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Managing Communications and Knowledge

Introduction to Managing Communications, Information and Knowledge

In contemporary business operations, an efficient communication system is considered as as a great tool to attain corporate goals. In this context, every business entity determines various strategies for managing smooth flow for transmission of information among different department of organization. By developing an appropriate communication, every firm is able to manage coordination among different department and divisions of company as per the organizational objectives that would enhance efficiency and effectiveness of management decisions along with

The report is going to find various aspects of business communication in three segments. In first part, this report evaluates different decisions that have been taken by managers of Aldi at different level of management. It also determines needs of information to take various business decision as well as role of stakeholder in decision making process in retail firm. In the next part, it examines the current communication system in Omega airline along with different tactics to improve internal communication. In the last, several elements related to collection and recording of information are evaluated.

Task 1

1.1 Discussing the major decisions in Aldi

As per the objectives of business, a range of decisions are taken by managers and departmental heads for managing various business operations. The most important decisions are explained below...

As per the above figure, it is stated that there are mainly three types of decisions taken in particular organization such as strategic, tactical and operational. First of all, strategic decisions include all decisions which are mainly taken by top management of Aldi associated with the expansion of business in new emerging market, opening of new retail outlets, determination of the sales objectives etc.

On the other hand, Tactical decisions are mainly associated with middle management or departmental heads of different divisions of organization as per the guidelines of top managers. In the context of retail organization, these decisions are mainly associated with the selection of target consumers, formulation of strategies for the new product development along with optimum allocation of financial resources.

Apart from that Operational decisions are mainly taken by the lower staff and team leaders for handling the day-to-day business operation. These decisions have been taken to resolve different operational issues in order to provide the support to top managers in strategic decisions of company.

1.2 The information and knowledge that will support/ensure effectiveness of the decisions taken by Management

A variety of information and knowledge is needed to take various decision by ensuring the effectiveness of different kinds of organizational decisions.

  • First of all, manager requires proper information associated with financial position of company. On the basis of this information, managers of Aldi are able to take appropriate financial decision associated with the selection of best sources of funds along with expansion of business as per the value of returns.
  • For managing various business operations, retail organization requires the data associated present market situation. In this process, company makes efforts to examine level of competition, new market trends, latest innovative marketing strategies, new products of other firm etc. It will help managers for developing of various business strategies related to new product development, selection of best marketing tool etc.
  • Information regarding the culture of other countries assists manager to take appropriate decisions in the process of business expansion in new overseas market. It assists firm in selection of target consumers, product range and marketing tactics and others.

1.3 The internal and external sources of information and understanding

The internal and external sources of information and understanding are mentioned under this statement...

Internal sources

As per the requirement of business, there are a variety internal sources available through which managers of Aldi can appropriate decisions. In this context, financial statements have been found great internal sources of information associated with cost, revenue, cash flow and profit for taking different financial decisions. In addition to that order forms, credit notes and other invoices have identified as great source of information. Perception of consumers can be analyzed as per the views of consumers.

External sources

The evaluation of market value of equity share of in stock market is considered as great source for collection of information about perception of shareholders. Business entity can examine feedback of consumers, findings of different researcher and demand of products of Aldi for taking different corporate decisions.

1.4. Providing recommendations to improve information and knowledge availablity to Aldi along with Justification for recommendations

For assessment of wide range of information, the management of Aldi needs to carry out detail primary and secondary research. In primary research, manager can obtain information by conducing survey through questionnaires and interview. Questionnaires should be filled by consumers, suppliers and employees. In the process of secondary research, researcher is able to examine the financial performance through accounting methods. Company should use market share, index of stock market and reviews of external experts on polices of Aldi.

As per the above recommendations, organization will be able to assess perception of consumers, employees etc. that assists manager in implementation of changes in products and business operations to increase satisfaction level of staff and consumers. Secondary researcher will be found very effective in strategic decision of company related to expansion in new market, handling of competition, profitability enhancement etc.

Task 2

2.1. Stakeholders that can influence the decision making process in Aldi

An organization takes wide range of decisions to influence efficiency of firm. In this process, consideration of interest of stakeholders is termed as most important element for organizational success.


The management of Adli has to assess the change in needs, interest and perception of while taking various decision related to new product development, advancement in existing goods, selection of best marketing tool etc.


