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The Coca-Cola Company is the worldwide leading organization related to beverages including non-intoxicating servings, sweeteners, and foodstuffs. It provides 450 brands all over the world in more than 150 nations. There are some sugar-free drinks associated with this brand like zero sugar cock, coconut water, sprite, green tea, and FANTA. By considering bottling members it employs more than 690,000 people globally. It provides a wide range of scope, a wide range of services, a wide range of different items associated with Coca-Cola and diversifies its business throughout the world. It also makes some environmentally friendly equations in order to protect the environment from disaster or harm. Before coming to market for consumption purposes coca Coca-Cola adopted some laboratory testing techniques in order to prove its health-related concerns. Today in this world, there is a great demand for this product. There are some strategies associated with this company according to the products and services. The different products associated with Coca-Cola are manufactured with the latest and best technological services. The company maintain high-quality standards according to the water, chemicals, flavours, preservatives, and acid regulators to make the product valuable and healthy.

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Task 1

Examine The Leadership Styles Of The Following CEOs of Coca-Cola: Robert Goizueta, Douglas Iv-Ester, Douglas Daft And e. Neville Is-Dell.

According to Douglas, Leadership style can be represented as managerial, visionary or plan of action. The visionary style is based on the visualizations of thoughts, experiences and ideas. Visualization is based on the complete observation of different situations and conditions in order to achieve aims and objectives. Managerial leaders' roles are rare based on the risk and assessment criteria of attaining targets in order to come up with all the expectations and aspirations and fulfil basic necessities. They are involved in decision-making procedures with the team members. They are considered conservative and regulative. Conservative in the sense of conserving and protecting all the powers and regulative in the sense of regulating all the duties and rules according to the organization associated with the leaders. Leaders are very determined to influence the positive environment among the team members. They are very enthusiastic and provide motivational thoughts and ideas in the organization. Democratic leaders are those leaders who assist democracy or freedom among the team members. By taking their ideas and concepts, they are a broad thinker and very responsible towards the organization. Participative leaders are those personality trait of a leader in which they involve in all the good and bad situations of the organization culture. They provide their complete participation and interest according to handle all the disputes and attending all the welfare programmes associated with organization culture. Visionary leaders are very imaginative or ideological. They believe in changing the thinking of the people by changing their minds and boosting their morale. They believe that change is the only thing which is constant in the life. Without change one cannot survive, it is important for an individual to change according to the situation and factors. In order to change the world, one should adopt change by oneself. This is a very powerful method or idea in order to achieve success in life or to become successful. Achievement-oriented leaders are those who completely focus on achieving targets and make strategies according to them. They are very determined and strong leaders. They influence the team through hard and smart thinking. They encourage their team in order to influence confidence-building methods or ideas. They are very supportive leaders. They support the team as well as the organization in difficult situations by introducing new methods of problem-solving analysis. They create performance development strategies with the help of managers and high authority in order to improve or develop the performance of the employees. The basic and important motive of the leaders is to impart motivation by encouragement and appreciation. Leadership is the process of influence between a leader and those who are followers. The role of a leader is to influence the team members in order to perform well and attain targets. These are the above styles and character traits of leadership.

Robert Woodruff was considered as coca colas sole quality agent in order to revive the company by taking the role of CEO in the year 1923 the same position for many years. The strategy created by him was related to revitalising the company in order to put some extra effort into his work by changing and updating new methods of COKE's development. The personality trait of Iv esters was brilliant at that time due to his rationality and organized way of processing and operating the organization. At the time when he was under the supervision, the UK controllers and several administrators such as Disney and Walmart were disoriented by Coca-Cola. The disorientations of Coca-Cola stores consisted of Coca-Cola organizations that had also taken place at the time. During the time of Iv ester's session, the faint status of the us dollar which has contributed to the coca colas earnings got stronger and more powerful.

According to Daft, he made the strategy of passion of learning the various contrasting tastes globally, through his own learning experience. He was a very valuable and motivated leader at that time and believe in experiencing the different cultures and world preferences. He profounded his leadership role at Coca-Cola through the strategy of adopting respect for many deviations and sameness across the world and different types of civilizations or tastes. He was a leader at the time of his governance and did not like to communicate, share and face the media, he did not like to advertise his personality traits. He was known to be a conflict-resolving leader at the time of his tenure. He performs well in order to maintain good and friendly relations with the Coca-Cola enterprises with respect to improving the business and trade strategy. Under the supervision of drafts, there was an amazing improvement in making new goods in order to change the calcium-ameliorated servings into vitamin-fortified drinks. These are the following changes and renovations made by different leaders in order to make coke the best deal.

