Facilitating Change in Health and Social Care


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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Describe the factors that drive change in health and social care services
  • Analyse recent changes in health and social care services
  • Franworth care home is a care home that provides care to the people who have aged at 65 years of age and above. Explain the principles of change management.
  • Provide appropriate service responses to recent changes in health and social care service
Answer :


Change is an inevitable process in social and healthcare industry. It is a essential element in healthcare industry as demands and expectations of service users is increasing gradually. Higher demands, enhanced exceptions as well as reduction in materials are all majorly responsible for change in health and social care organisation (Thomas, 2017). Modification is basically a psychological considerable impact which is constant. Facilitating change will have a potential impact on activities of organisation along with its various stakeholders. It brings identification of problems and challenges and development of strategies in order to achieve target objectives. The following report is based on Franworth care home. It is a social and healthcare company in UK. It provide nursing and personal care to older individuals along with people with physical and mental disabilities. In this study, different factors that are responsible for change in social and healthcare practice if going to cover. Furthermore, evaluation of recent changes will be done. At last, principles of change management will be evidenced.



1.1 Determine The Key Factors Which Are Responsible For Change in Social And Healthcare Practices.

Modifications in healthcare industry is a constant process in social and healthcare organisation. It is a process that involves transformation of an organisation from a current situation to a desirable situation. Number of key aspects that brings modifications within the enterprise of social and healthcare organisation. High demand for providing excellent variety of care services to service users is the major aspect that drives modifications in social and healthcare sectors. When companies like Franworth care home is not able to provide sufficient amount of resources for sustaining the demands of their service users, then the only option which is left is to change in their existing management and services. Technology plays a major role in driving change in social and healthcare practices. For instance, introduction of robot practices for catering patients who are in the emergence wards will bring an emerging change in healthcare sector. Another major factor that drive change in healthcare units are various requirements of individuals. As patients are asking for variety of facilities which needs to be fulfil by organisations (Willis, 2016). One feature which have a major effect on health and social care organisations is policies and legislations. Care Act 2014 is one such legislation which encourage care providers to consider a person centred approach. It consist of six main principles like empowerments, prevention, protection, partnership, proportionality and accountability (Esses and, 2017). The main aim of this act is to protect individuals who are vulnerable to mistreatment and help to enhance their quality of life. Providers of Franworth care home must consider care act 2014 in order to ensure safety of their service users and safeguard them from any kind of ill-treatment.

1.2 Evaluate Different Challenges Which Are Bring by Key Factors of Change in Social And Healthcare Practices.

The most essential factors of change will carry number of situations for the staff members, service users and other stakeholders of Franworth care home. Such challenges are need to be identifies in order to run activities and operations of organisation in an effective manner. The most effective tool for identifying the challenges in key factors is PESTEL analysis. The most crucial elements of this tool are discussed here.

  • Political factors- This factors includes all those changes in rules and regulation that is set by government. Political factor consist of taxation policies, political condition of nation and so on. Changes in policies or rules which lead to have direct impact on health care services and respective organisation have to perform task as per new rules or polices. It is a challenge for Franworth care home to comply with all the legislations in an effective manner.
  • Economical factor- This consist of economic change or challenges that is faced by health and care services. Economical factor includes interest rate, inflation rate, exchange rate, unemployment rate and so on. Changes in economic condition of nation will lead to affect the spending capacity of respective organisation. This will influences number of staff in organisation and their practices. Exchange rate and interest rate are considered as major challenges that is faced by health and care organisation.
  • Social factor- This involve demographic factors such as customer behaviour, social life style, expectation and so on. It is challenge for health care organisation to consider different demographic factor in order to meet with the needs or requirement of client. Organisation needs to analyse and requirement of customer so that company can provide appropriate services (Prakash and Fodor, 2018). It is essential that service provider have necessary skills and capability to identify the issues as well as provide appropriate services.
  • Technological factor- it is crucial for organisation to use new and advance technology while offering heath and care services (Upadhaya and, 2020). Advance technology is very expensive to implement and it is challenging for respective company to train employees in order to use updated technology in effective manner. This is time as well as cost consuming process for health and care organisation.
  • Environmental factor- This factor includes weather, climate changes, environmental pollution, recycling, ecological system and so on. There are different types of heath care equipment required for performing high quality heath care services to customers. It is challenging for respective organisation to deal with waste management issues in this service sector.
  • Legal factor- There are various laws and legislation that is developed by legal authority to perform organisational activities. Legal factor includes employment laws, consumer law and other laws that is develop for maintaining safety and health of individual. It is challenges for wellbeing and aid organisation to carefully follow all set of health and safety rules.


