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Marketing planning is a business framework outlining strategies and tactics of marketing. Marketing plan is very essential for business to achieve the targeted goals to get success. Marketing planning is a road map furnishing  direction towards achieving goals and objectives of the business. Management of the business makes marketing planning in order to analyse market place and develop the strategy for a business to enter and compete in a market place. The procedure of marketing planning is referred to as series such as determining the objective of the business, measure resources in the business, determine and evaluate risk and opportunities, create a strategy of marketing and lastly apply and monitor the plan of marketing. In this assessment, the report is about changing perspectives in planning of marketing as well as analysing and evaluating capabilities for planning its future market activities. Furthermore, the techniques of auditing are also examined and identifying impact of external factor of marketing planning in this report. Hilton Hotel of UK is chosen in this assessment.


1.1 Review Changing Perspectives in Marketing Planning

Review in changing perspective in marketing plan is instruments that enable the  management of business to understand everything related to company. It is the direction that shows management that what is the brightness of their plan. By this plan, a company will be able to know about becoming successful leader in the market and areas in which the company is lacking. The management of hotel also redefine the direction where the company is not able to operate effectively in the market (Papadopoulos and, 2017,). Earlier there is 4P's of marketing mix is used for making the strategies for the company but now it is elaborated to 7P's of marketing mix. Marketing strategies are made to plan the direction in a new market against competitors. It shall be responsive that a smarketing plan must contain with the consideration of changing perspective.

Marketing is the not a simple a usual technique, marketing is like science and arts as because it requires creativity. Marketing planning of Hilton Hotel is making to achieve goals and objectives of marketing. The plan of marketing is looking at resources available in a firm.

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1.2 Capabilities of Hilton Hotel for Planning Their Future Marketing Activity

The planning of marketing of Hilton Hotel is excellent. The management of marketing plan is very efficient and adorable in the Hotel as they are applying principals of marketing to make plans. They are focussing on coordinated approach as for achieving the goals and objectives of Hilton Hotel is very important to have coordination of work in operational activity. It is very important to analyse the strengths of organization. The capabilities of Hilton Hotel are its nucleus competency, weaknesses, strengths, behaviour and the most significant available resources in enterprises (Fine, 2017).

Hilton hotel has to its capabilities to overcome its weaknesses and prove its strength in the market. 

Marketing planning for Hilton in future will develop the following:

  • Finance Capabilities- Finance is the most significant factor in the organization as without fund there in nothing. For developing any plan, it is very important to have sufficient fund for resources.
  • Technological Capabilities- technology plays a significant role in the era of modernization. Hilton hotel must use modern technologies and make the services of hotel advanced. Outdated accommodation facilities are not preferred by the customers in today's modern world.
  • Being Loyal- to become the well-known Hotel industry in the world it is very important to being allegiant and loyal to the customers as well as to the employees of the organization.

1.3 Techniques for Auditing to Utilize an External Factor and Impact of Marketing Planning in Hilton Hotel

Auditing is very necessary task for the development and growth of organization. The audit refers to as an assurance of objectives, independent and consulting activity which is designed to add value and improved operations of Hilton Hotel. Auditing assist the company to execute its objectives and goals by bringing systematic and proper approach in order to develop and improve the management to maintain risk factors, governance and control. Thus, it is very significant for Hilton can be considered the activity of the auditing in order to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the organization and captured the correct approach (Macarthy, 2018).  In 2014, Hilton is running in the loss in its sales of its services so an audit should be conducted for the industry to again adopt a steady position in the market. By conducting the audit, customers also feel satisfied and company also identify its current position in market and also takes efficient steps to improve and develop the position in market.

Audit also helps an organization to take effective and right decision in right situation. Auditing is necessary for Hilton hotel to have regular audit session to take strategic position and perform in an efficient and effective way.

1.4 Organizational Auditing and Analysis of External Factors Which Affect Marketing Planning of Hilton Hotel

Financial audit and company audit is similar to its certain level.  Audit assist in analysing the past and present performance as well as evaluating the future course of action. The instrument of auditing is used for regular basis as there is always changing in the external environment. There are three categories of external environment which are Economic environment, Competitive environment and market environment of the company. To compete in the market place these all factors are included in audit work.

Pestle Analysis

Political Factor- Political factor has direct impact on the organizational planning. It includes policies, taxes of the government.  

Economical factor- Economical factor has great impact on the operation of the activities of Hilton Hotel which includes the employment level, economic growth rate, inflation which affect in making the planning decisions respect to the movement of Hilton in given direction. In the era of inflation the purchasing power of the customer is analysed by making the effective marketing plan.

