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For managing business organisation in an effective manner, each business is required to have the advancement in the digital technology that can be helpful for making the business sustainable. The advancement in the electronic technology would lead to make sustainability in an effective manner. On the other hand, there are certain tools which are required to be gain in the core competencies. In these days, this can be rightly said that each business organisation is implementing digital technology in an effective manner. digital technology is the tool by which the cited organisation could store their data in strong manner which could ultimately help to gain information by the intended users within the provided time period (Zhao, 2012). Here, the report is based on the Rolex organisation which is the Swiss made watch company that are having an efficient brand image in this sector throughout the world. Marketing manager of the cited organisation various digital marketing tools which helps the people to let them know about the inventions and creativity in the product. Here, under this report, so many aspects are required that would lead to set the intended aims and objectives. Which can only be attained by doing research via gathering data. These data are ultimately converted into the useful information that can be used to make the strategy in an effective manner.


P1 Aims and objectives:

In the present days, this is crucial tool to form an aims and objectives for communicate activities as per the requirement. Aims and objectives is the very innovative devices in this cutting edge market and that is the reason, traditional market fragment is synchronising. this has a constructive outcome over the business (Yuan, Bao and Verbeke, 2011). Digital change is agreeable and attainable for all organizations as it just method for enhancing workers' execution which are occupied with the business procedures of assembling and accomplishing new, beneficial business structure. Computerized innovation into business will rely on an unmistakable and merged system, viable administration by the pioneer and a change the attitudes of individuals who are working in the organization with respect to dynamic digital technology and embrace the new innovation technology which is valuable for the organization to make due in a focused market. There are four simple strides to embrace advanced innovation in the digital technology in business:

  • Mechanization of market: This can assist the organization to run business proficiently without wasting the time and furthermore assesses its marketing exercises and work processes. Marketing mechanization programming renders a centralised database for all marketing exercises information; give space for handling, making and robotizing advertising procedures of organization. It gives a direction to test the steps and enhancement of advertising and its effect on income. By moulding an obvious procedure upheld by digital tools, business could deal with and enhance division, client retention and organisation’s return on investment.
  • Project Management: This gives a least difficult mode to a group to do work, trade and store imperative records and valuable envelopes and keep a clear diagram of all the general progression of a task of an organization. By utilizing digital innovation, a unified space for a getting ready and dealing with a task, an organization can improve group profitability and ratio, guarantee project due date are cover and reductions time spent on searching for lost archives or additionally limiting advance gatherings of a project.

Customer relationship management: CRM is managing existing and potential clients of an association's and oversee them (Too and Weaver, 2014). The Customer relationship administration framework draws the most critical organization's business information which able the organization to upgrade their client associations with a goal to hold them. Applying the CRM programming, the organization could raise, draw in and hold clients, handle prospective customers and compose correspondence exercises to builds the business development of an organization.

  • The clouds: Instead of relying on the old servers or PCs to deal with the information of the organization, the cloud enables clients to store and access the information and helpful records. By utilizing the cloud, it gives various helpful advantages to the business including most powerful endless limit, diminish costs and furthermore gives consistent back-ups on everyday schedule. Utilizing the cloud, it could limit IT handling and supporting costs, improve employees' effectiveness by authorizing staff of the organization to get to the records which they require and continuously saves the expenses.

From this time forward, this is evident that the digitization gives benefits to the organization to making services in a productive way. In spite of the fact that, this is valid that this influences the business in a positive way.

Topic: How digitalization in the tool transformed operational activities?

Background of the project: Every firm is trying hard to form an effective operational procedure by launching tools in the firm. For this, normal digital tools transformed organisation operations in an effective manner (Scherer and Palazzo, 2011). Apart from that, this could be rightly observed that the digitalization assist organisation in a most efficient manner. digitalization procedure in the organisation form operations smoother than the other. For instance, this is observed that organisation’s account division does not requires to transfer their information via electronic mails. But, by using cloud computing tool, organisation could have protected where this wants and information is in a more protective manner and no one is going to be harmful. As, via digitalisation, this is observed that, production is improved by way of digitalization in the procedure. in this cited case, Rolex organisation manufactures diverse kinds of watches according to the consumer needs and demands from diverse continents. However, this can be righty said that the social media is the perfect tool where the cited organisation could invent in an effective manner. Although, during timing of making new project, cited organisation can fix diverse aims and objectives as per the needs of the project for guiding organisation to task these blueprint firm.


“To use digital technology for advancement of the organisation operations”.


  • To determine uses of digital tools in the firm.
  • To know the requirements of firm transformation activities.
  • To assess an efficiency of the digitalization on firm’s operations.
  • To evaluate the proficiency of the digitalization on the organisation’s operations.

Research questions:

  • How digitalization process could use at the time of organisation?
  • Why is this important to use this procedure during organisation?
  • How digitalization is durable for transforming organisation’s activities.