Task 2

How effective were their leadership styles in navigating Coca-Cola through the strategic challenges it faced and in enhancing its performance?

According to Goizueta visualization, coca-cola became much less progressive and discovered the aspirations of major changes. He again discovered the idea of making changes according to the world changes. By taking risks he adopted some changes according to the progress of the coca cola. As a result, the company engages in many business activities like soft drinks, tea, beverages, plastic, power apparatus, industrial water treatments and chemical compound plants. He developed the idea of economic earnings as a result, the method of economic worth added is regarded as an instrument for increasing the shareowner's financial condition. He adopted the rational style in order to create wealth. The net production of Coca-Cola was 85 % in foreign countries. Goizuets provided some rewards in order to encourage employees of the organization to succeed and outputs. Rewards are provided by the monetary benefits paid to the employees in recognition of their outstanding performance.

The new strategy named as coco Coca-Cola Enterprises came and spread throughout the public, with Coca-Cola bearing a scheme which consisted of an extra 47 per cent of items. This strategy provided assistance to Coca-Cola in order to cut down liabilities and diversify its business in order to generate more capital. In 1989 the formula of coke was introduced the concept of a sugary chemical formula was introduced this method is the implementation of the traditional methodology of coke in order to give tough competition to PEPSI in which laboratory testing was good at that time. The foundation of the Coca-Cola company was made by GOIZUETA according to financial, organizational and cultural levels by making Coke to the highest degree of visited organization. The company carried the partnership with Mac Dowels, domino's and Pizza Hut by exclusive prices in order to take drinks with a healthy meal. The different products associated with Coca-Cola are manufactured with the latest and best technological services. The company maintain high-quality standards according to the water, chemicals, flavours, preservatives, and acid regulators in order to make the product valuable and healthy. There are some issues related to health, GOIZUETA adopted some strategic methodologies with the concerned laboratories in order to take considerations with health and the report stated that cock is a healthy drink. Above these are strategic challenges faced by Coca-Cola. Through these challenges, the company can achieve its targets and broaden its opportunities to a wider aspect.

A sample of Characters and roles of Leaders and Managers

Robert Woodruff was regarded as the revitalizing sole agent in order to make Coke as best serving drink company. The aims and objectives under his tenure were related to hard work, motivation and revising plans. According to IV Esters, he believes in rational thinking and diversifying learning experiences in order to know the similarities and differences across the world. He believes in providing respect to other societies and cultures. Draft was a very passionate leader at the time of his tenure. He was reserved and not interested in advertising his personality. These are the different characteristic traits of several leaders in order to make coke an amazing serving drink company. 

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3 Were the decisions taken by the board to select Iv ester, Daft and Is-dell and to fire Iv ester and Daft appropriate?

The board decisions according to the company in order to select Ivster, draft and dell are appropriate and valuable. The reason behind this statement is that they are leaders who made Coco Coal a brand company, they are highly involved in all the decisions in order to develop new methods in the company (Keller, Parameswaran and Jacob, 2011). They encouraged employees with motivation and appreciation. They have taken risks for the benefit of the company. They promote some ideas of economic profit. They implemented some methods in order to get rid of financial crises. They encourage people in risk-taking and decision-making analysis. The challenges made by the draft are to get free of business firm bureaucratism and provide the greatest judgement-building ability to the directors. He made the institution attempt into the double-quick flourishing domain of effervescent serving. Is-dells made some future plans according to the growth and success of the company. He was a very confident leader at that time and provided some ideas in order to compete with the other industries like PEPSI. These are the appropriate and valuable reasons according to the board's decisions. By this, the company diversify its opportunities to wider aspects and attain success (Keller, 2011).


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that, there are different styles of leadership which influence the company in order to develop and attain success as well. In this session, we learned about the different character traits of the leader. They are influenced by different factors like confidence, motivation, encouragement, and appreciation. The overall session is about the growth and development of the company Coca-Cola and different methodologies of attaining growth and success in order to broaden the opportunities and attain success. The Coca-Cola Company is the worldwide leading organization related with the beverages including non-intoxicating servings, sweeteners, and foodstuffs. It provides 450 brands all over the world in more than 150 nations. There are some sugar-free drinks associated with this brand like zero sugar cock, coconut water, sprite, green tea, and FANTA. By these methods and findings, there are different opportunities concerned with the company and how to diversify its challenges.

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