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Marketing is a place where buyer and seller interact with each other and ready to buying and selling their product at possible price. The  report discuses the brand positioning and its differentiations, segmentations need and marketing objectives and mentions a brand positioning  is axil coffee roaster company. Brand positioning is very important key to  identify the specific product. This report has been using the key factor of  brand positioning and differentiations. Marketing refer to the customer satisfaction and earning profit. Marketing is the business selling its product, deciding its price and area also.

Brand positioning and differentiations:

Brand positioning is refer to the four elements of an enterprises, customer, shareholder, management. Brand is connected with the memories in customer mind. Brand shows the value ,ideas and personality (Stremersch and et. al,  2015). Brand positioning is the type of marketing strategy and brand positioning helps to increasing the sale of the particular product . A strong brand positioning help to maintain the marketing stratiges and helps to  explain the brands details. Brand is the main part of the product it show the identifications of a specific product and company. So it is very important for every organisations to maintain its brand position. Axil coffee roasters is one famous brand in coffee and its ware house cafe style located in Hawthorn. Its brand positioning in the market providing a highest qualities product in the market and its brand is also famous they are providing a best quality and providing the weekly offer to the customers.

So it is gaining a fast market perforation and its main target to attract the customer and increasing the sales. Brand positioning and differentiations is related to the market strategies. Axil coffee focus on brand positioning and to penetrate target customer. Axil coffee comparative to competitors but particular to a target customers. It is very different to other coffees brand and it is giving a various of offer to the customer and discounts also.

Segment's psycho graphic needs on the bases of need , want,values:

Segments of axil coffee refers to the customer need ,wants and its business processes. Segments pychographic need is necessary for every business it express the customer need ,wants and customer buying basis. Customer segmentations is very compulsory for every business because customers are the heart of the business and it is very great way to attract only target customers. Roasted  is the largest coffee segments in the market 76 percentage peoples consumed coffee in the world. The main competition in the market only three companies that sells to instance coffee around the world. Now days professional people more prefer coffee or almost time coffees sells to the restaurateurs, coffee shop. People want to an numbers of flavours of coffee and design also. Segment help to how many people prefer coffee ,how many like and how many ready to drink . The strongly current trends to the market people are more buy a coffee rather than other drinks. coffee product include a cappuccinos,lattes along with a organic coffee.

Market segmentations defines to the product features, prices, promotions and place. Segment help to how many segments to the market and segments  help to discover customer need and customer taste(Rentschler and et. al,  2012) . These are basis of segments which is defines the need , wants, and value of the customers. 

Specific target marketing with in relations with brand's positioning:

Brand positioning is refers to the market strategies means determining the brands current

position ,identifying the target customer and competitors. Nowadays youngster are more prefer coffee and they like different different flavours. People between 17 to 35 who are prefer more coffee then old generations. The demand of the coffee has been well more assumption so many more young people prefer coffee. The specific target  market youngsters only with a coffee business and it is consist consumer preferences (Brown, 2013) . It is very important for a business  to identify the customer wants and customer needs. Target market focus on group of customers and who are stastisfed their need and wants. So similar youngster are better sastisfied with coffee and its  different flavour. Target market help know as target customer and the main motive to achieve a business target their market efforts like sells their products.

Specific target market include break a market segment then concentrate on particular marketing efforts (Wang and, 2015). Like coffee is target marketing that by aiming marketing efforts at a specific customer and it  make price, promotions and distributions of the coffee and providing the services and its cost very effective. It focus all marketing activities and providing better services to the