Effective Communication and its Importance

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Question :

Questions- This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • What are the factors that are considered by the Adel to decide whether or not to use process of negotiation.
  • How the rules of effective listening and speaking were non-complied by the Jack and suggest the steps that are required for the same arising situation and why.
  • Differentiate between the organisations representatives and apartment complex representatives.
Answer :


Effective communication is the process of communication where two or more individuals interact with each other wherein the required message is delivered successfully, received as well as understood. The main purpose of this case is to understand the significance of effective communication and how to manage the conflict as result of ineffective interaction.


Project 1

Case 1 Team negotiation

Question 1

In order to make the negotiation effective, there are some factors which Adel needs to consider which will help Adel to decide whether to include team or not for negotiation.

Team members

The number of team members forms the biggest factor which will help Adel to decide. Both excessive team members as well and less team member will be somewhat harmful for Adel in the negotiation process. If there are fewer members than negotiation would not be effective and on the other hand, if members are high in number then each one will not get the chance to say and this would hinder the entire process. Thus, both can be detrimental for Adel during negotiation and there need to be optimal number of members for making it efficient.

Team skills

This is the another factor which Adel should consider while deciding that whether to include team in negotiation or not. If the team is homogeneous and all the members have similar kind of knowledge and skills then this might not make negotiation effective as they will have somewhat same perspective and knowledge towards showing the air-plane effective. While on the other hand when the team will have members which are from different background and have different knowledge then each one of them will apply their own concept and this will make negotiation effective (Schaefer, 2018).

Question 2

Besides the various factors, there is also some additional information which the Adel need to seek for making the final decision on whether to take the team to Washington or not.


The performance of the team is the another most important factor which needs to be considered for taking the final decision. How the employees are performing at workplace and their attitude towards work is important while making them a part of negotiation process (Khan and Baldini, 2019). The company would need to see the performance chart of each and every employee and if their performance towards work and different aspects is satisfactory then they can be taken to negotiation. This is because high performance employees will contribute their best in negotiating with the clients and will deliver high outcome.

Past negotiation

Before deciding whether to take the team to Washington for negotiation or not, the company would need to gather all the information about the employees that like their past experience with negotiation, whether they have negotiated with any international client or not. This will help the company to decide whether they can be taken to Washington or not (Sunindijo, 2015). For example- if the employees have previously negotiated on any aspect like price, service, quality with the international clients then those employees will be aware of all the cues of negotiation and thus company can make a team of these to take them to Washington. On the other hand, if the team members does not have the previous experience of negotiation then they will not be aware of the different rules of negotiation taking this team to Washington will not benefit Adel and hence negotiation will not be effective.

Question 3

After deciding to take employees for the process of negotiation, the next problem which Adel would face is to decide which employees to take for this negotiation. In order take effective decision, the most important factor which Adel should consider is the team work of employees. Adel should take those team members with them who have the ability to work in coordination with one another and who have the well-through ability to constructively persuade customers. If the team members will coordinate with each other than can easily convince the client for negotiation and thus can solve the issue of cost overruns (Wesner and Smith, 2019). Another factor which Adel should consider while taking the decision on whom to select for negotiation is the familiarity of employees with foreign culture. As each and every country have different modes of communication and perceive the words differently thus Adel should take those employees who have well-through knowledge of different culture and communication styles. This will have a great impact on the clients of U.S. Military and will feel valued. This at the end will make negotiation more effective and successful. People in U.S. Are highly strict towards the use of proper language while communicating. If the employees will communicate with the clients in their way then they will understand their issue more deeply and hence will leave a great impression on their mind. Thus, for making the process of negotiation effective and successful, Adel need to consider these employees who have the great sense of working in team and who have knowledge of different culture. This will make the negotiation process successful and eventually will help them to make a good relation with U.S. Military.

Case 2 Negotiation skills

Question 1

There are various factors which need to be consider to and which will help the organization to decide whether to negotiate or not.

