30+ Architecture Dissertation Topics in 10 Different Categories

19 Aug 2022 760
30+ Architecture Dissertation Topic Suggestions

Architecture is all about innovation and creativity. It can be explained by many things, like shape, design, capacity, and structure. The combination of art and science helps design buildings and physical facilities. If you are an architecture student, writing a dissertation will come your way once you graduate from college. There are several challenges to take care of while doing it, such as deciding on a suitable theme and drafting a perfect paper. Still, the most challenging job while writing a lengthy paper is always picking the best architecture dissertation topics.

What is the best way to select a topics? One such method is knowing in-depth information about the subject and then concluding. This can be achieved by first understanding its types. Then gather information about how it is practically available globally. Regarding dissertation topics for architecture, let's start by learning about the different categories in which they are available.

Categories To Pick Architectural Dissertation Topics [3 Best Each]

1. Urban Architecture

This includes the development of buildings and infrastructure for urban settings. Most of the population currently resides in cities with meaningful urban architecture. This is mainly because an increasing population demands more development that can support their urban lifestyle. It offers ideas relevant to current dissertation topics architecture to inspire many.


  • Port and port city development in an economically emerging coastal region.
  • Integrated rural cluster action plan for agricultural development.
  • Transformation of villages under the urban influence.

2. Industrial Architecture

Industrial architecture is designed to manage industrial releases of raw materials or waste. Because there is a considerable need to safeguard the environment for a sustainable future, this infrastructure ensures safe development in urban areas. Industrial development is rising with time and interests students to pick dissertation topics inarchitecture.


  • How did brutalism and contemporary architecture lead to the world's being?
  • What are the current trends in parametric architecture?
  • Detailed analysis of the Dockland Building, Hamburg, Germany

3. Public Architecture

Because of the increasing empathetic needs of society, public architecture is also needed. Buildings like community centres are the result of the same. Made to provide the people with a structure that can accommodate society and the environment. If you are inspired by the idea of building the connection between these two, then this can be your dissertation theme.


  • The role of the designer as an intermediary between people and the built environment
  • Aligning design with the voices of the community
  • Uplifting public spaces with universal access principles

4. Hospitality Architecture

Just as architecture can change the face of a city, hotels and restaurants can change how people view it. Hospitality architecture deals with redefining hotels and resorts at any location. That must not harm the environment around us but rather complement it. Students can very well relate to the ambience of these places, and selecting this topic can benefit them.


  • Hospitality architecture: how to define it?
  • Why architects should craft a story in every hospitality design?
  • Hospitality design trends in 2021: what to expect next?

5. Religious Architecture

An architecture that can accommodate a wide range of religious activities should depict the faith and sense of remodelling temples or places of worship. There are various beliefs to be followed when designing an architecture that can evoke a culture that is followed with faith. Below are some topic ideas if you want to pick this category as your dissertation theme.


  • Place and Faith: A new center for interfaith dialogue
  • Designing symbiosis for the new church community.
  • The chapel of a godless society

6. Cultural Architecture

As much as it is necessary to ensure the development of a sacred place, it is also to create an architecture that defines culture. These buildings show the historical value they once held and are now re-purposed. Most of this consists of museums that educate about different cultures. If you are inclined toward historical places, sharing that passion will help dissertation writing.


  • The role of objectives in cultural architecture: a review
  • Cultural architecture: belief-dependent or creativity-inspiring?
  • Cultural building and modern style: principles to consider and focus on.

7. Commercial Architecture

A place that invites constant engagement from different sectors around the world. That also contributes to increasing a community's business and income. Commercial architectures are designed for exchanging goods and used for long-term purposes for market analysis. Many dissertation ideas can emerge from this, or you can also write on ways to improve it.


  • In large cities, urban parks are the need of an hour.
  • How do we induce modern technology into community garden design?
  • Why is commercial architecture the primary source of income in many cities?

