Law Policy and Ethical Practice in Health and Social Care

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Question :

Topic - Law Policy and Ethical Practice in Health and Social Care

You are Required to Address the Following in Task 2:

  • Examine the role and nature of involvement
  • Provide themes and key pieces of legislation and policy to inform practice which is within the area of health and social care.
  • Explain the role of legislation.
  • Analyse the current role of current health and social care legislation.
  • Evaluate the relationship between legislation and national policy and ethical practice by evaluating how to ensure currency and compliance
  • Discuss organizational and national policies with the professional standards that influence on the practice of health and social care.
  • Assess the impact of codes of ethics and professional body standards during promotion of safeguarding and equality.
  • Determine the implementation of relevant and different legislation in relation to health and safety
  • Demonstrate policy, legislation, and ethical considerations to inform practice and influence unwarranted variation


- Outline the legislation ethics and to a lesser degree the role of policy in enabling health and social care practice.

- Examine the impact and application and outcome of legislation policy and ethics in relation to a case scenario.

- Address the following task that would benefit from a detailed description of the key aspects of legislation, policy, etc. The section asks one to recognise examples from your practice needs in order to contain concrete examples as it will enable in adding depth to the discussion and also allow one to determine your comprehension of the legislation, policies, etc.

- The Care Act 2014 and the Equality Act are required to be done in every detail.

- Equality is not treating all people in the same way – we generally do not have all the needs and if we all are treated in the same manner then we might be treated in a very less favourable way as the care needs to be reflected and can also be adjusted in order to meet the different needs so it is required to provide a descriptive report which would clearly determine the principles of equality.

Answer :


Law, ethical practice and policy in health and social care provide many benefits as they help to improve work practices of professionals rather than before (Parrott, 2014). The present report is based on health and social care services and service provider in UK, who are able to cater great facilities to its worker according to legislations.It explains the nature and role of involvement with service user, codes of practice, piece of legislations, practice theme and policy inform act within health and social care. It justifies, role of legislations in assuring equal treatment, role of Health & social care legislation and national policy in inform accountabilities and rights of health care support service provider. Furthermore, it clarifies relationship between national policy and legislation and ethical practice. It also explains the impact of policies and professional standards on health care practice with patients and justifies impact of code of ethics and professional body standards when promoting safeguarding and equality. Moreover, this study defines that policy and ethical consideration inform practice with service users.


Describing The Role and Nature of Involvement

A health and social care provider provide main role is to provide proper care to their patient so that they feel comfortable. With this, they should also provide proper care for the family members in a certain situation so that provide solutions in order to overcome from any challenges. Health and social care provider also provide proper care to old age people and disable person. Beside this, they are also promoting human development as well as security by encouraging people for social inclusion and healthy participation which creates positive impact upon their life.

In addition to this, the nature of health and social care providers is adaptive such that they analyses the adverse situation and try to handle the patient with proper care as their need. They have a wide range of responsibilities which will further help in multiple ways. Such that they support greatly assist for the well-being of overall society. They also act as a friend, broker as well as advocate with health care assistance to people as per their needs. Thus, it clearly indicate that with the help of professionals, they provide proper care and treatment to their client or patient so that they may easily overcome from the problem and live own life happily.

Practice Themes and Key Pieces of Legislation and Policy Inform Practice Within Health and Social Care

As per the Care Act, 2014 whose aim is to emphasize everyone to provide proper care which they want. This act also states the importance of involving the service user in process of assessing their safeguarding needs. Moreover, doctors and nurses should also promote diversity and maintain positive working environment with inclusion (Maier and Aiken, 2016). On the other side, as per Human Right Act, 1998 which state that everyone should be treat in equal manner with fairness, dignity and respect.

Moreover, UK also adopting the holistic approach in order to promote every individuals’ overall well-being. In the same way, health and social care should also focus on patient such that they provide best quality of service without breaching any law (Teubner, 2019). Further, make sure that company is run in ethical manner and also promoting physical and mental Health with emotional well-being. Therefore, the code of practice is the set standards which must be followed by healthcare supports, workers which outline the behavior and attitude that provide better experience to the patient.

Role of Legislation

Equality Act, 2010:

This law is followed in health and social care in order to provide equal right to their patients. Through this law, people are protected from unfair treatment and it also promote fair and moral equal society. For example, doctors did not discriminate any patient on the basis of caste, gender, religion (Ashton, 2015). While, hospitals have to pay minimum wages to their workers and they have to recruit all candidate who have ability for vacant post with any discrimination.

Human Right, 1998:

This act provides fundamental rights to each and every individual by providing the right which is introduce by European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Therefore, this act also defends an individual’s rights in UK court which further includes government and some local councils. Through an act, individual get equal, fair treatment with dignity and respect.

Mental Capacity Act, 2005:

This act is made mainly to protect those people who are not able to take decision for themselves. Therefore, as a health and social care providers, make sure that provide proper treatment to all disable people and support people whose age is above 70 and below 16 (LAURIE and Dove, 2019). This act is also designed to protect as well as restore the ability or power of those vulnerable people who lack capacity. Therefore, this helps to protect people directly from any misshapen.

Impact of Relevant Law and Policy on Outcomes of Real Case Scenario

Equality Act, human right and mental capacity Act impact on results of health care service and work practices positively. As it help to improve their health care services provider practices rather than before. According to these acts, services provider treat every patient or consumers equally without making any kind of differences between them on the base of age, gender, color and race which is quite beneficial for people.