Critical issue

When the issue is critical or when there is emergency then it becomes highly essential to negotiate. If there is the problem which is highly critical and can lead to the undesirable outcome if not given importance then negotiation is the only way through which this problem can be resolved and the profits of organization can be saved (Jalilvand, 2015). In this case, the organization does not have storage capacity and have exhausted all the avenues for disposing this excess product thus in order to save themselves from the lack of capacity and sell the unsold units to make profit, organization needs to negotiate.

Time pressure

This is the factor which I need to consider to make the decision for negotiation. When the decision has to be made in the exhausted situation and quickly then negotiation will be the best option as it generally takes time. In case, when the decisions can be pulled further and thus cannot be delayed then in that situation taking the deep breath and setting the agendas for negotiation will be helpful (Hughes and Byrd, 2015). Here, as there is large amount of unsold product and it would not be sold then it can cause huge loss to the company as most of the products are seasonal and during off season the sale declines to a great extent. Thus, this time pressure to sell the unsold products in specific time period will go in to the decisions to negotiate.

Question 2


This is the factor which will eventually affect the outcomes as well as negotiation options. The price of the product is the biggest consideration which helps the negotiators and will show that whether the outcome of negotiation will be positive or negative. In this case, the price which has been set to sell the product is $5 which is mainly for around 100000 units and the price which the retail organization have agreed to pay is at $3 per unit (Cao and,2018). Thus, in order to make profit as well as to convince the clients for $5 and price is the main factor which will eventually affect the outcome of negotiation.

Communication skills

This is the another factor which will affect the outcome of negotiation and thus becomes important to identify. Having the great and effective communication skills takes the process of negotiation in positive direction and affect the negotiation greatly as when the individual interact with another individual considering their culture then the another party feels valued. Thus, in order to convince the client to pay $5 for the unsold product, it becomes highly essential to keep the style of communication in mind while negotiating (Ting-Toomey, 2015).

Body postures

This is the another factor that will affect the outcome of negotiation to a great extent and will take it another direction. When the individual have the right body posture while communicating with the client and maintains the direct eye contact with them then the client tend to feel that the negotiator is self-confident and is more likely to gent persuaded with their offer. Thus, for convincing the client of retail organization I would need to keep these points in mind while negotiating and communicating with them (Al-Mahrooqi and Denman, 2015).

Question 3

There are various unconscious factors which eventually can affect the overall process of negotiation. These are

Tone of voice

This is the unconscious factor which will affect my negotiation performance. While communicating with the client, sometimes the tone of voice becomes too high or too low which sometimes affects the performance of negotiation and thus the individual remains unconscious and unaware of this while communicating (Kaushal, 2016). When the tone of voice is too high then the client of retail organization would take it wrong and will that they the individual is dominating the conversation. On the other hand, when tone of voice is too low then the other party would find it difficult to actively listen and will eventually affect the negotiating performance.

Active listening

This is the another unconscious factor which might that might affect the negotiation performance. Active listening is one of the most important skill which should be present in an individual to lead the process of negotiation in right direction. Actively listening the client and thus concentrating on what they are saying is important during the process of negotiation as understanding their point of view is significant for making it effective (Cenere and,2015). This will eventually affect my negotiation performance as when I will give the fair chance to clients and will understand the rationale behind offering low price then this will help me to devise strategies for convincing them on cost.


This is the another unconscious factor that will affect the negotiation performance. When the individual will have self-confidence while communicating with the client then this will eventually make this negotiation more effective. This confidence reflects upon how the individual greets clients, their way of talking, their personality, way of shaking hands, body language etc. This will eventually show the self-confidence of individual and will affect the perception of client positively towards company (Sims and Carter, 2016).

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Case 3 Negotiation approach

Question 1

System approach is basically the field of management that stresses on interactive nature as well as interdependencies of the external and internal factors within organization. ADHL shares a unbreakable relation with its wide range of subsidiaries among which the most important one generating higher profit is EFC corp. Thus, as explained by the system approach the major system which operates on the wide platform for achieving its major goal is American dream holding Ltd (ADHL) and the subsystem which that forms the integral part of ADHL as well as supports it to accomplish goal is EFC corporation. It is one of the well-known subsidiary corporation of ADHL that forms its flagship and thus has its interest in the business of ADHL. It is the partner of 2000 limited partnership and has its presences across the world (Herlache and,2018).