Social Factor- This factor include the demographic profile of the people in society like population, age, distribution etc. the planning of marketing should be like that it would satisfy the needs of the customers. The operation of the hotel should be loved and accepted by the society.

Technological factor- this factor includes that the marketing plan should be based on latest technology. Technologies which are utilized by the competitor and which are preferred by the people should be adopted in the organization. Internet facility for booking the rooms is the best facility offer to the public. The websites of the Hotel should also be updated on regular basis.

Environmental factor- this factor is also the most important factor which have direct impact on the operative profit of the company. While working in the society it should be ensure that the surroundings should be clean and safe and secure. The marketing planning should be alter and modified by the change in the climate conditions.

Legal factor- this factor includes laws and regulations and rules of the country where the company is operating. Hilton hole is working in UK as well as in many countries. The laws and the policies should not be abide by the Hotel.  All the marketing planning decision should be according to the laws and policies of the country (Lee, 2017).


2.1 Barriers in Marketing Planning

Marketing planning is a logical activity that is adopted by Hilton Hotel which defines  and draws the objectives and goals of the marketing. Market planning is not nominal or easy practise, it is complex procedure of analysing and evaluating the factors to achieve the target of the company. 

There are some barriers in market planning are as follows:

Environmental barriers- it includes the social, economical, political, technological, and legal factors prevailing in the environment which are the external factors and they pose leading barriers to marketing planning.  There are so many restrictions or limitations in the manner the company interacts with the environment.

Cultural barriers- it includes the knowledge, belief, feelings, ethical motive, custom, traditions, attitude or any other habits and susceptibility shared by people in the environment.  These all factors become barriers in the planning of the market when workers infuse a lack of belief in the planning and require some modification and alternation in the decision. Before, making the marketing plan it is very important to target the audience otherwise the plans is faulty.

Behavioural barriers- the behaviour of the workers also influence the marketing plan in  large way. Sometimes the plans made by the management of the company is not like by the people of the organization. Management tries to extra modify the work and operation whereas the workforce of the Hilton Hotel takes this as a risk factor in innovation and modification. Organizational behaviour become the main cause of the barriers in the plan of marketing as a when there is lack of support from the workforce of organization.

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2.2 Steps to Overcome the Barriers of the Marketing Planning of Hilton Hotel

In conducting market planning there are so many barriers which are very necessary to overcome it because the goals and objectives of the organization can be only achieve if the strategies are effectively planned. As when the Hilton Hotel introduce the strategic planning often raise many barriers that conquer the ability to move forward.           

When the management of the organization gather all the information from the market, it becomes very difficult for them to chooses and select which is relevant and which is irrelevant information and it is also sometimes more challenging making sense of this information. In that situation, management of Hilton Hotel should reduce the complexity by concentrating on direct effects. The information which is find from initial analysis is considered relevant. By this method management feel easy to make effective strategy of planning.

Proper training to the department of market planning. Hilton hotel should provide proper training to the management team who are conducting market planning. Company should provide standard instruments for strategic analysis. Furthermore, company should provide coaching and  consulting from professional and experts in the central strategic department of planning. By this factor company can overcome the barriers in making strategic marketing planning.

The company can also set their agenda in overcoming the barriers in market planning. Some crucial feature that have an effect on the meta level of corporate issues will not be included.  By setting the agenda Hilton Hotel can make effective market planning which prove beneficial for the company. In order to overcome the barriers, all the managers of the company should be involve in setting the agenda.


3.1 Marketing Plan for Product and Services for Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotel have launched a variety of services in their hotel for the customers. It helps their customers to use the modern and advanced technology. The rooms of the Hilton Hotel is well furnished and full of advanced technology like remote system and adorable interior designing and sensor system in hotel. The modern range has improved the taste and preferences of the customers. As per the director of Hilton Hotel of UK leads to advanced and modern lifestyle for their customers.  Hilton Hotel also introduce a new systems and better taste and surety of advanced and modern technologies (Sodagar and, 2017).

Hilton Hotel provides several types of services, like restaurant's facility in the hotel, ticket booking facility, convenience for customer to visit any place in the city and many more. Hilton also provide certain offers in seasonal time like free breakfast facility by hotel, some percentage of off on rooms, free taxi facility to pick up from the stations. Hilton also tales feedback from their customers in order to take reviews from them and also improve.

3.2 Strategic Planning Process for Hilton Hotel

Objectives- there are some goals of the Hilton. These are not for long time it is for definite period. The foremost and the main objectives of Hilton is to interact with the customers and make effective relationship with their customers. Company wants to expand to meet the objectives and goals. 

