Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care

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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Explain perceptions of health, disability, illness and behaviour.
  • Evaluate how health and social care services and systems support individuals with specific needs.
  • Elaborate the approaches and intervention strategies that support individuals with specific needs.
  • Explain the strategies for coping with challenging behaviours associated with specific needs.
Answer :


Health and social care defined as term that relates to services that are available from health and social care providers (Franklin, Arber and Ream, 2019). Therefore, duties and responsibilities in terms to understanding specific requirements of patients are in the health of workers of health and social care. In this present era, medical professionals of health and social sector needs to fully equipped with strong understanding of needs and individuals that come into care.

The present study is based on understanding the specific needs in health and social care that deals with range of perception that individuals have on illness, disability, health behaviour in health and social care setting.

Furthermore, report will lay focus on activities as to analysis the concepts of health, disability and illness in relation to user of the health and social care services. Also, understanding ill be defined that shows how health and social care services supports individuals with specific needs. Additionally, study is based on to understand the approaches and strategies that support individuals with specific needs.


Description on Analysing The Ways in Which Concepts of Health, Disability, Behaviour And Illness in Terms to Users of Health And Social Care Services.

There are varied norms and concepts that relates with health and social care services. Henceforth, the concepts relates with health and social care services must be clear to employees for doing their job in perfect way (Bucholc, O'Kane and Maguire, 2019). Therefore, the concepts of health, disability, illness and behaviours termed out as-

Health- It defined as mental and physical well being of person. It is defined as state of complete physical, mental and social well being that is not merely absence of disease.

Disability- This is termed out as the result in which consequences of the damage due to any of the activities as physical, mental, emotional and combination of these all diseases. Therefore, disability is classified into two categories as primary and secondary. Primary is concerned with condition that impacts ability of person to do any act. On the other hand, secondary is connected with physical and mental condition of human being.

Illness- It is concerned with abnormal conditions that is highly responsible for developing medical conditions. This concepts plays the crucial role to diagnose the disease and sickness.

A 22 year women who has been blind since birth-

This is condition that can be termed out as the permanent disability. In this, an individual is permanent restrain to do any act in the future. The women aged 22 is permanently disabled to see since her birth. This condition termed out as primary concerned that impacts the ability of person to do any act.

A 55 year old man who just discovered that he has dementia-

This is termed out partial disablement. In this, the man aged 55 has just discovered that he has dementia. It is condition that concerned with the mental and physical condition of human being that impacts the health condition of an individual.

Define Assess That How Perception of Specific Needs Changed Over Time.

In the present era, values, beliefs and needs of individual are changing over the time. This can be stated that the perception of particular requirements can be changed significantly over the time. This can be understood with help of following examples as are-

Elderly people with dementia-

Dementia is termed out as to be brain disorder that affects the elderly people. This is caused by the failure of death of nerve cells in brain ( Higham and Phelps, 2019). Thus, individual with dementia mostly move towards into care home as this is very complex and expensive to remain in homes. Henceforth, Dementia is termed out as the abnormal brain degeneration that can lead to changes in person ability to think, speak and socialize. This is the disease that cannot be cured and this needs to be handled properly. With time patients diagnosed with dementia needs proper care as this providing proper care. As this disease enhanced an individual needs extra care to cope up with the harmful impacts of disease.

People with Physical disability-

Physical disability is termed out as disability that impacts the person disability to perform the physical task of an individual. If any individual suffers from physical disability then he must need proper care and support of medical professional. In case of partial physical disability an individual can deal in the future. Henceforth, the permanent disability an individual needs prolonged care and guidance of the medial professional at each stage.

Perception of specific needs of people get changed due to following reasons as-

  • Changes in social customs and trends has significantly changed and this led to change perception of specific requirements of individuals.
  • Philosophical changes leads towards the matter of the perception of specific requirements of the people and this needs to change over the time.

Analyse The Impact of Legislation, Social Policy, Society And Culture Services.

There are lot of impact of legislation, society, social policies and culture on the ways that are made available for people with specific needs. These as are-

  • Impacts of legislation- The legislation of the country or environment prepares the services for individuals with particular requirements ( Littlejohns, Chalkidou and Charlton, 2019). If the legislation tried to ensure about the existence of health and social care for individual with particular environment then the environment with certain area will be blessed with services for people.
  • Impact of social policies- This is defined as society as great extent that is responsible for ensuring the services that avail with people with specific requirements. Additionally, social policy defined as social norms , valued and this that are crucial for peace within society.
  • Impact of society and culture- This cannot be ignored in relation to service avail for people with specific requirements. Therefore, culture of the society is to offer individual particular needs and builds the possibility of possessing services for people.


