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Introduction to Employability Skills

Employability skills are the set of behaviours and skills which are essential for every job. These skills are also known as soft skills, job-readiness skills, foundational skills or work-readiness skills. There are basically eight important proficiencies which an individual should possess. These are team work, communication, planning, organizing, self-management, adapting with technology, learning and taking initiatives. This report is about Akari care Ltd. which is provides medical support to people with mental or physical issues. (National Health Service) which deals with about 1 million patients in every 36 hours. This report covers responsibilities and performance towards the firm. Further, it focuses on developing transferable and interpersonal skills. Moreover, it covers the dynamics of working with others.

Responsibilities and performance objectives of a Nurse

Being a nurse, there are number of roles and responsibilities that I have to perform and my work depends on the patient’s needs. Following are my responsibilities as a nurse.

Care provider

There are number of supports provided by nurse like physical needs which includes total care for the patients with illness. They maintain a dignity with their patients by providing them with skilled care. In other words, it means that nurses address developmental, spiritual, psychosocial and cultural needs. Role of care provider also includes all the other elements which help in encouraging patients.

Effective decision maker

I have to use critical thinking skills for making decisions, for promoting outcomes for the patients and for setting up the goals. Critical thinking also includes analyzing the patient, understanding their problems, evaluating outcomes, implementing interventions and planning. I also have to apply my clinical judgments for selecting the best course of action for the patient.

Care manager

I have to support other workers of health care like Manager of care and I also need to ensure that the patients are properly taken care. I have to coordinate and direct care for both nonprofessional and professionals so that patient’s goals can be fulfilled. I am responsible for patient’s care from the moment he enters the Akari care Ltd. till the time he gets discharged. Among all these responsibilities, I have to manage care for multiple patients.

Advocate of patients

This is the most important role which I have to play. I have to protect all the rights of my patients. I have to act on the behalf of my patient and have to support them in all the occurred situations.

Own effectiveness against defined job

I have analyzed my effectiveness against the defined job which is as follows:

Care proving

This is one of the main roles which I have to perform. I always get failed in providing them proper care. I used to fail in understanding the actual needs which the patients expect from me.

Taking tests

I have to conduct many tests like blood tests, sugar and checking blood pressure (BP). Among these tests, blood test is very difficult for me as I find difficulty in choosing the right vain from which blood has to be taken.


Whenever doctors come for rounds and ask me regarding each patient’s problems, at that point of time, I used to get nervous in telling him the actual problem about patient’s illness.

Decision making

Most of the patients will not be in a condition to perform any job or may not be even able to express their requirements. In such conditions, I always get failed in taking effective decisions for my patients. Also, I am unable to understand the needs and requirements of my patients. Moreover, I get failed in getting proper time for each and every patient. There are many patients under me and I find difficulty in spending time with each patient equally.

Advocate of patients

There are many rights which are provided to the patients which I have to take care of. They have rights that care home will provide them with necessary health services along with right to privacy, to receive medical records, etc. I do take care of all the rights of my patients and provide them the required information.

Recommendations for improvements

Following are the steps which I can follow in order to remove my weaknesses:


I always get failed in understanding the requirements of patients. For improving this weakness, I will improve my knowledge regarding their illnesses. Once I will get familiar with their illness issues, then I will be able to understand the requirements of patients. Thorough study of their illness will be helpful in understanding the needs that patients will expect from me.

Decision making

A good nurse is one who understands the problems of their patients and takes appropriate steps for solving them. I have to improve my decision making skills so that I may be able to develop faith among patients and they can be cured quickly.

Developing confidence

I will study every issue of the patients so that when doctors come on rounds would ask me the issues that patient is facing, then I will be able to explain that confidently. People who have complete knowledge regarding a specific topic, they are confident enough to give answers to all the questions. Similarly, complete study of all the issues of patient will help me in developing confidence for providing the doctor with answers regarding the patient's illness.

