Knowledge Regarding Use of Substances in our Daily Life

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Question :

Questions- This assessment will cover following questions:

  1. What is the reason that people are addicted to drugs. Explain the same using current statistics?
  2. Why does most of people consider wine as a combination with pizza?
  3. Describe the punishments that is considered for the consumption of crime?
Answer :


Drugs is the substance which are used by humans and it is changing human psychology when it is consumed. Drugs can be consumed by way of injection, smoking, ingestion and dissolution under tongue. It can be big reason in which criminals are consuming drugs, and they are committing crime. Drugs are also sold in market in from of medicines but these drugs are sold to patients which need these drugs. These drugs which are sold on medical are pharmaceutical drugs. It will help to treat patients disease and cure them. The report is providing knowledge regarding use of substances in out daily life. Substances like drugs are consumed and what might people face after consuming drugs is also discussed in report. Legal classification of drugs is also provided in report. There is strong relation between drugs and crime and that relation is also discussed in report (Dostoyevsky 2017).

What is Drugs

Reasons of taking drugs: There are several reasons of taking drugs and it varies person to person as per their situations or conditions. The main common reason of taking drugs is to change something about lives. Other reasons and factors for which people take drugs and gradually they become addicted such as: For becoming fit, to relieve boredom, to escape or for making themselves relax, to experiment etc. In the context of drugs, it can also be said that it is essentially poison. The amount in which people take it, determines effect. For example: If people take it in a small amount and as a medicine then it acts as a stimulate and healing. On the other hand when it is taken to the great extent or in a great amount then it acts as a sedative or even can lead to death. It mainly affects mind of people and slow down their speed of thinking and working.

Prevalence rates: It refers a proportion of an individual in a population who have some specific or particular disease at a specific point in a timely manner. It can also be said that it refers probability that a member of the population has given treatment at a specific time.

Theories of addiction: There are several theories of addiction which are being developed with the main aim of identifying the mechanisms that can help psychologists in understanding as well as observing behaviours of patients and people are drugs addicted.

Bio-psychosocial theory: This theory is mainly for critic pain. This theory suggests that physiotherapy should integrate psychological treatment to address all components comprising the experience of people who are in critic conditions. It also helps psycho logistics in identifying relation between biology and socio-economic factors in order to better understand the type of disease, human behaviours for improving their health. (Fishman 2018).

Illicit drugs

Common types of drugs which are used by people in their daily life are cigarette, alcohol and paracetamol tablets. Coffee can also be said as drugs because if anyone is addicted to coffee one cannot leave without coffee even for second. Coffee can be said as drugs because it will contain caffeine which cannot be consumed by people in large quantity. In case of cigarette and alcohol people are consuming these substances and these are having major effect on their health. Excessive amount of cigarette and alcohol is not only damaging part of body but it will also damage the image of person in public.

Paracetamol are drugs which are consumed by people in case of head ache and it will provide instant relief to patients. Paracetamol is the best way for people to cure their problems and these will have effect on health of people because it can be said as slow drug. These slow drugs are affecting health of people but effect of consuming tablets will be seen after age of 40. There are some rules and regulation made by government on consumption of drugs. Government is taking effective measures for controlling consumption of drugs (Wright Musini and Gill 2018).

What is crime

Crime is related to drugs because it will possess and manufacture or distribute drugs. Crimes are conducted like abuse, cocaine, heroine and morphine. Drugs are cause for drug trafficking, drug production and these all are controlled by way of drug cartels and gangs which are supplying drugs in youth and teens. In case of drugs consumption sexual assault and robbery is also involved. In UK there are some jurisdiction which are made for stopping crimes. According to research conducted it will be stated that rug related crime is being increasing in country. Problematic crimes will include shoplifting, property crime and drug dealing as well. As per research 70 % of people are consuming drugs in their daily life which will be affecting drugs at large extent (Samuelsson and Bohlin 2017).

Legalization of drugs

In these laws enforcement strategies are made by government for reducing crime in economical way. There are not any possible way for violating laws and because people are finding loop holes in laws for safeguarding themselves form penalties. Drug related crime is increasing because of psychological effect of drugs which will be having effect on health of people. Drugs are traded in unequal way which will result in illicit trade and violence. These drugs are sold in market but are sold at large cost and are quite expensive. People are committing crime because they are not able to buy drug. So, they are committing crime and stealing money for buying drugs (White Haines and Asquith 2017).

