Managing communications, Knowledge and Information


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Managing communication is the most important task for an organization as it keeps workforce informed regarding work to be done and other related aspects. It serves as the basis of integration among human resources and support them to work with higher level of motivation. Present report is based on scenario of opening a shop which deals in selling high quality food. For this purpose, Germany has been selected a potential market for start up of the business. In this regard, information and knowledge need has been understood by focusing upon internal and external sources of information along with range of decisions to be taken. Furthermore, strategies to increase personal network for the purpose of widening the involvement int eh decision making process, are also created. In addition to this, communication process is development by covering the role of leaders and focusing upon existing processes of communication. Moreover, appropriate strategies are applied for improving the system related to knowledge and information.


1.1 Range of different decisions to be taken for food quality shop

Wide range of decision should be effective in order to fulfill the start up of an organization objective under this to identify the proper resources for the food selection, How it can be purchase from which location which included as identify the resources needed for food selection, purchase and storage of the food by using the highly technical skills and appropriate equipment. Decision should be effective for producing the best results. Efficient selection method, effective purchasing tools and  highly storage of food (Rosendale, 2017). Selection of foods is very important which one in the sense of satisfactory of many people. Decisions are should be careful thought and planning. Decision should be under consideration of type of food with money requirement along with nutritional needs moreover the effect of advertisements. Lot of money is required for the the variety of food products its a very hard task to handle all these things. Small income group people cant afford all the varieties of foods so that limited choices are there. Likes and dislikes of the customers may also effect the business so that firstly identify the scope and purpose of the business. Analyze the consumer preference and taste in order to get business effective. People generally prefer healthy and nutritional foods for an healthy life. Wide range of decision should be taken for any startup of new venture. Germany also promotes the small scale business venture and providing several business policies in order to gain high profitabity.  

1.2 Examining the information and knowledge require for effective decision making for a start-up

The range of decision should be taken in a given time period. It will examine the information and knowledge needed to ensure effective decision making. It should necessary to assess the internal and external sources of information. There are decision made every day without thinking about what type of decisions these are.

Three broad types of decision levels are to be for newly set up of venture.

  1. a) Strategic level -That type of decisions are mostly taken by the senior level managers which can affect the direction of the organization goal. Before startup of any venture set an organizational goal and measures.
  2. b)Tactical - These type of decision helps in to implementation of strategic decision like identify the resources, man power and money in order to frame new business venture.
  3. c) Operational- Its a day to day business decisions taken by the organization for executing the activity in a precise manner to get effective outcomes. All these alternatives are the key factors for the success of an organizational strategy.

There are several things to be consider for before taking any final decisions. It may be included that overall benefits to the business we can achieve with the attractive cost implementation (Gupta, Jaiswal, and Pardasani, 2014). Which kind of resources to be used and integrate all the activities at the operational level in order to achieve competitive advantage.   

1.3 Listing the internal and external sources of information and understanding

  Business information comes through the both of the sources internal and external . Internal information and knowledge can be generate from the strategic and operational level activities and other aspects like asset planning, activities planning, and technological advancements which create the valuables information in order to achieve effective outcomes (Gupta, Jaiswal, and Pardasani, 2014).

External sources of business information can be valuables in helping the small business owners also determine the appropriate course of action and plan for the future but the researcher meets with the same kind of business community and establish the personal contact foe derving the food related information. External information sources are survey, Articles, books and references in order to generate the information and knowledge. we can also derives the information from the friends, associates and vendors which helps to provide certain idea. Published sources newspaper, trade association, magazines and governmental statistical tools and technical manuals. Information can be used for the evaluation of market survey its helps in to identify changing taste, preferences, attitudes and consumer buying behavior. Information should be reliable for the purpose of analyzing the competition, new product development and individual venture performance. Internal data basically related to personal files, trade secrets and board meetings.

1.4 Modification in the existing method which one is used for the selection of information and knowledge

Traditional information gathering method is not suitable for all the purpose of new set up of business ventures. Various sources are available for information collection methods are print information, Television and Radio media, Online information and other sources. Online information tools is very helpful and convenient for information gathering. Internet is the most powerful source of information for small business. It is easier way to find out all the information regarding to the competitive business firm, Overall market trends and identify the strategy which are more competitive. It also provides data on demographics, economics and international trade or foreign statistics (Iles, and Feng, 2011). Print information tool are widely used for the purpose of survey Govt. printing office are the largest publisher in the world. All the information about the business standards can be identified and use in the strategic planning of the business. Books, Journals and other evidence must be used for data collection, Social media marketing strategy may be beneficial for the information because all the companies update their product and service information and their strategic planning in order to collect all their new product launching and their advancement of technology to be used for making process easier.


