Leadership and Change Management


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Introduction to Leadership and Change Management

Leadership is a leading a group of individuals and teams or ability to lead a group. Further, Change management is a bringing change in management practices or development within a business. This report is based on a case scenario of EE, which is the merger of Orange and T-Mobile. This report will outline the Leadership styles that the cited organization can adopt for successful takeover and the change management models along with the discussion of how resistance to change can be managed effectively with recommendations.

1. Leadership styles that Olaf Swantee should adopt

There are several types of leadership styles are there in business environment and all these leadership styles have its advantages and disadvantages with it. The culture, Goals and objectives determines that which leadership styles will be suitable for Olaf Swantee's Organization. There are several leadership styles which Olaf Swantee can adopt for upcoming takeover of BT. These leadership styles are as follows...


This leadership style is inadequate in providing direct supervision to employees and fails in providing feedback to those individuals who are under their supervision. This leadership style is characterized by very little guidance from leader to their team and gives complete freedom to the team members for decision making. In Laisses fair leadership style team members have to solve their problems at their own leaders does not help. Laisses fair leadership style can be effective in some situations at Olaf Swantee's firm if their team members are highly motivated, skilled and capable for working at their own. If group members are skilled and have efficient knowledge to work independently than these team members are capable enough to complete the task with little guidance. However, This leadership is style is not suitable in situations where team members do not have sufficient knowledge and experience for decision making and completing the task. Moreover, This leadership style is mostly identified as unsolved and withdrawn which can be harmful for the organizations. Thus, This leadership style is not suitable for Olaf Swantee for upcoming takeover of BT.

Autocratic Leadership

The autocratic leadership style is one of the most effective leadership style and recognized as directive leadership. In this leadership style leader of a group or a team have complete control over the team and task. This leadership style is mostly implemented in small business enterprises because their operations and functions are small and possesses limited employees in the firm. Autocratic leadership style is considered as traditional style of leadership. The autocratic leadership style is most effective in working environments because of its instant decision making. In this style leader is completely responsible for decision making and these decisions are made without consulting with team members. Moreover, in this leadership style leader typically supervise all the activities of their team members and employees. Due to this supervision employee works effectively which result in increased profitability and productivity. However, autocratic leadership style has some disadvantages as well. Due to this leadership style team members are completely dependent on the leaders for decision making and completing the task. This style is effective in the presence of the leader only. Moreover, This leadership style increase the burden on the leader because they have all the responsibilities of decision and reviewing the team work.

Democratic Leadership

Here, This leadership style is also known as participative leadership style. In this style of leadership leaders also takes the opinion and suggestions from their team members and give value to them. However, the final responsibility of decision making is still lives with the leader. This leadership style boost employee's moral because it provides the opportunity to team members for their effective contributions in decision making process. Democratic style of leadership motivates team members. When the firm needs to make changes in management of organizations, the democratic leadership helps them to accept the changes easily because they were also involved in decision making process. When firm encourage employees to give their opinions and suggestions for change in management or other management practices , The firm can get several suggestions and ideas from their workforce which the organization can adopt for achieving its goals and objectives. Democratic leadership empowers the employees to be creative and innovative to develop more profitable and productive work process that can make the organization more efficient and successful. However, This leadership style requires some favorable conditions that employee and team members must be knowledgeable, skilled and capable enough to give effective suggestions. Sometimes, this leadership style delays in decision making and implementation because there are more than one person are involved in leadership style. Further, this leadership style is decentralized. Thereby, less qualified executives cannot utilize this leadership style.

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However, it is recommended for Olaf Swantee to adopt democratic leadership style. Democratic leadership style will be helpful in a successful takeover of BT. Since, democratic leadership style involves the participation of all employees and team members, it will help in motivating employees and increasing their morale. Democratic leadership style ask for inputs from workforce in decision making process of organization. The workforce can provide sufficient information with respect to firm's issues and conflicts and accordingly employees can provide the suggestions to the leaders. Through these suggestions and opinions the leaders of Olaf Swantee can create better action plan for upcoming take over of BT. Here, in democratic leadership style the leaders involve their employees in decision making process. Thereby, the workforce can easily accept the policies and decisions which is ranged by general agreement. This leadership style in Olaf Swantee will motivate the employees and lower down the resistance of new policies, rules and regulations which will increase the process of implementing the ideas. Through democratic leadership style the Olaf Swantee can increase its employees morale because of their suggestions and participation in decision making process the employees will feel that they are liable for the success of organization. Moreover, democratic leadership provides the opportunity to utilize the capabilities and knowledge of their workforce. However, it is recommended that Olaf Swantee should adopt democratic leadership style for a successful takeover of BT.

2. Change management models for the EE takeover of BT

There are several models for change management such as Kotter's 8 step change model and Mckinsey 7S framework for reviewing organizations capabilities from different prospects. These are as follows...

Kotter's 8-Step Change model

The changes are constant in the organizations. Thereby the workforce should be capable enough to be competent to these changes. The changed management can be easily adopted in EE for takeover of BT with help of Kotter's 8 step change model. These 8 steps of change are as follows.

1. Establish a sense of urgency

In the first step according to Kotter's change model Olaf Swantee, chief executive of EE should develop a sense of urgency in employee's mind that change is necessary for achieving the goals and objectives. Through this cited firm can motivate its workforce for change.

