List of 50+ Unique Cancer Dissertation Topics by Experts

21 Oct 2023 1323
Top 50+ Cancer Dissertation Topics

Cancer is said to be one of the deadliest diseases and causes of death in the world. For a few years, it has received a lot of attention. Researchers and students are doing their studies and research to know more about the disease. Therefore, students often struggle with and look for one of the best cancer dissertation topics for writing their dissertation. 

It is essential to choose a topic that not only benefits your research but also helps the reader or the public in general. So, if you are thinking of writing a dissertation on cancer, then it is best to know how to research to get the best cancer dissertation ideas. 

How to Choose Cancer Dissertation Topics?

We know how difficult it is to choose a topic for a dissertation on cancer. Sometimes, more time is consumed while researching and choosing a topic than writing a dissertation. Therefore, nursing students often look for help from experts in such cases. However, those who choose to work on cancer research topics for their dissertation have to go through several things to find the right topic. 

Luckily, we have just the right information to provide dissertation help and make it easy for you to select a perfect topic. All you have to do is go through the below-mentioned pointers. 

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Find Available Data

The first and foremost thing to do while choosing a topic is to look for easily available data. It is essential to look for reliable information when writing a dissertation on a disease. So choose a topic for which you can easily find all the information, or the data can be available conveniently.

Look for a Theoretical Base for Your Topic

One of the most important things to take care of while choosing a research topic for your dissertation on cancer is to check if your idea has a solid theoretical base. Because if your topic doesn't include a relevant theoretical basis, it will look vague and unauthentic to your reader. 

Consult Your Mentor

If you are sceptical about your decisions or topic selection. The best thing would be to seek nursing dissertation help from your professor or from experts. Your mentor can help you with planning to make it easy for you to choose a topic. They can also suggest the right resources or sources from where you can get enough information for your dissertation writing. So, never hesitate to seek help for unique cancer dissertation topics for your academic task.

Participate in Medical Research Surveys

Often, researchers take surveys to analyse data and get to a decision. Therefore, you can also do the same while choosing the right topic among various cancer dissertation ideas. When you participate in a medical research survey, you can get data analysis on various diseases of the same origin, like lung cancer, ovary cancer, breast cancer dissertation topics, and many more. 

Take Advantage of the Available Resources

Cancer is a vast topic. So, to narrow it down among several cancer dissertation topics, you have to look for available resources and sources. If you do not have relevant and efficient resources to start your dissertation, there is no sense in choosing that topic. It is rather better if you seek help from dissertation writing services.

Ask Questions That Can be Answered

Your mentor can help you with planning to make it easy for you to choose cancer dissertation topics. They can also suggest the right resources or sources from where you can get enough information for your dissertation writing. Because if your topic doesn't include a relevant theoretical basis, it will look vague and unauthentic to your reader.

Read Everything on the Subject

Well, reading all the details on the subject is essential before writing a dissertation on it. The reason is that if you don't, your knowledge will be incomplete, and it will get difficult for you to come up with an outcome or conclusion for your research. For example, you are selecting from breast cancer dissertation topics, but if you don't read everything about it. You will not be able to justify your arguments.

So, these ways can help you select the best cancer research topic for your dissertation. So, if you follow these tips, you can choose one of the best cancer dissertation topics for your academic task. But how will you ensure the authenticity and credibility of your research? Let's find out!

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How to Ensure the Reliability of Your Cancer Research? A Checklist

It is crucial to ensure that the things you have included in your dissertation or the research you have done on your cancer dissertation topics are reliable and relevant. Using correct and accurate data and information is vital when choosing a dissertation theme in the medical field or nursing dissertation topics. So, to help you with that, we have developed a short checklist that you have to tick off for complete authenticity. 

Check if the Study was Reviewed

Yes, it is essential to ensure that whatever sources or study you are taking reference from was peer-reviewed by the journal that has published them.

Check the Results of Your Surveys

If you have used Surveys as your research method for choosing cancer dissertation topics. Go through your survey results and check how many people participated in the survey and how long it lasted. 