Strategic Planning- it is the state of activity performed by Hilton Hotel to ensure that all the operations are carried out properly and the workers are working to attain the common goals and objectives of the improvement of the company. The resources and the energy and are fully utilized it should be ensured while making market planning (Davis and, 2018).

Vision- Hilton Hotel is known by the five key elements of its vision which are, Global requirements and needs, Growing opportunities due to the expanding environment of the business, Innovation, Great share, inspiration and winning loyalty of the consumers. 

Mission- The mission of Hilton Hotel is to retain and sustain loyal people. In order to achieve the objectives of the organization it is very important to identify the allegiant customers.

3.3 Techniques of New Development of Product and Services

There are various techniques of involved in the development of services and products of Hilton Hotel, like getting new and innovative ideas, screening of new ideas, development and testing of the idea, close analysis of Hotel, test of marketing, promotion and advertisement and last final launching of the idea.

Getting new ideas- It is very important for Hilton Hotel to make new and innovative ideas and implement in their product and services (Huang, 2018).

Screening of the new idea- It is very important to do screening of the new idea in order to get advantages and disadvantages of the products and services.

Concept development and testing- After making the ideas, it very necessary for the organization to get views and opinions of others in the Hotel. The reaction of the idea is seen by the management of the hotel and after that make alteration and modification in the idea. The feedback is also received can be used to further enhance the idea and the marketing planning can also be ascertained. 

Promotion and Advertisement- After testing of the idea, the product and services is ready to move forward in the market (Hansen, 2017). The price of the product and services is also set before advertisement and promotion. The modes of distribution are also selected before introducing the products and services to the public.

3.4. Justifying Recommendation

Pricing policies- it refers to setting the price of the products and services of Hilton Hotel. While setting of the price, the competitive price, cost of operation and the worth of product or services must be considered. By these factors the price of the product or services will not be high or low as well as do not bring any loss to the Hilton Hotel (Melchiorre and Johnson, 2017). There are various kinds of pricing methods such as Economy pricing, Penetration pricing, premium pricing, Skimming pricing and many others.

Economy Pricing- It involves less cost or low cost leadership. The low cost leadership attracts many people to use the services or products of the Hilton. It is the best method to maximise the market share of the company. Hilton Hotel has adopted low cost leadership when it  was started and grab huge amount of profit as well as immense market share (Kronick and,  2017).

Distribution- it is the method where the product or services is reach to the customers easily. The channel and the mode of distribution should not be over from the cost of production.  There are various channels of distribution which are as follows- direct channel, indirect channel, selective channel and last intensive channel. 

Communication mix- the most important particular of marketing as it is very crucial elements to make interaction with public and make healthy relationship with customers. The product or services can be communicate by personal selling, advertisement, social media, promotional techniques and last one is direct marketing. Public relations is the core elements for Hilton.

3.5 Explain How Elements Affecting the Effective Execution of the Marketing Plan

There are many factors as we have discussed above have affect the execution of the marketing plans. There are some barriers occur while making the plan for marketing.  The term's strategy and plan of action are different and they are often baffled as same. But there is a effective solution for these barriers that marketing manager should use the several strategies for marketing like smart phones, social media and the strategies which are related to the clients.

There is very small importance are laid on position and differentiation of the servies of Hilton. But there is also a solution found by the experts that the once the image is build on the mind of consumers is enough (Paley, 2017).


4.1 Ethical Issues and Solutions

Ethics- these are some values and morals that every company has to obey and follow and operate within the limits.  Every company faces some ethical issues while operating in the market place. There are some issues like Fundamental, Diversity, decision making and compliance and government issues.

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Fundamental issues- the hotel industry lacks unity and trustiness within the organization. There are also times when the clients are not dealt properly. Solution of these issues is the affairs of the company must be handled with honesty and seriousness.

4.2 & 4.3. Analysis the Example How to Respond and Analysis the Examples of Consumer Ethics

Hilton hotel is overcoming the ethical issued by making strategic marketing plan which do follow all norms and rules of the organization. Hilton hotel is making efforts on team work by making unity in the organization. The effect of consumer ethics and factors that affect the marketing planning are demographic profile, economic conditions, potential of market, market share and present customer composition and many more (Lidstone,  and MacLennan, 2017).


The above assessment concluded that the marketing plan and how it is affected to the operation of the Hilton Hotel. The organizational capabilities for planning its future marketing activity. Furthermore, the external factor affecting the marketing plan is also concluded in this study. 


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