The interdependencies of ADHL as well as EFC corporation on each other is highly imperative. The system approach explains the relation between these two and how they are dependent on each other for managing the overall operations. The organizational structure of the ADHL which also includes the departmental organization is generally dictated by executives of ADHL. Within this structure, the chief officer of company ADHL was selected as well as recruited by 80% owner in EFC corporation which is the vice president. Thus, this interdependency where the group of ADHL which eight-eight subsidiary along with the company ADHL employs a wide range of employees for their EFC corporation is highly organized. Being the parent company, ADHL collects the fees for the various services which it provides and the fund generated is utilized for the various activities of its subsidiary companies like EFC corporation which in turn are responsible to remain transparent to show their financial performance to the ADHL (Smith, Grosso and Grosso, 2015).

Question 2

Conflict is basically the argument as well as disagreement which occurs between toe or more person to reach a consensus. The major conflict which is taking place in this case is the dispute between EFC corporation and ADHL for the purpose of financial reports. As ADHL provides a range of services to all of their subsidiaries which includes administrative services, HR, payroll etc. and in return charges the fees from these services. However, since Mr. Toolate was selected as the vice president, Mr Iwn decided to reorganize which will promote Mr. Toolate to the parent company which is ADHL. In view of this, EFC corporation has not paid the fees to ADHL for services provided since three months. Besides this, EFC corporation is being reluctant in showing their financial report to ADHL which has given rise to conflict between ADHL and EFC corporation (Chen and Tseng, 2016).

Another scenario which has taken the form of conflict is the lack of interest between Mr Toolate and Ms. Iwon. After the recruitment of Ms. Iwon who was being hired by the 80% owner as vice president of EFC corporation, Mr. Toolate was hired just after two months after the selection of Ms. Iwon. As both were the new hires thus there was the high possibility of conflict between two as both would be highly involved in showing their competencies. Therefore, in order to get the promotion approx after one year, Ms. Iwon engaged in the reorganization for increasing her chances of promotion. This eventually raised a conflict between Mr. Toolate and Ms. Iwon and thus led to the unhealthy competition within business environment. Due to the decision of Ms. Iwon for reorganization, a sense of disrespect and frustration would generate in Mr. Toolate for the promotion (Ting-Toomey, 2017).

Another scenario which describes the development of conflict in this case is that the entire organizational structure is being administrated by the ADHL executives thus dictatorship exist within the organization. This dictatorship can often lead to dispute as the authority to lead the organization is among executives and their wrong decision might lead to conflict among employees for example favouritism (Schaefer, 2018).

Question 3

In the case of conflict between EFC corporation and ADHL for not paying the fees and displaying financial report, it would ultimately lead to the emergence of bad relation between two firms. The most profound effect which this conflict will have on both the firms is that due to negligence of EFC corporation and delay in fees, the overall operations of ADHL would get affected and their relation with their major shareholders might get deteriorated. On the other hand, this would also affect EFC corporation in negative way as there are chances that ADHL might drop off the idea of providing some of its services to EFC corporation and this would eventually reduce the profit margin of EFC corporation (Khan and Baldini, 2019).

Another conflict that has taken place between Mr. Toolate and Ms. Iwon will have a detrimental effect on both and overall organization. As Ms. Iwon has focused on reorganization for promoting itself thus this will create a negative competition within whole organization and will demotivate Mr. Toolate. Due to reorganization, the whole organization structure would change and this would be difficult for employees to adopt this change and would affect the entire firm. On the other hand, this conflict between Mr. Toolate and Ms. Iwon will create a bad relation between tow and thus will lead to a bad reputation of Ms. Iwon in mind of Mr. Toolate (Sunindijo, 2015).

The system structure in ADHL and EFC corporation is highly competitive and this has resulted in the development of negative competition between employees. The top management in EFC corporation tend to take decision which sometimes are not in favour of all employees for their own sake and this results in the negative competition between personnel for establishing their position in organization. Each and every employee is engaged in promoting themselves on higher position through the use of negative way and thus this has created a negative competition for each other (Wesner and Smith, 2019).

