Maintaining Quality of Health Care Services

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Question :

Questions- This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Evaluate differing perspectivesofquality in relation to health and social care 
  • Discuss strategiesfor achievingquality in health and social care 
  • Describe systems, policiesandprocedures in health and social care services.
  • Analyse methodologies forevaluatinghealth and social care service 
Answer :


The managing health in health care services is necessary aspect in delivering quality of care to service users. It provides appropriate services to users who mostly required services. With managing health in care organisation, the result of services can be positively occurred. This a level of providing effective and desire treatment which are provided to patients. The proper managing of services occur which help in developing desired outcome of services which are deliver to patients. This is an effective approach which need to be access in health care setting as it provide proper care and treatment to individuals (Beckford, 2016). It also help people to engage with services of an organisation which enhance professionals to deliver according to desire of people in services. In this assignment, the Royal United Bath deliver acute quality of care to patients. They prefer some measure which enhance their quality of treatment among patients. Moreover, the stakeholders plays some role in respect to quality of services. The external agencies plays an important role in setting standard of services by maintaining their quality. There are different approaches that are need to implement with in system of health and social care organisation. Furthermore, there are some policies that occur in system of health care settings are covered in this. In addition to this, the different factors that assist in organisation to involve users in evaluation process are also covered in this assignment.


1) Justify the perspectives of stakeholders in care have respect to quality.

There are number of people who are connected with services and treatment of health care settings. These people are refer to as stakeholders. So the, organisation needs to deliver high quality of services to patients which help organisation to increase their services in an effective manner. The quality of services can help in increasing satisfaction among patients. This can be enhance by proper training program to employees so that they can deliver quality of care to service users. The reducing cost is an also needed to be implement in services of organisation so that their perspective towards health and social care can be improved. The Royal United Bath Hospital are necessary to adapt some measures which can improve their quality of services (Cheers, 2019). They need to adapt some measures according to guidelines of care quality commission. The CQC is an autonomous regulator of which works for care services in UK. The various types of stakeholders plays an vital role in enhancing quality of services of organisation. These stakeholders are described below.

Service users:- The customers have different consideration towards quality of services that are provided to them. The have various perception such as environment in which they are providing services, appropriate utilisation of equipments, time duration in delivering services to them. The health care organisation needs to adapt some measures which help them to increase satisfaction of customers from their services. They need to implement positive environment so that potentiality of services can be occur in an effective manner.

Service providers:- The practitioner of organisation should manage service quality so that it can benefited to patients. They should overview various factors that can help them in considering intervention which are used in delivering services to service users. The proper consideration of ethics is also play an important role in services (Cherry and Jacob, 2016). The good quality of services can deliver with this perception of staff members. They also consider their efficiency of delivering services in order to improve services.

Government:- The government develop some guidelines which help organisation to enhance their quality of services. They plays vital role in improving quality of care services according to set standards that are necessary to implement with in system of organisation. This help organisation to manage support and care of services that are providing to service users.

2) Examine the characteristic of external agencies in setting standards of health care services.

The responsibility of external agencies is to manage service quality that are providing to customers. There are some external agencies occur which examine desire of customers. In order to deliver good quality of services, organisation needs to adapt some care standards in their settings. This help professional in sustain growth of health care services in setting of health and social care organisation. As in UK, different agencies are occur who sets quality of standard that maintain health care services of organisation. These agencies develop standard of quality which are NICE, CQC and professionals. The Royal United Bath Hospital need to accommodate changes and standards in their services.

NICE:- it refers to National institute for health and care excellence as their aim is to supply evidence based guideline that assist organisation to improve care quality of services. They provide various information to health care organisation about region of care. In this, NHS and other organisation are involved which develops effective services that it assist organisation in services.

CQC:- the Care quality commission is an autonomous regulator that provides some standards from which services can be delivered effectively. The role of this regulator is to analyse the quality of services that are occurring in hospitals. They also enhance care practices and services that are needed in health and social care organisation in UK. The main objective of this regulator is to maintain high care and quality services which motivate employees to to provide appropriate services. These standards can motivate workers so that they can improve their quality of standards in their organisation settings.

