Personal and Professional Development

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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • National Trust is a charity organization in England, known for environment and heritage conservation. Examine self-managed learning that enhance lifelong development of the individual.
  • How responsibility for own personal and professional development contributes in the career growth.
  • Identify variety of styles and manner used to enhance skill and knowledge of individual.
Answer :


Personal development refers to the activities that help in improving awareness identity, develop potential and facilitate employability. Professional development refers to earning and maintaining professional credentials such as formal coursework, academic degree and other learning opportunities. Professional development is personal development as it is not only about enhancing and increasing skills. The most effective and inspiring are the individuals who continuously work on their personal development and see it as an essential factor for their professional excellence. In this report, National Trust is taken, which is a charity organization in England, known foaboutr environment and heritage conservation. This report covers how self-managed learning can enhance lifelong development, how an individual can take the responsibility to work on his or her personal and professional development and how to implement and demonstrate the acquired capabilities.



1.1 Different approaches to self-managed learning

Self-managed learning comes from our daily life as people pursue from their own interest and learn through their way. It is process in which individual initiates learning by oneself by determining the goals, aims and targets (Yazid, Osman and Hamid, 2018). They can review their acquired skills by applying them in the progress of the organization and its people.

Learning styles: It can be different for every individual. The best way to self-managed learning is analysing the surrounding environment which is the only way of efficient learning. To get a clear understanding, Kolb’s learning cycle model has been used as one of the learning style. This theory works on four stages which have been discussed below.

Concrete Experience: It refers to the experience that has been made regarding the learning. As a manager, I am aware about the importance of self-managed learning by attending seminars, conferences and internet which has made me capable to stand in front of others and speak up my mind.

Pragmatist: It is an important learning style in which understand how to put learning into practices. Through the learning style I understand how to apply practical knowledge, theories and techniques into real life. This approach improves my understanding level.

Reflective Observation: The above experience leads to matching my understanding to my experience (McLeod Saul, 2017). This can be done by mentoring, guiding, socializing etc. which has helped me in learning new ideas, skills, personality development, the way of presentation and improving my communication skills.

Abstract conceptualization: It refers to giving rise to new ideas and modifying existing ones. People with converging learning style can best use their skills in finding a solution. In this learning style, people experiment new ideas and tries to work with its practical application. This stage will bring up the creative and technical mind which I want to acquire with expertise.

Active Experimentation: In this, learners applies accommodating learning style, where it relies more on feelings rather than logic and prefers to take practical and experiential approach. By applying the skills acquired, helps in gaining new insights and experience.

1.2 Ways of lifelong learning in personal and professional development

National trust manager uses various ways to encourage lifelong learning within team so that they enable to encourage visitor services. Ways are-

Self-direct learning: Manager encourage to individual employee to take initiate without taking helps of others and encourages them to resolve their issues by learning, makes learning goals and identify resources which can help them to learn more effectively (Perry, 2017). Through the activity manager also improves their learning skills.

Continuing professionally development: It is defined as the procedure of documenting and following skills, informative knowledge and experience which is gained through work or training program. The whole information i.e. learning, experience and their implements etc. are concluded in record. Continues professional development is an activity which gives contribution for employees learning and development.

Recognize learning as an achievement: To influences learning skills in employees manager introduces reward strategy for employees where employees improve their skills in which they are good (Welp and, 2018). Thus, manager helps staff to recognize their skills and offers reward as certificate in front of department which encourage employee to learn.

Apprenticeships: it is the training system where licenced practitioners are legally allowed to offers training classes professional and personnel development classes. Manager hires apprenticeships so that staff gets' opportunity to learn new skills which can apply on workplace and achieves number of goal in fewer times.

Seminar and conferences: It is also effective way to improve lifelong learning professional and personnel development. Seminar helps team member to guide how to offers services to visitors and offers platform individual employee to share their life experience. It improves employee’s confidence and helps to interact with visitor confidently at workplace in national trust organization.

Manager uses these ways to improve their learning skills professionally and personally while an employee gets benefits to improve their learning skills by improving comprehensive.

1.3 Benefits of self- managed learning

Benefits in organization (Relationship): Self-managed learning helps to maintain various relationship in organization. Relationships are based on the training programs and in specific organization. Staff learns how to maintain relation with peoples such as mentor, coacher's, expertise who gives knowledge and learn how to work in team which provides additional knowledge and supports from other staff member (Cheon and, 2018). Manager who plays all roles, develops impressive attitudes from learning. Manager develops his skills i.e. becomes more productive by improving relationship with staff and offers opportunity those employees who involves in learning approaches.

Individual self-managed learning: individual employees who get success in self-managed learning, becomes more confidant and self-adapter according to situation. Such kind program helps individual employee to formulate effective planning and resolve issues wisely. Self-managed learning gives strength to employees to overcome challenges which come during interaction with visitors. Beside of this it leads new skills and ideas which can use in both areas organization and outside.

