Involvement Of Youth In Community Work


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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Explore approaches to youth and community work practice in Brighton Youth Centre.
  • Brighton Youth Centre is a charity organisation. Explain the roles and responsibilities of youth and community development workers in facilitating community initiatives.
  • Monitor the role of multidisciplinary teams in enabling effective youth and community work practice.
  • Explore the effects of contemporary issues of inequality in society on young people and the role of social and community work.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Brighton Youth Centre


Youth work is considered as a support community whose aimed is at adolescents and older children. There are numbers of services as well as institutions are exist for respective purpose which depend upon the community and culture. At United Kingdom youth works are conducted in order to develop an environment where young peoples get engaged in educational activities that are informal (Batsleer, 2017). Activities which are conducted by youth work community at United Kingdom and Canada are recreation, social nature and design, educational activities and so on. Youth Centre taken for this report is Brighton Youth Centre (BYC) which is establish in 1917 by Brighton Boy's Club at a small house at St. John's Street, Brighton, United Kingdom. This place is exciting hub of activities open for all young peoples between age of 5 to 19 years, they mainly focus on age group of 13 to 19 years.

The main aim of conducting report is to develop strategies in order to stop trainees who are leaving training school permanently or short time duration. This is mainly take place due to discrimination at the training school or centre. Topics included in this report are different approaches for youth and community work practices and it also include roles and responsibilities of youth and community workers. Along with this, it will include role of multi-disciplinary team leads to youth and community work practices as well as it will also include impact of contemporary issues in the society on youth peoples and role of social and community work.


P1. Summarise Key Legislation Of Direct Relevance To Youth And Community Work Practice and Community Development.

Legislation is considered as law that has been developed by a governing bodies and legislature. It is also developed at for the different levels such as national, state and local level. Through effective legislation a company or community able to get proper guidelines related to how to conduct business operations and functions in effective manner. There are numbers of key legislations which are direct relevant to youth and community work practices and community development (Clarke, 2018). From that some main legislations are given below which are adopted by Brighton Youth Centre in order to ensure that they can stop those trainee who are leaving training school are given below:-

  • Data protection Act:This Act is developed by United Kingdom of Parliament in year 1998 in order to protect personal data which are stored on a computer or in paper filing system (Coburn and Gormally, 2017). In respect of Brighton Youth Centre, they need to consider respective legislation because through that they able to ensure security of adolescents and older children personal data or information. This will also help in minimising illegal activities which may conducted by using personal informations.
  • Equality Act: Respective legislation is developed in 2010 by Parliament of United Kingdom. Its purpose is to consolidate, updating as well as supplementing the numbers of prior Acts and regulations which are formed the basis of Anti discrimination law at the Great Britain. In respect of Brighton Youth Centre, by adopting this legislation their management able to ensure that there is no discrimination is done with young and older children. This can be done on the basis of colour, race, culture, language, age difference, believe and many more.
  • Carers and disabled children Act: This legislation is developed in 2002 by United Kingdom Parliament in order to develop as well as maintain relationship among the carers as well as disabled children. In context of Brighton Youth Centre, by adopting this legislation they able to ensure that they are developing effective relationship among the carers of respective care centre and children who are taken there. This will also ensure that carer are supporting them financially and non financially.
  • Health and social care Act: The respective legislation bill is developed in 2011 and legislation is developed or pass in 2012 by Parliament of United Kingdom in order to structure National health service at health and social care centre (Cooper, 2017). In context of Brighton Youth Centre, by adopting this legislation they able to ensure that they are providing quality health as well as social care services to the children at their centre. This will also help them in treating older and young children in effective manner.

These are some of the main legislation which are followed by Brighton Youth Centre in order to conduct their youth and community work practice as well as community development activities in effective manner. Through this they also able to ensure that trainees can effectively conduct their training session there.

P2. Describe How Youth And Community Workers Can Enable Young People To Develop Themselves And Contribute Positively To Society.

