Evaluation & Analysis of Digital Marketing Communication Strategies


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Question :

This assessment will cover certain questions which are like:

  • Evaluate and an analyse the marketing communication of Apple by Chris Fill model.
  • What are the effective digital marketing communication and also explain their impact.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Apple


Marketing communication is defined as management process that is used by companies for creating relationship with various individuals. If the company understands the audiences effectively, organisations seek to create and deliver messages for the identified stakeholder group (Ferdous, 2019). Firms are engaged with the variety of audiences for pursuing and achieving marketing and business objectives. The company considered in this report is Apple. This is a an American multinational company that has headquarters in California. This is one of the biggest Tech companies of the world. The founder of this company was Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak. There are two parts in this report. Task 1 includes critical evaluation of marketing communication. Task 2 includes critical analysis of digital marketing communication strategies and impact of competitor on success over the last five years.


Critique as Well as Evaluation of Marketing Communication for UK Market Together with Application of Chris Fill Model

Overview of the Organisation

Apple is an American multinational technology company that has headquarters in California. This company is involved in designing, developing and selling consumer electronics, computer software, online services, etc. it is among one of the four tech companies that are well known. The marketing communication mix of Apple explains the stance of company towards individual elements of the marketing communication mix like print media, sales promotion, events and experiences, direct marketing, etc.

Marketing Communication

Marketing communication is defined as ways adopted by companies for conveying messages regarding the product and brands that a company sells directly or indirectly to the customers (Ferdous, 2019). The different medium which a company adopts for exchanging the information about products or goods to the customers is termed as marketing communication. Different marketers uses several marketing communication for creating the brand awareness among the potential customers. According to this, some image of the brand is created in the minds which helps in making purchasing decisions of consumers. Marketing communication consists of sales promotion, advertising, public relations, events and experiences, word of mouth marketing, personal selling, interactive marketing, direct marketing, etc (Keegan, 2017.). The main aim Apple marketing communication is for communicating message of this brand to the potential consumers effectively. Apple is very effective in using the marketing communication mix's factors in an integrated manner for ensuring the message of marketing. Apple can go ahead with other manufacturers like Samsumg for gaining consumer attention, But Apple has never done that. Apple's owner Steve Jobs excelled at manufacturing and marketing of products and gadgets that are loved by consumers. The marketing of Apple is so effective that this company has benchmark for other companies which want to attain global popularity, staying power and revenue growth. Apple company is always involved in speaking for itself. Apple has consistently positioned marketing, keeping messages and visuals in simple way. Marketing is free for of things like pricing, feature lists, special effects, etc. Apple know the product will sell itself after relying on pomp and circumstances. The best effective way for selling a product to a consumer is to make effective decision process for marketing strategy. Apple was built by Steve Jobs around a specific set of core values and a consumer focused narrative. The narrative of Apple is hoe they overcome the early day of start-up and how this company develop by innovation. Apple has gone through great lengths for understanding the target consumers in effective manner. This type of understanding helps in maintaining good bond with prospective customer and brand. This company is selling the emotion of contented happiness that comes from a simple lifestyle.

Apple Print and Media Advertising

The foundation of Apple is more than 40 years ago and it has been using print and media adverting extensively for promoting the brand and new products (Ferdous, 2019). The different well-known print and media adverting campaigns used by Apple are “Misunderstood” which is a Christmas advertisement which won the Emmy awards for the most outstanding commercial. Video released by Apple i.e. “40 year in 40 seconds” is viral video that is used for advertising Apple products. Apple is also using celebrity endorsements for advertising products.

Apple Sales Promotions

The sales promotion represents short term incentives for committing To buying of product and Apple uses different sales promotion forms which are mentioned below -

  • Point of Sales – The stores of Apple are designed in attractive manner and customers are allowed to use Apple products. Every Apple store has unique and creative factors. This can be explained with an example – trees are used as partitions inside the Apple store in Thailand.
  • Free Gifts – This company does not offers free gifts as a part of marketing strategy. This company run 12 days of free gifts during the Christmas period.
  • Seasonal Sales Promotions – Apple uses seasonal sales promotion marketing technique for selling Apple products (Zagonel, Baker and King, 2019). When a new generation of iPhone, iPad and iPod are released, authorised Apple products dealers are provided permission for discounts.

