Confused About Different Types of Dissertation and How to Do Research on Them?

26 Dec 2022 3211
Types of Dissertation & Research Methods

A dissertation is an academic task that provides the student's opportunity to write a substantial piece on an interesting topic, or students can also choose from different types of dissertation. This is one of the chances that the students can produce the work of the scholarship using the other academic skills they have developed. When it comes to preparing the doctoral dissertation, then it takes extreme perseverance. Master's or Ph.D. students must submit their dissertation to get their doctoral degrees. So after the sleepless nights and the labor-intensive research, you are ready to present the culmination of your hard work.

For this reason, having a solid knowledge base can be tricky, even though sometimes deciding where to begin and what to write is daunting. University and college students are worried about completing their dissertation writing task and completing their master's or Ph.D. write-up. Also, they must be aware of the things associated with writing the dissertation. One of them is the types of dissertation and how to conduct the research for the dissertation types. So in this blog, we will provide information about the different types of dissertation.

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Introduction to Dissertation: A Brief Explanation

Dissertation, whenever students hear this word, they say it is a long piece of the academic write-up. It is based on the original research that the students conducted during the time of the writing task. A dissertation is the final step to finishing the Ph.D. program. For the students, the dissertation is one of the most extended pieces of academic writing they have ever completed. While writing the dissertation requires research, writing, and analysis, skills, and it can be intimidating to know where to start or begin with the write-up. The dissertation has three types, so let's learn about the different types of dissertation.

Types of Dissertation

When it comes to the types of the dissertation, then there are three main types of the dissertation. They are qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods in the dissertation types. Therefore this blog will elaborate on the different types of dissertation by addressing their similarities and differences.

3 types of dissertation

1. Quantitative Dissertation

Several students need clarification when they read or hear the word quantitative and types of methodology in dissertation. Here the word quantitative does not mean that the whole dissertation should be a quantitative research method or the usage of statistical analysis techniques. Instead, it addresses the research questions, hypotheses, or both. This is the type of research that helps to relate to establish the research strategy, conclude results, and make inferences.

2. Qualitative Dissertation

This is the second type of dissertation involving qualitative research methods. These methods are judged in the form of unstructured interviews, focus groups, and participant observation. Although several students use the research methods not employed in the quantitative dissertations, qualitative research is beyond the choice between the research methods. Stuck on how to write dissertation methodology, then consult experts. On the other hand, the research process is differently done by establishing the research questions, developing and utilizing the theoretical methods, and much more in a unique way.

3. Mixed Methods Dissertation

This is the last or third type of dissertation that is mixed methods. There are several reasons why students need to include mixed methods in the form of the thesis and the dissertations with various types of research dissertation. In this type of dissertation, students use both qualitative and quantitative approaches during the research. These types of dissertations are increasingly used with more profound legitimacy, and their components need to be adequately addressed.

Those mentioned above are the three types of dissertation. However, while writing the dissertation, research also plays a vital role. So know what research is and how to use different research methods for dissertation introduction writing.

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Introduction to Research

Selecting the correct research method for the dissertation is one of the most frustrating tasks for students. However, a student with a well-defined research methodology helps them conduct the research in the right direction. Also, it allows them to validate the results and ensures that the study that students are working on answers the hard research questions to plan your dissertation.

Several things come under the research title, and the research title, questions, hypothesis, objectives, and all the study areas are generally helpful in determining the best research methods. So what are you waiting for? Your professor assigned you the dissertation writing task then it is the right time to choose the type of dissertations research to make your job easier for you.

Different Types of Dissertation Research

Below mentioned are the different types of dissertation methodology that students can conduct while conducting it.

1. Quantitative Research Methods

Numerical data or data that may be quantified are linked to quantitative research. It is employed to research a sizable population. Statistical, mathematical, or computational methods are used to collect the data.

2. Qualitative Research Methods

It is a scientific investigation in which a researcher gathers data to find solutions to a problem. It has to do with learning about human behavior through research. It seeks to understand all the pertinent information about the issue.

3. Mixed Methods of Research

Mixed research methods result from combining quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Much academic research has been undertaken utilising mixed methods over the previous few decades due to the increased legitimacy this specific strategy has earned. It includes the idea that combining the two types of study can produce comprehensive and more reliable results.

4. Experimental Research Methods

Laboratory experiments and observational studies under controlled settings are considered experimental research. Various experiments are carried out to understand human behavior better. Investigations range from simple natural comparisons to personal observations, which helps to prepare a perfect dissertation.

5. Historical Research Methods

In historical research, a researcher gathers and examines data to comprehend, characterise, and justify previous occurrences. Researchers attempt to ascertain precisely and closely what occurred during a specific historical period. It forbids any variable manipulation or control.

6. Descriptive Research Methods

The goal of descriptive research is to gather data to address contemporary issues. It is based on Ex post facto research, which hypothesises potential causes for an already-occurring phenomenon. Instead of managing "why," it seeks to address questions like "how," "what," "when," "where," and "what."

With the help of the above-mentioned details, students can know how many types of research for dissertation are, and they can make the perfect dissertation structure. But some students need help choosing what type of research is best for them and for their write-up. So with the below-mentioned section, you will know how to select the suitable research method for your dissertation.

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How to Choose Right Dissertation Research Method?

Some students need clarification after getting the information about the different dissertation types and research types. But why? They still need clarification on choosing the dissertation research type that is perfect for them. Every student needs to discern what they hope for their doctoral program. At the same time, consider the right dissertation research method. There are a couple of things that need to be considered. So they are:

  • What are your motivations, personally or professionally?
  • What are your academic goals or dreams?
  • Mention the contributions you made to the field
  • Want to collaborate with someone throughout the studies
  • Things that they want to take away from their experiences, whether they are personal, professional, or academic.

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