Workers of an organization are considered as backbone of company. In formulation of various strategies related to new product development, human resource practices, change in organizational rules and regulation etc. Aldi has to get suggestion of consumers in the form of innovative ideas, suggestions and feedback.


Business entity has to examine different kinds of rules and legal obligation in every decision such as assessment of labor laws in determination of remuneration and consideration of international trade law during overseas business operations.


The policy makers of Aldi have to consider the interests of investors by providing assurance about efficient returns and security investment. Consideration of suggestion from shareholders have played important role to establish trust.

2.2. Discussing how to make contact with those identified and develop business relationships

The managers of Aldi can establish contact and develop business relationship with stakeholders by adopting several techniques. Relationship with share holders can be managed by conducting regular annual meetings and providing regular updates about organizational changes and new policies through online articles, news and email. Retail business firm makes efforts to develop relation with consumers by establishing regular conversation through advertisement and social networking sites. These both techniques play significant role to provide information regarding the new product and services. The management of Aldi also considered the outlets or supermarkets as tool of promotion through which promotion of new product and services can be carried by taking help of employees and getting feedback of consumer on product. By providing regular report associated with income and expenditure to government, management is able to develop good relationship with government officials.

2.3. Discussing different tactics to involve identified stakeholders in the decision making process of Aldi

The management require to provide regular information to shareholders about new plans and policies through emails and letter. By assessing the feedback and suggestion of shareholders, business entity can increase efficiency of business decisions. Company also arranges annual general meeting with shareholder to establish direct conversation for involving shareholder in future plans of company.

The management of Aldi increases involvement of employees in decision process by taking their suggestions and feedback on various organizational strategies. Further, by proving appropriate incentives on unique ideas and creative suggestion, firm will be able to increase engagement of workers in decisions making process. A retail organization also increases involvement of consumers in various business decisions by arranging an open conversation on online website and social media where consumers can provide appropriate suggestion and views on different products and services.

2.4 Strategies that can be adopted by Aldi to improvement involvement of stakeholders in the decision making.

The strategies that can be adopted by the managers of Aldi to improve personal networking and help managers to involve stakeholders in decision making process are mentioned in details...


The administration of Aldi should organize regular conferences and meetings where managers of company, government officials and representative of share holders can conduct healthy debate and discussion on various plans, policies along with business strategies in which government officials and representative of shareholders provides their suggestions and feedback. This approach has been found as a great tool to get support of public authorities and investors in risky decisions and expansion project.

Team meeting

The top managers of Aldi needs to encourage supervisor of different division for taking of regular team meeting where employees can share their experience and issues on various operations. It provides an opportunity to devekop healthy relations between top managers and employees and increases involvement of employees on various strategic decisions.

Task 3

3.1 Report on existing processes of communication in an organization

As per the given case, it has been analyzed that management of Omega Airline Company has adopted the vertical communication process. As per this approach, the flow of informationis identified from top level management to lower level employees by passing each level of management. As per the case, it is examined that some employees of middle management can provide their views and suggestions on various management policies and business strategies in communication system of airline company. Vertical communication system is mainly adopted by all kinds of business organizations for attainment of corporate goals. It helps managers for managing the efficient flow of information at different level of organizational structure through which manager can handle different business operations by ensuring the efficient flow of information.

The present case determines that Airline Company is facing several issues and problems in scheduling of various activities as per the corporate goals and requirement of organization. The airline company is facing several issues due to lack of efficient coordination such as delays in flight departure and spending of extra time brooding process etc. By analyzing various elements of case study, it has been addressed that the main cause of all these problems and business issues is lack of an effective communication system that creates problems in transmission of information among employees belong from lower management and operation department of company. This has been found as a major cause of all misconducts in airline operations. Unavailability an appropriate information management system hampers the speed of organizational operation along with efficiency of ground staff. Sometimes, miscommunication among employees facilitates wrong information that leads negative impact on efficiency of whole process.

3.2 Comparison of different communication system for appropriate communication in Omega

There are various communication processes available for managers and employees of Omega airline company through which information can be transformed among different departments. The most common communications procedures are explained below:

Written communication

The written messaging is considered as a most important approach of corporate communication in which information is transformed through letter, emails and mobile messages. The management of Omega should have to create universal formats for emails and letter in order to decrease miscommunication. By using mobile messages, organization is able to provide regular updates to manager and employees of different department about different tasks and strategies. By using this approach, management can resolve issues related to delay in departure of flights.