Description on The Care Needs of Individuals With Specific Requirements.

Being the care worked in the residential home for the young people who has learning disabilities and mental health issues are needs effective care in terms to physical, social and emotional care needs. Learning disabilities are common and many individuals with learning disabilities have consideration and often multiple issues relation to mental health (Littlejohns, Chalkidou and Charlton, 2019). This kind of individuals needs the physical, social and emotional care needs.

It can help to individual with effective care, support and recovery of individual with learning disabilities that have mental health problems. People who are suffering from the learning disabilities needs to be valued and respected.

By providing the emotional, social support to young individuals helps to build an inclusive society that enriched by the diversity and this benefiting the all citizen. This is crucial period for developing and maintaining social and emotional habits that is significant for mental well being. Multiple components determine the mental health outcomes.

Define Current System For Supporting Individuals With Particular Needs.

The individual with specific needs must be supported for the betterment of individuals and society. Henceforth the combination of statutory system, voluntary system, self help and formal and informal care can be used to support the specific needs as-

Statutory- The legal authorities needs to provide the effective care facilities to individuals who are suffering from the prolonged disease. Thus, government needs to make initiatives for both as 32 year old young man who has cerebral palsy in wheelchair and 86 year old women with arthritis who has sole carer for the husband with dementia.

Voluntary system- They are the welfare that promotes services to individual with effective care facilities at free of cost. Henceforth, they must provides the support that can be helpful for individual to run with effective health practices.

Formal and informal care- At the time of emergencies the formal and informal care can be taken by the friends and families. With effective support of friends and families the individual can render the effective services.

Evaluation on The Services That Avail in Chosen Locality For Individuals With Specific Needs.

Health and social care needs are must be avail in every locality and areas as this assist to improve the living standard of certain locality. Evaluation on the services can be defined in the following manner as are-

People with early stage dementia- If any individual with disabilities and resides in town area needs to provide effective care facilities at each stage. With better services of health and social sector to an individual needs to promote no matter where they resides. Therefore, care services as are-

  • Enhance awareness and responsivity to dementia an take measure to improve the health and well being of older people.
  • To support the timely assessment and diagnosis.
  • To plan about the diversity to deliver effective support and service.
  • To provide effective support to individual with dementia at the end of lives.

People who have recently come to this country and do not speak English- They must render the following services as are-

  • To avail the local authority who can provide proper assistance to individual in understanding the terms and conditions.
  • By providing the ultimate care facilities to individuals who recently shifted to this country and are not able to speak English properly.


Define The Approaches And Intervention That Avail to Support Individuals With Specific Needs.

Leaning disability may be termed out as the practical, medical and legal terms. It reduced the intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday activities. Henceforth, approaches are defined in following manner as-

  • Partnership working- It is defined health and social care that brings together the separate enterprise so that they can provide ultimate care facilities to the individual. It is one of the effective term that assist to full-fill the specific needs of an individual. The main goal of partnership working is to enhance the efficiency and quality of the service provision.
  • Guardianship- This is the service in which an individual can appoint the services to the specific person from home. Guardianship allows an individual to conduct and to provide the safe care practices from home. With help of providing the effective guardianship services, it can be possible to render the best care practices to individuals.
  • Empowerment- If any person suffers from learning disabilities then this is crucial to provide specific individual with lifestyle choices. By empowering them with the choices and preferences the better care facilities can be renders. This aids to promote them better well being. It is one of the effective term that promote better well being to people.

Evaluation on The Effectiveness of Intervention Strategies For Individuals With Particular Requirements.

In order to render the effective care services to the child with learning disabilities, the various intervention strategies must be used so that better proper guidelines can be provided. The intervention plan of action are crucial for individuals with specific needs. Hence, the effectiveness of the intervention plan of action must be proved to be helpful and this is also useful for the implementation of the intervention strategies-

  • Behaviour and developmental intervention- It is plan of action that individual have with specific needs and this is also proved to helpful for individuals by executing the educational and other development interventions.
  • Health and service based intervention- This is term that proved to be helpful for an individuals with specific requirements within the areas as education, employment and other related activities. By rendering effective services as per the health and service based intervention aids to conduct the better practices.