Youth and community workers are those who provide supports to the young peoples at their communities. It will include numbers of practices such as youth clubs, sports clubs, drama classes, music classes and many more. These young and community workers mainly helps young peoples in developing themselves as well as they also contributes to positively at the society. There are various activities are done by youth and community workers in order to develop young peoples and contribute to positivity at society, from which some main activities are given below that are conducted by Brighton Youth Centre for attaining respective objective. Moreover that will also help them in stopping those trainee who are leaving training session in the middle.

  • Counsel children: According to this respective centre conduct counselling of children, family and adolescents in order to to analyse their issues related to health, substance abuse, social adjustment, physical abuse and child care (What does a Child and Youth Worker do?, 2017). Then accordingly members of Brighton Youth Centre plan strategies or activities for personal develop which contribute to positively at the society.
  • Interact children and adolescents: In respect of this role members of Brighton Youth Centre will conduct interview with children adolescents in order to assess their issues or problems. For this they can conduct various activities like observing family life, analysing children and adolescents report, interviewing parents in order to determine their capabilities to raise child and many more.
  • Review background of children: In respect Brighton Youth Centre, their members conduct this practice in which analyse background of children as well as its family so that they can develop strategies, plans or activities accordingly (Zeldin and et. al., 2016). Through that young peoples get develop themselves in effective as well as successful manner and it will also encourage them to contribute to make society better and positive.
  • Organize community events: Brighton Youth Centre members need to conduct or organize community events or programmes or meetings for children as well as adolescents (Driskell, 2017). This is so because through it they can understand themselves which encourage as well as help them in development along with this it will also leads to contribution to positive society development in effective as well as successful way.
  • Conduct regular evaluation: Members of Brighton Youth Centre will also need to organized evaluation session on the regular basis so that they can analyse development of young children (Higashida, 2017). Along with this it will also help in ensuring the well being of adolescents as well as children in effective way which lead to their self development and creating of positive environment based society.

These are the main practices which are conducted by Brighton Youth Centre in order to enable young children and adolescents for their development as well as it will also help in developing positively to society. Through this activities respective centre also able to ensure that trainees will get convinced to rejoin training session as well as complete it till end.


P3. Describe How a Local Community Initiative Utilises Youth And Community Work To Enable Positive Outcomes For Young People.

There are various activities or practices are conducted by a local community in order to enable positive outcome for the young peoples as well as through it young and community centre also able to attain their desire goal. In respect of Brighton Youth Centre they are going through an issue which is related to discrimination due to which trainees are leaving their course in the middle for short time duration or permanently. So in order to overcome this issues local community and respective centre can conduct several practices such as they can educate people about the effectiveness of course as well as they can also organize session or meeting with professional (Kutcher, Wei and Behzadi, 2017). This is so because through that people get convinced as well as it will also encourage them to rejoin the course and complete it effectively. Along with this, they can also show them future forecast of their career which help them in analysing effectiveness of skills, abilities and capabilities that will enhanced through course that they are leaving in middle. In addition to this, there are numbers of benefits which are gain by a person through completing courses provided by Brighton Youth Centre such as they enhance their skills and abilities. This will also help them in feeling more confident as well as motivated that lead to bright future and career in the field where they want to get job.

P4. Explain The Responsibilities Of Different Youth And Community Workers Within The Initiative Identified

Youth and community workers are those who support to young people at their community. Main responsibility of youth workers is to do planning, organizing, organize meeting and event of community and so on in order to redress inequalities as well as they also facilitate personal, social as well as emotional development of young children who belong to age group of 13 to 19 (Whittaker and et. al., 2016). There are numbers of youth and community workers whose work as well as responsibilities are different, from which some are given below:-