Use of motivational techniques to improve the quality of performance

Motivation is the desire of employees for performing job. Staffs who are motivated will be more engaged, devoted and productive towards their work. Moreover, they will improve their quality of work which is performed by them. Following are the few techniques through which staffs can be motivated in improving the quality of performance:

Continuously ask for feedback

Nurses should be asked frequently regarding the nursing issues which they face. Open discussion should be encouraged like challenges that they face in care home environment, through patients, form stressful nursing issues or through working schedules.


Nurses should be given with the opportunity to experience and demonstrate leadership on regular basis. They should be scheduled in such a way that they would lead department’s staffs or other nurses. This would motivate and encourage them for conducting their job effectively.

Positive communication

Communication plays a vital role in motivating the employees of any profession especially in busy and stressful nursing environment. Effective communication will help in developing caring, supportive and friendly atmosphere. They should be supported in specific problems. For example, if a nurse experience frustration which a patient, then more experienced nurse should be assigned for that patient so that she may concentrate on others effectivelly. In short, friendly interaction and positive language will motivate the nurses and help them in performing their job effectually.

Solution to work base problems

Nurses play a vital role in health and social care. There are many challenges which they face. Following are the solutions for few of their issues:

Long hours of working

Nurses normally have to work for long hours. There are number of cases where they have to work back to back. According to a survey done by Health Affairs it was found that longer shifts for nurses, higher are the level of dissatisfaction to patients and burnouts. More specifically, in this research it was found that, when nurses work more than 13 hours patient’s dissatisfaction increases. As a solution to this problem, Akari care Ltd. should schedule the timing in such a way that nurses should work for 10 hours per day and not more than that. This will help in providing proper care for the patients.


Every day nurses face hazards at their work place. Hazards like blood borne pathogens which are type of infections in human blood which causes diseases and many other types of injuries. According to a research done by Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) it was found that 5.6 million out of 12.2 million workers who are related with health and social care were at risk because of bloodborne pathogens. Only way to overcome this problem is by taking safety measures like providing masks, clean gloves and cleaning the hospitals frequently.


It is a feeling of being under an emotional or mental pressure. During emergency cases Doctors and nurses have to reach to hospitals even if they had finished their working hours for the day (Laton, 2006). This creates a stress situations among Doctors and nurses due to work pressure.

Different ways of communicating regarding problems

In relation with the work base problems following are the various techniques which are useful in communication the problems:

Verbal communication

Nurses can directly approach their superiors and convey their problem face to face. This technique is very effective as the speaker can also express his/her emotions. If nurse conveys her problem effectively, then immediate steps will be take to solved their problems. Other way through which problems can be conveyed is through telephone or mobile phone. Nurses can ring up their superiors and can convey their problems. One more way to convey problems is by answering machine or voice mails.


Nurses can write down their issues which they face on duty. This is a slow process but effective. This type of technique can be used in solving hazard problems.


Frequent meeting are conducted where important decision are taken related to issues faced by nurses. This type of meeting will be helpful in scheduling working hours for nurses. Most of the nurses have to work overtime which make them irritated and impatient. Work scheduled in such a way that nurse’s work 10 hours per day and not more than that.

Effective time management strategies

Time management is a type of planning process which helps in arraigning tasks according to their importance and which in turn helps in increasing productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Following are the strategies which can be adopted by health and social for effective time management:

Setting up priorities

Different types of patients are admitted. Emergency cases patients should be taken care first. Patient who require more attention should be given more time so they may recover as early as possible.


Akari care Ltd. should schedule time so that nurses work 10 hours per day. Nurses who work more than 10 hours a day will not be able to perform their work effectively. Proper rest should be given to nurse so that they may be able to focus on other patients effectively.


There may be patients who may be mentally sick and lack to perform normal work. These kinds of patients have to give more care which is possible for nurses only when they are given proper spare time to relax themselves. Sufficient break should be given to nurse so that they can have friendly interactions with other nurses and could reduce their stress.

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Evaluating tools and methods for developing solutions to problems

There are many problems which are faced by health and social care. As it was discussed above, it was seen that stress is the main issue due to which patients are not treated properly. Following are the tools which help in developing solution for this problem:

Having interaction with other nurses

When a nurse feels stressed out with something, then they should share this with other nurses. This helps in reducing stress and a good relationship with other staffs are important for healthy lifestyle. Firm should provide nurses with proper breaks so they can have a healthy interaction with other nurses. This will be helpful for them in reducing stress.