Commissioners:- they monitor services by analysing implementation of services by service providers. They give assurance of services that it should be deliver in an appropriate manner. The commissioners includes inspectors and local authorities who monitor quality of services. With this, they ensure about care services that are providing to service users.

3) Assess the Impact of poor service quality on Health and Social Care Stakeholders.

The various impact occur of poor services occur on stakeholders as their health are associated with services of organisation. The organisation have different strategies from which they deliver care and services to customers. The poor services can negatively impact on health of service users as customers are highly rely on organisation for their health and social care. The poor services can lead to negative impact on health of people (Favaretti, 2015). This type of issue arises when care professionals does not follow quality standard in their services. The does not pay attention regarding services.

In context of Royal United Hospital, they have poor quality services which impact on health care services of people. This effect the functionality of services. The fluid balance and hydration of records are improper in given organisation which is monitor by CQC. As it is the important cause behind poor quality of services. In order to deliver quality of services, the organisation need to acquire high quality of equipments with new techniques are necessary to be occur in services of health and social care. With poor quality services, care does not provided appropriately. If inappropriate changes occur in quality of services then it negatively impact on health of people.

The workers of given organisation needs to deliver appropriate services according to standardized which are set by external agencies. The poor services can effect on health of stakeholders which can be improve by CQC quality standards (Huber, 2017). There are various causes which facilitate poor quality services. This includes low level of productivity present in environment of organisation from which service providers are not able to deliver quality of services to service users. As this impacted on all people or stakeholders who are connected with organisation.

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1) Explain the standards that exist in health and social care for measuring quality.

There are some quality of standards are set in health care settings which are needed to be occur in organisation. These standards provide guideline to service providers from which they can provide care facilities to people. It is necessary to be implemented in organisation as it provides information to care professionals from which they consider treatment of patients. It provide proper information according to needs and desire of customers they deliver level of standards from which care can be set according to them.

National institute for health and care excellence:- They provide some set of standards which have main aim to improve quality of care in a particular area. They provide high quality of guidelines which stated about specific and measurable indication in specific area.

  • In their guideline, they describe quality standard to service providers in order to monitor improvement the services that are provided to people. They also have responsibility to measure improvement areas (Jones, 2018).
  • The care practitioner must use other reports to identify care quality as this describe them to analyse standard of quality.
  • The CQC like regulators can be used by organisation in their services in which they describe quality of care to civilians.

CCG OIS:- This refers to clinical commissioning group that provides comparative information about the improvement of health services. It is an internal part of NHS organisation from which system use apprach in order to imporve quality.

  • They provide evidence based information from which health care practitioner can effectively. It support groups and partners so that they can plan improvement of health.
  • They provide clear information to all public including patients which is commissioned by clinical commissioning groups.

2) Evaluate different approaches to implementing quality systems.

There are various approaches that can be implemented in system of quality of an organisation. As quality of services in system is refers to process in which the quality is enhanced by the system of organisation. There are different approaches that can be used in providing appropriate vision of implementing services (Nelson and Staggers, 2016). By identifying these approaches, quality of care can be improved better with in organisation. The care practitioner need to use approaches in their work setting so that they can deliver services in an effective way.

  • The leadership is an effective approach that can help organisation in setting their strategies appropriately. The leaders can easily communicate with patients and other members from which they can remove barriers that are come up in health care services. The Communication is used to share information by care practitioner to service users. It is an effective approach as important information can be conveyed to them easily. This motivate service users to share relevant information about their health to care professional (Phillips, 2016). It also help other organisation to share relevant information about health acre services to organisation. This approach includes surveys and feedbacks which help organisation to measure quality of services.
  • The planning of policies is also an impressive approach that help organisation to implement care services to customers. With the help of such polices, negative outcome of result can be reduce and positive outcome can be occur.
  • The total quality management is an important aspect which is a long term approach that can be attain by customer satisfaction. The employees and care professional of organisation need to involve in the process of organisation so that they can change process and services of organisation effectively. There are various other approaches occur in quality management such as monitoring, coordination and enforcement of standards in care organisation.