2.1 Identify the factors which influence the business decision making process by the presence of stakeholders

 Stakeholders plays an important role in the decision making process. Stakeholders may be in form of customers, employees, govt. and business associates. Customers plays an important role in influencing the business decisions for long term oriented. Food quality industry are totally customer oriented where customer taste and preference makes a big contribution in the company economy economy so that transparent and honest communication should be adopt for making effective decision plan. Employees of an organization makes an great impact on the business strategic planning (Schibi, 2013). Mangers treats employees fairly and receive great loyalty and commitment. In an organization employees treat as an asset and promote cultural sensitivity and non discrimination work place environment. Business partners and suppliers also makes an command on the decision. Merger and acquisition from and to another business which can affects the company image and shared valuable relationship. Communities are treated as distinct shareholder entity. Mangers takes decisions in favor of communities under which ethics plays an important role for managing stability and potential public support. Govt also influence the decision in the organization by changing laws and regulations also it can buy the share of more competitive company for profitability purpose. Involvement of stakeholders influence the decision because there are many views arises from different stakeholders so that all of views cant implement so the optimum and effective strategy to be used for the purpose of great advancement in profit.

2.2 How effective selection of stakeholders in decision making process and develop a business relationship with an individual

In the Task 2 which shows business has been established and planning to expand their operations this could be possible by opening more outlets. Wide range of products and services are supply by the existing firm in order to get diversified profit from various aspects. More and more stakeholders take interest to buy the shares of that company (Bryson, 2016). According to the nature of the decision and part of the operations are effectively correlates with the nature of stakeholder which helps in to improvement of the efficiency of decision. Customer's are the more reliable for taking participate in the decision making process because all over company profit are customer oriented  so they better participate in decision program in order to identify the customer taste, preferences and buying behavior of the consumers. Employees of an organization should promote the decision process process because they are the internal factors of the company growth, They must be satisfied with the organizational process and practices. Employees of an organization are the key factors of the growth in the position. Govt stakeholders should also participate in the decision making process because it helps in to  predict laws and duties regarding to the decision  because they are the variable factors and updated with time to predict the loss and take competitive advantage.

2.3 Identify the people who can take participate in the decision making of the price strategy and location strategy

Price strategy and location strategy are the critical factors of any organization to achieve organizational goal. Price strategy are influence by the near perfect market conditions, where products are more identical. It mainly concerned with setting prices for the first time for a new product. It is an integral part of the market positioning decision which in turns depends to a great extent for overall business development strategy and marketing plans. price strategy may be of  different types promotional, discriminatory, product mix and geographical pricing all are undertaken by the management of an organization. Board of directors and other managerial departments decides the product price and localization strategy where we can establish the business  for getting the wealth maximization and consumer convenience (Coombs, 2011). Customer approach-ability is key factors of an any organization which must be profit oriented and welfare of an organization. Price and location strategy are the parallel factors which are maintain and develop by the managerial authority in order to gain competitive advantage.

2.4 Define the strategies for the future improvement in the process

Process can be formal or informal. In formal process of food quality business where certain procedure should be followed. We can also used well established steps and documented.

The best example of receiving and submitting invoices for establishing effective relationship with new clients. In formal process we can consider several effects like safety, legal and financial. Informal process doesn't defines the step by step procedure for meeting actions. Effective and efficient process are well tested there are fewer chances of error and delay, and duplication of effort which helps in to satisfaction of staff and customers. Improvement in the business process can be achieve through the various procedure and steps. Effectively the process by the use of flow chart or swim lane diagram and define the organizational structure in hierarchical format so that they known about responsibility and role. We can also evaluate the each and every process for better efficiency (Dow, and Taylor, 2010). Analyzing the process helps in ti investigate the problems within the process. Redesigning the process also makes the performance of the company becomes effective and eliminate the problems. Redesigning of the process generates the new idea it may reveal the new approaches. Risk analysis can be achieved through the improvement in the process it provides the healthy brand image of the food quality business . Germany also promote the business in the food sector they are more competent towards the highly nutrition. New resources acquirement's and the effective communication should also promote the effectiveness of performance of the business.


3.1 Define the existing process of communication in a given case study

Business communication is the sharing of information between people within and outside the organization that is used for the purpose of commercial benefits. Business communication topics may be depends on the marketing, brand management of the company products in the sense that customer relation and advertising should help in the effective technical communication. Media channels for business communication includes the internet, print media and word of mouth which helps in to achievement of business goal. Business communication is the key element of the success of any organization. Several methods are to be used for the organization success (Blanc, and Bouillon, 2012). Wed communication and videoconferencing are the best method for sharing the information regarding to the products and services.  Presentations and long distance communication can be done by the telephonic communication in order to improve the communication gap between the customers, employees and other brand competitors in order to make strategic planning.Assignment Help Online At Assignmernt Desk.

