Food and Beverage Management


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Management is a technique which is required in every industry it helps to run the business smoothly and gain higher profits. In food and beverage industry is mainly related to restaurant or hotel who is serving different type of food (Davis and et. al., 2018). This industry provides various services such as preparing, presenting and delivering eating and drinking items to the customers. Organisation taken in this report is Wetherspoon, which is based in UK. The company is willing to introduce a new food item which is rainbow rice. For this purpose a business plan is prepared for and its outcomes are analysed under this project report. This report also consist aims, policies and objectives of food and beverages management system, explanation and assessment of a new food and beverages management system and importance of marketing, sales and promotion in relation to same sector is also covered in this report.


1. Explanation of industry aims, policies and standards

Food and beverage management system is followed by all the hospitality related companies as they serve all types of foods and drinks to their customers. In this type of industry management is very important as it can help to perform all the activities appropriately. Following are some aims, policies and standards of this sector that embedded in such type of management system:

Industry Aims:

  • Main aim of the industry is to provide best services and food items to the customers and this is possible if company is following a proper food and beverage management system.
  • To attract higher number of customers and satisfy their needs which can be achieved by proper management system (Grekova and et. al., 2014).


  • The companies who are the part of food and beverage industry should provide hygienic food and prepare it by considering health of their customers. This could be done by following a management system in which a managers will can keep an eye on every activity which is performed by the staff while preparing food.
  • Organisations should ignore food contamination like harmful chemicals and microorganisms, because this may result in consumer illness. For this purpose a proper management system should be followed as this may reduce the possibility of such type of issues.


  • ISO 9001: It is mainly related to the management system of quality of food that is provided to the customers. It direct companies to provide prime products and services to the consumers that may fulfil their requirements.
  • ISO 22000: It is introduced to deal with food safety issues. Under this standard companies are directed to keep communicating with their staff to assure relevant food and safety hazards in food chain (Ha and et. al., 2014).

2. Food and beverage outlet business plan and analysis of data

Business plan: It is a written document that contain detailed information such as objectives, vision, mission etc. of a company. It is mainly generated to keep all the data in one place so that it may facilitate while making any decision. As Wetherspoon is now willing to launch a new food item which is Rainbow rice a new innovation (Martinez, 2013). For this purpose the company needs to prepare a business plan to attain its objectives. The detailed business plan is as follows:

Business Plan

1. New product goals and objectives

New product: Wetherspoon is now launching Rainbow rice with fish and multi coloured peppers.

Aim: The organisation's main objective is to attract more and more customers by providing them attracting, innovative and good quality food item.

Policies: The company is using nutrition policy as it is using green and other vegetables for colouring in rice.

Objective for the new product

Short term: Objective of the company fro Rainbow rice is to attract customers by providing them a new and innovative product.

Long term: To pull potential customers by providing them varieties in one food item.

Introduction of organisation:

Organisation: The new food item is going to be sold by Wetherspoon which is currently located in UK. It provides online services to its customers so that they may order food and pay amount from their phone.

Aim: The aim of the company is to be on the top of the food and beverages industry by acquiring higher market share.

Policies: The organisation is following various policies such as food safety, nutrition and agriculture. Company is buying food material direct from farmers and serves hygienic food items.

Objectives of the Wetherspoon

Short term: To make modification in food chain.

Long term: Wetherspoon has set a long term objective which is, to acquire more market share by introducing more innovative food items, so that it can retain existing customers and attract potentials.

2. Probable financial outcome

Probable outcome of action:

As analysed from income statement of the company that total profits of the company has increased as compare to previous year. There is a possibility of a huge success for a new products because it is an innovative concept that may attract more customers (Slining, Mathias and Popkin, 2013).

Approach to pricing Rainbow rice:

As analysed form Appendix the probable selling price for this food item is 25£. Total cost for this item is 20£ and total profit margin of the company is 5% of cost. Company has set the price appropriately which is a combination of various costs such as ingredients and preparation.

Targeted customers:

Estimates potential customers for the organisation are 20000 approximately form the total population of the country. This estimation is mainly based on the image and performance of Wetherspoon. The target region for the company is London.

3. Production and service system of the new product

New food production and service system: The system is as follows

Input: All the ingredients are input for the food item. Those are olive oil, rice, peppers, vegetable puree, salt, lemon juice etc.

Process: It consist all the process such as chopping, cooking, boiling etc.

Output: It is the food item which is going to be received after all the processes. When the output has been received than this will be served to the customers with attractive presentation.

Operational plan:

It has been decided that Rainbow rice will be served with fish and multi coloured pepper. As it is a new and innovative idea so it is vital for the organisation to provide good quality food and best services so that more and more customers get attracted toward its food.


Food standard act 1999: This is mainly related to public health and consumers interest. If Wetherspoon is not considering consumers health and using harmful ingredients than it may affect the sale (Wood, 2018).

Food safety order 1991: It affects the food business by analysing that they are proving food according to their promise or not. It also assures that food is safe for customers.