2.1 Devise a Criteria And Strategy in Order to Evaluate Recent Changes That Happen in Social And Healthcare.

It is very essential in healthcare sector to evaluate, measure, re-evaluate and monitor plans for understanding aspects which are responsible for driving modifications in the enterprise. There are various ways for devise criteria and strategy for analysing and reviewing current modifications such as evaluating research survey, comparing changes with one another and weighting the evidences. There is a wide range of changes that can be done in Franworth care home such as incremental changes, transformational changes, remedial changes, continuous changes and planned changes. Such kinds of change be measure on the criteria of research survey. The fundamental aspects for survey could be through questionnaires, descriptive research survey, evaluation, casual explanation and many others (Fishbein and, 2016). Crucial information and data can be gathered through perspectives like beliefs, opinions behaviours and attitudes of individuals by asking them questions regarding how do they like the recent services which is being delivered to them. Cost, trust and rewards of individuals must be consider during analysis of modifications through surveys. In addition to this, sampling theory is also an strategy for reviewing recent changes in respective organisation. Taking feedbacks from service users is also an effective strategy as they are affected through modification within the premises and management of organisation (Buse and, 2018). Self evaluation is also a process for measuring the effectiveness of changes. It can be done until the accomplishment of satisfaction. Thus, these changes will help respective organisation to enhance their service quality and to bring customer satisfaction. IT will help them to acquire target gaols and objectives. It will also benefit their service users by improving quality of life and gaining best possible treatment by not compromising their needs.

2.2 Evaluate The Effect of Current Changes On Social And Healthcare Services Against a Standard Criteria.

It is very essential to evaluate current modifications in Franworth care home against a set criteria in respect to staff and customer satisfaction. Modifications in the organisation will effect on both service providers and their patients. It will develop a trust between organisation and service users which is based on the constant improvement in their services. In addition, it is very essential for respective organisation to measure the effectiveness of occurrent which has implemented. For this, organisation can utilize CQC guidelines as a standard or a set criteria and can measure their operations against this (Maibach, 2019). This stands for care quality commission which is a government body in UK which is developed to inspect and regulate social and healthcare practices in organisation is very necessary for the organisations to comply with their guidelines for offering a better quality of clinical practices to their patients. Some of the fundamental standards of CQC are discussed here.

  • Service providers must deliver person-centred care and should consider requirements of patients.
  • Patients should be treated with all dignity and respect and each and every patient must be treated equally without any discrimination.
  • Organisations should provide food and drinks to the patients in order to ensure their good health conditions.

Thus, it is very essential for the respective organisation to analyse the effects of their modifications in context with such guidelines that bring customer satisfaction and provide them high quality of care.

2.3 Measure The Effects of Current Changes in Medical Services.

Modifications within organisation has a vast effect on its services as well as stakeholders like service users, staff members and many others. These impacts could be positive of negative. Thus, it is very important to evaluate such impacts (Surr and, 2017). Service users of Franworth care will have some doubts in adjusting to new environment but eventually they will adapt the scenario. However, it is necessary that each change should have positive impact on outcomes of the care services. Total effect of modifications within the organisation can be cost-benefit, efficiency of staff members, case completion, improvement in waiting and response time and referral rates. Efficiency within organisation will bring accuracy and safety in clinical practices of service providers. Organisational efficiency basically link to utilization of resources in order to acquire best possible results. Thus, any organisation who enhance their resources in production without ant kind of waste is known as efficient organisation. Changes in the organisation is said to be fruitful and beneficial service users as totally different temperament as well as introduction of technology will help them to lead a improved quality of life. Impact can also be measure through conducting surveys, interviews and questionnaire for getting feedback of service users and their relatives. Change is also beneficial fr staff members and workers as they found some opportunities in improving their clinical skills by means of training an development program being provided in organisation. Introduction to technology reduce work load for staff members and eliminate their manual work which eventually brings efficiency in their work.

2.4 Determine Suitable Service Reactions For Current Changes in Social And Healthcare Organisations.

Reactions to modifications in organisation who are going through modifications important to manage change. One such way for responding to change in a positive way is through training of staff members. Impact of training in healthcare sectors is very effective as training is very essential for developing specialisation in different areas. Process of training and development needs to be constant during implementation of change. For understanding the effect of training program it is necessary to evaluate the overall skills and knowledge of service providers. It can be conducted through testing, rating and interviews (Redmond, 2017). It is important for respective organisation to ensure that proper communication is going on within the premises so that staff members could be able to understand the importance of training. As healthcare organisations include a broad range of technical fields therefore it is very important to provide appropriate training program to healthcare professionals. Management of respective organisation is required to consider leadership quality for facilitating change. It is important in context with providing assistance to staff members for working in an efficient manner and to smoothly adapt changes.


