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Marketing is considered as an important role in attaining huge consumer strength through attracting them using different promotional strategies. Manufacturing quality products and services is not enough for an organisation as it also require to promote them in market so as to attract and influence the interest and buying behaviour of customers in favour of their products and services. Therefore, marketing contributes maximum efforts in achieving desired goals and objectives of an organisation. The present assignment report is based on “Your Destination”, a UK based company which deals in providing transportation services to the area of London and Essex. The project covers the role and responsibilities of marketing functions and their relationship with other departments of an organisation. Application of 7P's of marketing mix and marketing plan of company has been also discussed under this report (Dudu and Agwu,  2014).

Task 1

P1: Structure of marketing department and various responsibilities and delegation of marketing manager in “Your Destination”


To: Senior manager “Your Destination”

From: Marketing manager

Date: 12th June 2018

Subject: Different responsibilities and delegations of marketing manager in organisation and Structure of marketing department

There are various department in an organisation which contributes maximum in achieving desired goals and objectives. Such departments includes marketing, production, operation and finance out of which marketing department play an important role as compared to other departments. The marketing managers of “Your Destination” are held responsible to adopt suitable marketing plans and policies with an objective of attracting customers to use their transportation services whenever they want to travel from one place to another. The roles and responsibilities of marketing manager of “Your Destination” are defined as below:

Identifying the preferences and behaviour of customers towards the price and quality of services they provided to them.

After collecting feedbacks and information through conducting research, the marketing managers required to make an effective decision and plans regarding the prices and additional services the customers prefer while travelling.

Choosing best distribution channel among various with a motive of maximising the satisfaction level of customers.

Making an effective and profitable marketing plans and strategies in order to attract and influence the behaviour and interest of customers.

Therefore, through performing such responsibilities, “Your Destination” can able to achieve high market share and generate huge revenues. Marketing provides an opportunity as well to build healthy relation with the customers.

Roles and responsibilities of marketing functions

Marketing department performs crucial role in increasing revenue of company through attracting customers to use their services in order to get maximum satisfaction. Following are the some roles and responsibilities of marketing functions:

Product/Service: It refer to something which is offered by company in order to generate huge revenues. “Your Destination” offers transportation services across worldwide thus it is important for them to provide quality services so as to enhance the satisfaction level of customers. Therefore, marketing manager need to first conduct research in order to identify the needs and requirements of customers at the time of travelling and took an effective decision effectively.

Price: It refers to the monetary value which is charged on the product or services offered by company. The pricing factor may change the decision of customers to travel to different locations. Therefore, “Your Destination” should required to adopt an effective pricing policies better than their rivals so as to influences the decision of customers in favour of company.

Selling: It refers to selecting distribution channel through which the company can provide transportation services to the customers. Therefore, “Your Destination” required to buy or hire fuel efficient transportation due to which the they can earn maximum revenue. The suppliers are also play an important role in providing transportation services by the company.

Promotion: It is the process of communicating with the customers regarding the quality of service they offered in market with the purpose of grabbing the attentions o customers. Through adopting different marketing tools such as online advertisement, print media etc. the company can easily attract large number of customers.

Financing: It is considered as the backbone of company which gives financial support in adopting an effective tools and techniques. In context of “Your Destination” the marketing manager need to allocate funds on different areas such as hiring or buying new transportation, marketing tools and techniques etc. thus the company need to have proper amount of funds in order to adopt an effective technologies.

Management information system: It is essential for company to record and stored all information  regarding their customers along with their needs and requirements. It further helps marketing manager to make an effective decision and plans for the betterment of an organisation.


M1: Roles and responsibilities of marketing

Marketing environment includes various factors such as internal and external which affects the business operations either in negative or positive manner. It influences marketing activities as well thus marketing manager should required to identify the influencing elements and make an effective decisions to eliminate such elements so as to achieve better possible result (Ebert and et. al., 2014).

P2: Interrelation of roles and responsibilities of marketing with other organisational functions


To, Senior manager “Your Destination”

From marketing manager

Date: 12th may 2018

Subject: Interrelationship between marketing functions and other departments of organisation

“Your Destination” is UK-based company which deals in providing transportation services to the customers across worldwide. Therefore, it is important for company to adopt marketing plans in order to communicate with the targeted customers regarding the quality and price of services they provided in market. There are different department in an organisation which gives sufficient support to each other to achieve common goals and objectives of an organisation. Interrelationship of marketing department with other department are briefly described as under:

Marketing department with operational: Operation department is held responsible to produce services that to be offered to customers in future. As in case of “Your Destination”, the company offered transportation services thus hiring or buying transportation and manage in order to offer quality services to the customers. Therefore, they need to get support from marketing department in form of identifying the additional services the customers required while travelling.

