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Introduction to Employees Relation

In the business there are various issues and decision, which is not, handles by individual. Thus, employee relation play vital role for taking business decisions and positive outcomes. With the help of employee relation, every individual feels motivated at workplace and reduce problems for discourages conflicts (Beltrán‐Martín and Roca‐Puig, 2013). It is very important for company that every individual feel comfortable with focus and concentration on employees. They are also provides services through online stores which assist to customers as they are able to access services where feel convenient. Present study is based on Sainsbury which deals in grocery and food products according to customer’s requirements.

For gaining insight knowledge of company, report covers role of main players within the enterprise. Furthermore, it includes procedure for dealing in different conflict situation. Moreover, it assesses the impact of negotiation strategy for situation which needs to be taken by company for solving business issues. In addition to this, it covers impact of human resource management on employee relation.

Task 1

1.1 Explain Unitary and Pluralistic Frames of References

In the organization, every member take participation for achieve business goals. In this aspect, Sainsbury need to involve their each employee within goals of company. For maintain enterprise growth different frames can be taken within business environment. These are as follows.

Unitary Frame

In this type of frame, each member of Sainsbury contribute their participation for achieve common goal of company (Uddin, Luva and Hossian, 2013). They are maintains cooperation among various members with determines roles and responsibilities. According to roles and responsibility, each member performs their functions. Main aim of this frame is to achieve common goal at workplace so that company take unitary for all employees at firm. As results, manager of the cited firm gives direction for accomplish business targets. All employees take effective participation within firm to achieve the best results (Oriyomi, Yinusa and Abdulrasheed, 2016).

Pluralistic Frame

When organization concerns with pluralistic frame, they are assign targets on the basis of quality and ability for particular task. Every individual has different capabilities and ability to perform various tasks at workplace. Thus, when manager take pluralistic frame at workplace they are assign roles and responsibility according to workers capabilities. Every individual perceive different thing for achieve organizational objectives thus, this frame take every individual different for distinctive thing at workplace (Schultz, Ryan and Williams, 2015).

1.2 Changes in Trade Union Which Affect To Employee Relation

Trade union play very important role in which they are providing laws and regulations for doing business. In this context, they are frame rules and policies which essentially followed by Sainsbury to operate their functions. They possess various changes at cited fir. They are as follows.

Payment of Minimum Wages

Trade union play vital role in for maintain payment of minimum wages at workplace (Beattie and Crossan, 2015). In respect to this, they are determines roles and responsibility regarding Sainsbury to protect their employees in term of wages. The organization should considers all rules and regulation at workplace which made by trade union to provide them minimum wages. Further, the cited firm also needs to take true and fair treatment at workplace for all employees of the company.

Enhance Productivity of Employee

Trade union also frame rules and regulation for enhance productivity of each member within the company (Beltrán‐Martín and Roca‐Puig, 2013). In this aspect, they are demonstrating that Sainsbury should provide proper training to their employees so that they can enhance their sustainability at workplace. In addition to this, it also gives positive results at workplace which generate high profitability as well. With the help of enhancing profitability, skills of employees also enhance towards the enterprise objectives.

Increasing Living Standards of Workers

In order to protect employees, trade union also frames laws to make effective results. In this aspect, Sainsbury should provide extra benefits to their employees so that their living standards can be enhance. In this aspect, they have to maintain working conditions at workplace so that every employee can work effectively at workplace (Uddin, Luva and Hossian, 2013). Thus, they can protect their employees for enhance capabilities and efficiency towards the firm o