Project 2

Case 1 Communicating effectively in negotiation

Question 1

The most important and the significant rule of the effective listening which Jack has broken is not paying attention and interrupting. This is considered as one of the most important cue in the effective listening which helps to avoid conflict at workplace. Wei was trying to give explanation behind why Southwestern project was not completed but Jack didn't paid attention to her words as well as interrupted in between the conversation. Due to this, Jack didn't listened to the reason which was genuine and broke the rule of effective listening. Besides this, the most important rule of the effective speaking which Jack broke was talking in the high tone and became violent (Oetzel, 2017). Jack without listening to Ms Lee started talking in the harsh language and without coming to the conclusion & addressed Ms lee for the overall scenario. Along with this, Jack also became violent and didn't respect the relation of Ms lee with the company. This is one of the most important role of effective speaking. Taking in the harsh language does not reflect professionalism and thus distort the image of person. Therefore, jack should speak with Ms lee calmly and should understand her situation.


In order to have the principle of effective listening within company and to avoid any kind of conflict, Jack first should understand the importance of effective listening. Jack should inculcate this quality within him and should have the in-depth knowledge of why effective listening is important at workplace (Greenaway and,2015). Jack should not interrupt when any employee is talking where Ms lee or any other and should actively listen to their problems and reasons. Besides this, not only listening is important but Jack should pay a thorough attention to what the other person is taking and should understand all the perspectives. Jack should actively listen to the person talking to him and also should give them the chance to complete their conversation.

Along with this, listening is not only the prior thing that Jack should concentrate upon, but should be able to communicate and speak with the other person effectively. The most important aspect which Jack should implement is stop yelling at the employees. No matter what the situation is, Jack should react calmly and should respond only after properly listening to the other person. Jack should avoid talking in harsh language and should treat them as the assets of the company and also he should not raise his tone in any situation. This will impact the front person in negative way (Beitler and,2016).

Question 2

Communication is basically two-way process and cannot be initiated a completed by the single person. Thus, when the interaction or communication is hindered then fault is not only of the receiver or the sender but both are involved equally. In this case, although Jack broke didn't listen to Ms lee but Wei also became violent and immediately took the decision to quit in high temper. Instead of becoming angry and coming to the statement of quit, Wei could have handled this situation calmly (Thompson, 2018). Wei could have simply stepped out of the door instead of giving back reply to Jack. After few hours, when Jack cooled down, Wei could have again get into the office to calmly explain the reason behind incompletion. This would have a great impact on Jack as he will be able to listen Lee more paytiently and consistently. Besides this, If Ms Lee would have tried to talk to Jack at some other day or time when his mood was good then this would have not led to the development of conflict. Handling the situation calmly and patiently is one of the best strategy to avoid any kind of conflict.

Alternative actions

Besides this, another alternative which Ms Lee could have taken that would have avoided this whole conflict is that instead of becoming emotional, Wei could have reacted professionally. Instead of having overconfidence on her credentials and efficiency, she could have proven it by completing the project (Yap, Abdul-Rahman and Chen, 2017). She could have effectively communicated with the Jack on how she will anyhow complete this project on time. This would have definitely avoided the conflict. Positive attitude plays an important role in avoiding conflict thus if Ms Lee would have the positive attitude towards Jack and well as towards the work then it would have definitely avoided conflict. Besides this, Ms Lee could have stepped into the shoes of Jack of understanding how tough is the job of vice president and what responsibilities Jack is going through. Ms Lee should understand that being the Vice president of the company, Jack is under immense pressure of delivering the project on time. If not done so, the client would be lost and this would be a huge loss for the company. Thus, Ms Lee should understand the reason behind yelling. These all actions if have been put on time would have definitely avoided the conflict between Jack and Lee.