There is strong nexus between drug use and crime because people are not able to buy drugs, and they are committing crime. Drug legalization will not be decreasing consumption of drugs. Government must take effective measures for stopping the availability of drugs in market. If, the drugs are stopped supplying in market people will not buy drugs and it will not have negative effect on health of people. Suppers are selecting target market which are universities which can afford to buy drugs. Those people which want to leave drug consumption cannot leave it easily and so, these type of people must be admitted to rehabilitation centers. Rehabilitation centers are centers where these types of patients are treated and cured. In case when people are not getting drugs they can harm anyone even to family is these type of patients must be admitted to rehabilitation centers (Kanehisa, and, 2017).

Theories of Addiction

Biopsychosocial theory: Research suggests that a family history of addictions make a person more likely to develop an addiction compared to people without a family history of addiction. Therefore, it is possible that a person's biological factors could play a role in the development of addiction. Individuals whose family is addicted to drugs are at more risk for developing habit of consuming drugs. Social circumstances of individual also lays emphasis on consuming drugs. Like for example lack of education, poverty can force individual to take drugs.

Family is dealing with problems like they are facing problems relating to money and financial condition of family is also not so good. Family is facing mental stress and worried about family members which is consuming drugs. In case of person is sent to rehabilitation centers family is facing stress and trauma which will have effect on their health. The person which has consumed drugs is dealing with mental pressure but family of that person is also facing same problems (Gossop 2017).

Drugs have severe effect on health of person, it will have negative effect on heart, mouth, kidneys, chest, nose and hair. Kidney and liver will be effect large scale by consuming drugs. Skin of body is affected because of over consumption of drugs. There are severe consequences of drugs on human body and it will have impact on mental health of individual. That person will not be communicating with anyone and that person will be facing mood swings.

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How do We Measure Drugs and Crime in UK

Drugs are consumed by people on large scale, people are consuming opioids, cannabis and cocaine. Opioids are particularly known as heroin and these drugs are called as illicit drugs. In UK majorly 51% people are taking injection of cocaine and heroin is must to common drug which is taken by people in UK. In first time, client cannabis is given to them which enter their body. Then second time cocaine is given to people because it will capture mind of individual on large scale. Proper treatment services are given to people but in the case of treatment people must have ability and confidence of leaving drugs for lifetime (Procyshyn Bezchlibnyk-Butler and Jeffries eds., 2019).

Cocaine is usually given to young people which are consuming drugs, females are consuming 2.9 % and males are consuming 6.6%. Majority of drugs are consumed by age groups of 15 to 24 which can be founded at universities and schools. Trends is decreasing but at slow rate. MMDA is drug which is sold to young adults on large scale. In these females are consuming 2.2% and males will consume 4.4%. In these also age group of 15 to 24 are consuming drugs and which is 5.1%.

Amphetamines are drugs which are given to people and females are consuming 0.7% and males are consuming 1.2%. In these young adults are consuming 1.5% of drugs. Trends of consuming drugs is decreasing but it has given impact on health of people. In UK majority of people are consuming drugs of heroin and it is said as primary substance which can be traded in UK easily. Government is spreading awareness among public and these have decreased the usage of drugs in UK.

Why drugs cause crime

Drugs are main cause of crime because drugs are sold too expensive in market. Once people started consuming drugs and have taken two to three dosage of drugs then they will demand more. So, people are committing crime for buying drugs. People are so mad behind drugs that they are committing serous crimes for drugs. People can use abusive language, and they are even ready to stole money for buying drugs. Drugs are sold illegally in every part of world and so suppliers are supplying drugs in confidentially and if they are caught they will tell about their customers. Those customers which are using drugs are levied with heavy penalties (Sun, and, 2019).

What does the Government Says?

