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Hospitality Assignment UKCBC College BTECH Level 4

Answer :


Air Asia has adopted the low price strategies with the purpose to gain the competitive advantage in the market. There has been the tremendous growth in airliner industry in last few years. The significant factor which has supported an industry in achieving success and fostering growth is technology. This variable has supported hospitality in improving the qualities of services and allowed the Air Asia company to provide additional facilities to their customers. Purpose of an  organisation is to make their client feel comfortable during the journey (Talluri,  and Van Ryzin, 2006) Business entity intends to target customers by offering  preferably low cost flight in exchange of full fill services offered by other airlines at higher cost. But besides the advantages of technology there are some disadvantages as well. Technical issues may lead to the high risk to passenger safety during travelling (RUDD, 2017) Present research emphasizes on identifying the role of technology in Hospitality industry .

Suggested questions:

  1. What is the Role  of technology in hospitality sector ?
  2. What is the effect of technical issues on the growth of airline?
  3. What is the significance of technology in Hospitality industry?
  4. What are the techniques or strategies which can be adopted to eliminate or reduce technical errors?

Research Objectives :

 Aim of investigation :To identify the role of technology in Airline industry.

Objective of the research :

  • To develop the understanding about the importance of technology in Hospitality.
  • To recognise the ways or techniques which can be utilised for minimising or reducing technical errors.
  • To determine the effect or influence of technical issues on the growth or profitability of airline industry.

Reason for selecting the research Topic:

The topic role of technology in an airline industry has been chosen , As the scholar has interest in developing the understanding about the factors which has supported an industry in achieving success and fostering growth. Another reason which has encouraged the investigator to conduct research on this specific topic is the increase in accidents in airlines industry.

Literature Review

Significance of technology in Airline industry

Technology has crucial role to play in Airliner industry. This is the factors which has supported an industry in improving the quality of services and provided firm an opportunity to provide extra facilities such as online booking etc. (Williams, 2017)  Technology is an essential part of productivity and it has assisted a business entity in bringing positive as well as drastic change in activities , policies , procedures as well as system. As per the opinion of Air Asia (2018) technology is an important part of production in the airline industry as it assist in combining two inputs of the industry such as the labour and aircraft to produce capacity of the airline.  According to the opinion of  Helmreich (2004) Technology has provided airline industry a way through which they can increase the passenger safety during travelling.

Effect of the Technical issues on the Airline Industry

As per the perception of Assaf, A.G. and Josiassen, A., (2012) In present scenario, since few years  technical faults  or errors are a common scenario seen in the airline industries which has lead to high risk to passenger safety when travelling. According to the thought of Bartiromo, M. (2017) Management as well as technical team in airline company is accountable for risk which has occurs due to technical errors. As per the view of Distexhe, V. and Perelman, S., 1994,Technical department is mainly responsible for the accidents.

Methods or techniques to minimise technical errors

There are several ways , techniques or strategies which can be utilised by an airlines company in order to avoid accidents as well as technical faults. As per the view of  Assaf and Josiassen (2012) an enterprise is required to conduct risk assessment before allowing the use of new aircraft for travelling by passenger. According to the opinion of (Buhalis 2004) every time before departure of flight , technical team should check the  aircraft. According to the perception of Belobaba, P., Odoni, A. and Barnhart, C. eds., (2015)., pilot should be provided with appropriate training and another important thing that technical team team should inform the pilot about the technical issues in the aircraft. Pilot should be provided with the information about the usage of systems or new technical devices in the aircraft .Other technical issues that the airline can overcome and provide the customers with better service in and outside flights are the use of blended wings.

Research approaches

There are mainly two research approaches that can be used for conducting the investigation on the specific topic these inductive and deductive. In the present investigation scholar will use inductive research approach (Rosenkopf and Tushman,1998)This approach has been selected on the basis of assumptions that it will help scholar in reaching to the appropriate  conclusion. As by applying the several concepts , models and theories , researcher will able to make suitable decision. Inductive approach is also selected for conducting the investigation on the basis of fact that this approach is useful in developing or preparing the questionnaire for gathering information relevant to the topic of investigation (Buhalis, 2004)

Resign designs and Methods

Investigation philosophy: interpretive  and  positivism are the two research philosophies. In the Present study, investigator will utilise  positivism research philosophies. As the technology is the factor which have positive impact on Aviation industry. This Investigation philosophy will help scholar in identifying the positive side of the fact. It will also assist researcher in accomplishing the desired targets or goals.

Research design: There are several research designs these are  descriptive, exploratory and explanatory. In the present investigation , scholar will utilise exploratory research design in order to develop the depth understanding about the use of technology and its impact on airline industry.

Sampling :  sampling is considered to be the techniques used for selecting the only few numbers of participants from large number of  population in order to gathered information relevant to the topic of investigation. Sampling techniques is used by  investigator in order to ensure the collection of complete and detailed information. There are different types of sampling techniques these are cluster , target ,  systematic random and random sampling. In present investigation , scholar will use the random sampling method for selecting the participants. Investigator will choose 20 participant from the large population.

Research techniques: There are various techniques which can be used by scholar during the investigation for collecting the information or data , these are qualitative and quantitative method. Selection  of technique or methods of collecting data depends on sources of information and also on the nature as well as topic of the research. In present study researcher will utilise  qualitative research method for conducting the investigation. These techniques of data collection has been selected on the basis of the consideration related to nature and topic of investigation (Kumar,Scheer and Kotler,2000)

Data analysis:This is the important activity in the investigation on which overall performance of the project is dependent. Data analysis is crucial in terms of making information useful as well as beneficial for other users as well. In present research data analysis has been  investigator  for extracting the useful information and eliminating the unwanted data. Data analysis helps in ensuring the reliableness and accuracy of information. It also assists scholar in making suitable judgement. In present investigation , scholar will use thematic analysis. This technique have been selected for analysing information and making it look more presentable (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, 2015)

Primary and secondary sources of information

There are mainly two sources from where the data can be collected these are primary and secondary source. In the present investigation , scholar will use both for gathering data related to the topic. Primary data will be collected by utilizing the questionnaire and personal interview techniques. Questionnaire will be circulated or distributed to the participants through email.. Questionnaire will consist of all the  question relevant to the topic. There are some question which are required to be answered by the participant in detail, while some questions are close ended. Due to limited time duration , researcher has appointed a person to interview participants (Robson and McCartan,2016)


It has been recommended to Air Asia company that it should focus on identifying the ways to  reduce the chances of the accident due to technical issues. The another advice to  management  team in Air Asia company is to make appropriate training arrangement to employee in technical department as well as Pilots. The company should concentrate on improving the management system. It has also been advice to Air Asia organisation , that business entity should conduct risk assessment before employing new equipment in an aircraft and before allowing new aeroplane to fly (Gittell, 2003) More employees should be educated about the ways to deal with the emergency situation. Technology can be employed by an organisation in customer service area.As this will assist firm in improving the quality of services.


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