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A business firm needs the assistance of promotion and advertisement in order to meet desired aims and objectives. In addition, an organization can draw the attention of their customers through effective promotion and advertisement and a firm subsequently create mind pressure on customer purchase behaviour by effective promotion and advertisement. On the other hand, an organization needs to aware the customers about the advantages and benefits of its products through attractive promotion and advertisement activities. Along with that, the scope of marketing communication, promotion regulation, the impact of ICT on current trends, branding, below-the-line techniques and a budget for integrated promotional strategy will be explained and discussed in this assessment. Moreover, a suitable suggestion also will be provided for the future growth of an organization through promotion and advertisement strategies. Moreover, this paper is based on advertising and promotional activities of one smartphone as technology segment of IDEAL HOME SHOW which will come to Olympia London in summer (2017) (Lin, 2013).        

Task 1 

Understand the organizational purpose of business


There are various types of forms of communication process which are applicable in the segment of promotions and advertising. On the other hand, the management needs to answer the queries and questions of the prospects of products or services in the process of communication. In addition, the communication process includes nine elements such as sender, message, receiver, media, response, feedback, noise, decoding and encoding. In the scenario, British Home Show will be returning to Olympia London from 29th March to 9th April 2017. Along with that, all elements of communication process model are working perfectly as per the case scenario. IDEAL HOME SHOW is also sending message and invitation to their prospects, and they can be considered as the sender. In other sense, IDEAL HOME SHOW encoded a message ’From kitchens and basements to bedrooms and bathrooms, gardens and the latest high-tech gadgets, fixtures and fittings to fine food, to fashion gifts and beauty, you'll find it all under one roof at this award-winning show’ is their tagline(Ellis, 2002). The message of the home show is clear and simple. The communication channels which mainly used by IDEAL HOME SHOW are the internet, official website, tradeshow, newspaper, external billboards and telesales campaign. All these elements are considered as media elements. Besides that, viewers are called as a decoder of the message. Thus, the customers are the receiver of the message. According to feedback, the home show was perceived to an overemphasis on the quality of the products or services. Unplanned distortions enhance noise which leads to misinterpretation of the brand message by prospects. In other words, due to push performance factor, the brand message become inhumane to prospects of IDEAL HOME SHOW and causes unwanted errors in the communication process. Moreover, IDEAL HOME SHOW has a dynamic communication process which includes customer promotion packages, home interior design and branded entertainment strategy (Webb and Dickinson, 2012).


Some firms assist other business in carrying out their promotional activities which are called advertising and promotional industry. Nowadays, every organization prefer to assign the work with advertising and promotion industry rather do it by themselves. The advertisement and promotional activities are significant to every business; the firms wisely select an advertisement and promotional industry(Griffiths, 2006). While selecting the appropriate advertising industry some major core factors needed to be considered which are discussed below:

Goodwill: the advertisement industry requires reputation for attracting other companies. In other words, ad agencies need an adequate amount of goodwill as new ad agencies are not preferable. Be that as it may, major companies like IDEAL HOME SHOW preferred to be safe rather than sorry.     

Creativity: the chosen ad agency must have creativity in their presentation. The customers are attracted by innovative design and presentation of IDEAL HOME SHOW. Moreover, without attractive and creative advertisement, an organization unable to draw the attention of the customers.    

Knowledge and expertness: the selected ad agency must have enough knowledge to understand the requirement of IDEAL HOME SHOW. In other sense, the chosen ad agency must have the ability for a good deal of experience for client satisfaction(Moeller, Landry and Kinni, 2009).   

Return: promotion and advertisement are costly, so it the firm should wisely calculate the cost of advertisement before investment. Be that as it may, the return needs to be larger rather the investment.

Technology: the ad agency should include modern technology in their profession which helps to satisfy the clients. Today, the plan of advertisement is developed in MacBook and other gadgets for clear visual which directly create a mark on customer’s mind. On the other hand, ad agency must advertise in most popular and latest media like online promotion(Moeller, Landry and Kinni, 2009).        

Personal Preference: with the help of personal preference, some ad agencies like flexibility, the size of the industry and other things, some ad agencies can be considered and got the contacts of clients.


