone. Statistic profile incorporates age, sex, occupation and so on (Cadmus and Johansen, 2012).


2.1 Assess own management skills performance

As per the case scenario, as being assistant manager of Clayton Hotel several skills. There are several types skills of employee which are supporting me in taking fair and appropriate decision. My job role improves and develops skill organisational staff is attracted with my skills. Some of skills that I need to have are given below:

Decision making: It is the inclusive part of every business manger to take proper and relevant decision for the business growth. It is necessary to corrective decision to develop business towards the success (Cavanagh, 2012). Effective decision making skill helps me in taking proper decision in the specific time period.

Problem solving: Problem is most common part of organisation which can be raised any time. In context to Clayton hotel, various types of upcoming problem are raising because of different types of customers. As being assistant manager, I have to use various tools and technology to resolve regular based issues. This helps in increasing work efficiency of the employee and also maximises the profit ratio of the hotel.

Communication skills: Effective communication skills is required to transfer view and thoughts between two or more people. In hotel industry, it is necessary to express thought and ideas to satisfy more number of clients and helps in persuading people. Through my past experience in the same industry my effective communication skill have been developed and helps me in convincing my customers, investors and stakeholders.

Leadership skills: There many skills in human being which are inbuilt and can not be developed (Cozolino, 2014). My leadership skill helps me in influencing my teammates to my guidelines with the motive of achieving goal of the hotel. It is necessary and required by my job role to monitor and persuade employees in order to achieve targets of organisation for business growth.

Own management Skills

Very Rare (1)

Rare (2)


Often (4)

Always (5)

Problem solving skills






Communication Skills






Leadership skills






Decision-making Skills






2.2 Analyse personal strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

SWOT analysis is one of essential self assessment which helps in knowing personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threat. These elements helps me in identifying my strongest sectors and it support me in knowing the inner weakest part. Along with this, personal SWOT is beneficial in identifying the available opportunity for my career and threats which can negatively impact my growth. These are elements are evaluated as below:

Strengths: With the help of the SWOT analysis, I have analysed that I am strong in conflict management and good problem solver. While resolving problem in the hotel I prefer to analyse both the parties and understand their point of view. This helps me identifying real culprit and also supports in taking correct decision. It has reduced the reasons of problem occurrence and also increased the profit of the hotel. As employees are performing effectively (Cummings and Worley, 2014). Apart from this, I own the skill of effective communication which supports my decision making ability and also helps in persuading customers, clients, investors and working manpower in order to complete their work on time in effective manner.

Weakness:According to my job profile, my weakest part is that I am not supporting bias activities in the managerial decision making process. As per my seniors consultation, sometime it is necessary to follow biasses in order to achieve business success. This result bad relationship with the team members.

Opportunities: According to current market situation, there are numerous of opportunities available for my future growth. My continuous improving skills are increasing number of option for me. As per my job profile I can become senior manager. For this I am improving my skills by adapting new technology and trying to enhance my knowledge in order to get promotion as soon as possible.

Threats: As Clayton Hotel is concentrating on hiring high skilled employees who alos owns same skills as mine which is becoming threat for me as competition for my job profile is increasing within the hotel only. This is distracting me from doing my work properly and creating feeling of insecurity.

2.3 Set and prioritise objectives and targets to develop own potential

I have found that, managers plays vital role when it comes to gain many competitive advantages in targeted market. In present context, some of own potential based points here are given below:

Deadline: I saw that time management is must for every single individual in modern world. Therefore, it is much required for me to keep on improvising my own working style so that I can easily hit my targets. For this it is required for me to join time management classes.

Research: Change are must for every single person. For this, I analysed that my own research skills are not good enough which may put impact on my own. It is required for me to develop these skills so that I can analyse that what things are lacking in me. I can go into seminars where I can see how my seniors take initiatives which will help me out in improving.

Practising: Containing vast knowledge will not help out me in becoming more successful unless and until I practice in regular basis. This will become much helpful for me to become much effective at workstation.


3.1 Lead and motivate a team for achieving targeted goal

In order to get right work from employees and encourage them to do well, management of a company use to motivate them on regular basis. As per scenario of Frankie & Benny's restaurant, this firm use motivation as a tool to boost energy level of workers so that they can provide better services to customers (Cusworth and Franks, 2013). Management of this company applies following theories of motivation for increasing productivity of staff members:-

Maslow's Hierarchy Theory:

Physiological needs: It refers to basic need of people associated with business which relates with living normal life in adequate manner.

Safety needs: It is considered as main requirement of every person who is work in a company where any kind of hazardous can be created. So, employers are needed to provide them healthy and safe working environment. In terms of security, managers must pay enough to workers so that they can become financially secured.