  • Advice workers: The main responsibility of these workers is to listen, diagnose issues of persons and provide guidance as well as advice to them so that they can resolve it effectively (Youth and community work, 2020). They also conduct research work when required as through which they can develop advice for common issues or problems. They also provide support to their clients so that they deal with issues effectively.
  • Family support workers: The main role and responsibilities of these type of workers is to conduct initial assessment of family's needs so that they can identify as well as plan effective support to them according to their issues and requirement. They also adhere to the professional activities legislation and standard which will include safety, diversity, equity, confidentiality and many others.
  • Social workers: There are several responsibilities are performed by a social workers such as they conduct interview with children, family or any person in order to assess and analysing their situation. Moreover they also organize as well as manage packages related to support in order to enable peoples to lead their life by fulfilling essential requirements.
  • Community development workers: Responsibilities of this type of workers are identifying skills, assets, need and issues of community as well as they also ensure that local public have their own stay (Lardier and et. al., 2018). Along with this they also develop new resources in dialogue along with community as well as they also evaluate existing programmes and they also develop links among the other groups and agencies.
  • Youth workers: The main responsibilities of youth workers are to evaluate needs as well as requirement of young people in order to plan as well as deliver programmes effectively which are related to several areas. Those areas can be fitness, health, drugs, smoking, violence, gangs, bullying and relationship. They also conduct monitoring as well as reviewing the quality of local youth work in order to develop development programmes.

These are some of the main types of youth workers along with their responsibilities because every youth community have their own motive or aim and they conduct work accordingly to attain their desire goal.


P5. Describe The Responsibilities Of Youth And Community Workers When Working In Multidisciplinary Teams.

Youth and community worker are those who conduct different and various practices in order to provide support the society as well as they also ensure that peoples effectively resolve their issues and fulfil requirement (Leung and et. al., 2017). On the other hand, multi-disciplinary team is consider as group of professionals from one or more different departments who generally work together to develop effective decision in order to conduct work effectively for attain desire goal. There are numbers of advantages of multi-disciplinary team are it will lead to get facilities form professionals, it improve service coordination, it also expedites referral procedure and many more. Along with this, there are various responsibilities conducted by youth and community worker of Brighton Youth Centre when they are working at the multi-disciplinary team in order to stop trainee who are leaving training school permanently or short period of time. For example workers develop multi-disciplinary team who are combination of professionals or expertise so that they can easily convince trainee to continue course till its last date (Thomas, 2016). Moreover, in respective type of team workers of youth and community will organize meeting or event so that professional can effectively interact with the trainees who are leaving the course permanently or for some duration of time.

P6. Explain The Value Of a Multidisciplinary Approach To Youth And Community Work.

Multidisciplinary approach is consider as process which include drawing of an effective practices from multiple disciplines in order to redefine issues that are present outside of normal boundaries as well as it also help in reaching to solutions which may based on a new understanding of complex situation (Liang and et. al., 2017). Multidisciplinary approach also used in social work such as in case of child abuse, respective approach will allow physicians, social workers, nurses and mental health workers to work collaborative in order to resolve complex issues. Team of multidisciplinary approach will take several forms that may depend on demonstrated needs of clinical setting. Moreover, by multidisciplinary team Brighton Youth Centre members also able to stop trainees who are leaving course in the middle of training session because professional convey them benefits of attaining course. Along with this, multidisciplinary approach is also essential for the youth and community workers, from which some main are given below:

  • Positively beneficial for future career development- It is one of the effective factor which enhance the value of multi-disciplinary approach while conducting at youth and community work (Miles and et. al., 2018). According to this through multi-disciplinary approach youth and community workers able to develop effective strategies and plans related to the future career development. Moreover, that will also help in understand issues and requirements of others for creating strategies.
  • Problems tackle by professionals- In multi-disciplinary approaches there is group of professional or expertise of particular file conduct work in order to resolve issues or problem which are faced by youth or young child and community (Sprague and et. al., 2018). In respect of youth and community work, if team will adopt multi-disciplinary approach for child development then they get the quality services through professional counsellor, experienced teachers, quality resources and many more.
  • Improve communication- The implementation of multi-disciplinary approach also help in improving communication among the members as well as children or people. In respect of youth and community work by implementation of multi-disciplinary approaches team able to conduct effective communication or interaction among the child or community (Morton, 2016). This will directly help them in developing more effective strategies as well as plan for the development.