The regulation of advertisement and promotions depends on and varies upon the risk which likely affects the promotion. On the other side, if the promotional activities include high-risk factors, the firm should immediately postpone upcoming ad campaign. One of the effective tools for regulating the promotion is formal enforcement actions. In other words, by analysing misleading messages, the effectiveness of web pages and return on promotional investments. Besides that, there are regulatory acts controls promotional activities to avoid fraudulently. Major three regulatory are followed by IDEAL HOME SHOW that, Advertisement Standers Authority (ASA), Bar Standards Board and Committee of Advertising Practice(Hill-Smith, 2010).   


The modern way of communication is ICT or Information Communication Technology which influence advertisement and promotional activities through technology. ICT includes some several advantages such as more speedy, less time consuming, most popular and creative to border public. Thus, ICT is one of the most useful and effective methods of promotion and advertising. Apart from that, different types of elements like e-commerce, e-mail, the internet and other websites are included in the field of Information Communication Technology. The official websites of different firms like IDEAL HOME SHOW include total information and details of the products and services. As a result, the customer can directly gather the product details through the internet which is the main implementation of Information communication Technology. In addition, with the help of Information communication Technology, people can select and buy a product from websites. Moreover, Information communication Technology enhances an opportunity to grab the feedback and response from the customers through online chatting(Hill-Smith, 2010).


This report is based on different types of the communication process of advertisement and promotions of IDEAL HOME SHOW and how they communicate with their prospects. In addition, IDEAL HOME SHOW needs to focus on ad agency selection which includes essential promotional requirements.                    

Task 2 

Be able to understand the role and importance of advertising


The advertisement is a kind of an integral part of an integrated promotional strategy. In addition, an advertisement is an effective tool of mass media promotions which helps to communicate with prospects. With the help of advertisement, a firm can reach consumers via newspapers, radio, TV, movies, business directories and websites. A large scale of the population can be awarded about firm’s product through effective advertisement(Tayebi, 2011).


Branding represents the attributes of popular products and satisfying consumers. In other words, with the help of brand value, and organization can draw the perspective of individuals towards their firm. Besides that, the basic difference product development and product promotions are organized and controlled by effective brand value. Brand value also increases the expectations of customers towards satisfaction of the customers(Tayebi, 2011).


Advertisement campaign is one of the critical phases of promotional activity. Creative aspects and promotional strategy motivate and encourage the consumer's purchase product from selected organization (Norris, 2010). Various types of aspects of advertising strategies are product development according to customer’s needs, price estimation, Brand Message Corporation, product oriented advertisement and the internet. These four aspects of advertising strategies create an impact on the mind of the customers. The advertisements should be developed as per the requirement of the customers which helps to draw the attention of the customers.


There are different types of advertisement agencies available in the market with individual’s capabilities and creative thinking. Along with that several types of ad agencies are a partnership based, in-house agencies, hiring a part of a sector, hiring all parts of a sector, creative and innovative boutiques, and media. The selection advertisement agencies include advantages and good return which helps the gross profitability of a specific firm. A firm needs to pay more attention while choosing appropriate ad agency for promoting their product. In addition, some advertisement and promotional activities are very costly to bear by a firm (Norris, 2010).

Task 3

3.1- Explain primary techniques of below-the-line promotion and how they are used in an integrated promotional strategy for a business or product: 

Below the line marketing techniques is termed as the short time marketing to get the instant replay or respond from the customers. Essentials techniques of the below the line promotion (BTP) used for enhancing the sales in little time. These first techniques are used in a different way as integrated promotional strategy that is depending on the needs or the demands of the customers in the markets. Strategies also depend on the competitor’s strategy. Offering more products on a fixed price or cut off a minimum amount of price in the price. It is an effective strategy for the below the line promotion. Price promotion refers as harmful for the reputation or brand fame. It may give rise the sale of a limited certain period.  That’s why this technique needs to use very carefully for an ideal home show. Below the line is also have some techniques to promote their new smartphone in the ideal home show. All these options are mainly created by the advertising agency. Those techniques are described below-

Marketing by direct mail:  in this process the advertising or the promotion of such new smartphone in the individual's email id. It should be very much to the point, informative and so much professional that no one able to avoid the advertisement.

