Conference, Banqueting and Event Management


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Conference refers to formal meeting of group of people in which they discusses their common interest for a  single day or more (Bowdin and et. al., 2012). Conferences are normally conducted in Hotels and other spacious places which can be utilised in effective manner according to strength of the crowd. Crown Plaza Hotel is London based hotel which belongs to hospitality industry. The assignment elaborates about overall responsibility of  conference manager which are required to be performed by them while conducting good conference.

Assessment 1

As per the given case scenario, Manager of Crown Plaza Hotel is required to manage a international conference. It is expected that in this conference approximately 250 delegates will be going to be participate. In order to make the conference success, some of the major key responsibilities which are required to performed by manager of Crown Plaza Hotel. These responsibility are described as below:

Characteristics of conferences and exhibition:

Conferences and exhibitions are used by business organisation which helps them to connect with targeted audience. In relation to case scenario, the characteristic of international conference includes many elements such as:

  • The conference will be executed in a large meeting hall in order to make it possible for the company to communicate with many businesses at a single time. It includes displaying of pictures and interaction for business growth and announcements.
  • Conferences are helpful in increasing networking and other professional relationship which is worthy for business growth (Bladen and et. al., 2012).
  • Conferences are useful in promoting new products with the mode of announcement.
  • The international conference will be going to organised within the Hotel in largest  conference hall.  

Meeting the required standards: 

Its the responsibility of Conference Manager of Crown Plaza Hotel to ensure that the international delegates visiting the conference have a comfortable stay. A professional and polite service should be rendered by the hotel. There should be proper staffing in the hotel at all times to handle the queries of the guests. Proper cleaning of the room and  necessary repairs of equipment should be carried out before the arrival of the guests so as to ensure a problem free stay. Also, the rooms provided to the delegates should be spacious, properly ventilated, air-conditioned and have direct access to the reception by way of telephones. The security of the guests is very important and thus there should be proper safety guidelines followed by the hotel at all the times. For the ease of guests, there should be proper pick and drop facility available from airports to hotel and vice-versa (Burden, 2015). There should be a person available at the service of the guests every time. There should be a garden area available in the hotel premises so that the guests can go for a walk when they feel like. Also there should be a sitting area available within the hotel where the guests can do exercise and relax. The food available should be cooked maintaining proper hygiene. It should be of high quality and should include a variety of cuisines to serve the needs of the international guests well. There should be proper lighting and the interior of the hotel should be pleasing to the eyes of the guests. Most importantly, it should be ensured that the primary objective of holding the conference is accomplished.

Planning & risk management:

Another responsibility of conference manager includes planning and risk management as it is considered as mandatory work of whole conference. In relation to  conference and Banqueting manager of Crown Plaza Hotel, it is necessary to plan whole conference according to theme which is finalised on the basis of clients requirement as well as international delegates  who are going to attend. For effective planning it is mandatory for the manager to understand actual vision and motive of conferences for which it going to be conducted.

In addition to this, overall management of  risk is also considered as the most essential responsibility of conference manager. Event of conference includes various types of risk such as power failure, natural hazards, medical emergencies, withdrawal from sponsors, food safety, Last time cancellation and so on. These are considered as the  main risk which are required to be managed by conference manager (Deng, 2012). In relation to international conference, major risk of which has been evaluated by its conference manager is last minute power failure, withdrawal of sponsor are considered as the main problem that might occur at the time of conference. In order to minimise its effect, conference and Banqueting manager of Crown Plaza Hotel have signed agreement with the sponsor in which it is clearly specified that amount which is expected by sponsor will be taken before the event only.  This will resolve the problem for sponsors withdrawal. Another risk that power failure will be managed by taking proper back up of lighting so that if in case any things misshapen then it will not affect execution event.

Conceptualisation and designing the theme:

It is important for Conference and Banqueting manager of Crown plaza Hotel to make initially finalise the theme for international conference as it will be going to involve approximately 250 international delegates. Responsibility of manager is not limited to make the event successful but also to satisfy actual requirement of participants. For this, it is important to finalise an attractive theme for conference which will help in engaging participants at the time of conference. In this, main responsibility to choose cultural theme which is capable of reflecting basic religion of London. But decoration of the same theme will be mild and soothing as professional conferences can not opt high level for decoration which might distract international delegates from their actual motive of the conference (Bladen and et. al., 2012).

Along with this, another responsibility of conference manager to opt those theme which looks more attractive but in actuality it should consume  less amount. This will generate more amount of profit for the Hotel too. It is essential for manager to execute all of its events effectively as it helps them to increase their networking with the satisfied clients as well as other visitors who have attended the event. These networks are successful in getting future contracts and tender that will directly enhance profitability of Crown Plaza Hotel.

It can be said that increase in number of events also increases profitability ratio of Hotel as through the event hotel not only earns from the clients but they also generate their money from various sponsors who are interested in promoting their products with the medium of conferences and other events at international level. Sponsors are helpful for events which not only shares responsibility of expenses which are going to be spent on the event. This directly increases profitability of Hotel.

Site  management:

Another responsibility conference manager include site management of conference. In this manager of conference and banqueting of Crown Plaza Hotel is required to manage whole site effectively for making the event rememberable and successful. Main responsibility of manager is to conduct event in attracting manner with minimum chances of faults. It includes usage of moderate, low and high reflective lightening that is important for conducting conference meeting. As it will be required according to the situation such as conference will include presentation which requires low lightening. While at the time of award moderate type of lightening will be helpful (Hassanien and Dale, 2013).