These are the main factors which use to identify value of multi-disciplinary approach in the youth and community work. By these factors, Brighton Youth Centre able motivate trainees to continue as well as complete whole training course effectively and successfully.


P7. Describe a Range Of Key Issues Of Inequality And Their Impact On Social Cohesion.

Social cohesion is considered as willingness of members of society in order to cooperate along with each other for survive as well as prosper. This will highly contribute to wide range of social result or outcomes for example health and economic prosperity. It also defined as cohesive society which work in order to ensure well being of their members, this will also help in developing sense of belongingness and promote trust (Othman, Iskandar and Mohamed, 2016). On the other hand, inequality is considered as disparities on the basis of distribution of certain factors or metric such as income, colour, age, health, culture, religion and so on. There are also several key issues which arise due to inequality and due to these types of issues trainees at Brighton Youth Centre are leaving their course in middle, from which some major are given below:-

  • This will impact on the family structure and growth opportunities because there at many area some peoples not get growth opportunities due to inequality in their culture and religion.
  • Inequality situation leads to development of conflict, war and instability which impact on the working as well as effectiveness of every members of community (Key issues in poverty and inequality, 2018).
  • Inequality also impact on the development of economies as well as it also impact on the educational activities of children.
  • Due to inequality there is also impact on the income range which a person get at their job profile.

Inequality due to different factors such as income, age, culture, colour, behaviour and many more also impact on the social cohesion in various ways such as it will impact on the result of activities (Roberts, 2019). Along with this, inequality in any factors also impact on the education of children at a society that will directly lined to their minimising in work quality. Inequality in team will also lead to conflict situation while working as a social cohesion team which directly minimise on the workers effectiveness.

P8. Analyse The Impact Of Key Issues On The Development And Well Being Of An Identified Young Person Requiring The Support Of Youth And Community Services.

There are various key issues are faced by a person due to inequality due to any reason as well as those issues directly or indirectly impact on development as well as well being of an individual who go through all these. So in respect of Brighton Youth Centre, there are several trainees who are leaving their training in the middle and that can be for the short time duration or permanently (Ramey, Lawford and Vachon, 2017). This is so because they are going through issues which arise due to inequality at the training school that arise due to financial dis balanced and language difference. At Brighton Youth Centre, people belong from different culture and income group but there at there, there are some trainers as well as trainees who do discrimination with them due to which they feel demotivated as well as their self esteem will also get down due to which they not feel importance of their existence. Due to all these issues they decide to leave their training session in the middle which affect their performance, development as well as well being at the training school (Ritchie and Ord, 2017). So it is essential for management of Brighton Youth Centre to conduct several practices in order to avoid issues which may arise due to the inequalities at the training centre. For this they may develop strategies as well as policies based in equality act as well as they also develop policies according to which they strictly punish those person who conduct misbehave to anyone.

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By above discussed point it can be summarise that there are numbers of Youth work are working around the world which help society directly as well as they also ensure that people or children are leaving their life effectively by attaining their desire goal. There are several legislations which are essential to adopt for all youth and community centre as through that they ensure legality of work such as data protection Act, health and safety Act, equality Act and many more. There are also several practices are conducted by these peoples in order to ensure development of youth such as counsel children, interact children and adolescents, review background of children and many more. Along with this, there are various types of youth and community workers such as advice workers, family support workers, social workers, community development workers and many more. There is also multidisciplinary approach which is valuable for the youth and community workers because that will leads to providing quality facilities to the society. Moreover, working of communities as well as social cohesion are affected by inequality which can be conducted on the various basis such as gender, income, educational level, culture, language and many more. So it is essential for young and community workers to develop effective strategies by avoiding these inequality factors.

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