Relationship within organization: It helps organization to build frame of relationship in various ways. It leads effectiveness in employees regarding their services. For example organization enables to understand each employees' weakness which can create problem in learning progress. Through the SML approach, manager helps them to overcome their weakness by offering classes.

Individual benefits: SML approach leads various benefits in me Such as self-resilience, meeting and objectives and aboutcomprehension for certain tasks, self-awareness, self-consciousness, excitement of learning new skills etc (van den Bogaart, Hummel and Kirschner, 2018). Through the skills' I enable to set their objectives and offers the best service to visitors.

Individual difficulty: SML approaches helps me to improve my decision-making so that, enables introduce beneficial decision and communication (Girvan, Conneely and Tangney, 2016). Even I used to feel hesitate during interaction with employee, improves my skills to interact with visitors.

Organization benefits: SML approaches lead better performance to workplace which leads high profitability in company. Organization gets talented employees in company which can resolve problem individually.


2.1 Current skills and competencies against professional standards and organizational objectives

My current skills

Professional standards ( Academic sources)

Manager and job role objectives

Oral communication:

Communication plays vital role in all over side and my communication skills is good. During discussion, I am capable to understand their view and contribute ideas (Patterson, 2019). My listening skills also good where I give values to peoples by listening their opinion.

I am enabled to communicate each type of employees individually who is involved in decision-making or seminar. It is my great skills which gives value by employer during oral presentation. Based on oral communication easy to build relation with number of employees and encourage them to improve their skills.

Being manager my role is to perform as role model for employee so that they enable to offer visitor services to customers. Being passionate for visitor service which is first role of manager. The main aim to lead profitable outcomes within company.

Problem solving skills:

I have good skill to solve issues in minimum time. Sometimes I get confused with multiple point of view as resulted doesn't get expected outcomes which leads demotivation.


The ability of solving problem well-formed manner can fruitful for future tasks.

Quick thinker and multitasking person is a main role of manager in National trust organization. This skill helps manager to solve issues within time according to situation.


I am a good motivator which is my strength. Through the skill I am enabled to motivate individual and groups.




The ability of motivation can effective for future.

To motivate each member of staff is crucial role of manager where manager encourage them to improve their performance and retain within company.


I am self-discipliner which is the best strength of me. This skill helps me to guide individual and groups on time.

It is beneficial for the future.

Self-discipline is important for the manager because if manager is strict for rules as result discipline between employees maintains.


I am creative nature which is my strength. Creative nature supports me in future to motivate individual and groups.

It is crucial for the future.

Creative nature is important for the manager because manager enables to introduce various new strategies that can improve organization performance.

2.2 Identify own development needs and activities

Skills to be developed

Methods of development

How to improve on presentation skills

To improve my oral communication effectively, I organize presentation classes so that I am enabled to build more confidence in my speech. I use feedback strategy where I gather feedback from peers so that they support me to improve my skills. To make my presentation effectively I read some skills such as to make eye contact, being good listener, aware of non-verbal communication etc. These method helps me to improve my presentation skills.

Problem solving skills: How to become effective quick thinker.

It can improve by good communication skills which can come by being active listener and seeks suggestion from manager or senior authority. To analyse skills keeps themselves in unfavourable situation. Thus, can improve skills.

Motivation: How to become more effective motivator

To develop motivation skills, recognizes other hard works and appreciates them to improve their skills by providing proper resources. Gives measurable and small task to employees and encourage them to complete in less time. To recognize needs of employees can help to build good relation. Thus, motivator can lead effectiveness in motivation skill.

Self-discipline: how to become more effective discipliner.

To improve self-discipline skill, I prepares schedule which assists me to complete all works on time. I stop myself to consume more time in single work. I remove my temptation. Thus, I can improve my skill and encourage others to be on time.

Creativity: How to become more creative.

I makes list of ideas and choose appropriate idea my experiment. I always try to create something creative everyday which improve my brain power. I join class to improve my creative skills and self-discipline. All curriculum helps me to improve creativity.

2.3 Identify development opportunities to meet current and future needs in organization

T&D program:T&D program is effective development opportunity to meet my future and current needs in the national trust organization as manager role. Training and development program is specially organized for employee development. The main goal of program is to improve performance of employee and converts weakness into strength by providing proper supports and classes. Training program generally categorized into three stage where offers opportunity to work with manager in organization (Riggs, 2017). Beside of this makes them understand how to handles daily meeting in well-formed manner. In training classes introduces about manager roles and how perform in national trust organization. Manager recognizes their needs and their skills and guides them right areas so that they enable to give quality services to visitors in organization. The program is categorized into three steps -

Team work: T&D program helps me to improve my collaboration with other people so that I learn how to work in team within organization. It is good opportunity to interact large number of people and understand their objectives and work as team. Manger as trainer helps to improve collaboration skills with other people (Balbag, Yenilmez and Turgut, 2017). Team work is crucial part in organization because it leads effectiveness in work and maintains well-being at workplace. Team working skills helps me to meet current and future needs. The opportunity helps me to work as team and offers services within organization.

