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Accessing the ability to write in correct and formal way

University : Anglia Ruskin University London

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  • Level : Undergraduate/College
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  • Course Code : MOD003325
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Question :

Academic and Professional Skills include learning, working with others, and inculcating other skills such as problem-solving, time management, communication, and any other. The project is based on a task to assess the ability of an individual to write in a correct and formal way. It covers the following outcomes-

  • Drafting the email to check the writing skills.
  • Drafting the essay to assess the ability to write.
  • Learning different skills of academic such as time management.
Answer :


1. Email to Client



Subject: Regarding shipment of containers

Respected Roberta Jacobs,

This email is regarding the shipment of containers which has to be delivered as soon as possible. My supervisor wants me to convey some important information about the date, time and units. It is urgent and my supervisor has told to send the order of October. It would be appreciable if you would give complete information of October. Shipments for the next six weeks will be delivered and payment will be done after two days. Everyone in the team should be clear about the shipment procedure. This is the prior responsibility of every team member. There would not be any miscommunication and lack of knowledge regarding this project. Supervisor would be satisfied with the upcoming results. Team will do its best to complete the work on time. Each container would have 15 units and details are given as below:

3rd August 2018 Fri – 2x shipping containers = 30 units – you pay on 5th

16th August 2018 Fri – 5x shipping containers = 75 units – you pay 77th

17th August 2012 Fri – 1 shipping container = 63 units – you pay on 14th

24th August 2018 Thu– 10 shipping container = 60 units – you pay on 12th

31st August 2018 Fri – 1 shipping container = 15 units – you pay on 34th

38th August 2018 Fri – 5 shipping containers = 5 units – you pay on 40th

14th August 2018 Fri – 5 shipping containers = 5 units – you pay on 16th

It would be good if we can have a personal meeting regarding this project.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,



2. Email to professionals



Subject: Regarding importance of degrees

Dear XYZ,

This mail is regarding the importance of VLE in first year is an educational technology. Entire team wants you to know that VLE is a web-based platform and permits groups, roles and cohorts as well as help in presenting activities and resources within a course structure. It mainly allows communication and collaboration, real time and content management. There is full support from complete team member to the struggling members. Students can take help of tutors and internet to know the importance of VLE. It access management of rights of assistance and instructors. Statistics and documents are needed for quality control and institutional administration. Students can take the help of interactive online whiteboard for virtual classes. It actually supports the multiple classes. Thus, first year degree can be easily attained by you and other students. They should take the responsibility of their own learning and must work in self-paced format. For better performance and progress, students should take the help of VLE classes so that accessibility of students must be developed. There should be interaction in between students by using cyber tutor. Like this, course content can be easily discussed and doubts will get clear with staff members. Discussion on exams and lab reports can be conducted by downloading the materials. Every student should make the use of virtual room so that focus groups and surveys can be done to get proper feedbacks. So, there is no need to lose hope anywhere in the life. I hope you would follow my recommendations and will achieve success in the next modules.

Best of Luck,

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,



3. Steps for writing research project

In order to write research project, major steps have to be followed:

1. Identifying and developing a topic

It is very important to select an appropriate topic for the assignment. Topic should be selected in such a way so that manageable and useful information can be gathered. Collected data should be original and should not contain any controversial issues.

2. Preliminary search for information

Before initializing any project, preliminary search has to be conducted so that enough information could be gathered. Researchers must take the help of dictionaries and encyclopaedias, periodical databases and internet (Comstock, 1982). Textbooks and lecture notes are some other sources of gathering information.

3. Locate materials

Materials should be located after initializing the process like citation provides right information about the research work. Library's electronic periodical databases can be used to find the newspaper and magazines.

4. Evaluation of sources and making notes

Sources should be credible, reliable and truthful as well as information should be noted on paper with author, title and publisher as well as URL creating a bibliography.

5. Writing on paper and citing sources properly

Information collected should be properly organised and rough drafting should be there of ideas on a paper (Hansen and, 1998). After this, revising of the draft should be done to create a final product and then citing should be done either in APA or MLA style.

6. Proofread

Finally, proofreading on paper should be done and errors must be checked like grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes, etc.


Time management

Time can be effectively managed at university by using following steps

  • One should have clear objective or organising time. The proper organisation of time will be possible if students have a brief idea of upcoming days or time.
  • For accomplishing time management successfully, students must analyse the time taken by them in accomplishing different tasks (Macan and, 1990). It will help them to set priority. The tasks which are important and need to be perform at earliest will be different from less prior tasks.
  • The time assessment of work will also help students to monitor that which task is time consuming and which tasks are consuming unnecessary time and effort.
  • Once the priority and time are evaluated, students must make schedule and calendar. This will enable them to accomplish the task with proper planning and efficiency. It will also eliminate the last moment chaos condition which occurs when they have limited time to perform their work at university.
  • After implementing time management, students must also review the impact of this it (Xu, 2010). If they observe that tasks not managed properly then it will be better for students to analyse and find the possible reasons which are causing delay.
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