The DRIP model is used in the marketing communication plan. This was given by Chris Fill in his book naming “ marketing communication”. There are a lot of articles in blog which are based on classic read and this is must for different novice marketers. The DRIP model is useful for setting broad communication goals. DRIP stands for Differentiate, Reinforce, inform and persuade (Childers, Lemon and Hoy, 2019). The DRIP model is used in marketing campaigns for new or existing products. Each of the factors must be carefully analysed and evaluated. They must be clearly communicated for target audiences.


When a company communicates the services and products to the customers, there is need for differentiating themselves. This must be clear and it must be different from other companies. For instance, Apple has unique half cut apple on back side of every of it's product (Cui and et. al., 2019). There must be a clear definition of where in the market the organisation and it's products and goods are positioned must be established. Apple is a company that specialises in technology. It makes compact phones, iPads and iPhones for attracting customers.


This means reinforcing the message sent to the consumers and strengthening it by demonstrating why the brand is different. This is because it is cheaper, healthier, better quality, easy for using to define a product. The needs must be demonstrated and strength are analysed of the company (Costa-Sánchez and Baró, 2019). This means the company is providing each and every single detail of the phone and products offered by Apple. This is done by advertising the advancement in iPhone and ipads. A clear message must be send to customers and their experience is taken as feedback.


The customers must know about the existence. This includes informing about each and every specification of the product. Apple provides information about every of it's features and relevant data that is needed for consumer to know. The most essential part of advertising the product and ensuring that all information about the product is showed in that. Apple provides specification about its products which includes product cells are rated at 20 Watt hours or less and batteries of the products are rated as 100 watt hours or less.


This includes encouraging audiences for further purchases. This includes persuading customers for positive actions (Harb and et. al., 2019). This means not letting them forgetting about the brand products and it's functioning. This includes advertising products of Apple effectively in market and taking feedbacks from customers to enhance working efficiency.


Critique of Digital Marketing Communication Strategies of Samsung and Impact it has Had on its Success in Last 5 yrs

Apple is a key market player within consumer electronics industry which enjoys market leadership and global popularity. One of its biggest competitors within the same sector is recognised to be Samsung. This is a well renowned multinational conglomerate of South Korea which has its headquarters situated within the confines of Samsung Town, Seoul. It constitutes a number of affiliated businesses, majority of which are integrated under the brand name of Samsung, making it the biggest conglomerate of South Korea (Gupta, 2019). This organisation was founded within the year 1938 by Lee Byung-chul, as a trading corporation. Over a period of 3 decades from its inception, the brand group entered market segments like food processing, textile, security, retail and insurance. Samsung gained access into the electronic market within the phase of 1960s and construction segment within 1970.

Samsung Electronics is the flagship organisation of the conglomerate of the respective brand, contributing majorly in terms of total revenues of the group. This corporation has established assembly plant and sales networking within over a total of 90 nations. It has a staff of more than 310,000 individuals who work collaboratively to give a boost to the market positioning as well as brand value of company. This provides aid to the entity in attaining success and growth at international scale (Ahmed and Abdelkader, 2019). Owing to this, Samsung Electronics is regarded to be the biggest consumer electronics' producer across the global periphery. The respective organisations produces electronic items like lithium-ion battery, semi conductor, chip, flash memory device and many more products for top notch corporations. This enterprise is also globally renowned for being the biggest producer in the world, of mobiles inclusive of smartphone.

Digital Marketing Communication Strategies of Samsung

The success of Samsung is largely based upon the connection that it has built with customers over the course of time. This connection could be developed because of some exceptional marketing communication strategies opted by the firm. As a result of such strategies, firm has been able to communicate the vision and mission of enterprise to the people at market place and thereby gain support from them in terms of customer loyalty and trust in the brand. This persuades the customers to make a purchase of the offerings of Samsung. The management of this enterprise ensures that the promises they make at the time of digital marketing communication are met at the time of product delivery to customers (Trinanda and Sari, 2019). This helps in gaining belief and trust of customers, thus retaining them for a long period of time in future context.