Necessary training and staffing requirement:

It is essential for Wetherspoon to provide training to its staff which can help them to attend customers specifically. It is also very important for the employees of the restaurant to serve food according to customers demand.

4. Market and competition

Customers trends and needs of new food item:

Now a days customers are willing to have new and innovative food items that can satisfy their needs. Customers also go to those restaurants who serves best food item with high quality of additional services such as good dining, perfect environment etc. The need for Rainbow rice is that it is made from different vegetables so if a customer ids having allergy from a vegetable than this may create a problem.

Unique selling point:

For Rainbow rice unique selling point is its colours as it will be served in very colourful form. Another unique point is that the colours that are used are not artificial they use natural vegetables to provide colours to rice.

Target customer:

It has been decided by the company that it will target local young people first so that their feedbacks can be recorded and if there is any problem in food than it will be improved or resolved. The target customers are selected from London.


Secondary type of research has been conducted for market, industry and region. From internet and other resources it has been analysed that customers taste and preferences always remain changing and there is a need to make modification in food items. So that more customers get attracted. It has been also determined that competitors are not providing options to the customers this is a good chance for Wetherspoon to attract customers with its new food item (Pelletier and Laska, 2013).


Company will promote its business with the help of advertisement and additional discounts to its existing customers.

Business operation:

The business will be operated in London firstly and if it get success that organisation will spread it in all over UK.

SWOT of Wetherspoon:

Strengths: Natural items are used rather than artificial to provide colour in food. It provides options to its customers.

Weaknesses: A major weakness of Wetherspoon is that it allows children with adults which is not good.

Threat: As company is running its business in various countries so it is possible that political factors may affect business negatively.

Opportunity: As company use innovative and updated methods for food production that can result in higher profits.

Deatils of competitor:

Name : Nandos

Location: It operates its business in London.


Aim: Main aim of the company is to attract more and more customers to maximise profits.

Strengths: It provides best grilled chicken in world. Selling price for food it reasonable according to food quality.

Weaknesses: It spend less on marketing activities so there is low recognition of the restaurant.

From the above mentioned business plan it has been analysed that the main objective of the company is to attract more and more customers by providing them innovative food item. There is a probability of that the Rainbow rice can grab attention of higher number of customer as it is very attractive and innovative.

3. New food and beverage management system

There are various management systems that are used by food and beverage industry. All of them are explained below:

  • Food production methods: There are various types of methods that can be used by Wetherspoon to produce new food item which is rainbow rice. These methods are chopping, boiling, frying, grilling, mixing, pasteurising, steaming and grinding.
  • Service and quality:While delivering food items to the customers the company needs to provide best quality food with additional services like good surrounding, special dining etc. If it provides good services to its customers than it will help to set a positive market image.
  • Menu costing and budgeting:It is essential for an organisation to prepare budget before launching a new product. Wetherspoon should set appropriate prices for its food item which is going to be introduced and create a budget for this launch so that this may not affect availability of funds. Price which is decided for Rainbow rice is 25£ which and the cost for is 20£ and company is earning a profit of 5£ on one unit of food item.
  • Pricing techniques:Wetherspoon should use right pricing technique to set an appropriate prices that is affordable for customers. It should also be determined that what pricing strategies are used by competitors so that right price can be estimated. The company has used pricing for market penetration strategy.
  • Sales promotion:It is an activity that helps to increase sales by providing various benefits to the customers. It includes discounts, coupons etc. It can be adopted by Wetherspoon in order to maximise sales of its new and innovative food item which is rainbow rice.

As Wetherspoon is launching a new and innovative food item all the above mentioned system can be used by the company to attain its goals that are customers satisfaction and profit maximisation (Chen and et. al., 2015).Dissertation help online to score dream gardes.

Menu for the event:



Rainbow Rice with fish and multicoloured peppers

Main course

Green salad


Virgin Mojito


Apple Pie


4. Importance of marketing, sales and promotion

When a company is willing to launch a new product or service than it is very important to promote, and market that product so that more and more customers get attracted and this can help to acquire more market share. As Wetherspoon is introducing an innovative food item which is Rainbow rice with fish and coloured peppers, so it is essential to perform marketing activities in order to attract customers. Following are the importances on marketing, sales and promotion:


  • It increases awareness among people that helps to attract more and more market share.
  • If an organisation is using proper marketing activities than it may result in increased trust on customers because marketing can build good market image (Importance of marketing.2018).


  • It fulfils the gap between customers and organisation.
  • It is very important as it can help to recover all the expenses that are spent by an organisation.


  • It helps to inform market about benefits of a product.
  • It creates differentiation among same products by describing their benefits.

All these elements are very important for Wetherspoon because it can help in food and beverage management system which is very important for hospitality industry.

Plan for the event:


Restaurant Gallery


6 PM onwards

Chief Guest

Chef Steve

Cost to be incurred



From the above project report it has been analysed that in every industry management is very important in order to maximise profits. If an organisation is willing to launch an innovative products so it should conduct marketing and promotion activities so that more customers get to know about the same. While introducing a new service or product company should make a proper business plan so that all the activities can be performed specifically.


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