Social needs: Affection and love both are termed as prime factor which are needed to be given to every individual at workplace. Therefore, managers of Frankie & Benny's restaurant should encourage workers to work in team and cooperate each other so that feeling of isolation in an employee can be reduced.

Esteem needs: It refers to self-respect kind of needs of employees therefore, employers are required to give appraisals to them by recognising their performances.

Self actualisation: Under this stage, managers should involve employees in decision-making activity so that feeling of equality in them can be generated (Firth, Maye and Pearson, 2011).

Vroom's expectancy theory:

Expectancy: It reflects that if people give much effort to organisation then it will help in increasing performance of business.

Instrumentality: It shows that is employees perform well then higher outcomes can be obtained in business.

Valence: This part relates with concept that is workers work as per expectation of company then task will be done in systematic manner.

3.2 Justification on managerial decisions for achievement of agreed goal with recommendation for improvement

In a firm where many people are working with each other for attaining a common objective then it is obvious to face many issues by them. Similarly, to deal with such problems and take adequate decision in the same sometimes incorporate with major mistakes. Therefore, in this regard, managers are required to apply some theories of motivation at workplace in order to improve performance of people. These theories may help in enhancing capabilities of employees as well as of managers too so that better decision can be made. In addition to this, they must applied effective communication technique in business which aids in developing good relations between workers and managers (Ghobakhloo and Hong Tang, 2013).

Managerial decisions is determine as an act of making up mind for a particular thing or judgement. Therefore, it is considered as a process of selecting an effective choices from several of them. Moreover, the process includes four functions i.e. identifying the problem, formulating alternative solutions, make a proper choice from alternative solutions and lastly, implementation and than monitoring of selection solution so as to know whether the choice will give better results or not. For example: Earlier employees of Frankie & Benny's while performing their task were not so motivated and because of which executing plan was not effective. Managerial decision was also one of the main reason why workers were facing problems.

It has recommended to Frankie & Benny's to introduce more motivational theories in business in order to encourage employees to give their best performance. It also helps in gaining a high commitment of workers also so that better sustainability can be gained. Therefore, with the help of motivational theories company will be able to achieve their goals and targets in a spectacled time frame.


4.1 Way of own managerial and personal skills help in developing career

Due to intense competition, it is required by every person to incorporate some changes in own skills and techniques so that better performance can be given. Under this manner, area where a people needs to focus more on are managerial factor which includes high learning and thinking abilities (Griffin, 2013).

Growth and development: In order to develop own skills and knowledges, first thing a person needs is to develop at personal level. It will help in gaining high promotion while working in a company.

Better decision making: For making better decision related to business profitability, a person needs to acquire more knowledge of a particular field. By increasing knowledge, they can become able to make proper decision which enhances performance of business in a better manner.

Improved leadership characteristic: For leading and managing a firm in proper way, managers need to possess and develop leadership quality of themselves. Through this quality, they can provide right direction to employees so that a task can be accomplished in set period of time.

4.2 A review on career and personal development needs, current performance and future needs for producing development plan

In hospitality and service sector, major role is played by managers. They perform various activities in order to operate business functions in systematic order. Therefore, to acquire this position, it is necessary for a person to evaluate own skills and prepare an action plan so that he can develop his abilities. Thus, in this regard, a development plan based on actual performance is given as below:-


Required development

Time required

Flexibility quality

To run a business in adequate and smooth manner, it is needed by employers of a firm to provide essential training to workers so that they can develop their skills and knowledges.

60 to 75 days

Motivational power

This type of skills require in every firm for motivating others to work well. This can be develop by reading novels of effective leaders.

45 to 90 days

Time management power

In order to complete a work on time, a people has to possess time management skills. It will help in completing major tasks of business in given interval. For this process, a person requires to take management classes (Hunt and Weintraub, 2016).

30 to 45 days

Leadership skills and power

By effective leadership skills, people at workplace can lead a group easily towards a common goal. Therefore, to develop by attending seminars and conference meeting in which a person can understand how effectively others can lead their team.

3 to 4 months

Management skills

This kind of skill make a person able to manage a large group of easily and provide right guidelines to them so that work can be done in proper manner. It can be gained by working under senior managers (Aulton and Taylor, 2017).

25 to 45 days

Communication skills

In order to improve own communication skills, a person needs to join spoken classes and make conversation in group.

3 to 4 Months


From the above-comprehended report, it has been concluded that a developing manager within an organisation plays a vital role which helps in hitting their targets. Companies can go to next level, if it managers and leaders will contain a developing thinking. With the help of this, they can develop many strategies along with they can make effective determinations as well through which company can gain many competitive advantages. On the other hand, firm's SWOT analysis of company can be helpful for them in developing many strategies through which enterprise may directly grab good position in short period of time.


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