Digital marketing can be referred to as the procedure of promoting the organisational offerings by way of exploitation of digital technology. It encompasses several aspects such as mobile phone networking, use of internet, advertising and many more. Thus, digital marketing communication can be acknowledged to be the means which are used by a company to set communication with public at large and promote the products and services offered by them at market place (Strycharz and et. al., 2019). In this relation, the digital marketing communication strategies taken into use by Samsung Electronics with the passage of time are explained as follows:-

Digital Marketing Campaigns:

This is regarded as one of the most used digital marketing communication strategy of Samsung. The firm runs campaigns over digital channels with a view to gain the attention of a large number of persons at any point of time. Over the course of time, Samsung has come up with several famous digital marketing campaigns. The names of few of them are The Galaxy 11, Useless bid, #OverToYou, Incredible Art Piece, Digital line, Like It Reveal It Win It, Apple baiting and so on. These campaigns have largely provided assistance to this globally renowned firm to inflate its market reach and thereby enhance its existing figures of revenues as well as profits (Gong, Wang and Li, 2019).

Digital Advertising:

This is acknowledged to be yet another important digital marketing communication strategy that has been utilised by Samsung with the passage of time to appeal to people in a significant manner. In this relation, some of its most successful advertisements of this brand are regarded to be Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Anticipation and Samsung Mobile present ‘Assemble’ Part 1 and 2 and #GALAXY11: The Match Part 1 and 2. Both of these viral ads gained the attention of large number of people in a very short span of time and thereby boosted the sales of corporation by a hefty margin (Rahayu and Fatima, 2019).

Social Media Marketing:

This is one of the most popular strategies that are taken into use by companies across the globe to target a large base of people at any point of time. Marketing by way of usage of social media platforms or channels is an effective and strategic ways that is applied by a company. This is so because it is one of the most economical digital marketing strategies that can be leveraged by any corporation to enhance its reach among the people (Chitty, D'Alessandro and Gray, 2019). With respect to this, it has been acknowledged that Samsung has its presence over a number of platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Google Plus, Facebook and so on. This corporation has also built networking with a number of applications as well as platforms to target the people by way of running social media campaigns.

Guerilla Marketing:

For the promotion of the launch of a new phone of brand, Samsung discovered a new way to gain the attention of people towards the unique features of phone. The organisation decided to showcase its features within Stockholm. Samsung took a decision to keep a digital billboard within a crowded street corner and made it to serve as a live notification system. This facilitated individuals to look beyond edge with Information Stream. Hereby, each individual who passed by the corner of the street got surprised to acknowledge a digital billboard which found the right phrase for every person. Notification such as ‘Be careful bike ahead!’ came in the system which made people to make efforts to find out about the manner in which the system worked (Paulus, 2018). This served as a lucrative measure for the company that assisted the organisation in gaining the attention of people in an effective manner.

The digital marketing communication strategies discussed above had a remarkable impact over the performance and revenues of company in the last 5 years. The profit of the second quarter of 2016 for Samsung was 5.4 billion pounds which were acknowledged to be its best quarterly results over a period of last 2 years. Further, Samsung Electronics reported financial results for its third quarter ending on September 30, 2019 whereby it posted KRW 62 trillion in consolidated quarter revenues along with KRW 7.78 trillion in terms of quarter operating profits (Strycharz and et. al., 2019).


On the basis of above discussion, it can be inferred that marketing communication plays a vital role for a corporation in maintaining healthy relations with customers. It provides aid to an organisation in analysing the behavioural patterns of consumers and thereby influencing them in a positive manner so as to facilitate them to make a purchase. Further, it has been analysed that there are a number of technological trends related to marketing communication and associated strategies that need to be taken into account by an entity in order to survive in market for a long period of time. Such strategies provide competitive advantage to firm and assist them in strengthening the market position at international scale. This implies increment in sales as well as profits of company. Get more information about Communication Assignment Help.


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