A door to door technique: door to door technique is another way to promote some products. One man has to sell the product to individuals one by one. The door to door process is very much familiar to the people. It is also a strong communication in the below the line advertising techniques.

Email Marketing: email marketing is also the affective technique of below the line marketing. In this Technique a Company or organisation run their campaign on their own, they use the email to promote their products. They target the customer to mail them directly.

Other techniques used in the below-the-line promotion:

There are some other techniques are associated with below the line promotion. Business organisation need creative strategies to develop the promotional idea. These are-

Individual selling: it is another selling plan associated with the marketplace sellers. Individual sellers are the small seller with few items or products to offer the customer.

Coupons: distribution of coupons to the consumers is the important technique in the below the line promotion.

Rebate: it’s an amount paid for refund or return on what has been contributed already. Mail rebate is very much common now.

Tread in policy: tread policy has different names like commercial policy or international policy.It means all the rules and regulation that are proposed to change or modify the international trend flow. Its Aim to boost up the nation's international trend.

Free or extra: free gifts or the extra products are offered to the consumer at a fixed range of marketing.   

Loyalty programme: it is a reward programme that is offered by the company, who frequently buy the products.

Free trial: the free trial is offered to the customer before buying the products.  

Discounts: discounts are available in some products that attract the customer to buy more and more.

Different types of promotions: 

Advertising: Advertising is a form of promoting anything. That may be products, services, and image of the company. Advertising is mainly type – free advertising, advertising

  • Free advertising:  it is an informative communication absence of sponsor.

                                Main focus on reporting news, company’s information.

                                It uses the mass media (press conference, press release)

  • Advertising:          the sponsor pays it. It mainly promotes the company good i.e.

                                Company’s products.  The features of advertising are following-

                                It is a paid promotion strategy.

                                The aimed market is territorially scattered.

                                Mass media is used to transmit the message.

                                It’s an impersonal communication strategy.

                                The identical messages are chosen for company's advertisement.

Public relations:  public relations are intentional and planned effort to communicate with different categories which might have an interest in the activities of a company. The commutation referred among the customer, employee, and investors of the company. Public relations are used in different communication channels. Not only communication channels but also from personal channels to the mass media. It can create a suitable environment or image which is based on the mutual relations.

Difference between the public relation and advertising are as follows-  

  • Public relations are full of informative messages. Such as achievements of accompanying, annual sports, yearly balance sheet, etc.
  • Advertising calls are needed the instant action when a public relation is engaged in building trust.
  • Repetitions are found in the advertising where the uniqueness is found in the public relation.
  • Public relations can achieve through the public dialogue. But it is useless in advertising.

Sales promotion:  sales promotions are consists of the huge variety of instruments that lead the customer to perform an action to buy or purchase the goods or services. The main features of the sales promotions are described below-

  • Offer an instant advantage to the customer- a price discount, a higher quantity at the same price, cost-free services, organise a contest.
  • The exceptional features of sales promotion – temporary advantage that is only available for the period.
  • Sales promotions performed an instant action.
  • Sales promotion got affected when the customers are not buying any products.

Techniques used in the sales promotions:

  • Price discount: specific discounts in particular products at the time of purchasing the product by the customers.
  • Rewards: few rewards are arranged for the regular customers by the company. Rewards may be expensive gifts for the consumer.
  • Games: some games are offered to the customer at the time of purchasing. Through winning, they are gifted with some products.
  • Contests: Contests are also held to offer the products as the gift to the consumer.
  • Gifts: company provided gifts as rewards to the customer as depend on their marketing of a specific product.

Loyalty gifts: being a customer for a long time in a company or a programme held by the company and provide gifts to the consumer, frequently buyer.