Phases of New Research

If you are studying and choosing any new treatments, analysis, therapies, or symptoms as a part of your cancer dissertation ideas. Ensure you go through all the study phases or take regular updates about the new research.

Ask Questions To Your Health Care Team

This is one of the most important steps to confirm the credibility of your cancer dissertation topics. Always ask your healthcare team or committee to clarify your doubts on the chosen topic. It will help you get the correct answers for your research.

So, this was the quick checklist you need to tick off while working on a dissertation on cancer or any other nursing and medical field. We know it is a very time-consuming process, so we are here to help you. Below is the list of cancer dissertation topics for undergraduates and postgraduates to help narrow your field and topic selection. 

Cancer Dissertation Topics for Undergraduates

1. Lung Cancer Pathophysiology

2. Breast Cancer: Literature Review

3. Cancer Insurance Evaluation

4. Case Brief on Colon Cancer and Colostomy

5. Environmentally and Lifestyle Linked Cancer

6. Skin Cancer Types, Cells of Origin

7. Wellness Programs for Colorectal Cancer

8. Addressing Risk Factors for Lung Cancer

9. Esophageal Cancer and Its Treatment

10. Breast Cancer: Research Review Paper

11. Genetic Alterations and Cancer

12. Breast Cancer: Threat to the Patients

13. Epidemiology of Breast Cancer in the UK

14. Does Marijuana Use and Misuse Cause Cancer?

15. Cancer Patients: The Effectiveness of Pain Diary

16. Health & Medicine: Breast Cancer in XIX Century

17. The Relationship Between Breast Cancer and Genes

18. Approach to Cancer Care: Diagnosing and Treatment

19. Passive Smoking and Pancreatic Cancer in Women

20. How to Lower your Cancer Risk. Nutrition Action Health Letter

21. Cancer Biology: Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes

22. Breast Cancer: Preventive Measures and Support Methods

23. Discuss the Latest Technologies Used for Cancer Treatments

24. Prostate Cancer Among Blacks in Maryland: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

25. Post-operative Breast Cancer Patients With Depression: Annotated Bibliography

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Cancer Dissertation Topics for Postgraduates

26. Deathography of Cancer

27. DNA Methylation in Cancer Therapy

28. Precision Therapy in Colorectal Cancer

29. Possible Trends in the Cause of Cancer

30. Skin Cancer: Examination and Prevention

31. Socioeconomic Factors of Oral Cancer

32. Omics Analysis in Cancer and Development

33. Cancer and Humor in Children: Approach to Research

34. The Role of Immunotherapy in Urothelial Cancer

35. Precision Medicine in Cancer Treatment

36. Methods For Screening For Cervical Cancer

37. Cancer Burden And Prevention Methods

38. Advances in Immunotherapy in Pediatric Solid Tumors

39. The Benefits Of Music Therapy For Breast Cancer Patients

40. Polymeric Chloroquine in Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

41. Cancer Care Approaches: Diagnosis, Side Effects, and Treatment

42. Approaches to Illustrate Tumor Immune Microenvironment

43. Physical and Mental Care for Cancer Patients

44. Cancer Diagnostics, Staging and Complications

45. Pain Management Issues in Cancer Patients

46. Depression in Female Cancer Patients and Survivors

47. Cancer Pain Management and Education Programs

48. Cancer Metabolism: Diagnosis, Research, Effects

49. Type C Personality as a Risk Factor for Cancer

50. Nutritional "Cures" for Clients With Cancer 

51. American Cancer Society: The Aspects of Melanoma

52. Virtual Colonoscopy to Screen for Colon Cancer

53. Immune Cell Metabolic Reprogramming in Cancer Development and Therapy

54. Interplay Between Tumor Immunology and Tumor Micro-environment

55. Application of Multi-omics Analysis in Thoracic Cancer Immunotherapy

So, these were some of the best cancer dissertation ideas for undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students. It will save you time spent on topic selection. Moreover, you can also find samples of dissertation on our Global Assignment Help website. It will help you understand how do you have to write a dissertation once the topic is decided. However, if you still feel the need of assistance, you can always turn to our experts for guidance.

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