2. Form a strong coalition

In second step, cited firm have to convince its employee that change is necessary and the employee's should develop a powerful collaboration. In establishing powerful coalition in employees EE would require strong leadership and has to provide visible support to its team members. When the management of EE will be successful in building powerful team. The employees will promote team work around the need of urgency.

3. Create a vision for change

Further, when employees in EE start thinking about the changes they can provide many ideas for managing takeover of BT. The management should link these concepts to overall vision for which the change is happening. The clear vision will help the employees to understand the need of change in organization.

4. Communicate the vision

After creating a vision the management should communicate this vision in all team members. The vision should be communicated effectively between employees of EE and they should have strong desire to work on this vision.

5. Remove obstacles

In continuation to following these steps, the firm can reach at the effective place of the change process. The firm should put in place the structure for change and continuously examine if there are any obstacles are coming in between. Removing these barriers can empower the employees of EE to execute the vision.

6. Create short term win

Furthermore, The cited firm should create short term targets also along with long term goals and objectives. When the employees achieve these short term targets it will motivate them for achieve the long term objective of EE and it will also help in managing takeover of BT.

7. Build on the change

The 7th step describes that employees should continuously develop the change management. Each success in change management will provide the opportunity to build what is correct and what can be improved. The firm can set the goals to continue the building on the strength EE have achieved.

8. Incorporate the changes in corporate culture

At last, in this stage the firm should make the changes stick to the organization. This will help in establishing powerful change management of BT takeover. For incorporating these changes EE can discuss the progress with employees whenever they get the opportunities. For instance, cited firm can tell its employees the success stories of the change process and tell other success stories related with this. Moreover, the firm can also involve the change idea and values at the time of recruiting and selecting new workforce.

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Mackinsey 7S framework

The Mckinsey's 7S model can be used for managing EE's takeover of BT. Through this framework EE can improve the performance of its employees and identifies the positive effects of changes within an organization (Long-Crowell, 2015). The Mckinsey's 7S model involves 7 Mutually beneficial factors for firm and employees. Which is as follows...

1. Strategies

The strategies defined as the plan which is formed to maintain and develop competitive advantage of managing the change with BT takeover.

2. Structure

The structure defines the authorities and who reports to whom.

3. Systems

Further, this element describes the routine operations and functions of business

4. Shared Values

Shared values are also known as secondary goals of the firm. These are the core values that EE evidence in the corporate culture and general work.

5. Style

The style depicts with the leadership style it has adopted to manage changes of BT takeover.

6. Staff

The staff is the workforce of organization. This also depicts that the remuneration and how they can be attracted and retained in the firm with what capabilities (Todnem By, 2005).

7. Skills

Skills are concerned with the competencies of the employees for working in the organization and managing the change of BT takeover.

Further Part is in Appendix

However, the EE takeover of BT can be managed by applying these models in practices of cited firm's operations. With the help of Kotter's 8 step of change management the firm is making its workforce to improve their performances which will help the organization in takeover of BT. Moreover, With support of these models the workforce of EE has improved its performance and capable enough to achieve all short term and long term objectives of the firm.

3. Managing resistance to change during the takeover and ethical recommendations

Resistance for change is the action taken by employees in the organization when they realize that a change is occurring in the organization as a threat for them. The resistance to change can be managed during the takeover of BT. It is recommended to EE that increase the participation and involvement of all employees in decision making process. When workforce will be involved in the change effort they will more capable to adopt the changes with regards to BT takeover rather than resist the changes. This participation and involvement can be increased by effective leadership within the workforce. However, EE is recommended to adopt democratic leadership style which encourage employees by involving their opinions.

Thus, by applying this strategy the firm can easily manage resistance to change during the BT takeover. Furthermore, cited firm can also manage the resistance by providing training and by establishing effective communication with the workforce. This is one of the best recommended way to overcome resistance to change during the takeover of BT. The firm can provide the training to its workforce about the change and communicating its advantages to the organization and individual employee's career. Moreover, during the takeover of BT the firm should generate expected factors of resistance and special plan of action to manage these resistances. This action plan of managing change should focus on all individual of team through their own change process and by addressing the obstacles for successful change.

The indications of resistance are noticeable when some employee make complaints or not attends the meetings, not provides the suitable information related to their work and if he does not apply change in the behavior. However, it is recommended ethically that Olaf Swantee, chief executive of EE and other key people of EE make their own efforts for more effectiveness in managing resistance to change during the takeover of BT by organizing meetings with employees and operating group. In these meetings the firm can make discussions about the changes. This can be initiated by shifting their attention from the reality of program, technical details, work agreements etc. In these discussions the cited organization can inform their workforce about the benefits of this takeover and how it will increase the profitability of the organizations. Moreover, The firm can also make them aware that change management will help the organization to achieve its short term and long term objectives and organizations growth will be helpful in their career growth as well.


Leadership plays significant role organizations for managing changes. The effectively adopted leadership style in organization can also help in achieving organizations short term and long term objective. Moreover, the proper leadership in organization will help the organizations to motivate its workforce. Hence, it has been concluded in this report that through the effective leadership the firms can manage the changes effectively. Further, this report helped in understanding the change management models and how changes can be managed in organizations. Also, the training and communication is very important in organization to manage the resistance for change.


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