Contemporary Issues In Healthcare Policy and Practice

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Topic- Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Policy and Practice

word Limit:  3000

Dementia is a term for progressive conditions that impact brain. There are over 200 subtypes of dementia, among which five most common are: Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies, frontotemporal dementia and mixed dementia.

In UK, there are over 850,000 people living with dementia and it is about to rise 2021.The accelerating rates of dementia are cause for present action. The huge cost of the disease will be challenge for health systems to predicted future as there is no cure.

Write an essay that analyse the quality and effectiveness of dementia services, both nationwide and in a selected local borough, measure the key features of this problem for practitioners and managers, and discuss areas for change.

While investigating and discussion of this issue, utilize at least two range of frameworks. These may consider organisational and management approaches, best practice approaches, ethical approaches, value-based approaches, equalities approaches, leadership approaches, change management approaches, public health frameworks, systems thinking, Wagner’s Chronic Care model, integrated care concepts, policy frameworks.

Assessment Criteria

  • Introduction, that states the problems to be covered in the essay. It should consider the core aspects of dementia in health and social care, both nationwide and in local area selected by the educate and should give concentration on main arguments. Provide brief reference to the methodology utilized in the essay.
  • Investigation of the key problem known within services of dementia. Include assessment of applicable and proper evidence base in context to dementia. The investigation should show knowledge and statement of the driving forces, and the restraining forces, utilising Kurt Lewin’s change management theory, with reference to dementia.
  • Usage of at least two approaches or frameworks such as public health, change management, performance model’s healthcare management, leadership theory, theory of organisation, quality approaches, and other frameworks to examine dementia.
  • Essay format, show logical structure, good syntax, grammar and referencing in the essay, conclusions
Answer :


Dementia is a disease that mainly affects the brain leading to memory loss, problems in language, etc. And this disease a person loses the ability to function properly in everyday activities. It is occurs due to injury in head, stroke and tumor. It is also caused due to excessive stress and depression which result in damaging brain from which a person loses memory and thinking. The dementia include various signs suggest loss in memory, mood changes, problem in recognizing things and communicating, occurrence of the difficulty in taking task, become confused etc. This is an important challenge among the health and social Care organizations of Barnet borough. There are more than 4266 people living with dementia in Barnet. There are many people who are suffering from dementia (Goldson, 2019). The rate of dementia people is occur approx. 85 00 00 people who are affected or other living with dementia. It has been estimated that this disease is highly occur in older age people, mainly after the age of 50.

The number of people with dementia is high but only one third of people are diagnosed from this disease. At each year the number of affected people is increased in which Barnet occur at 5th highest number of prevalence dementia. In this assignment the issues are discussed that occur in services of dementia. In addition to this the critical examination of dementia also occur by appropriate evidence-based in both nationally and local area. There are various theory and approaches are also discuss in this which provide the framework of identifying dementia in people. In this evidence-based analysis is a girl from which issue in providing services of dementia can be analyzed effectively. This approaches help organization in delivering services of dementia to people so that their health can be influence.


1) Critical Analysis of the Key Issues Identified Within Dementia Services

There are different challenges occur while treating people with dementia as they are concerned about their thinking and behavior. The dementia people have lot of challenges which are needed to be considered at time of providing services to them. The challenges are need to be managing so that their journey can become easy for them. These challenges can be come through practically physically and emotionally (Murphy, 2017). The practical challenges include safety and security which is mostly high concern of dementia people. They also deal with legal and financial issues which result in lacking of interest in life. There are number of people with dementia who become feel lonely and bored easily. Their physical challenges include dealing with fear of dignity by their action. The dementia people face lots of emotional challenges aggression hallucination loneliness. This people can't take care of their self as they forget about their priority and action.

These people are highly as a symptoms of depression in stress which lead to them occurrence of dementia. There are different issues has developed while delivering care to dementia people. There are many people who are affected from dementia but communities fail to understand their condition which becomes an issue in delivering services to them. As the communities and service providers does not know how to internet and communicate with them. This is the reason of issues that created in services of dementia (Bajpai, 2018). The people considered dementia as harmful disease as sometimes people with dementia cause harm to others and themselves. This result in cut off them from society which leads to develop more loneliness in them. The service providers of dementia also in cut off from the society as they also consider harm of communities. This issue occurs both nationally and in area of Barnet. The dementia highly considerable disease as it caused most than other disease.

The changing is a common method which develop organization and as well as for individual effectively. The changes help people who are struggling in their life to their issues and problems. The change management is an effective approaches that can be used with an organization so that change can be implemented among people who are associated with services of organization . The lewin change management model can help and analysing issues that are related with dementia services. According to this model, change that come up in underwater life is not easy for them to attain changes properly. It involves different stages suggest unfreeze, change and freeze. This theory is important to be occur as it provides or examine as option of change that is needed to be happen while delivering services to people.

