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Introduction to Children protection

Children protection is about protecting them from any type of violence, abuse, ignorance, neglect and exploitation. It is the prime responsibility of parents to keep their children safe. They must handle them with love and care. There are various policies, laws, rules and regulation formed by the government for the protection of children (Gilbert, Parton and Skivenes, 2011).

This essay is based on the given case scenario which includes the condition of children and actions taken by improvement for professionals. It also contains risks that occur at the time of child handling. Along with these, the essay contain policies, rules and regulations for child protection, agencies which are working for them, strengths and burdens influencing the parents abilities to care for children. In the end, the report concludes with summary of the essay with key factors.


Emily is the mother of Lara who is a two and half year child. She is disturbed from the behaviour of Lara and cannot handle her. Emily went to child health clinic for Lara's treatment and discussed all the issues she is facing while handling Lara with Health visitor. According to me, Emily needs to handle Lara with love and care. Violence and abuse is not a right way to tackle children. It effects on the behaviour of them which leads to negative results rather than positive. I think health visitor gives the right suggestion to Emily that if she is not able to handle Lara then she is required to leave that place rather than harm her or lose her temper. Emily was unable to manage Lara with care and due to this she injured her. This is clear from the bruises on her arm. . There are various kinds of games which help in keeping children busy. As per my view, Emily should buy such types of games for Lara for keeping her busy. This also prevents Emily from any kind of irritation and frustration (Gilbert, Parton and Skivenes, 2011).

The actions taken by professionals are appropriate and in the favour of Lara's condition. Health Visitor checks Lara properly and listen Emily properly. During the check-up, he finds bruises on Lara's arm which were due to improper handling of Emily. Health visitor analyse each and everything properly. He advised Emily to handle Lara with care and love. This will bring change in her behaviour. Focusing on the injuries, he suggests her to leave the room at the time of frustration which prevents her to harm Emily which is appropriate in Lara's case. He tries to find out the reason behind Emily's harsh behaviour towards Lara by talking with the social care workers. As per the results, he finds that it is better to keep Lara at any social services rather than with Emily and her family. The advice to refer Lara under Child Protection Procedures by health visitor is right and appropriate. Child Protection Procedures are for the children, to prevent them from any kind of violence and abuse. It is the responsibility of Social Services to keep child protected and bring improvement in them. They treat Lara as per the condition she is passing through. The decision taken by health visitor is appropriate and in favour of Lara which shows that he takes this case seriously (Dickens, Beckett and Bailey, 2014).

The present situation leads to affect the mentality and behaviour of Lara. Emily does not have etiquettes and patience which affects on the activities of Lara. Doctor needs to take care of all these things and on that basis needs to provide better facilities to Lara. The environment of house is not good which also effects on the nature and behaviour of Lara and her brother. The behaviour of mother plays important role in bringing up of her child. In this case, it is also not good. First thing which is required is Emily needs to bring change in her behaviour and second thing is she should keep her house's environment friendly and good. Health visitor needs to gather all the information about Emily and her family. This information can guide doctor in taking right action for Lara. He can suggest some kind of coaching and training to the Emily who helps her in tackling and handling her daughter. She needs to guide and teach Lara with love and care which results to improvement in her naughty behaviour. She needs to have some patience so that she cannot harm her child. These all things lead to bring improvement in both Lara and Emily. It depends upon the parents how they tackle their child. That treatment from parents makes child to act and behave accordingly.


In the case, the condition of family is not good. They are suffering from various issues and problems. Fights and mistrust between Emily and her husband Spencer affects the behaviour and mentality of their both child Lara and Thomas. Emily is facing problems from childhood which makes her frustrated. Her family did not take care of her properly which makes her to do wrong work and join wrong groups. This frustration and fear of losing her husband makes her rude and annoying. Due to the misunderstanding and all time fights parents are not able to give their time to Lara and Thomas. Emily is not conscious about daily activities of her children which is leading them to wrong path. Too much love towards Lara makes her demanding and this affects the mentality of Thomas who starts thinking that his father does not love him. Lack of communication among the family members results to creation of unawareness towards each other. Lack of love and care makes Thomas to think wrong about his father. Sparsely furnished and poorly maintained flat shows that Emily is not interested towards the household activities. Emily's facing serious family issue which needs to be resolved as soon as possible. The main reason behind the bad condition of the house is Emily. If she wants she can change the situation of her house. All she need is to give time to her family and to think positive.

