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Marketing strategies are the long term plans to attain certain objectives of the organisation. The strategic plan is the detailed planning involving marketing research, and then developing a marketing mix to delight customers. Its necessary for the organisation to have clear marketing objectives, and the major path for achieving organisational goals will be depend upon strategies (Doole and Lowe, 2008). Vodafone Group PLC is a British multinational mobile network operator and Britain's third largest company which is also the world's largest mobile telecommunication network company in terms of revenue. Marketing can thus be seen as the process of developing and implementing a strategy to plan and coordinate ways of identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumer demands, in such a way as to make profits.

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Executive Summary

Environmental audit the tool by which the performance of Vodafone can be identified. The audit is process in which the identification of the facts is the first step, the second step is to understand the elements, facts and figure and the last element is to identify the measure which are most liable for the problems. PESTEL analysis is the tool by which the checking and controlling of the external factors can be acknowledged (Perreault, JrCannon and McCarthy, 2013). Vodafone is a multi-national company which deals in telecommunication. It is included in the third largest position which measures both the subscribers and revenues. It is the most expensive brand in UK and this brand is estimated at 27 million pounds.

The study is concluded that the tool which have been used to evaluate the performance of Vodafone are the best measures which can be taken and considered. The corporation has the various elements which can influence its business situations. It can be concluded that the strategic growth is based on the constant learning and rectifying concepts. This can be done by auditing the elements of the entity and after doing the proper study and a deep analyses it can be decided that the corporation is on the path of success or not.

External Analysis

The external factors that the Vodafone must deal with the details of the environment in which the entity is operating, the sector, competitor and the purchasing behaviour of potential customers. The external environment has two aspects: the macro-environment that affects the all the companies and microenvironment that affects only the firms in the particular industry.

PESTEL Analysis

The following are the components of external environment which are used to analyse for Vodafone -

  • Political factors- In these different factors included which affect the external environment that is regulations, infrastructure and health issue.
  • Regulations – Political pressure may be brought regarding the use of the mobiles by the children and by using the phones health issue will be generate (Quester and et. al., 2007).
  • Infrastructure – The infrastructure building need to support the network requires the permission with the regulatory bodies to use their lands.
  • Health issue – Mobile phones effect on the health of the persons and school-going children.
  • Economical factors – These factors affect the cost of the product of Vodafone.
  • Cost of Licenses – The cost of acquiring the license of the mobile phones is very high.
  • 3G – The network with the cost of building requires a lot of revenue to break even, but if the price is too high, the standard will not take off.

Cost of calls being down – There are constant price wars between the users of Vodafone and there are very few markets where there is a monopoly controlling the mobile market.

Socio-cultural factors – These factors affect the social trends and demographics of the corporate.

Health Issues – If the Vodafone has largest footprint in the different countries in all over the world, the company has been confronted with the competition in both developed and emerging market.

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