This theory influence changes from their models. This theory provides an idea to manager so that they can take action in changing services by analyzing what to be also state about changes that are needed to be adapted by people. The help of this theory, care providers can make influence on people so that it makes easier for them to adapt changes. The first stage of this model is unfrozenin which it prepare organization to accept needed changes that are implemented within services. With this stage the changes can be effectively implemented within organization by making them understood to all (Hope, 2016). This is the most stressful and difficult part of the change process as with this the strong reactions can be done. With the help of this model, the changes can be implemented with respect to dementia. This model can be applied in both national and Barnet local areas. Buy this model behavior can be analyzed of dementia that need to be changed. There are various steps that need to be taken while using this step such as analyzing needs of change. This can be occur by serving the organization so that their current state can be analyzed with respect to dementia.

There is needed to ensure that while applying changes it is necessary to have support from senior management. The care providers can use vision and strategy among the people so that they can understand about their services that are provide with changes (Leach, 2017). In this stage uncertainty causes. After the cause of uncertainty it is necessary to resolve it looking forward to new things. This can be occur by change state where people believe and act that provide support to new changes and direction. The change from unfreeze take time as people the time to attain services in their life. The contribution plays important role in accepting the change as it provides information that people are now understand it. It also included acceptance about changes of services. The implementation of changes can also harm people as the people with dementia takes time to recognize the benefit of changes.

This develops issue among service providers in managing the situation. As time in communication birthday to most important or necessary to be implemented change successfully. The people with dementia, due to their problem take time to understand things as they suffer from memory loss and other symptoms. There are some steps that are needed to be change implemented properly such as communication, dispel rumors, involve more people, etc. the service provider needs to build proper communication between them and their patients. They need to justify people about the changes so that it does not affect them (Williamson, 2017). Provide awareness about changes so that people with dementia can feel comfortable towards changes. The service provider need to deal with problems at the moment so that other problems does not develop. They also need to provide opportunity to work so that they can more influence people about cause of dementia so that they can treat properly with them.

After the changes that are taken shape, the organization is set to refreeze. This stage helps people in initializing changes. The organization also ensures that the changes should be provided all time so that it can benefited to dementia people. as in this the workers have sense of stability from which they feel confident and comfortable about changes. This also assists them in developing changes within the walking style so that they can handle dementia people. After the changes it is necessary to identify barriers that prevent in sustaining changes. The organization need to develop strategies and ways that help in sustaining change. They need to ensure that leadership and management can support their changes by creating reward and feedback system in their organization. This help in analyzing behavior of dementia people from which it can be identified what changes are needed to be required according to the needs of services users. After this stage, the organization can also provide training and support to their employees by keeping them informed about changes (Fisher and et. al., 2017). There is needed to celebrate success after implementing change with respect to the dementia people. This management model help in providing proper care and services to people are having dementia. With this can proper analyze what need to be changed according to behavior and need of dementia people. This change Management theory helped both nationally and local areas in providing services of dementia.

2) Analyse Two Approaches or Frameworks To Critically Analyse Dementia

There are two approaches can be used to analyze dementia. The first approach that can be used by organization is system theory approach. The organization is mostly depends on the environment including important resources such as service users who attain services, workers who provide services, shareholders and government who regulate and invest relation with public that plays important role in adjusting to organization so that they can adapt changes within their services. Open system approach which helps in identifying behavior of organization by their input and output and taking feedbacks from other resources. The organization can receive feedback from their resources or information (Kaufman and Taras, 2016). This approach mainly focuses on the survival of organization including long term goals. This approach produces the short term goals of organization by applying this approach in their organization . The open system organization exchange resource energy within internally. But close system does not exchange this as the both are usually as closely relative. This approach help in measuring effectiveness of dementia services by making long-term growth with sustainability. This approach help in in dementia services as it help in measuring the effectiveness of services provided to dementia people.

Homeostasis avoids quotations of sustainability. This does not include only survival of services but also referred to both that is benefited to people. This helps both national and Barnet area in providing effective services on a long-term basis. The organization must be having open system so that they can maintain homeostasis within. This is referred to be implemented as changes occur constantly which create uncertainty. This developed drawback for a organization to survive and grow open organization can help in monitoring and collecting information about deviation that occur in the environment of organization (McCormack and McCance, 2016).