The power point presentation has been found a great tool to increase effectiveness of communication during the meeting of employees and supervisor. This approach assists managers to render clear information associated with changes in business operations and creation of new mechanism for increasing the effectiveness of consumer handling. This tactics assists manager in understanding new process with examples.

Two way communication

Firm can implement this system within business operation. According to this approach, organization should have to take employees suggestions and response to improve efficiency of services. This approach has found as great technique to increase coordination among various activities.

3.3 Implementation of improvements for integration of systems of communication

The airline company can improve efficiency of various operations by applying various measures for integration of communication system. In this context, some important approaches are evaluated below...

Application of latest technology

The management of Omega airline company require to develop an efficient transmission network by latest equipment and communication tools. For managing the transmission of information, airline company considers latest computer software and networking system through employees and managers of different departments such as flight control, ground staff and etc. will be able to convey the information quickly.

Formation of universal codes

To reduce misunderstanding in communication process, airline organization should have to adopt some universal codes for a range of operation in flight services that enables high speed communication among managers of different departments. In this process, different symbols and codes are created for completion of boarding and documentation process, departure and landing process and etc.

Online system and mobile networks

Business entity should have to develop an efficient system by combining internet and mobile technologies. This system will be found very effective by providing regular updates through mobile message and emails associated with boarding and flights departure. It assists organization for reducing the delays in flight departure.

3.4 A personal plan to improve communication skills.

As per the supervisor of the Omega Airline, improvement in personal communication skills is considered as a most important elements of high speed communication that influences effectiveness of message and improves coordination with staff members of other departments. A plan for advancement in personal communication traits with SMART objectives is mentioned below:

Task 4

4.1 Report on existing approaches to the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge


Management of Aldi has collected various types of information various sources it includes survey, by taking feedback of consumer at retail stores and response of employees on various projects and new policies. Company also conducts detail market research about quality and services similar product provided by the other organizations.


In this process, managers of Aldi convert raw data in systematic information. For this, top management various formats and accounting to acquire accurate information about risk and return in particular investment proposal. Firm also evaluates data related to market share of company with cost of promotional plans.


The retail organization uses both approaches for storage of information in form of traditional and modern computer system. Proper storage ensures security of data and employees can easily acquire information when needed.


Manager distributes information with oral and written form of communication at various level of Aldi. It helps to develop future plans of business entity.

4.2 Carrying out appropriate changes to improve the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge

The management can impalement various types of alteration in current approach for collection, formatting and storing and dissemination. The administration of Aldi can use reviews of consumer on social networking website regarding the feature of product and services. Business entity can get information and suggestion of consumer through online website of company where buyer can provide their complaints regarding quality of product and suggestion for improvement in layout of stores. So management can take quick action on these enquires. Management should get information regarding the view of investors on different kinds of investment proposal through telephonic conversation and emails.

In addition, manager can be used the latest computer software for evaluation of various kinds of data and convert into usable information. Policy maker can use cloud techniques for storage of a range of information that reduces cost and employees can acquire information anytime and anywhere through use of internet. These tactics assists top managers in proper dissemination of information at different part of organization.

4.3 Implementing a strategy to improve access to systems of information and knowledge

Different stage to implement a stratgey

  • Identification of the target area or department
  • Evaluation of various alternative techniques of
  • Providing training to marketing staff
  • Implementation of changes
  • Evaluation of impact

According to this process management can improve access of information in Aldi. In the first step, manager identified the area or department where company wants to enhance accessibility of information. So the company manages complete process according to target area. If Aldi boosts distribution of information among employees of marketing department then management follows further steps according to needs of employees of marketing department. In next step, manager evaluates various techniques of getting information in form of cloud computing, internet and other system, after that manager selects best technique. In the next part, top manager provides training to marketing staff regarding the use of internet and cloud storage to acquire information regarding the consumer needs and past data of advertisement techniques. According to next stage, managers put the plan into action and employees can acquire in information through internet and other tactics. At the end, managers of Aldi evaluate the impact of new process of access information on productivity and performance of workers and employees.


On the basis of above assessment, it can be concluded that the success of an organization is greatly influenced by its decision making process in which management requires wide range of information associated with present capacity and future objectives. This report has addressed that an appropriate communication system influences flow of information among different level of management. It creates huge impact on efficiency of employees and productivity of business entity.


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