Government has adopted drug strategy, 2017 in which they are being involved in stopping the usage of drugs. This strategy aims therefore remain to reduce all illicit and other harmful drug use, and increase the rate of individuals recovering from their dependence. Government is engaged in gathering data about the effectiveness of efforts which has been taken by them. They are being involved in reducing demand of drug. This can be done by motivating youth to visit rehab centres so that they can get free from this habit. Also they are trying to restrict supply. In order to achieve this government is taking help from coordinated partnership. It will also assist them in tackling drugs and criminal activities which are being done from it.

Government is taking effective measures for stopping crime which is related to drugs. So, government is taking effective measures for drug consumption and also against drug suppliers.

What Does The Media Say?

Use of illicit drug is the most popular topic among media in UK. Media says that most of the individuals who are engaged in taking drugs are also involved in criminal activities. It has been analyzed that Television, radio and print media has significant impact on perception of individuals related to usage of drugs. Some media also miss-represents the role of drug. They do not display exact scenarios which happened at the crime place. Media also provides that there must be a ban on usage of drugs in pubs and bar.

In schedule 2 it will include high rate of potential and abuse lag with it will also have impact on health of individual. Like cocaine and meth are included in these schedule. Cocaine is falling under category of stimulant and it is known as coke in general language. It is recreational drug which is commonly snorted or inhaled. It can also be taken by way of dissolving in cokes and drinks.

In schedule 3 drugs are moderate and it re not used by people for misuse. It will include steroids, testosterone and many more. Steroids are given to reduce inflammation in hormones. These steroids are as known as Corticosteroid. Anabolic steroids are used by people for body building (Robinson and Adinoff 2016).

In schedule 4 there are drugs which are used by people in medicines and it will not have major effect on health of humans. The drugs in schedule 4 are Valium, atavian, and ambien. These are medicines which is prescribed by doctors to patients for curing them. These will cause problems like cramp and vomiting.

In schedule 5 drugs are medicines which are use for antitussive, analgesic and antidiarrheal. These medicines are prescribed by doctors for curing patients relating to diarrhea. Drugs are divided in different schedules which is classifying on basis of usage and effect of drugs.

Critically Analyze Relationship Between Drugs and Crime

There is strong relation between drug and crime because crime is started in need of drug and after consuming drugs (What’s the Relation Between Drugs and Crime, 2018).. These all will have impact on health of people which are consuming drugs. Drugs are sold illegally in market and so, people are tending to buy drugs on large scale. So, these drugs are sold expensive in market. People are committing crimes like shoplifting, property crime and violence as well. Drugs consuming people are violent and can harm anyone including their family members. So these will have impact on to their health of family as well (Ecker, and, 2019).

There is significant relationship between drug use and crime, one survey was conducted by NIJ sponsored , report of this survey explains that drug encourages people to commit crime. Criminal behavior is generally high in the people those who are addicted to any kind of drug. In the year 2012 department of justice reveled that there are many criminal cases which are related to drug offenses. It is found that more than 50% criminals are clinically addicted and around 60% people arrested and their test results were positive that they have taken drug while committing that crime (Fact Sheet: Drug-Related Crime, 1994). In the year 2013 research was done which reveled that most of the people commit crime because of having lack of income sources hence they have to fulfill their basic needs hence they get involved into drug dealing, prostitution etc illegal activities. When they live in such atmosphere then they become addicted to drug and when they fail to buy it with money then they commit such kind of crime or get involved into such dangerous activities to buy drugs. If the person starts taking painkiller and become addicted of it. In such condition if the person fail to buy it then individual starts taking wrong way to buy it to get relief from their pain. (Borges, and, 2016).


From the above study it can be concluded that drug uses promotes criminal activities in country. Users of drugs are more likely to engaged in such kind of illegal activities. Once person become addicted to any kind of drug then to get that drug person go ahead towards the illegal activities. Use of drug encourages criminal behavior and individual fails to realize the difference between right and wrong. These patients are quite violent and can harm so these patents are kept at rehabilitation centers. There is strong relation between crime and drugs because people are committing crimes for drug. Drugs also have some positive impact like these drugs can be used by people for curing their diseases. Dosage of drug must be prescribed by doctors because it will severe effect on health of people of consumed in more quantity. The report is providing knowledge regarding drugs and drugs classification. Hence, it has evaluated that drug must not be consumed by people.

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