The strengths and burdens of parents influence their abilities to care for the children in many ways. Parenting is a process which includes physical, emotional, social, financial, intellectual development of a child. The strengths that influence them to care their children are values, ethics, family background, child's future, communication with their children, surrounding, financial background, culture and social life (Gilbert, Parton and Skivenes, 2011). The values, ethics and family background help parents in treating their children well (Dickens, Beckett and Bailey, 2014). These strengths help in building good image of parents towards their children. As Emily's family background was not good which leads to improper emotional, financial, social and intellectual development of her. Parents from good family background do not prefer violence which makes their children to love them and creates respect towards them. Burdens of parents which influence their ability to care their children are improper communication, misunderstanding between parents, unable to understand needs and desires of child, poor financial condition, stress, lack of trust and loyalty and lack of time for family (Ferguson, 2011). These all factors plays role of burden in parents life which makes them to mistreat their children. Poor financial condition unable them to fulfil the demands of their children which creates wrong view. Lack of communication or fights among the parents also influence the child caring. Due to this, they do not pay proper attention to their children which leads them to wrong path. In the case study, the fights between Spencer and Emily might keep them disturbed and depressed. Due to this, they do not pay proper attention towards Thomas and it makes Thomas to join bad company (Ferguson, 2011).

If in case appropriate support is not provided to the family then, it will effects the future of Lara and Thomas. Lara and Thomas are going through very crucial age of their life. In this age they need full attention, care and love (Dickens, Beckett and Bailey, 2014). But lack of time, communication and attention is taking them towards wrong direction. It can affect their whole life if not controlled on time. There are chances that Thomas will become a theft and spoil his future. Thomas is suffering from mild learning difficulties in the lack of support there are chances that this problem increase and make him to suffer more. The demanding nature of Lara can make her stubborn. In the absence of support there is risk of improper development, negative perception towards life, disrespect of parents, it can also spoil their life. This can change their behaviour and perception towards life. They starts mistrusting everyone, joining wrong or bad companies, increases anger, creates many kinds of disorders such as mental disorder, stress disorder, feel insecure, low weight, sadness, etc. These all factors could ruin the life of both the children. The reason behind the low weight of Thomas is improper attention. His anger and improper guidance makes him to select wrong paths. It is important to keep these children under proper guidance and care. Lack of support can make them unethical (Parton and Berridge, 2011).

There are various polices and theories which focus on the welfare, development and protection of children. These policies and theories are as follow.


There are various theories for the welfare of children along with their protection. One of the theories is attachment theory (Dickens, Beckett and Bailey, 2014). This theory explain the manner in which child should interact with their parents. The healthy attachment of child with their parents shows that parents are fulfilling his needs (Washington, 2008). In the given case, Thomas is not conscious about his career, his parents does not pay proper attention which is taking him to danger (Dickens, Beckett and Bailey, 2014). The responding way of Lara is also not good. Other theory is Crisis Intervention Theory (Robertson and Bromfield, 2011). As per this, children feel difficulty in accepting the change. Thomas does not accept Spencer his father. He is unable to accept the change as he does not like his father. Emily and Spencer needs to identify the manner in which their children are responding and then try to work out the best possible option for their improvement. It will take time but it will improve the present situation of Lara and Thomas (Ferguson, 2011).


There are various policies given by UK government for safeguarding the children. These policies are related to protecting children from maltreatment, proper health and development, for safe and effective care of children, etc (Safeguarding policy. 2014). As per the policy, no child must be treated less favourable than other and all children should be free from abuse and neglect. In the case, Lara is preferred more by Spencer rather than Thomas which has impact very bad on his mentality. Every child has right of protection from abuses regardless of gender, disability, sexuality, etc. Emily needs to focus more on Thomas due to his learning difficulty problem. It is important to inform parents about the policies and procedures regarding the treatment such as consent form filling, medical treatment fee etc. for better treatment of children.