Role of Recent Health and Social Care Legislation

In UK, recently there are many laws and legislation made that provide proper care and support to the patient or user such that Care Act, 2014 which provide proper care to the people. The law main aim is to protect the people from any wrong and treat them with proper care and dignity. This law also states that responsibilities to the practitioners that they should arrange the provision of services which did not delay any area of need for care (Payne, 2019). Further, there are further organizational policies that also help to maintain equality and also confidentiality.

There are national policies where community care services offered in which practitioners help those people who need care and support to live with dignity in order to avoid social separation. Thus, these types of services are mainly made for elderly who are suffering from mental illness, learning disability as well as physical disability.

Relationship Between Legislation and National Policy and Ethical Practice Through Analyzing How to Ensure Currency and Compliance

Legislation and national policy help the workplace in smooth running. In the same way, by complying all ethical practices, health and social care also provide best services to their patient so that they may enjoy. For instance, as per the case scenario, by complying Equality Act, professionals did not discriminate any patient on the basis of caste, gender and as a result, they get best services as well. While on the other side, it is also critically analyses that health and social care providers did not comply with these rules, then it may lead to creates negative impact upon the patient (Herring, 2019). For instance, as per the case scenario, if professionals did not maintain confidentiality and share the personal information to others then it may misuse by third party and as a result, it may lead to affect the patient as well as professionals.

Further, it is also analyzed as per the case scenario, it is the duty of the employer to make sure that they provide all the health and care equipment’s to their employees because it is mention in the Health and safety standards. Also, there is a need to comply with Data Protection Act and no need to share any personal data to other patients. Moreover, as per the Human Right Act, 998, it is the duty of every human to make sure that there is no discrimination on the basis of caste, gender and If anyone found, then they will be penalized.

Therefore, it is clearly reflecting that in order to analyze the currency and compliance, make sure that all the laws and regulation prescribe by the government is complying by professionals so that it will not create any negative impact upon their career. That is why, health and social care professionals make sure that they are complying with all laws and perform their work in ethical manner.

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Organizational and National Policies and Professional Standards Impact on Health & Social Care Practice

UK policies, regulations, and professional standards made a positive impact on health and social care practices with patients. As it helps to improve the practices that provide better healthcare treatment to service users. According to national policies, health and social care workers take good care of their patients and adopt evidence-based practices that enhance well-being of patients. It also helps staff nurses and other people to understand their roles and accountabilities within sector that carter good treatment. Accordant to patient care policies, staff designed good plan for their patients and get training for improvement (Fernando Chang-Muy and Congress, 2015). It impacts on their work practices and make them able to perform professionally.

Professional standards also influence health and social care practices, it allows the service provider to take decision better than before, and also permit to work without unethically that reduce risk as failure. Policies help people to deliver best care on the basis of the patient’s personal condition of health. Standards and national policy bring reform in health and social care center that will protect both patients and service providers. By working effectively and according to professional standards health care workers provide their essential services on time to its patients that will be very beneficial for everyone.

Impact of Codes of Ethics and Professional Body Standards While Promoting Safeguarding and Equality

Codes of ethics is set and guide of principles that conduct within health care sector, help to guide while promoting equality and safeguarding. According to ethics, health care provider works effectively and take better decision for well fare of workers as well as their patients. It helps to implement and developed inclusive culture within workplace at increase the productivity and efficiency of staff members efficiently. It provides suitable and appropriate guidelines to senior, that help them to improve their workplace relationships better than before. It is clear that code of ethics is quite beneficial and useful ways that build strong team at work area and make staff able to deliver quality treatments. Top management and another senior member deal with issues that create inequality and take appropriate actions for reducing the negativity. Professional body standards also affect procedure of promoting safeguarding in health and social care sector. According to this, management work without discrimination and favoritism when they promote safeguard and equality, they are accountable for doing their job legally and ethically without placing any differences between their existing and new service providers.

Implementation of Relevant and Different Legislation in Regard to Health and Safe

I have implemented legislation in regard to safe and health conduct within my work setting with the help of following all the national policies and work accordingly in order to improve well being of my workers and patients (Barkerand Branson, 2014). I will provide the best training session to my people that help to enhance their work ability which they can use to deliver the great services to patients. With the help of training and development opportunities getting in workplace service provider is capable to understand the requirement of users and perform accordingly. Without making any differences, I will be able to treat service user equally and also promote equality that is beneficial for all the people.I will take decision after analyzing the situation, measure risk that effect on health and well-being of patients. I will take care of my employees by implementing all safety equipment’s in workplace that help to save their life.

Policy, Legislation, and Ethical Considerations Inform Practice and Impact of Unwarranted Variation

Policy, legislation, and ethical considerations inform practice with patients, it enhances the level of work. Accordant to the above things, it guides the service provider to act and prepare any plan related to health care without harm to another person. They do not share any information about patients’ treatment with other without taking their permission. According to the above-mentioned legislation and policy, its principles inform service provider to work practice effectively and take action based on evidence practices that assure people have professionals in the workplace that take care and are serious about their health recovery on time. The policy, guide and direct service providers to treat patients perfectly and take their permission before sharing personal data.

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From the above, it has been concluded that health and social care centers are the places where people acquire medical treatments with all the rights that help to recover health effectively. legislations improve the working environment within the workplace and allow people to work professionally by considering all ethical practices. In this study, discussion in detail about procedures and policies, as well as legislations and codes of practice help health care, provide to gain better results as they can retain people and help patients to recover health easily. By working ethically and following evidence-based practice person can implement all the things.

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