Potential impact of emerging developments on support for individuals.

Care sector is going through a major change. Changes are occurred due to different policies prepared by government and its impact on an individual. Large number of government initiatives are implemented on care sector. Due to increase in government policies it effects overall working of an individual while treating a patient. Due to increase in rules and regulations set by government hospitals are facing problems while satisfying their clients need. Need to recruit care staff for smooth working(Davies and Challis, 2018.). For example In a mental hospital where a female patient wants to bathe but only a male caretaker is available and according to set rules of government only a female caretaker is able to give bath and she is not ready to get bath from a male care taker then he is only able to complaint to supervise according to law. In a hospital a person is believer of god and think that all the diseases he is suffering from is god's wish and doctors according to law are not able to deny just try to make him understand that it is a normal physical problem anyone can suffer from these diseases. Due to new laws by government towards health sector they need to recruit new employees to work according to wants and desires of their business and need to maintain effectiveness of organizations services. Because it takes time to recruit and train new employees.


Different concepts of challenging behaviour

Care sector need to make changes in their overall working to take proper care of their patients which will affect their overall abilities to take care of an individual health. Challenging behaviour of an individual affects overall working of society. Being a social worker need to manage them according to requirement and they effect their organizations working.

People with learning disability

Person suffering from learning disabilities increase frustrations due to ineffective outcomes. Due to disabilities they are not able to understand new things. And an individual need to understand people with these disabilities and it is a tough task to cope up with this type ofpeople of learning disabilities and need to maintain overall effectiveness of their services. As a social worker need to face challenges to make them understand working.

People with physical disability

Need to face problems while working with a person of physical. Due to their lack of confidence in themselves effects their overall development(Orthwein, 2017.). These disabilities make it challenging for them to work appropriately towards their overall development. Make them inappropriate to understand new things and working. This type of people have fewer opportunities for their development and as a social worker to make them understand developing confidence becomes tough.

People with mental ill health

People with mental health are not able to understand new things and are ineffective towards their own development. Their mental illness make them ineffective to understand new things and to grab opportunities. They are not able to cope up with changes in society.

E) Impact of Challenging Behaviour on Health and Social Care

As in NHS the management have to develop the effective regulatory frameworks and policies of the health organization. The policies of the health organization is impacting the behavior of the patients. The regulatory framework also helped the NHS to maintain the quality if the services which the heath and social care organization(Cameron and ., 2016). The impact of the legal environment also help the organization to improve the quality of the services maintained the efficiency so that the can help the employees to cure and treat the patients more effectively. NHS also developed the efficiency of the employees and train them as the regulation of the government to increase the skills and knowledge of the care takers of the organization so that they can provide the satisfaction of the patients and also improve the health of the patients effectively. There are many influential factors which impact the social and health care organization. Internal and external factors are the major influences which impact the behavior of the employees and the patients as it can decrease the efficiency and the employees can also increase the turnover ration of the origination.

F) Analysis of Various work based strategies


They are health and social care tool which help the organization to provide ta check of the performance the employees whether they are satisfied with the job or not. It also helps the organization to crosscheck the medical history of the patients so that they can find if there are any penalties, fines or any overdue of the employees. Is important as it helps to decrease the fraud rates and decrease the mistreatment of the patients n the organization, it also reduces the financial theft. (Brimblecombe and, 2017)

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It the substance which help the patients of the healthcare to get better and solve their problems it can also help the patients to improve the quality of their life by feeling fit. The limitations of medication is that it has to be given orally and the patients which have the mental or oral problems can not keep the track of the time to time dosage of the medication and it decrease the health condition of the patients.

Time out

It is the case in which the surgeons take in order to refresh from the operation theater so that they can b more effective and increase the efficiency in operating the patients. The limitation so time out is that the patients which are being operated can get any harmful virus or infection in the internal parts of the body(Arluke, 2018). They can also decrease the efficiency of the patients body part and make them unfit to do some routine work.


In this report it concludes that health and social care organization need to be very attentive in providing the best services to their patients and also treat all the patients very efficiency in the legal and ethical code of conduct. The organizations also have to take care of the well-being and job satisfaction of the employees which does not create a bad impact on the patients.

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