Site management also involves seating arrangement and decoration in venue hall. Each and every table will contain 4 chairs with the table lamp. As it is mandatory to comfort every guest and give them opportunity to sit with their own people. It will also helps them to understand actual concept of conference for which it is organised. In addition to this, it is essential to equip table with relevant materials that involves water (hot and cold) according to the requirement of guest. Decoration will be mild only to represent all things attractive rather than this main focus will be conducting more informative and interactive conference which will be beneficial for both the organiser as well as participant.

It also includes enhancement of transportation facilities as 250 international delegates are going to be participated who actually requires pick and drop facility to attend the event. This will be help in comforting all the coming participants with transportation facility. In addition to this, participants will be also feel special with personalise services which also influence them to opt same event manager for future conferences and other events (Kitchin, 2011).


Conference meeting will going to be marketed by opting many strategies like using theme  for the actual conference which would be helpful in engaging visitors during their visit. Along with  this, personal invitation will be send to the guest according to clients list. Invitation will be  attractive according to required standard client and its reputation. Attractive invitation will also persuade guest to visit conference for sure. As per international conference, E-mails are considered as more feasible option to convey accurate information to the guest including all relevant information.

In addition to this, marketing strategy also include promotion of conference within the Hotel that is internal premises will going to be promoted with the premises that is banner, hoardings and flexes (McCallaghan, 2015).

Site & crowd management:

Seating arrangement of the guests will be held in conference hall in order to manage whole event effectively. Crowd management of conference meeting will be managed by hiring third party security which is helpful in managing whole crowd at time of event. Along with this, barricades are also going to be used  in order to execute whole event in systematic manner. It will also include an emergency plan that is mandatory for security of guest as well as whole working staff of organisation. Emergency plan for international conference includes double door entry and and exit way which will beneficial for attender at the time of any misshapenness (Pantelidis, 2018).

In addition to this, special safety measure will be used for ensuring life safety of visitors and other people present at the time of event. In this, risk evaluation will be conducted with team  that will enable us to identify actual problems which can be started at the time of conference. Responsibilities of managing crowd is not only limited to provide security to guest. It also includes accommodation for international delegates according to their comfort zone. Along with this, food items will be offered as per the preference of client (Pavlović, 2014).


Responsibilities of conference and banqueting manager is to utilise whole available space in effective manner. In relation to this, manager of the event will use high quality equipment which are successful in securing life of visitors who are present their at the time of event. In order to utilise whole available space effectively it is important for conference manager to estimate number visitor so that preparation of their accommodation and other basic activities can be prepared. To conduct performance in meticulous way and proper use spacious place in Hotel Crown Plaza. They provide first aid facility who got injured during conference. To attend conferences from several countries there are 250 international delegates who are going to participate in conference. It is important for manager to remain their hotel vacant which will help them to adjust all international clients without compromising with the quality of services (Shams, 2013).

It also includes arrangement of effective seating arrangement for attender in the large conference hall which will help them to make them comfortable in whole conference sessions.

Safety and security:

Responsibility of Conference manager also includes safety and security of whole event as huge number of people are involved in it. It is important to follow all the security measures that is availing safe environment to international delegates that is participants of conference. Manager can provide security to all people by providing securing them with theft and damage of life. For this, special security team will be hired only for events which is habitual in securing all human beings. Along with this, whole event will be under the eye of the cameras that is capable of covering each and every table along with entrance and exit gate.

Its responsibility also includes to use good quality of equipments in whole conferences that is table, chairs, chandelier etc. which are considered as the basic  requirement of conference. It can be said that if any of the stated items are not good quality it might harm people who are present. So, it is the responsibility of conference and Banqueting manager of Crown Plaza Hotel to use high quality equipments and  also recheck in order to execute whole conference safely (Smit, 2012).

According to Health and Safety legislation, it is responsibility of Crown Plaza Hotel to high safe environment to all of its working staff as well as its guest who are present under its premises. So that they can work freely without any harm. This ultimately comes to the responsibility of conference to renew all the license which are mandatory for the event. And also supervise whole event properly that is helpful in making overall conference safe and successful.

Provision of food & Beverage:

The responsibilities of the Conference Manager includes:

The hotel should have at least one large dining hall that can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. The food provided in the conference should be fresh and of good quality. The food service should ensure proper hygiene in terms of food safety and reduced food wastage. Food should be sufficiently available at all the times. The food available should be of different cuisines to suit the choices of the various delegates. The choice of vegetarian and non vegetarian should be available for the guests in the conference to have the food of their preference. The management of Crown Plaza Hotel is responsible for maintaining properly air-conditioned and ventilated space for eating. There should be provision of proper seats and tables for all the delegates. Also there should be sufficient number of waiters available in the conference room at all times to take timely orders from the delegates. There should be bar counters having variety of  drinks with bartenders to take orders from the guests. The presentation of food also needs to be focussed upon. The food items available in the conference must look good and have a decent placing and presentation on the tables (Venske, 2018).


From the above mentioned report, it has been evaluated that conferences, Banqueting and events are considered as some of the ways through which people can easily interact with bulk of people in positive manner. It has been observed that responsibility of conference and event manager is not limited to organise an event and earn their profit ratio. But it also includes some of major responsibility that is executing whole event in positive and secure manner so that people can interact with each other properly and  can enjoy their special occasion.


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