8. Health-care Architecture

This architecture is constructed to ensure the ecosystem's needs are met. The health-care architecture includes suitable environments for animal shelters and veterinary centres. They also provide the inclusion of human health along with other species. Hence this category can serve as an excellent theme for your dissertation topics for architecture.


  • Ways to create a child-friendly health-care design.
  • How to redesign intensive care units?
  • The importance of an advanced trauma recovery and care centre

9. Educational Architecture

The educational architecture includes R&D labs, libraries, cultural areas, canteens, etc. These are built to keep students involved in urban development. Unlike earlier, when these were just buildings for students to study, now they are an area for them to integrate fun learning. Writing a dissertation with self-experience will benefit you when you pick this as your topic.


  • Rethinking schools, master's dissertation architecture.
  • Architectural terms for educational planners
  • Socialisation in architectural education: A view from East Africa

10. Residential Architecture

Residential architecture is more than just designing single-family homes; it is also about creating co-living environments. These housing schemes are better at shaping productive places to co-exist. These buildings include townhouses, apartments, and complexes. Also, you can discover a new way of residential architecture which can be best done in the dissertation.


  • Is living in a community fulfilling?
  • Why is vertical housing growing with time?
  • a strong emphasis on mixed-use development

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5 Best Types of Architecture Famous in the World-Detailed Review

1. Garden by the Bay

  • Place: Singapore
  • Architecture: Grant Associates
  • Year: 2012

As the name suggests, this is like a garden located by the booming marina bay, named “building of the year” at the World Architecture Festival. It is designed to handle both the climatic conditions of dryness and humidity situated among the mountains of the forest. This is an inspirational structure that can be perfect for your dissertation writing.

2. Linked Hybrid

  • Place: Beijing
  • Architecture: Steven Holl Architects
  • Year: 2009

A building that signifies the future is made up of eight linked towers that depict the urban growth of the 21st century. The linked passage communicates between different hybrids that have gardens, stores, restaurants, and academic places. Just like how innovative this architecture is, you can prepare a creative dissertation around its progressiveness.

3. The Shard

  • Place: London
  • Architecture: Renzo Piano Building Workshop
  • Year: 2012

It is a 27-story skyscraper in Western Europe known for being the highest in that state. It has successfully changed the face of British architecture that is now moving towards vertical development and is situated on the bank of the Thames river. A building with a flawless 360* view can be the source to be picked as your dissertation topic.

4. Burj Khalifa

  • Place: Dubai
  • Architecture: Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
  • Year: 2010

It is the tallest building in the world, with a height of 2,717 feet above the desserts. The structure is in the form of a stem that gets steeper with increasing altitude. Designed to show architectural development's modern and innovative touch. Picking a building for your dissertation topic that is this famous can excite you and your professors both.

5. Metropol Parasol

  • Place: Spain
  • Architecture: J. Mayer H. Architects
  • Year: 2011

This structure is nearly 90 feet high and 500 feet long and is fully equipped with shelters, restaurants, and museums. This is a wooden structure that is a landmark for the city. One of the most significant timber structures ever built. This can also give you some inspiration to write a dissertation around such only architecture.

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Can’t Pick Dissertation Topics in Architecture? Take Expert’s Help

Even if the above list of dissertation topics architecture is not helpful for your paper, you can seek online help. While preparing a lengthy piece of content that might be the deciding factor in your grades, you must be very careful. Try not to take risks and pick a topic that satisfies you. Several sites provide easy access to dissertation help when you have to write any academic task of this critical nature, like architecture assignment help, which you might need while graduating in this field.

Various service providers can also help you with many different samples or examples that can be relevant to your topic decision because a wise student can never make the mistake of choosing a title for the paper without going through some of the available architecture dissertation examples and then finalising the title using online help. Every student pursuing this subject will understand how difficult it can be to pick the perfect title to work on. But as necessary as it is to draft an excellent paper, it is to choose architectural dissertation topics relevance to your theme.

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