Marketing with finance department: An effective marketing tools and techniques has been adopted by the marketing department of “Your Destination” only when they get sufficient support from Finance department. Allocation of funds to marketing department help them in making an effective budget to formulate marketing plans and strategies. Therefore, the marketing department is totally depend on the support of financial department.

Marketing with Human resource department: HR department is held liable to recruit and select skilled and knowledgeable employees who are able to contribute maximum efforts to the company thus it can be possible through inviting candidates first through adopting various marketing tools such as advertisement on Newspapers, Pamphlets etc. through which the company can easily get large number of job applicants.

Marketing with research and development department: R&D team of “Your Destination” helps in providing sufficient information about the needs and requirements along with the problems the customers faced during travel through conducting appropriate research on regular basis. With the help of such information, marketing managers are able to make an effective marketing plans and communicate with the customers regarding the elimination of such problems due to which the satisfaction level of customers are increased.

Marketing and sales department: The sales department has set their own target which can be achieved with the help of marketing department. For example, the marketing department help in communicating people regarding the services the company offered which attract and influences the interest and decision of customers in favourable manner thus may increases sales figure of company as well therefore can achieve desired sales target easily.

Marketing with IT department: IT department of “Your Destination” implements  an effective technologies and modern systems such as Management Information system (MIS) which help in providing relevant and crucial information about the needs and requirements of customers. With the help of such information, the marketing manager are able to make an effective decisions and plans for attracting large number of customers.


M2: Significance of interrelations of marketing function with other department

Combining efforts given by all departments of an organisation maximises the chances of getting profitable result. With the help of taking support from each other, the company can easily achieve its desired goals and objectives within limited period of time. For example, with the help of taking financial help from finance department, the marketing managers are able to implement an effective marketing tools and techniques so as to attract large number of customers (FALLS,  2015).

Task 2

P3: Comparison of application of marketing mix by different organisations for achieving business objectives

Marketing mix includes several factors and tools that the “Your Destination” uses to promote their brand or services they offered in market. It includes 7P's consists of Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Process, People and Physical evidence. Every organisation irrespective of the fact whether engaged in retail sector, manufacturing sector or transportation sector should required to implement marketing mix with the help of which the company can able to achieve competitive advantages and generate huge revenues as well.

7P' s of Marketing Mix:

Product/Services: It refers to a thing which is produced through performing different actions and process. It can be in tangible or intangible form. Every products are manufactured at a cost and selling at a price.

Price: It refers to the amount of money which is charged by the company for their products offered in market. It plays a crucial role in influencing the interest and buying decision of customers.

Place: It refers to the location where the company decide to operate its business in order to generate huge revenues. An organisation searches those places where the demand of products and services are more (Fill, 2011).

Promotion: It refers to the methods of communication which are used by organisation to attract people towards purchasing their products and services.

Process: It refers to the activity of delivering products and services to the customers through adopting an effective distribution channels. For example, buying luxurious transportation help in providing luxurious services to the customers.

People: It includes those elements which helps company in distributing products and services to the targeted customers and gives their maximum efforts in maximising the satisfaction level of customers.

Physical evidence: It includes such elements which can be easily identified and recognised by the customers. The marketing manager is held liable to design and adopt such tangible evidence (Hsu,  Hsu and Yeh,  2010).

Comparison between marketing Mix of “Your Destination” and National Express


“Your Destination”

National Express


The company is offering transportation services across worldwide thus need to improve their services through adding extra value to the services.

As a top leader in transportation market, the company required to offered quality services and create new additional services as well which help them in maintaining their exist market position.


The management required  to adopt an effective pricing policies better than their rivals so as to shift customers from rivals to their company.

The company already attained huge customer based thus need  to focus on maintaining their price so as to retain their loyal customers.


It has operated with many branches located in Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow etc. thus need to be analyse the market situation and expand their business as well in order to compete with their rivals.

The company offered services across worldwide thus capture large market share thus to dominate their rivals they need to focus on expanding their business through out the world.


In order to communicate with customers and make them loyal, the company required to adopt an effective marketing tools such as advertisement on TV, social media, print media etc.

As generating huge revenues every year, the company required to offer discount on their transportation services and inform customers about such discount through adopting various marketing tools such as TV Advertisement, social media, company's website etc.


The company need to buy or hire new transportation and make suitable changes in facilities provided during travelling which help in maximising the satisfaction level of customers.