3.1 Determine The Main Aspects of Change Management.

Management of change can be define as a procedure to deal with modifications and transformations of goals, operations and technologies of an organisational main focus of change management is to implement strategies for regulating change, effecting change and help individuals to adapt with change (Moss, 2017). Changes are made in Franworth care home for improving the quality of their services and eliminating the chances of risks and to provide high quality of service to their patients. However, changes made in the organisation can be managed through implementation of some frameworks and models. Such models for managing change are discussed here.

Kotter’s 8 step Model of Change-

John Kotter who was a change management and leadership professor introduce a eight step change model in 1955. He states that change projects do not get success as their victory is declare very prior to the project. Steps of the model are discussed as follows:

  • Create urgency: This step consist of creating a feeling of urgency among service users of the organisation in order to motivate them for acquiring target goals and objectives.
  • Build the team: This step is majorly associated with involving right candidates in the team by determining a mixture of commitment, knowledge and skills.
  • Developing a vision: This phase is linked with developing a correct vision by considering emotional connect, creativity and objectives.
  • Communicate: It is important to communicate with individuals of organisation regarding change and it is an important element of change management.
  • Eliminating obstacles: In order to run task of organisation in a smooth manner it is important to remove all hurdles and implement a feedback (Barton and, 2016).
  • Focus on short term gaols: Diving the gaol into smaller sections and then put emphasis on achieving success is an important strategy.
  • Do not give up: It is important for organisations for not giving up which process of change management is going on.
  • Implement change: Along with managing change in an effective way it is also important to render it and then make it a part of work environment.

McKinsey’s 7S

It is also an effective model for managing change in the organisation (Pranka, 2018). It is a framework for organisational effectiveness which states that there are seven internal factors of a company which is need to be aligned and render in order to be successful. Seven elements of model are discussed here.

  • Strategy: It is a plan for organisation fro developing and maintaining a competitive advantage over their rivalries.
  • Structure: It is a way of arrangement and organisation of company.
  • System: They are the daily activities and tasks that is use by staff members for getting things done.
  • Shared values: They are the crucial values of organisation as shown in its general and cooperate work.
  • Style: It is a way or style adopted by leadership.
  • Staff: They are the employees and general capabilities.
  • Skills: They are the competencies and abilities of employees within an organisation.

3.2 Determine How Modifications Are Planned in Social And Healthcare Services.

It is very necessary to develop a proper plan in order to implement change in the organisation. Once leaders and managers of Franwoth care home decide to implement change, it is important to develop a step by step process for acquiring target objectives (Blake and Lloyd, 2019). Change planning needs to consider eight step process for successful implementation. Steps for planning for change are discussed as follows:

  • Recognise need for change: this particular step can be develop at top management of the organisation or may be in marginal sections of the organisation. Change may occur due to external or internal forces.
  • Develop goals for change: It is important to determine the necessity fro change. For this step, opportunities and problems are needed to measure properly (Vasculitis and, 2017). Then change is defined in terms of structure, culture, technology as well as products.
  • Select a change agent: It is an individual who is responsible for taking the risk of applying changes (Georgeff, 2018). It is important for change agent to alert with the operations, supportive and should be exposed to good ideas.
  • Diagnoses of current situation: It is important fro change agent to analyse current situation of the culture for helping employees to adapt with the change by showing negative consequence of present situation.
  • Select a method: Mangers of the organisation is required to select best ,method for implementing change by communication with other stakeholders.
  • Develop a plan: This step requires implementation of plan. Plan note particular activities and events which are require to be apply to bring the change.
  • Implement plan: Mangers can implement these change as per the plan by providing materials, developing competencies as well as new skills and rendering new behaviours.

3.3 Determine How to Evaluate Current Changes in Medical Sectors.

It is necessary to monitor recent changes which has been implemented in healthcare sector in order to ensure the safety of patient and enhance the quality of services. First thing is to ensure that the plan which has been developed is to manage risks factors in the organisation. It is important for healthcare professionals of Franworth care home to regularly evaluate health conditions of their patients in order to measure the effectiveness of change implementation. Other important aspect is to ask with their service users regarding how they are liking the new environment. Leaders of the organisation can measure efficiency of stakeholders and healthcare professionals in order to monitor the effectiveness of change winch has been implemented (Challis and, 2018). Taking assessment of the employees is also an important aspect to measure change in the organisation. Identifying improvement in lifestyle of service users is also an effective way to monitor the impact of recent changes.

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It can be concluded from the above report that, change the most crucial factor in social and healthcare organisations as it is a constant procedure which ensure continuous improvement in clinical services and delivery of high quality of treatment to patients. Implementation of changes need to focus on several aspects, problems and strategies as well as benefits that are linked with staff members, service users and workers of the organisation. Organisation needs to properly implement such strategies by using models and plan of action within the organisation and through regularly reviewing and monitoring recent changes which has been done by means of assessment, feedbacks and may other methods.

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