These derivations can be occur through input images of form of feedback. The most important negative input which tells organization about issues and problems those are necessary to be corrected. This help in determining the impact of services by analyzing the behavior of dementia people. It also includes identifying changes that they are affecting to them or not. As the positive input information about benefit of services that are needed to be sustainability and continuity. The organization that exists in an environment that is dynamic must adapt open system so that they can maintain homeostasis within it. This is also address as it also needed to build a process within services of organization. As it can reduce or maintain the deviations. The organization can analyze the effectiveness of their services by receiving appropriate action and messages from service users. it is difficult to maintain people who are having dementia as they have different thinking perspective towards their environment (Cooper and Quick, 2017).

The other approach can be used is person-centeredcare in which desire need of person are considered while delivering services to them. This is an effective approach while delivering services in healthcare services. It is benefited among dementia people as they are highly consider about their needs and requirements. It is necessary to fulfill the requirements as this develops motivation and enthusiasm in their behavior. This approach involves peoples and their families in taking them as a center of decision making so that they can fully take their own decisions in their services (Whittaker, 2017). This help in developing appropriate and proper solution of disease. This approach is referred to treating patient with their dignity and respect by involving their decisions in their health. It involves some approaches that can be used by healthcare professionals at the time of delivery services to patients.

It includes communication and coordination between care professionals and service users that makes easier to convey information about services to patients. This is necessary to be occur in organization as dementia people are highly considered about their needs. The communication can help in patients and their approach as it provides and build understanding between professional and service users. It reduces the other side effects that come up due to misunderstanding between them. With this approach the care professionals can easily make understandable about services that are needed to be occur in services of a patient. The use of this approach can provide a safe environment to patients that help in developing trust and confidence among organization . From this patient can receive high quality services from their professionals (Armour and et. al., 2017).

This approach help care professionals in knowing the belief and culture of a person. With this they can appropriately deliver services according to their believes and by considering their culture. So that they does not get harm from any services by professionals. This approach help in in understanding the history of patient by their hobbies and interest. As dementia people show lack of interest among things as they get easily bored from things. It helps in improving the situation according to the point of view of people with dementia (Khamisa and et. al., 2016). This also provide opportunities for a demerger people to have conversation with other people from which they can build their relation with them.

It also provide information about interest of people about services that they are adapting new changes of things or not. In order to deliver person centered care it is necessary to co-ordinate with other health workers so that they can also use this approach while coordinating with dementia people. This approach is needed to be implemented as with this the person can feel comfortable and confident within the services. This develops more enthusiasm in at any more services by service providers. There are many people who have dementia and they are not fully convey their needs and requirements to people (Feo and Kitson, 2016).

This approach can help those people from which we can fully communicate about their desire to others. As these people does not have proper confidence in communicating about their needs but with the help of this approach they can communicate easily. This also develop there care quality from which there condition can be maintain. With the help of this approach, the dementia people engage with care professionals effectively which help in taking decisions about their services with confidentiality. by using this approach the care professionals must need to aware about treatments and services by identifying behavior of their patients. As discomfort main cause reduce in effectiveness of services by help care service. There are many people who does not have positive behavior towards health services that are provided to them. this approach makes changes in their behavior by building a positive health behavior in them. This approach takes time as people takes time in in engaging in their services. This is highly among older age people as they are new to changes so they are highly found difficulties in adapting those changes with their services. While treating older age people who have high rate of dementia it is necessary to maintain this approach among them so that they can take participate in their services properly (Stevens, 2017). This approach is beneficial for organization and other health care services by providing care according to sharing information to their partners. by using this approach the communities and professionals can make friendly environment for dementia people from which they can raise awareness about it. It also provides opportunities to people who have dementia so that they can live properly within the environment.


From the above, it has been concluded that dementia highly occurs in national local areas such as Barnet. This is an essential disease which needs to be considered very effectively as there are number of people who are affected from this disease. This disease is highly occur after the age of 50. But it is also occurring in those people who suffer a lot of stress and depression in their life. those people who have dementia highly suffer from memory loss changing in behavior and other symptoms that leads to harm in their life. This people need proper care and services as they have problem in attaining and understanding things. There are many services occur within nationally and in Barnet which motivate employees to deliver effective services to dementia people. They implement or use different models with their organization so that they can analyze behavior about dementia people.

The change management model can help organization in analyzing impact of their services properly. It also helps in providing changes that are needed to be occur. there are some other approaches and theories can be used by an organization that assists them in developing more services that can be benefited to dementia people. The system theory approach help in identifying behavior of people by taking feedbacks and surveys from them. It also includes open system and closed system which help in in developing more changes that can be benefited to people. The person centered approach can also use within the organization from which information about services of people can be provided to them. in this peoples need and requirements are considered from which their services are occur. These approaches help in delivering effective services by health and social care services so that majority of dementia people can attain benefits.

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