Oral communication: it is second stage of T&D program where manger introduces various technique to improve oral communication. Through the technique understand how to interact with visitors and other employees within organization and outside. I learn communication skills are most important for manager to perform at workplace. As same employees, if a employee has good communication skills can enable to interact with outside customers and can give them value by offering quality services (Mahlanze and Sibiya, 2017). Oral communication skills are not only important for organization but also for outside. Thus, oral communication skills are useful for current and meets for future in national trust.

Effective Problem solver: To become effective problem solver requires effective communication skills. In training and development program I learn communication skill is more crucial to become quick thinker. They tell technique to improve effectiveness. Technique is proper information about object and subject, learns more vocabulary and practices. I also learn how to become active listener which is most important for manager role and good judgemental which helps me to identify weakness and deal with impressively. Thus, manager helps to improve problem solving issues by the T&D classes (Avidov-Ungar, 2016). This stage helps to me meet current and future needs which is important as manager in organization.

Effective Motivator: To being effective motivator requires good communication skills and ability to identify needs of other. In the program I learn how to improve motivation skills so that number of people follows as role model. Good motivator is important skills for manager role. Trainer tells technique such as good communication skills, good oral presentation, quick thinker etc. makes effective motivator. These skills assist to meet to manager role in organization.

2.4 Personal and professional development plan

The plan is divided into two forms short term and long term for improving skills.

Development objectives


Activities to be undertaken


Target Start Date

Target End Date

Criteria For Success

To improve on presentation skills


Based on research takes some technique such as makes eye contact, improves vocabulary, conduct oral presentation classes, sets goal to achieve

Learning books which gives idea how to make eye contact and gives vocabulary information which can improve confidence during giving presentation. To discuss with manager how to improve presentation and learn to attend manager oral presentation classes which helps to remove obstacles.



To get success in skills, there is the best way to meet up with manager regular bases. Whatever task is given by manger meets task (van den Bogaart and, 2016). Attend presentation class which is conducted by manager and gather feedbacks from manager and peers about performance during presenting.

Problem Solving: How to develop problem solving skills

Very high

Self-managed skills, face to face communication for understanding task without creating confusion, guide to become active listener (Attard, 2017).

To lead effectiveness in the skill the way to interact with manager and learns tricks to become quick thinker. To become active listener guide itself to listen someone properly and gather ideas which can help to resolve issues. To visit local library and learns some inspirations book which improve thinking level.



To get success in problem solving skills, gets feedback from manager and seniors about their decision effectiveness.

Good Motivator: How to improve motivation skills



Leadership style, set small and measurable goals, Good communication skills.

To improve motivation skills reads good motivator books and study good motivator biography. Interaction with manager and observes their behaviour with employees.



Take feedbacks from manager and mentors.

Self discipline:

How to improve self-discipline skills


Initially know about weakness and list out in a pater which helps to set up goals. Creates new habits by holding it simple that helps to be good self-discipline.

To improve self-discipline skills makes time schedule which alerts about task. List out weakness which helps to reduce extra time and make good self-discipline.



To get success in skills there is the good way to meet manager and other person who offers their services. Takes feedback from manager and mentors.

Creativity: How to improve creativity skills


Based on the research takes some technique to make more creative i.e. mind tools, by using six thinking hats technique.

Mind-tools is good resource which act on technical creativity and support to recognize how creative and organize a plan for initiating thinking differently. Even six thinking hats techniques is also good strategy to make creative mind.



To get success in the skills , takes feedback from seniors and manager. To enhance skills attends conferences which leads improvement in skills.


3.1 The processes and activities required to implement the development plan

The personal and professional development plan helps me to improve my sets of skills such as oral presentation skills, problem solving skills and being good motivator etc. these skills are important for manager role within organizations. Through the plan I enable to handle management plan well-formed in National Trust organization. Implementation of PPD plan in organization such as-

Through the plan I am enabled to sets target which helps me to develop objectives which I set for myself. To stay updates and gather advance knowledge in the organization so that I am enabled to introduce new ideas which leads profitability in my performance and helps to understand complex theories.

In second stage requires plan and priorities target. For example organization unable to meet visitor’s objectives in that state I give idea to take feedback and understand their needs and expectation (Thomas, 2016). Based on the reviews offers services and manager listen properly and implement as result gets desirable outcomes in company. On other hand I improve my technical knowledge such as Microsoft program which is important for organization and outside as well. During implements development plan I give more preference my two objectives i.e. explore new idea within team and become active listener.