3.2 Defines the different communication channels for the growth of the food quality business

The marketing strategy used by every organization to promote their products and services  across the largest audience we can use best communication channel like television and social media marketing. Digital communication technology must be used in which entire bandwidth of a medium such as wire or cable for the transmission of signal. There are different types of communication channel available for manager use. At the large level of organization face to face communication is not possible at every stage (Vassilakaki, and Moniarou-Papaconstantinou, 2015). A challenge should be there what type of communication channel is effective. Different communication may be used for different purpose it may be formal, informal and unofficial. For example a report from lower level manger will flow upwards to upper level manger it can be type of face to face communication, emails or interdepartmental memos. A breakdown communication channel leads the inefficient flow of information. For example if employees are unaware of what the organization expects from them, this could cause employees employee demotivate and negatively affect the productivity in the workplace. Productivity decreases harms the whole organization. Effective communication channel provides the fully awareness about the company policies and upcoming changes so that they can eagerly prepare to accept it.

3.3 Improvements in the existing communication processes

We can use different communication channel which makes communication effective.

  1. a)Communicate across multiple channels- Research shows that various people uses different communication mode according to their convenience (Mandal, and Bagchi, 2016). Some team members respond to email blast while others uses the text messages or phone calls.
  2. b) Make message consistent-  It shows the distortion of messages it means as the message is generated in the same sense perceived by them. Sometimes message reaches to last person in line it get distorted mostly it occurs in the word of mouth communication process because this problem generate by the listeners mishear and speakers whispers.
  3. c)Know what to do in an emergency condition- Mangers should careful about the planning of message, notify people for upcoming events and check in to ensure messages are received. It also identifies by the responsible member for sending messages, and how they will be transmitted also come up with backup plan in a loss of internet access.
  4. d) Communicate regularly-  Communication is not always at the time of emergency. According to the organization structure and needs to check and monitors the work on daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure everyone on track. Ask for and respond to feedback if organization want people should listen and provide feedback properly.

3.4 Leader personal development plan which help in to improvement in communication skill

Leadership is an concept that is unique for each other. Leadership having an ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with each others, while inspiring them others to achieve organizational goal. As a leader developed a set of core values that guide towards the personal goal. Leaders always prepared for change and try to adjust quickly in order to continue working towards goal (Henningsson, Johanson, and Almqvist, 2015). Plan must be effective in order to improve self awareness and describes the passionate activities through that they can achieve successful in the personal as well as organization. Through this leader can improve their needs this helps in to build stronger relationship within groups and employees.


4.1 Improvement in the information and knowledge system by the effective use of collection, formatting and storage procedure

Information and knowledge system can be improve by the primary and secondary collection techniques. In primary collection of data may be achieved by the survey, Questionnaire, observation and interview technique. In Secondary method we can collect data from the journals, books and previous records (Stary, 2014). Formatting to be done the qualitative and quantitative method, which describes the nature of  data and how to storage information in effective manner for further use it may be use digital storage techniques of manual storage according to requirement and backup purpose.

4.2  Appropriate changes in the existing information and knowledge system

Data collection technique should be appropriate which must must have digital technology in order to help in manage all the information. After that filtration should be effective for the available information which selects suitable data for the storage purpose (Preece,2015). Analyzing all the selected data must be careful by setting certain criteria sometimes software to be used for filtration purpose. Storage procedure is much convenient for easy calculation and manageable. Storage must be appropriate for the purpose of further use. Management information system and knowledge based information to be used for whole steps of the procedure.

4.3 Implementation of suitable strategy for improvement in the existing system which helps in to organization growth

Organizational strategy must be powerful its a key element for the success of any business. Management information system and knowledge based system should be used for effective execution of all process in order to get competitive advantage. All the strategic plan should effectively executed at the certain time frame which makes the service efficiency. Planning must be careful It is the road map of the business in order to get success (Secundo,  Magnier-Watanabe, and Heisig, 2015). Execution and monitoring is continuous a process which helps in to check the track of work performance. Eliminate the error at that which reduces the negative cause and other harmful effects.


From the above report, it can be concluded that knowledge and information system should be effective because the success of an organization are totally dependent on that. Its main focus on the improvement in the decision making and effective communication the business process. It also focuses on the feasibility of work performance by the strategic planning and effective communication process. Use of different communication channel for the purpose of sustainable business growth in the marketplace. What information and knowledge should be required for effective decision making in new startup of venture by the use of internal and external sources of information and knowledge which one helps in the start up of the food quality venture.


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