As per the earlier analysis of both children's needs and vulnerabilities, I think that children need good enough parenting and attention to prevent from future risks. Health care professionals need to be made subjects of Child Protection Plans because under these plans all the requirements and needs of the children will be accomplished by them and they will use best possible way to improve their life. This plan helps in finding right way for child safety and improving family condition by supporting them. As per this plan, the local authority will find out family history, contacts with agencies or doctors, etc. This all information leads to better formation of plan with the appropriate measures for child safety. It is important to draw child protection plan for both Lara and Thomas to ensure their safety and welfare. The plan reviews the safety, health and development of Lara and Thomas against the planned outcomes. While the formulation of this plan, they need to ensure that both the children will not face any harm or risk. They should have alternative for the plan if planned outcomes does not work. This plan helps both the children in changing their mentality and behaviour towards their parents. It also helps in maintaining good relation between Emily and Spencer which leads to create a friendly and open environment. This plan guides them for proper attention and care of their children. This leads to create respect and love for them in Lara and Thomas's mind (Dickens, Beckett and Bailey, 2014).

Each and everything has their advantage and disadvantage. It depends on the purpose for which they are used (Appleton, Terlektsi and Coombes, 2013). Similarly, Children protection plan also have some advantages and disadvantage which are as follows.


  • It takes care of safety and welfare of children.
  • This plan helps in changing the current situation of family (Implementation of child protection plan. 2015).
  • This plan is drawn after proper research and analysis which in the end gives appropriate ways for children protection and welfare.
  • Plan helps in keeping children safe from any type of harm (Appleton, Terlektsi and Coombes, 2013).
  • It assesses the risk to children about which family is unaware.
  • The plan also helps parents in guiding the proper ways for child care.
  • The alternative plans helps at the time of any required change (Child abuse-child protection plans. 2015).
  • Time to time monitoring helps in knowing about the improvement.


  • The plan becomes ineffective if they are applied in situation which is different from one for which tools were designed.  
  • Lack of proper research will leads to improper formation of plan
  • Less emphasis on unique, unusual or context specific factors
  • Lack of experience and practical knowledge leads to inappropriate plan
  • Needs full and detailed knowledge of all theories and policies, using wrong theory at wrong place leads to ineffective plan (Robertson and Bromfield, 2011).
  • It can be rejected by some practitioners due to lack of required or supporting theory.
  • There are chances of having poorly conceptualized with improper defined risk factors.
  • Various individuals and agencies should be involved in planning and providing services to the Emily's family.
  • Children's Social care: It is the agency which works for the welfare and protection of children. This social care firm draws the children protection plan with the support of various experts and professionals.

There are chances of conflicts among the members of social care or family at the time of children protection plan. If line manager is not ready with the view and thoughts of lead social worker then it will leads to create conflict between them. Due to this there are chances that line manager does not support the lead social worker which results to delay in formulation of plan. Improper cooperation and coordination among the core group also leads to conflicts or disputes. There are chances that core group is not carrying his responsibilities properly then this leads to dispute between higher authority and core group. The family should also ready for the protection plan. Different thoughts and interests of family members related to the present scenario will leads to conflict between them (Conflict Resolution. 2015).


As per the above study, it is concluded that children needs proper care, love, guidance and attention. Parent's culture, values, ethics, family background and communication plays important role in bringing of children. It is the responsibility of parent to guide their children properly.  They have to spend quality time with their children and discuss with them various things. This open communication helps them in knowing the condition of child. If they think that children are not responding well then in such condition they can consult to any health doctor. Right action at right time can prevents the life of children. Parents are main support of their children and plays essential role in their development. So they need to handle and tackle child with love and care. This love and care creates respect for them in child's mind. They should not abuse or exploit their children this can affect in children's mentality and may leads to suffer them from any kind of disease or disorder.


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