Adopting motivational theories

There are many theories given by different people which are very helpful in reducing the stress. Most appropriate motivational theory which firm can adopt is Need hierarchy theory as it covers all the areas through which nurses can be motivated. Firm could satisfy their physiological need by providing them proper salary so that this need can be satisfied. Akari care Ltd. can fulfill their safety need by providing them security towards their health. Nurses could be provided with face masks and clean gloves so they may not get affected by any patient's illness. Social needs can be satisfied by helping them with difficult patients, patients with mental problems, etc. There are many situations were nurses find difficulty in understanding the patient’s needs. Such cases should be given to more experienced nurses. Esteem need can be satisfied by giving them respect. Firms can achieve this by providing the nurses with promotions and additional responsibilities. When staffs are provided with additional responsibilities and promotions they will be able to satisfy their esteem need. By applying this theory firm will be able to motivate their staffs and moreover stress can be reduced.


Akari care Ltd. should take feedback form nurses so that different causes could be identified through which nurses feel stress. When reasons are identified, then firm should develop policies which will be helpful in reducing the stress. For example, if a nurse finds difficulty in understanding the requirements or needs of a patient and this results in stress then that nurse should be replaced with more experienced nurse so that the needs and requirements can be fulfilled and nurses will not feel stress.

Strategies which will help in resolving a particular problem

In reducing stress following are the strategies which firm can adopt:


Firm should conduct activities for nurses so that stress can be reduced. Activities should be designed in such a way that all the staffs can have active participation (Scott, 2015). This will help in having interactions with other staff members.

Increasing responsibilities

This one of the best way to reduce stress. Akari care Ltd. should offer nurses with promotions and additional responsibilities. This will help them in motivating and stress can be reduced. Firm should concentrate in motivating their staffs because motivation will help in reducing stress. Nurses should be provided with compensation according to their performance of work. Providing compensation is another way of motivating the employees.


Akari care Ltd. should conduct counseling sections frequently. This will be very much helpful in reducing stress. It will be helpful in handling emotions toward their patients. In addition to this, it will help in understanding the patients more easily. Counseling is a process through which one discovers himself/herself and helps in learning new ways in dealing with different situations. This process help to feel more conformable with other, themselves and helps in developing skills with will be helpful in managing stress. Counseling increases self-awareness and better understanding of how they behave with others. Moreover, it increases self confidence, peace of mind and increases productivity. In short is can be said that counseling will be very much helpful in overcoming the stress problem in nurses.

Evaluating the potential impact on the business of implementing the strategy

Above given strategies will be helpful for the firm in many ways. Following are the impact of on the business of implementing the strategy:

Increases understanding

With the help of strategies applied by the firm, nurses will be able to understand their patients more clearly (Alam, 2009). Firm was problem like lack in understanding needs of patients. With the help of strategies nurses will be able to understand the needs and requirements more clearly.

Effective communication

With the help of strategies applied by firm, communication among the nurse will be improved. Nurses will be able to convey the issues to the Doctors easily.

Clarity in roles and responsibilities

Nurses will be able to understand their roles and responsibilities more effectively. The strategies applied by firm will clear the role and nurses will not have any doubt regarding the job which they have to perform.

Proper care

Nurses will be able to take care of their patients more efficiently. As they will be able to understand the pain through which the patient suffers.

Managing stress

Nurses will be able to manage their stress and they will be able to handle their patients more easily and with more patience. Patience is very important in case patients with mental illness.


From this report, it can be articulated that employability skills are very important in performing any kind of job effectively. For a nurse skills like team work, communication, planning and organizing are very important. In addition to all these skills a nurse should have knowledge regarding all the diseases and meditations which will help to cure them. Knowledge regarding the diseases will be helpful in understanding the needs and requirements of the patients easily. Further, stress management is very important in order to work effectively and efficiently. There are different ways through firm can help their staff in reducing their stress. The best way is providing staffs with counseling which will help in reducing stress effectively.

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