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For any firm, marketing has greater importance. This is because, it is with the help of an effective marketing plan only firm will be able to direct its efforts with regard to attain its formulated goals and objectives in an effectual manner (Importance of marketing, 2016). The present report is based on Bournemouth City College. It is the private limited company which basically provides accommodation to both local and international clients. The present report will depict the marketing plan for the respective company.

Task 1

1.1 Explaining Marketing as a tool in Management Process

In the management process, marketing is being consider as one of the most significant tool. This is because, with the help of given tool only manager of Bournemouth City College can assess the needs and demands of its respective buyers. Hence, on the basis of this they can perform significant changes in the services which are being offered by it to the respective buyers. Thus, it is by complying with the given type of activity only Bournemouth City College can enhance the satisfaction level of its customers in an effectual manner. The given thing will lead to the firm in the form of increased profits and sales (Morrison, 2013).

Besides this, there is a difference is being existed between marketing function and orientation. Here, the main role of marketing function is to conduct the extensive research. However, marketing orientation helps in developing and designing the products as per the needs of the buyers. Additionally, marketing function is to spread awareness related to company whereas marketing orientation focuses on ascertaining the needs of customers and developing products accordingly. Hence, marketing orientation is related to input mechanism whereas marketing function related to output. Moreover, marketing function aims to compete with the competitors and also to develop the brand image. On the contrary, customer focus is laid on marketing orientation. Both concepts have very crucial role in the task of attaining the organization objective of Bournemouth City College. Here, the firm has an aim to provide excellent environment to their customers that assist them in their career and the study. Here, with the help of marketing orientation and function needs of buyers can be assessed. Thus, by moulding the services of firm as per assessed need, cited firm can meet its objectives.

1.2 Role of Marketing in Assessing the Need of Stakeholders

The marketing have very important role in the task of assessing the needs of stakeholders. However, in this regard, varied stakeholders of Bournemouth City College identified and it consists of employees, customers and suppliers etc. Here, by conducting the thorough marketing research manager of cited firm can get the information about its stakeholders. Here, by giving effective response as per the gathered information, cited corporation can perform improvement in the sales and profits. For example, if Bournemouth City College has identified that its customers are demanding more facilities in their room such as Wi-Fi connection and TV etc. Thus, by fulfilling all the demands of its buyers corporation can meet the need of its current stakeholders (Ryan, 2014). Furthermore, with the help of research firm can also determine the demands of its employees as well as suppliers. Additional, with the use of marketing, firm can develop a very different range of target customers which can later on be termed as stakeholders of enterprise. Thus, by complying with the given type of activity only Bournemouth City College can meet its objective in an effectual way.

Task 2

2.1 Evaluating the Current Position of Bournemouth City College

Bournemouth City College basically provides accommodation facility to the students and professionals. Hence, the firm belongs to the hospitality market or the sector. Herein, for the purpose to determine the current position of the cited company, assistance can be taken from the tool such SWOT analysis (SWOT analysis, 2016). The detailed explanation about the same is being depicted in below:


  • It has the team of highly efficient and competent individual.
  • Highly effective culture