3.2 undertake and document development activities as planned

In third stage is based on sets of skills such as oral presentation, problem solving, good motivator, self-discipline and creativity. It is main implementing action where I take part in organizational activities as manager and implements my skills at workplace according to situations.

The final stage is a result of all activities where takes reviews to manager and mentors about performance during implementing within organization. Based on the feedback enables to analyses that I access to my goals and objectives or not.

The sets of activities which I apply to implement my development plan. Through the activities I enable to analyse my skills improvement which is developed such as-

  • Manager conducts various type of activities in organization where I take participation and enable to see improvement in my enlisted skills.
  • National trust organizes charity seminar in organization where I get opportunity to implement my enlisted skills and I apply my technical knowledge to create data and collect information of visitors. I complete all task on predetermined time. I get chance to give oral presentation in seminar and shares my ideas. Manager gives challenges which is related to creativity, that I resolve. Thus, I implement my action which is enlisted and takes feedback to peers and manager.

3.3 Reflection

I find unable myself to giving strategic plan for seminar where I unable to motivate employees for giving the best performance as team member in company. Even I was unable to assemble various activities which are decided in seminar. I take more time to resolve problem which decreases my confidence. Due to this I unable to communicate with number of employees and visitors which reduces my performance at workplace. Later on I give my oral presentation which boosts my confidence to interact with public. I face time management issues which demotivate my skill.

3.4 Update the development plan based on feedback and evaluation

Based on the feedback I analyse my problem solving skills isn't more effective during operations. In that state I need to develop my skill. To improve the skills I use some techniques which help me to improve the skills such as communication skills which help me to being an active listener so that I enable to understand task clearly without confusion. Beside of this I will read some books which enhance my comprehensiveness for task or projects. I tackle help of manager to share his experience and gives some tips which helps to tackle issues in each condition. I take guidance from mentor who helps me to identify ways for improving my confidence and teach some problem solving technique which improves my confidence and improve my learning skills. The continuous learning program helps me to become quick thinker and problem resolver.


4.1 Solution to workplace problem within visitor services team

The current problems are harassment or potentially bullying in organization. Due to this staff doesn't feel safe at workplace and doesn't retain prolong time in company. There is some technique which is used by manager to improve visitor team problem at workplace in National Trust organization. Techniques are-

Document the agreement: It is effective technique to resolve team member issues at workplace. To resolve the issues' manager offers document before hiring in job (Ramia and, 2016). In the document, written all norms of company which gives assurance to employees regarding their services. Beside of this manager offers safety at workplace so that number of employee can work in well-formed manner.

Evaluation: It is also effective technique where manager can enlist number of issues by analysing their performance at workplace and gather feedback. It helps manager to access team objectives (Ahmed and Ward, 2016). Whatever issues are faced by team member at workplace can resolve out by discussing with personally.

Thus, both techniques help manager to resolve visitor team member issues at workplace. Based on these techniques manager enables to improve their performance at workplace.

4.2 Learning style and approaches

Kolb's learning model:

It is the process in which knowledge and understanding is created with the help of experience of the learning. It includes four stages of learning in the company. Different people have different styles of learning. The four stages of learning will explains how the learning of the people affects their behaviour.

Concrete experience: Learning is possible from the experience and related to the people. This process is very sensitive to the behaviour and feelings of the other.

Reflective observation: It focused on observing before giving the judgement by watching the atmosphere from the various perspectives.

Abstract conceptualization: Analysis is done from the ideas and opinion and understands from the particular situation.

Active experimentation: People have the skills to get the things done by affecting the people from the actions. There is the various risk involve in this learning.

Approaches of learning:

Seminar: It is the best way to increase the learning of the people by generating the situation for the group of people. From this the people could learn how to communicate effectively and efficiently

Internet: This process of learning determines that the people can take the information from the time which is convenient for them. Internet gives the knowledge and learning very fast at any placer of the world.

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4.3 Time management strategies

Time management strategies

Priorities workload

It is beneficial strategy for the manager because they can enlist important operation which consumes more time during performance. Manager can improve working efficiency of the employees by offering training and development classes, as result during workload group of employees can effectively handle workload. Thus, employees complete their task on time.

Setting work objectives

It is also an effective strategy of time management for the manager where they can sets objectives according to situation and make it clear to other employee during task assigning. Through the strategy employees responsible for their job responsibility and helps them to complete task on time.


This report can be concluded self-managed learning in which is described about performance. This report also concludes about all the purpose related to the personal and professional context of lifelong learning. This report also concludes about the skills and competencies against professional standard and original objectives. Own personal development plan related has concluded in this report. This report also concludes about the interpersonal and transferable skills. All the reasonable solution related to the work based problems has concluded in this report. All the essence of the communication is concluded in this report. Uses of the time management have concluded in this report effectively.

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