P2 Project management plan:

A project plan is the task of various activities which are required to be completed during a certain period of time. However, this is rightly said that the organisation is totally required to assess the risk for forming management plan in an effective way. Rolex company is planning expand their organisation through online for gaining high profits. For assessing the key intent, there is an effective need to assess about diverse organisational risks and project data. Here are few of the information which were provided for knowing the project management plan.

Opportunity of the project: This is the opportunities of the project that is highly as the modern people will love to purchase product via online. This project has diverse scope that permits the organisation to improve business earnings. Online tools help the organisation to expand organisation entire globe. Expansion of the organisation entire globe without fixing set up which is impossible as this needs important capital investment.

Risk Management: This is the tool which manage the risk in an efficient manner. Rolex organisation is having strong image. But management of the cited organisation is needed to determine and address risk related with the online related firm (Polonsky and Waller, 2014). Management is needed to do which have adequate decision making tools that could eliminate risk in an effective manner.

Quality control: One of robust component which is required to have an efficient quality which is important need that are required to be done for gaining sustainable development. This is adopted to be in crucial factor that could influence project performance.

Cost: By way of online selling, organisation could cut down the cost, much cost will save for setting to be completed for gaining sustainable development. This is required to be the crucial tool that influence the project performance.

Time: This can be totally adopted to be the main component that could ultimately influence business project. The organisation requires to form a period via which project could be done. This is an efficient to renders efficient time for performing operations efficiently.

P3 Work breakdown structure and Gantt chart:

There are diverse activities that are needed to be performed for fulfilling entire research project. This is needed that diverse task is formed in a series as per their priority henceforth, that no activity is missed out. In the similar way, Gantt chart is made below that would reflect in what activity is completed.

Gantt Chart: This is highly effective tool in research project for copying whole tasks and activities. This chart comprises diverse kinds of activities and their time period.

 Gantt Chart


A project management plan is made by implementing digitalisation in cited organisation. Which can ultimately assist the project management plan by the cited organisation. By giving assisting of project management plan by Rolex organisation (Keller, Parameswaran and Jacob, 2011). This can earn productivity efficiently. Project management plan of the cited organisation will reflect time for fulfilling whole project henceforth, they can frame strategy in an effective manner.


P4 Small scale research:

There are diverse kinds of methods that can be implemented for exploring how digital implemented has their diverse influence on the research of the company. This kind of tool assist researcher including diverse kind of aspects of the research topic under which performance of company is highly effected at the time of the traditional code of conduct is replaced along with an advanced technology such as cloud application. There are so many options of both qualitative and quantitative tools have capacity for delivering whole concerned data via which conclusions could be formed.

Qualitative method: For attaining the results researcher requires to have immense information that could be collected by way of tool. This is the tool for data gathering under which information in large quantity. There are majorly implemented tools as per this system which are totally conducting interview, survey etc. This assist in attaining feedbacks form diverse individuals on the research topic that assist in collecting whole crucial information. This is preferred while highly information which is needed.

Quantitative data: This is the other tool which assist in collecting data. Whole information attained is converted into numerical form henceforth, outcomes could be established. This is the most crucial tool as this assist in collecting data (Eweje, Turner and Müller, 2012). Whole of the information which is achieved that are converted into the numerical form henceforth emergence could be find out.

In order to assess the impact of digital tool which implements of questionnaire is done by management henceforth, interpretations could be completed and outcomes are reflected before the report user.



Sample Size: 30

1.     Is there any prerequisite to change the current technique of operating the operation of Rolex?

·       Yes

·       NO

·       Can’t say

2.     Does digital technology capable of providing better outcome for Rolex?

  • Yes
  • No

3.     Digital technology surges the efficiency of diverse operations in Rolex?

·       Agree

·       Disagree

·       Agree to an extent

·       Do not agree

4.     Digital technology rises the capacity of creating additional supported with cost effective manufacture?

·       Yes

·       No

5.     Mistakes in the diverse processes can be limited by using advance technology?

  • Agree
  • Do not agree
  • Strongly agree
  • Agree to an extent

6.     Cloud application surges the current opportunity of data transmission?

  • Yes
  • No

Provide own opinions on digital technology?


There a diverse kind of ways via which management of cited organisation could determine about how digitalization could assist in enhancing performance of the organisation. This is crucial which adequately used of similar henceforth better outcomes can be attained. There are diverse kinds of tools which are implemented in this assignment in order to evaluate data henceforth true facts could be implemented for attaining the conclusions.

Research philosophy: This is that part of the research via which an importance of data gathered in determined. This have two facts which categorises interpretivism and positivism. Under this research, second option is implemented that implemented as the outcome which are presented on relying of human tendencies.

Research Design: This covers logical knowing of the research via implementing this a logical; direction is to rendered to the diverse research activities.

