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Entrepreneur is considered as individual which focuses on number of activities in order to have effective business development. Major concern of the expert while considering entrepreneur concepts is innovation. By having an effective development of such measures the issues can be overcome in desired manner. In present report the working of different types of entrepreneurial ventures and relate typology. It helps in understanding the key values related to the entrepreneur values so that goals and objectives can be accomplished (Afiouni, 2013). Along with this, diverse skills of manager and entrepreneur are also being discussed in order to ensure about the key values. It assist in meeting objectives. Moreover, background and experience significance in context to entrepreneurial factors will also be explored in the report.

Part 1

P 1 Different types of entrepreneurial ventures and relate typology

Entrepreneurial aspects and ventures are greatly related with business values but it also has relation with other aspects as well. It has been noticed that family businesses are having a better consideration of typologies related to business. However, it can also be classified somehow in context to the social enterprise. There are various entrepreneurial ventures which are directly related with the typology of business (Biggs and Swailes, 2016). In this, nature of business need to be considered properly. Examination of various business enterprise wanders begins with the affirmation in regards to any present association or possessed by the individual or by a group person. Such people have independency of any association, which implies they can be named takes after:

  • Big Corporate Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship wander is simply in light of techniques they can be additionally grouped based on the making of procedure which can be at various levels. In this, administration holds distinctive parts according to need of business. Endeavour level decides the purpose behind the presence of any venture. Alongside this, corporate level manages the issues or the issues for choosing what sort of business exercises the endeavour is revelled (Choy, 2012). For instance there are numerous organizations like Microsoft, Apple, and so on which are privately owned businesses.
  • Independent Entrepreneurship: It is possessed by individual or a group of people, which can be additionally arranged based on development of potential and wage substitution of any venture. The need driven potential development decides the motivation behind why an undertaking is at the commercial centre. It likewise discovers the holes which are should have been filled to assume a fitting position in the market. Part of proprietor is considered as a basic angle which permits to have great activities (Cassar, Ittner and Cavalluzzo, 2014). The Edison's GE assemble is an Independent Entrepreneurship keeps running by the group of person who are free of any sort of basic leadership inside association. It is an American Conglomerate Organization which has enhanced items and is a benefit looking for hierarchical gathering is the need driven free wander which full fills the item needs of the clients. There can be numerous illustrations, for example, Social Media Platforms like Hike Messenger, Facebook and so on.
  • Start-up Entrepreneurship: These are the recently presented business venture in the market offering creative item or administrations. Such sort of organizations are prepared to confront the opposition with the contenders who were at that point entrenched in the market. The primary thought processes of these business enterprise wander is to hold themselves in the market and alongside that develop in the market (Grill and Jones, 2010). For instance, Synap is one of best case of new company in the UK.
  • Social Entrepreneurship: This sort of business enterprise wander develops to raise stores for the social issues. They are absolutely non-beneficial ventures or acquiring benefit to have advancement of social qualities (Khalique and, 2015). Social Entrepreneurship can incorporate numerous NGOs and other CSR ventures keep running by enormous firms, for example, NHS.

P2: Similarities and differences between entrepreneurial ventures



Entrepreneurial endeavours can be possessed by government which is an open venture like BBC. Other than this, individual or group of individual owning can be comprehended with example of Jaguar (Prince, 2014).

Each entrepreneurial wander portions and focuses on the client for their contributions which can be item or an administration .Customer's needs and wanted are to be satisfied by those items or administrations.

Entrepreneurial endeavours can be separated based on the contributions they offer whether it's an item or an administration.


For the most part entrepreneurial endeavours are benefit chasing and benefit winning undertakings, there point is to pick up benefit to the greatest degree. But some social ventures whose point is to profit the general public

Measure of speculation can likewise separate the entrepreneurial ventures, for example, little scale and expansive scale endeavours. Little Scale undertakings begins with little capital while vast scale ventures begins with extensive capital


Advancement is the establishment of each endeavour which makes them one of a kind in the market and ready to rival the contenders. Creative contributions and furthermore development in the advancement of the contributions has an imperative part in each undertaking (Ayandibu, 2017).


P3 Interpret and assess relevant data and statistics to illustrate how micro and small businesses impact on the economy

Small level companies assume an imperative part in the economy like making work, sending items, giving great and benefit and creating riches. 99.7 rate little scale organizations running now days and 99.7 rate association's their and 29.6 million paid representative in organizations and 19000 are private ventures on 2014. Little scale organizations contributing in our economy in three courses, for example, giving a chance to accomplish budgetary freedom, development, and empowering advancements and work opportunity. Purpose of little scale organizations isn't just producing capital separately.