The monitoring method can be used in analysing quality of care services that are occurring in health care settings. As after monitoring, the organisation perform some plan from which care services can be improved easily (Provost, 2015). With help of monitoring, negative factors can be reduced. This also assist organisation to view target that can be achieved with proper implementation process. The coordination is an important aspect as it help in providing good services by making it understandable and clear. This should be occur between care workers as it develops achievement of possible target. There are various changes occur with implementation of standards with in setting of organisation. So it is necessary for organisation workers and professional to accept those changes so that positive changes can be come out.

3) Analyse potential barriers to delivery of quality health and social care services

The some potential barriers occur which deliver quality of care in organisation. The barriers can be both externally and internally that impact on organisation. There are various barriers which are faced by Royal United Hospital Bath as they dont have proper providence of financial resources and have some other isssues. The both external and internal barriers occur in which external includes policies, intercations, legislation and inter-agency. The internal barriers includes structure, resources, interactions and risks which occur in medical services. The both barriers are described below.

Internal Barriers:

Interaction:- the interaction is necessary in between people who are associated with medical organisation. In this, communication is the main important aspect which build interaction between service providers and users. It help organisation in developing satisfaction of customers which is necessary for organisation to enhance their goal of services (Shultz and Galea, 2017). The interaction is a complex and dynamic process that occur in environment of people in which they communicate with each other. In this, barriers occur as miscommunication in which one person does not listen other carefully.

Organisation- this barrier occur when quality of services does not occur properly by organisation. The care professionals must involve technical, values and other factor with in organisation. The other barriers are eduaction, training and developement which are neccesary for care practitioner so that they can deliver quality of care to people. The continunity of care prevention is braodly used in care setting with high amount of evaluation.

External Barriers:

Inter-agency- it is an substance which is used as decrease the gap of care services. It alter the changes that are applied with in system of organisation. Moreover, it also decrease the cost of services by utilization of other resources. As this helps in providing equal services in each department of health services.

Social Policy- this provides a limitation of change of barriers that can occur in through various actions that come out in department of health care services. It help other people who are unemployed and have low level of income.


1) Evaluate the Effectiveness of systems, Policies and Procedures used in a Health and Social care setting in Achieving Quality in the service(s) offered.

There are some procedures, policies and systems which are necessary to achieve quality of care. The system should prefer total quality management from which they can examine overall quality of care with in organisation. As it provides a view for organisation to deliver good and high quality of care that can used to reduce amount of cost with effectiveness. It provides great quality of care in scheme of given organisation. With this, all member of organisation can involve in services with effectively. It also involves CQI which improve quality of care in structure of organisation.

Their are policies occur which increase satisfaction of customers. It involves quality of hierarchy which are need to develop psychological development. In this, the care quality of customer which can be proceed by level of needs of customers. The level of hierarchy involves from lower level to higher level according to requirement of service users.

There are procedure of give organisation which need to achieve quality of services in health care organisation (Sloan and Hsieh, 2017). The occurrence of monetary and non monetary system in organisation can also enhance quality. The plan do check action help in developing qaulity of services as it enhance change that are occurring in environment of services. This allow a continuous way of utilizing changes so that improvement can be occur.

2) Analyse other factors that influence the achievement of quality in the health and social care service.

There are some factors that influence organisation to achieve quality of care in care facilities. These includes various factors such as rewards, motivation and values as with this unity can be increased which enhance stakeholders to achieve quality of care. The consideration of money, and other values can neglect unnecessary care intervention. In given organisation, care practitioner must deliver care services with compassion and satisfaction.

Availability of resources: This is an important factor in health care services as it directly affect services. From this, resources can be better deliver to patients.

Economic factors: it drives the planing of services from which they quality of health can be planned. The planning of services is necessary to meet all aim of health acre organisation. In given organisation, there economic condition is not occur properly which directly impacted on employment.

Size and services mix: this includes effectiveness of services which depends on size of administration. In context of UK, health care services are deliver to both urban and rural areas. The member of organisation have lack of skills that affects process of organisation in acquiring quality of care.

3) Suggest ways in which the health and social care service could improve its quality.

Royal United Hospital services must include such quality of servicing which are highly improved so that the issues which are raising in centre can get resolved at timely manner. The efficiency of workers and availability of resources have majorly reduced in the respective hospital which have resulted into over crowdedness and poor quality of support. The services seeker who are essential stakeholders are now facing problem in getting diagnosed due to long queue. The beds are all occupied and due to less availability of resources service providers can not make pace with high crowd which are major cause of their less efficiency.

