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In order to commercialise the products of a company in a manner that would influence the purchasing decision of the customers in favour of the company, it is crucial to conduct effective market research. This contributes to the capability of and organisation to estimate the external environment and at the same time identify the customer expectations. The decision makers of the organisations incorporate these findings in decision making in order to develop marketing strategies that would actually optimise their profit. In relation to this, the assignment presents the planning procedure of a market research.


The research planning for opening a new branch of the pizza restaurant requires identifying the methodology that would facilitate the research work and following the methodology for obtaining results in accordance with the plan. In order to develop a market research strategy that would facilitate the performance of the research, it is essential to involve certain associated information that can enhance the efficacy of the process. In relation to this, the market researchers have to split the sources of these related and required information in two categories; namely the external information and the internal information (Baltzan and Phillips, 2016, p.44). For collecting the internal information, the researchers rely on the secondary sources. That is, the recorded organisational information about the financial performance, strategic decision making appears useful in this case. However, for accessing external information, the market researchers rely on both primary and secondary data. Precisely, for understanding the market environment secondary data appears useful. Whereas; for identify the customer perception, primary research is useful.

The secondary sources for collecting external information mainly incorporate the printed materials and broadcasted materials (Bell et al. 2015, p.689). Further, the printed materials include various books, newsletters, reports and trade journals. The report and trade journals are published by various government and private authorities. In the era of digitalisation the broadcasted media is taking over all other sources of business information. The online sources, precisely the read only sources provide comprehensive information on the external environment that requires effective incorporation in business decision making.  In relation to this, the market researchers need to identify these sources and access information from the sources. One crucial requirement in this context is evacuating the accuracy and credibility of the source. Further, the researchers have to follow the legal requirements for assessing information from these sources.

In case of primary data, interviewing appears to be the best method. As Chalmers et al. (2014, p.158) mentioned in their work, primary research requires direct intervention of the researchers with sincere motive of collecting relevant information. The case study represents the event of launching a new branch of a pizza restaurant. In this context, it emphasises on developing a market research plan. Therefore, the researchers have to identify the population for the research. People residing surrounding the selected location for the new branch of the restaurant refers to the population for the research. However, it is essential to identify the focus group for the study. From various researchers previously done, it is evident that pizza restaurants attract a vast range of people with diversified needs and preferences. Thy, further, belong to different race, sex, age group, social background, and financial class. The focus group has to incorporate all these people in order to recognise the opinions. This, in turn, would enhance the credibility of the research. From the focus group, it is effective to decide on a sample size. This is essential for proceeding with the researcher work in a manageable an organised way. In this case, purposely selected random sampling would appear useful. The primary reason behind this is this sampling technique ensures randomness in case of selecting the respondents. However, it optimises the chance of gathering optimum volume of related information.

In order to conduct the interview, the first requirement is developing an efficient questionnaire. This questionnaire has to involve questions for fetching information about various aspects of marketing.

Question 1:

What income class do you fall in?

· ₤20000 - ₤30000

· ₤31000 - â‚¤39000

· ₤40000 - ₤44000

· ₤45000 - ₤49000

· ₤50000 and above

Question 2:

How much interested are you in experiencing the food in the new branch of the pizza restaurant?

· Very much interested

· Interested

· Neutral

· Not interested

· Disinterested

Question 3:

What do you look out at for purchasing a pizza?

· Taste

· Presentation

· Price

· Service

· Food hygiene

Question 4:

How do you decide on visiting a new branch of an existing r

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