Data collection tools: for gathering entire relevant information both primary and secondary method is implemented (Crane and Matten, 2016). While, primary data collections tools are observations, interviews and questionnaire that can be used by the organisation for collecting data. Now, this can be simply said that the data which have been already been published are to collected in an effective manner.

Limitation of research: At the time of allotted for completing research which is limited it limits quality of the facts which are presented.


The reliability and validity of the research tools that are used as per this project. This could be simply said that the primary method for gathering data have more reliability as this would provide an exact information have more justifiability as this would provide an adequate information as per the will of the researcher. On the other hand, secondary data methods implement by the investigator which does not reflects an appropriate information as per the will. Henceforth, accountability of the data gathered by implementing secondary data which does not have the accountability.


P5 Data analysis

  • Theme 1 Yes there is a need to vary the current technique of carrying out operation of Rolex

Interpretation: From the above mentioned question, this can be rightly said that 15 respondents wants to vary operations of the organisation by using the digitalization. On the other way, 9 respondents do not need to have change and 7 respondents can’t say anything.

Theme 2 Yes, digital technology is capable of giving better result for Rolex





Interpretation: From this report, this can be rightly observed that many of the respondents observed that digital technologies which is capable of rendering an effective outcome for the organisation. While on the other hand, this could be rightly observed that there are about 5 members who rejected it.

Interpretation: This is rightly being assessed the many of the people which are in favour of digital tool and stated that this emerges the current level of efficiency.

Theme 4 Digital technology increases the capacity of producing more supported with cost effective production





Interpretation: By using this diagram, this is rightly observed that many of the respondents observed that digital technology rendering along with most efficient manner. 27 respondents observed that digitalization procedure would assist to form productivity in an effective manner. On an effective manner, 3 respondents do not think in an effective manner.

Theme 5 Errors in the different operations can be reduced using advance technology



Do not agree


Strongly agree


Agree to an extent


Interpretation: This is rightly observed that 22 respondents observed that errors in various operations in the organisation which would be reducing errors. As, 4 respondents dissatisfied with statement.

Theme 6 Cloud application increases the present scope of data transmission





Interpretation: This can be rightly said that cloud application improves current scope of the data transmission. 28 respondents out of 30 respondents which thinks that the data transmission improves scope of the organisation.

P6 Recommendation

On fulfilling such report would go through its facts which have been elaborated that Rolex requires to use digital technology in its operations. This can raise its total profitability. This advance application such as cloud are enough capable of transferring data in a highly speed for expended area (Bakker and et. al., 2011). In addition to this, new applications likewise develop the manufacturing capacity of the company that are helpful with the least cost. If the current system of doing work would be replaced with an advance technology than instead of gaining higher profits this would likewise to emerge a strong relation with the consumers. This is only possible due to the digital technology as more people are connected via internet and that can avail the products of the cited company simply by placing order on site.

P7 Reflection

After completing the report, I realised that the digital technology is better than that of tradition manner of doing work. It is lowering consuming and provided in a most efficient outcome to the management. Via required data was collecting and was demonstrated in an adequate issue that are faced due to lack of time provided and limited resources that are made available. For presenting an efficient outcome for research users, this is needed which is more time is rendered henceforth detailed information could be gathered which would enable to have better understanding of the outcome. Henceforth, this demands high skilled researchers who are more skilled researcher so that they could deliver high quality and specific outcomes. In present research, for complete the investigation, I choose 30 respondents, as per available time and money to me. I deal with different type of issues during the investigation. I use various methods and tools to gather and examine the information related with my research objective.  I tried my best to complete research in order to make my finding more appropriate and useful. To complete my research, I utilise different tools such as human, financial, technical and many more. I tried my best to use all funds in order to complete research in an effective manner. Views and opinions of respondents help me to better understand about research topic and improve my knowledge about the same and all this help me to draw valid conclusion.

After carry out various activities in order to complete the research I identify that digital tools and various technology has totally transformed the operational activities of a business entity. Digital tools make it easy for enterprises to carry out research and to store huge amount of data in safe place. This finding was very effective as this help in identify how digital technology is useful and how it totally transforms the business operations. All these activities carry out by me help me in explore new things and enhance my knowledge of various concepts related with digital technology.


Currently, this can be rightly observed that the world is totally been converted into the global village and there is nothing which does not connected to the outer areas. Henceforth, digitalization assists the company for gaining the profitability and likewise assist to link diverse nations in an effective manner. This report implements diverse kinds of tools for implementing this efficiently.


Project management procedure needs to have more values for implementing digitalization efficiently. Henceforth, researcher will meet expected results that can gain the sustainblity in the business.


From the above mentioned report, this is rightly said that the Rolex is the company which is totally based on the Rolex which makes research. For providing research, Questionnaire is used for formed for making the decisions in an effective manner. By using assessment tools, these outcomes required to be assessed for an efficient manner that could be made decisions which further lead to make business report that are lucrative and likewise enables to form an efficient decision on a frequent basis