The lack of employee also considered as a issue in managing administration and operation. Such issues require proper mitigation plan which can effectively eliminate barriers and patients can get access to better quality of care. The problem of less resources can be solved by collaborating with another hospital or taking the case to high stakeholders so that they can either invest or find sponsors to make essential resources available to them. The pregnant women in such case should provide extra care by allotting them extra rooms and proving them every necessary resource at the time of emergency. The efficiency of employees can be alleviated by rendering them specific training and development sessions.

Leaders of health care department must motivate such workers thoroughly, they should also assign them task as per their expertise and specific time limit must be provided for increasing their performance level. At the end of task the team members should be rewarded with some benefit so that they can work enthusiastically. More advancements should be delivered in the field of technology so that respective hospital can make environment more friendly to employees and also ease their task in making records of every patients. Extra beds and rooms must be designed for diminishing the issue of over crowdedness. All practices must be ensured for regulating the status of health care in such NHS trust.


1) Evaluate Methods for Evaluating Health and Social Care Service Quality with regard to external and Internal Perspectives.

There are large number of methods through which service quality of health care centre can be evaluated. Such methods may employs interview panels, focus groups, structured or semi structured panels as well as complaints procedures. Care Quality Commission helps in evaluating the working of hospital and check whether the institution is proving appropriate servicing quality or not. The governmental agency assist in analysing the external factors which are which are associated with respective hospital framework.

The internal factors like budgets, financial status, buyer behaviour and action of clients have seen to influence the environment and total quality of care. The social attention facilities actually utilises this research prospective which later assist them in tacking connectedness among quality management and financial management which have a impact on service delivery (Wallerstein, 2017). The patients documentation, maintenance of confidentiality and reviewing also some factor on basis of which servicing quality can be monitored. NICE and agencies like CQC helps in making proper guidelines and strategies which eventually aids in making better treatment methods by strictly following the stated set of rules.

By addressing variables like employees turn over number and cost lowering issues greatly affects the way quality of care will be provided. Less workers can not handle large number of patients which result in negative feedbacks, thus incorporation of skilled and professional employees can eliminated such problem. Road shows or campaigns may also be conducted for knowing the response of public towards the brand, if people like the servicing of hospital then good response will be generated but if people dislike and are not satisfied from their facilities then more measures need to be implemented. Customer satisfaction is another way through which evaluation can be done and their services can be judged, it has been observed that previous experience of clients can positively or negatively regulate the preference of present patients.

2) Discuss the impact that involving users of services in the evaluation process has on service quality.

According to the so far study of evaluation process it has seen that it can greatly influence users as well as staff members of Royal United Trust. The old age people must be taken care very carefully because each medicines and treatments process are slow in such patient and it requires time to heal them. Due to such age, they constantly need help of someone but at the same time they have a thought process of having freedom to do things or any activity as per their own wish. They lay emphasis on traditional type of treatment approaches more than contemporary type, so all such issues and barriers are considered when they rate or give feedback to the hospital on basis of fine services and quality of support.

As per the perspective of care providers, fine nursing operation from their part means that they are potentially rendering good service and care. The key features of providing such practices is to have a mutual understanding among patients and care givers as well as to have respect on both terms. Through such way, both patients and health providers can trust and reliability between each other. All such practices can only be possible if all staff members understand the mind set and physical need of patient deeply and provide them traditional as well as contemporary treatment methods. The social need of every patient should also be tried to achieve by health staff members through motivating the, and having good communication on daily basis.

These activities help in understanding the feelings of patients which eventually help in making their mental or physical health state better than earlier. All such factors and components are impact which not only give ample of advantages to patients and their family members but also to staff. The health status of patient will be benefited and for care givers the satisfaction and efficiency will be improved.


From above assignment it has been concluded that, there are some measure that are occurring in quality among customers. There are external agencies which play an important role in maintaining quality of services. The use of approaches can beneficial to organisation which influence organisation to implement changes. The policies can effectively use in system of organisation. In addition to this, the presence of different factors can also help in evaluating process of organisation.

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