Question 3

Although the whole scenario does not seem to show that jack dislikes female professional in any manner. It is in his nature to behave harsh to all the employees whether male or female as he is detail-oriented and wants perfection in every aspect. But, there might be chances that Jack may dislike female professionals and thinks that female are not able to perform their work consistently as male consistently male does (Gossman, Ellis and Toney-Butler, 2019). This whole dispute regarding incompletion of the project might compel Jack to think in this way. If this would have been the scene then this would have hindered communication between Ms Lee and Jack. The good relation which these both shares would have converted into the bad one. Besides this, both Jack and Ms Lee would avoid interacting with each other and would not discuss any problem regarding project ad any other work with each other. This would affect the work to a great extent. Along with this, both the individuals would also not listen to each other and would not take each other's suggestions for any work related activities. In all, the communication between these two will not be effective and would avoid each other.


Jack should break his constraints regarding women that females cannot work efficiently as the males. Jack should understand that in this modern era, where males are achieving excellence in their work, females are walking on the same route and even performing better in their life (Folger, Poole and Stutman, 2017). Jack should understand that whether workplace or the personal life, women are leading this world with their hard work and dedication. He should avoid seeing women professional as the incompetent employee of the company and should give equal opportunity and responsibilities to them. Jack should treat Ms Lee just like other male employees and should giver her the chance to speak up and present her views. He should respect the work of Ms Lee and thus encourage her to take more challenging tasks.

Case 2 Business Relationship Scenario

Question 1

Both the parties are highly involved in completing the project and generating as much profit as possible. The major interest of both the parties which can be ranked as the first priority is the need of apartment complex nearby the location. The first party wants the people of organization to stay in the apartment which they have chosen as due to access to location of project work, the work will be done more effectively and before time (Jalilvand, 2015). On the other hand, the organization also wants its people to stay in the apartment nearby the project work location. This will help to finish project before time as well as it will be easier for people to easily visit the apartment wherever they want.

Another interest of one party which is somewhat different from the another party and thus forms their second priority is the lease agreement. The apartment which has been chosen by one party requires the amount for one year along with the lease term of around one year. This means that, although the project span is of nine months but still the organization would have to pay amount of one year rather than nine months. Here the interest of both the parties are in different direction. Organisation wants the apartment which is nearby the location but does not have lease agreement as nine months is the tentative period which might reduce to eight or seven months. Thus, signing the agreement would eventually cost them higher. They would have to pay extra even when not required (Hughes and Byrd, 2015).

Question 2

The common ground which can be found between both the parties is requirement of the place nearby the location of project work. The main interest of first party is to provide apartment to people of organization near the site of project work so that the party would not have to bear the additional cost like travelling to site etc. They want to make the employees of organization stay in the apartment as this would also save their another expense of hotel. Thus, to overcome the addition expense, party wants to the people to stay in their apartment. On the another side, this is the same which organization wants (Cao and,2018). They want to stay at the pace where they can easily approach to the project site whenever they want at anytime. Another desire of organization to stay nearby is that even if they continue their work for late night then they would not have to travel to long distance for their accommodation which would consumer high amount of time.

Question 3

The well-though strategy which the organization's representative can take is searching for the another apartment which does not require lease term and is nearby to the project site. The representative can before travelling to Kanas search for the alternative option which will eventually incur less cost to them and hence will be cost-effective. They can locate the apartment which will be nearby to the project site & provide them the accommodation without any lease amount for the required months or will only charge money for the specific time period until and unless the project is completed. Besides this, in order to avoid the issue of lease agreement, representative can search for the hotel that will be cost-effective and thus will be near to the project site (Ting-Toomey, 2015). This option of hotel will provide them the additional amenities which the people will not get in apartments.

On the other hand, the representative of the apartment complex can negotiate with the organization's representative or can increase the cost of its apartment. The representative of complex can increase the lease amount for people staying for the purpose of project work. Besides this, representative can justify the increased rent by providing amenities to the people like free laundry, 24/7 availability of food etc. Along with this, the representative can ask for security deposit for lease term of one year that will help them to keep the tenants for specified period (Al-Mahrooqi and Denman, 2015).


It has been summarized that effective communication plays an important role within workplace and not helps to motivate the employees but also helps to resolve the conflict. It becomes highly essential to understand the rules of effective listening as well as effective speaking to communicate effectively at the workplace.

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