Independent company likewise centre on fundamental achievement in economy. Little scale organizations isn't simple it's extremely testing yet unquestionably enabling. Little scale organizations help to expand the work and help to enhance the states of economy. Little scale organizations help in total national output. It help to disputing the aggregate modern yields and fares (Carter, 2015). The primary goal of little scale organizations giving greater business less speculation. It help to the advancement of economy and enhancing the state of rustic region. Decreasing the lopsided characteristics of the economy and legitimate use of asset and lessen unexploited assets of the nation. To enhance the expectation for everyday comforts of the general population and taking care of joblessness issues.

Small scale organizations embrace new innovation and primary goals to giving a superior quality item at a lower cost. Little scale undertaking giving lodging hold benefits in country region and town populace isn't in excess of 50000 its settled venture like plant and machine isn't in excess of 25 lake. Little scale industry is house hold industry it build up an ability and strategy.

Responsibility for little scale organizations are taken by one individual or sole proprietorships and it can be an associations moreover. Little scale organizations assume a critical part of economy from various perspectives. 60 to 70 percent developments come in UK. Little scale industry give business. Little scale industry giving better assets and creating weaker areas of our economy. A large portion of the general population our economy enhance their expertise through little scale organizations (Kim, 2013). It makes learn new things like how to maintain a business, how to manage others, how to create capital.

Small scale organizations help primary thought process to procure benefit inside advancement in our economy and giving business. Little scale ventures contributing the 40% of gross mechanical esteem included and 45% its aggregate fare commitment in fare and import and 95% aggregate bookkeeping modern units in nation. For instance: little scale organization in UK ruby receptionists little scale organization its workers 95 and income US. 7.8 million. It is an American Conglomerate Organization which has expanded items and is a benefit looking for hierarchical gathering is the need driven free wander which full fills the item needs of the clients.

P4 Importance of small businesses

Small scale organizations is an essential piece of the financial which impact the development rate of the economy and structure and nature of the item and keeping up the security of the economy. For instance, enhancing the poor farming ware costs, rising the information cost with low profitability, and so forth. It likewise serves to enhancing the monetary conditions. It additionally assume a noteworthy part in the creating and outlining new approaches in the country regions. It giving another chance to creating innovation in economy. Little scale business giving a superior expectation for everyday comforts of the general population. So it's imperative for development of the economy (Piperopoulos, 2015). Little scale organizations create another inventive thoughts identified with independent companies like, how to begin a little scale organizations and how to get to. It additionally help to develop an associations with different nations. For instance, import and fare in organizations and keeping up mechanical connections. Little scale organizations contributing the worldwide development of the economy. It serves to empowering the monetary development through giving the work of the economy.

In some cases little scale organizations help to draw in the ability of the worker to bring for another item where they can give another arrangement existing thought. Such a significant number of vast enterprise is likewise depend to little scale organizations through trading the thought and after that they very pay or some time offering another venture taking care of. Little scale organizations don't remain a long some time little scale organizations quickly develop in economy. For instance, Nike and Ben and Jerry's begun a little scale organizations and after some experienced childhood in market and today turn into a noteworthy national and worldwide player. Microsoft is likewise the great illustration how private companies can change the thought and change the world. It is essential component of market economy and its principle intention to all around created economy and taking care of the issues of country individuals giving business. It is critical not just individual development instead of entire economy development. Little scale enterprises is essential part in giving occupation creation and work. These days Small scale ventures is extraordinary significance and giving great chance to the self - work.

Part 2

P5 Characteristic traits and skills of Thomas Edison different from other business managers

Thomas Edison was an incredible business visionary which has significant attributes qualities and aptitudes which were genuinely not quite the same as alternate business supervisor. Some trademark characteristics were:

Business Building:

Thomas Edison as a business person had dependably searched for building the business by maintaining all the emphasis on the item and its improvement, which the financial specialists or clients search for. However, different business chiefs concentrated more on clients and less on their item.

Energy and learning of market:

As a business visionary he was extremely enthusiastic for his item, its improvement and ad lib and furthermore a profound investigation of the market must be performed so that before offering business visionary has finish thought and he had incorporated each moment reasons that can settle on the item their decision to purchase while different business supervisors needs enthusiasm which brings about poor offering of the item in the market.


Interest is the building establishment of each business visionary which was one of the real trademark's attribute of the Thomas Edison. To know the need, needs and wants of the client each merchant must be interested; along these lines, that the item satisfies each necessity of the client and fulfil them totally.


His logical conduct made him a fruitful designer and business person. Alongside the innovativeness and advancement, one ought to have the capacity to examinations each conceivable techniques for the item and being as a fruitful systematic he was great in judging the execution of the item and response of the clients in the market.