Task 4

Follow an appropriate process for the formulation of a budget for an integrated promotional strategy

Every organization should make a financial plan to integrate promotional strategy. It is critical for any organization to make the budget for their promotional activities to make marketing practice more prominent. Promotional budget is very important for an organization because it supports the promotional activities to maintain in a good way. For an integrated promotional strategy, there has some process that should be followed which can express an appropriate budget. Every company should be very careful about the methods. The processes are,

  • An organization needs to gather some information about the source of money.
  • Make an object and outline the goals.
  • According to the plan, also needs to think about the budget.
  • Need to think about the past problems, and make a better plan for the business in future.
  • Control and calculate the budget.

Carry out the development of a promotional plan for a business or product

Every business organization needs a promotional activities to improve their organization’s marketing process. Distributing the sales products to the stakeholders, customers is called as the promotion. Every company needs to develop their service plan to create an image to the customers and also in the present market. There have some steps which every company tries to follow. These are,

Advertising- To be informed about the product or service by the customers, the only process is advertising. Nowadays it is very popular for all.

Sales promotion- It is a method that inspires the sale of the products or service of an organization.

Public relations- To maintain an image to the customers, it is important to maintain a good relation between the customers and seller. They should maintain some mutual understanding and also have to give a sustained effort to establish the business.

Social media- An organization choose the social media for advertising so that they can forecast the news to the group of people.Get the best coursework writing and dissertation help online at affordable prices.

Plan the integration of promotional techniques into the promotional strategy for a business or product

An organization needs to get the attention of the customers. Therefore, the only way to do this is used the promotional techniques. The main duty of an organization in this matter is to create a proper plan for the promotional activities. It helps them to spread the name of their brands. Every organization's goals are same, but they used many different technics to sell their product as much as possible. Along with this, if an organization wants to sell their products very effectively than they have to plan to mix the promotional techniques. For this reason, they follow some rules like,

  • An organization has to include themselves with the general community.
  • To develop the business a company have to organize conference programs, seminar to show their services and activities.
  • Develop a website with detail information.

Use appropriate techniques for measuring campaign effectiveness

The most important part of part of the promotion activities is the campaign. It can increase the sales of the specific product. Every organization thinks that campaign it very effective for them because they can understand the result of the plan. The way to understand this,

Examine the number of people who shows their interest in their products.

The number of people who come to visit there.

 To compare the sales products.

To know about the campaign from the customers.

Examine the feedback and try to make a better plan for the next step.

Different type of promotions

Flyers- Everyone wants to advertise their products. It is clear method to spread the information about the product to the customers. Flyers is the cheapest way to advertising. At first, a company has to decide the suitable business area for them. After that, they can distribute the flyers. In the flyers, there should be input some main information like they have to show the main points, everything should be brief, have to give the contact information, should highlight the offers of the service, offering a free assessment.

Posters- public spaces, supermarkets are uses for advertisement. Posters is also a cheap method of advertising the products of a company. It is the best method to spread the information of a particular product. An organization who apply this method should try to create their posters visible so that everyone can notice that. On the other way, they also have to highlight the main things with different colors.  

Referral Networks- This method is precious for an organization to build up their business. The referral network method is work business to business. It is not only used for customer referrals which are inspired by other rewards or discounts.

The method of referral networks is stronger when dealing with professions executive. At first, an accountant is suggested by a lawyer, a broker is suggested by an accountant, a real this estate agent is suggested by a financial planner. In these processes, every person tries to hold their professional reputation. For an organization to build up a business, have to create some referral that an organization can spread something about them.

According to with this, every organization has competition among themselves within the industry. But the competition is not only with the competitors. It is also important that if a company disappoint a customer's, then they lose their image and not be able to compete with others.                

The internet- The use of the internet is so much valuable for everyone. We cannot avoid it. It is also valuable for marketing. To give a poster advertisement, we have to buy a place and they we can give an advertisement. From the begging internet as a medium of marketing have faced several changes as well, and with these changes, the internet got the success every time.

Nowadays it is critical for any company to have their website to determine the profit by utilizing the internet marketing. Depending on that, the companies are focused on the internet marketing to make their marketing and promotional activities more clear and transparent for the customers. As nowadays, the internet is a phenomenon for every society and every generation. Thus, making promotional activities on the internet is one of the most significant and better ways for the new born organization.


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