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Change in an important part of every organisation that makes great impact on the growth of a business. While making focus on various way of change, it can be said that there are two ways of change such as internal and external change that highly affect the operations and profitability level of a company. In order to analysis and understand t he leading change, it can be said that it includes such changes that highly affect the leadership styles which is an integral part of an organisation. This report analysis and complete understating of leading of change by taking the example of Hilton hotel who serve their services in a hospitality sector. Hilton hotel is considered the one of best and top 10 hotel in UK that highly affect the preference and way of attitude of employees and customers in a great extent by providing different kinds of products and services. This report also analysis an effective compares ion of ways in which change impact an organisation and its strategy or operation in a great level.  Furthermore, it also explains the evaluation of influence that drivers of change have on the organisation succession level. Furthermore, it also describes the various kinds of barriers that highly related to the change that make great impact on the growth of cited hotels in UK. At last, it also describes the various ranges of leadership approach so that manager of the cited hotel will be able to handle the different change the highly affect the leading style and operate in of the cited business in an effective manner.


P1 Comparison of different organisational examples in which impact of change on their operation and strategy

It is essential for every business to adopt the change in their operational activity. Change may be in the form of structural change, operational change and technological change that are not fixed in nature. While analysing the opposition and view of perception influence the change as a negative or positive manner, it can be said that if change is happened in the organisation,   there are mainly two type of responded has been collected by the manager from the employees. It may be positive or negative. While making focus on positive perception, it includes easily adaption of change in the behaviour and operations by the workers in an effective manner. On the other hand, negative perception includes demotivating between staff members, lack of transports, striker etc. Hence, it can be said that the views and perception highly affect the change in an organisation. Furthermore, while making focus on different change related organisations and examples, it includes various kinds of change, these are as follows:

Transformational change: It is a large scale transition to an exclusive state of operation affecting the complete organization. To maximise engagement, inspire workforce to don't forget what things about their employer are intrinsic regardless of its shape. Also called ‘essential alternate’.

Incremental change: continuous, small upgrades to an corporation made in an on-going way. This can be the end result of continuous development software which includes total first-class control.

Developmental change: Designed to increase the ability of the business enterprise without incurring good sized shifts in working structures or technique re-engineering. to maximise engagement, emphasize the stabilizing nature of the upgrades being made to the enterprise.

Remedial Change: It occurs in reaction to a problem, danger or assignment faced with the aid of an agency. Effectiveness of change efforts may be gauged surprisingly by using judging whether or not the hassle has been resolved. From time to time also known as unplanned adjustments (Ferkins,  Erakovic Mand McMorland, 2015).

Transformational change: It includes a re-imagining of an organization’s imaginative and prescient, organizing principles, and strategies, manner of working, products & services. requires enormous purchase-in from all levels of body of workers and is usually led in a pinnacle-down way. To maximize engagement, make sure communications about the transformation are clean coherent and steady.

Process and system related Change: Shifts to workflows, records pathways, resource allocation, and production structures designed to optimize how an organization creates and captures cost. Such adjustments may additionally require enormous behavior adjustments from people affected.

People and cultural change:  It mainly sports designed to influence the values, norms, roles assumptions, & management style that form the organization’s lifestyle to align with its assignment, vision and method. Designed to steer the way wherein human beings speak, inspire each other, technique troubles and paintings in groups. Commonly an extended-time period venture (Henderson, Gulati and Tushman, 2015).

Hence, it can be said that all types of changes are the some examples that highly affect the perception, structure and operation in an organisation. Fort examples: In case of culture change, it is essential for the organisation to adopt that strategy that will be beneficial for the employees and their growth. Hence, it can be said that change highly affect the views of the employees and directly relate to the successful completion of the strategy in an effective manner.


P2 Ways in which internal and external drivers affect leadership, team and individual behaviour in an organisation

While dealing the impact on internal and external drivers that highly affect the leadership, team and individual behaviour in Hilton hotel, it can be examined in the form of SWOT and PEST analysis. These are as follows:

SWOT Analysis


· While making focus on the operation of Hilton hotel, it can be said that the main strength of the company y is the brand acknowledgement that highly affect the growth of company.

· Providing interesting items and quality in services.

· Development of right and structure Asian Continent.



· Not a proper developed network for attracting the customers.

· Higher dependency in the operators and investor also create the biggest weakness for Hilton hotel.

· Company also face some kind of issue in Chine related to the Lodgings services that make negative impact on the success of a business.


· Hiltopon hotel also h ave a opportunity to make a good relationship manmage mee n ert  approach in order to develop c oirdination nbe rtween em ploers amnd employees and  c uistomers fpor ac hiveiong their deeesire goals.

· Sopport of Austyrlian Market.



· Hiloton hgotel also expect t he rfevilaty con dition that create the bniggest threar for the company y.

·  Nerw enmtrrtance in trhe market.

· Incrfeasing the  slariesd of the staff members al;so make great impact on the p[rtofitab;lity ratoop of thge company.

PEST Analysis

Political Factor: Political stability is a simple requirement to achievement no matter the industry. In inn enterprise specifically, political factors can have an effect on the wide variety visitors, both, travelers and business travelers’ visits to a country in direct and indirect ways. as an instance, an ongoing sensitive political situation Northern eire may additionally discourage capacity site visitors to the place due to safety worries. Hilton global actively engages in lobbying so that you can be able to persuade positive political factors upon the business to a positive volume. As it is illustrated inside the figure under, the company has been spending more than USD 1.5 million in the course of the beyond 4 years for lobbying functions.

Economical factor: The monetary downturn causes the decline in remote places tourism which affects turnover and profits inside the hotel industry adversely. In more difficult economic times, a few less-costly styles of accommodation (e.g. Self-catering) turns into a super danger to inn enterprise. The recession brings lodges the opportunities to goal visitors with home-primarily based stays rather than doubtlessly trips overseas which is extra expensive.

 Social factor: The UK market incorporates some of the world over brands and chains. Hilton lodge as a sturdy brand, it has benefits to draw customers and it also cooperate with different groups and charity organisations. The short-breaks market ought to target the ageing United Kingdom population in addition to an increasing number of person families (Henderson, Gulati and Tushm