Thought of a greater casing:

He was having a capacity to see pictures on a greater casing, he not just considered as immediate part of the procedure yet additionally viewed as different viewpoints too which are only ignored by different business chiefs as each perspective is imperative for the accomplishment of the item in the market.


Bravery is the vital characteristic which existed in Thomas Edison .As each business visionary ought to be daring, he ought to be prepared to go out on a limb else he would not investigate the market for the colossal achievement but rather different business administrator may do not have a capacity to go for broke and push ahead for the accomplishment of their item, they want to go out on a limb or to convey the business in direct way.


Thomas Edison as an innovator was extremely imaginative, this character lead him to be an incredible business person .With awesome advancement comes extraordinary thoughts which can be changed over in the item to serve clients. The more inventive the item will be the more client it will draw in. Different business supervisor may need development, they may contend in the market with the conventional items. To be centre around more development is to be utilized and oversee work and enhance level of creation and increment piece of the pie. This is help to build number of client in piece of the overall industry and enhance general advancement in future day and age.


Liberal intends to welcome all sort of changes because of different variables. A business visionary must be receptive and ought to adjust the change without any difficulty .Being a creator Thomas Edison was a well-informed, he respected each conceivable change and adjusted them for an advancement. Though different business director were not all that cheerful to acknowledge and receive the change they look in the earth.

P.6 Entrepreneurial personality reflecting entrepreneurial motivation and mind-set.

Each trademark attributes and abilities of the entrepreneurial identity mirror the entrepreneurial inspiration and outlook. Positive qualities delineates the high inspiration and a self-assured person and an open door searcher attitude. Negative qualities portrays the demotivation and a worrier mentality as the business visionary isn't prepared to confront the difficulties and the danger of the business sectors. Each entrepreneurial ought to reflect specific trademark attributes, for example,

Esteem creation:

These qualities are the state of mind of the business person which is the pre-picture made in the mentality of the business person. A Positive state of mind of the business person drives him to make an awesome progress later on as he goes for broke with a constructive mentality and a put each conceivable push to expel or conquer them. A business visionary with an inspirational state of mind will be tremendously valuable in nature. Likewise distinguish each conceivable opportunity and to get it in like manner effectively. His decided conduct drives him to gain from his disappointments which amounts to nothing can stop the business enterprise inside him, which develops most importantly rivals in the market accessible for rivalry


Interest can lead each business visionary to do ponders in their life and also in the life of the clients. Interest of each business person prompts know the world and what is the real need of the market, along these lines makes the contributions which totally fulfills the need of the clients. It likewise makes each business person to know the answer for the progressions happening on the planet.


Each business person builds up an association which implies he is open to every one of the sources and can satisfy his necessity for the handling. In different ways he ought to have the capacity to deal with the hazard and emergency effectively with the ideal utilization of the accessible assets.


Each business visionary ought to act naturally mindful of themselves, they should know their quality and shortcoming; should deal with the shortcomings. He ought to be objective arranged consequently can effectively set and accomplish objectives which is gainful for each business visionary and their wander; where objective situated means setting self-guidelines and trying to finish those models. Learning of new abilities and endeavouring each test and furthermore achieving it is a piece of objective situated business person.

Execution Oriented:

An execution situated outlook of business visionary demonstrates the quality part of the work performed. Extending the capacity and making the capacity to be judged by others is the real worry of the business visionary and having a spark of being the best among others and abstaining from being poor in the capacity of execution. Decent variety is likewise the real worry alongside the assortment in the work. An execution situated business person gains from each action and enhances the lacking territory.

P.7 Background and experience of entrepreneur

By having a consideration of background and experience level of entrepreneurs the overall practice in new business can be promoted. Along with this, experience allows entrepreneur helps in meeting objectives and ensure that overall practice can be accomplished in desired manner. It also assist in meeting long term sustainability and ensure that overall productivity can be advanced. Use of methods to control on cost factor is also significant factor which promotes essentiality of experience. In addition to this, it can be said that innovation and increase in sales of product is also a practice which can be promoted by having a consideration of background and experience.

Effective skills and values of entrepreneur are factors which focuses on efficient application of business plan. With an assistance of this, risk can be identified in desired manner and ensure that goals and objectives can be accomplished. Relationship with diverse members can also be taken into account by having understanding about background and experience. Experience will make understand in regard to have identification of solutions so that issues can be resolved. It helps in effective management of activities and ensure about standards.


As per the detailed study, it can be concluded that entrepreneur skills are significant so that goals and objectives can be accomplished. By having a consideration of innovative values the issues in terms of business management can be resolved. In addition to this, execution of activities must be in planned manner so that objectives can be accomplished.


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