As having enough funds, the company required to buy cost efficient transportation which contains all luxurious services to the customers.


The company should required to recruit employees who know how to deal with customers in more effective way.

As company already attained brand image in market thus the employees can easily attracted towards company regarding getting employment opportunities.

Physical evidence

The company required to take more actions in order to get identified in market by the customers.

The company attained strong position in market thus they can easily attracted customers with the help of using their name, logo.


M3: Evaluation of different tactics

There are different tactics which are required to be apply by the company in order to achieve growth and profitability (Hu, 2011). Such tactics are given as below:

  • Charging less prices on the transportation services will help “Your destination” to attract large number of customers and maximise their satisfaction level.
  • Conducting training and development programs for the employees which help in enhancing the capabilities so that they can perform better and contribute maximum in achieving growth and success of company (The Marketing Mix 4P’s and 7P’s Explained, 2018).

Task 3

P4: Development of a newer marketing plan by marketing manager

            Marketing plan refers to an action which will be performed by marketing department in near future for the purpose of generating huge revenues and profits. The marketing is responsible to prepare an effective plans after considering the goals and objectives of an organisation. The marketing plan of “Your Destination” are framed as below:

Executive summary: The report is based on analysing the marketing environment of the company known as “Your Destination”. It is transportation company which has been operated in different countries with a motive of achieving market leader of such industry. To analyse external environment, PEST analysis need to be conducted whereas to analyse internal environment, SWOT analysis shall be conducted. Apart from this, tactics and budget will also be mentioned properly (Jones and Rowley, 2011).

Background, Purpose and Focus: “Your Destination” is one of the fast growing transportation company which are successfully operated in London and Essex. The company are established wit the purpose of expanding their business across worldwide due to which the senior management focuses on open branches in Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow and Aberdeen etc. so that they can able to compete with National Express which is one of the market leader of similar industry.

Situation Analysis (SWOT):


The company is operating its business in different locations of UK. The firm already attained large number of transportations such as buses, trains etc.


It is a small scale company which is not yet achieved strong image in market thus cannot able to compete with their rivals.


There are number of emerging market such as china and India which help them in achieving growth and expansion of business.


The economy of United Kingdom is decreases due to which their business may get affected in negative manner.


Target market: “Your Destination” has focusing on expanding their business to the different places of United kingdom such as Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow and Aberdeen etc. so that they can capture large market share of United Kingdom (Functions of marketing, 2017).

Goals and objectives: The main objective of “Your Destination” is to compete with National Express which is one of the top leader in transportation industry. This can be possible through making an effective decisions and plans better than their rivals.

Marketing Mix strategies (4Ps):

Product: “Your Destination” deals in providing transportation services therefore the management of company must required to add some extra value services to the transportation with an objective of enhancing satisfaction level of customers.

Price: To attained huge customer base in United Kingdom, the management of “Your Destination” required to adopt an effective pricing policies in order to influence the decision of customers for travelling (Lamb,  Hair and McDaniel, 2011).

Place: As the senior manager of “Your Destination” has operated in limited place of United Kingdom therefore to generate huge profits the company required to expand their business to  Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow and Aberdeen etc.

Promotion: To provide the information about price and quality of services provided by “Your Destination”, the management required to adopt an effective pricing strategies through which they can able to attract lots of customers.

Plan for monitoring and Evaluation:

Identifying feedbacks: The management of “Your Destination” require to collect feedbacks through conducting research through which they can able to identify the problems faced by the customers while travelling (Papasolomou and Melanthiou,  2012).

Monitor the accessibility and efficiency: In this step, the manager required to monitor the performance of each activity so as to rectify them if any deviation found in order to achieve better possible outcomes.



Third Quarter (2017) £



Payroll tax






Market research

Primary research

Secondary research

Other expenses





Marketing communication

Customer relationship management


Internet marketing

Press relation

Print media

Electronic media

Social media


Other expenses














M4: Marketing plan

It is considered as a blueprint which is prepared to define roles and responsibilities to their employees which brings motivation and confidence due to which they can contribute efforts in achieving desired goals and objectives. The marketing plan is prepared on the basis of past data which help them in formulating an effective plans and policies for future period (Marketing Mix, 2017).


It has been concluded from the above project report that marketing department play a crucial role in achieving desired goals and objectives through promoting product and services offered by company in market. “Your Destination” is UK based company which tried to expand business to different locations of United Kingdom thus senior manager need to make an effective marketing plans and strategies so as to achieve huge customer strength and generate revenues.


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