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In an organization, the growth depends on the working of individuals. It means employees efficiency which helps the organization to earn profits. Through good selection process, qualified and skilled candidates can be hired (Karp and Helgø, 2009). Leaders should possess good communication skills. This report has been made on case study provided about PM company where the CEO of the company having the responsibility to oversee overall management of the business. The aim of this report is to show how work of employee, individually and in a team helps the organization to increase productivity and an increase in profit margins.

Task 1

Explain the Importance of Selection and Recruitment Process

Importance of selection and recruitment process is:

Great and Well-Qualified Employees- Through good selection and recruitment process, qualified and skilled candidates can be hired. This in turn helps in meeting the goals of the organization with quality work. Company needs the employees who can adapt themselves to the changing environment (Mendenhall and Osland, 2012). For this organization need to hire candidate who are multitasking and are well qualified. Proper recruitment and selection process can contribute effective competitive role for PM organization to develop effective competitive strategies. Further, it can help the corporation to achieve better profit as comparison of other courier companies in the nation (Cassidy, 2006). In addition to this, it can also aid in increasing efficiency and performance of PM in the market.

Reduction of Cost in Training and Development- Company waste a large number of money and time over training of employees. This affects budget of the company. So with proper selection and recruitment, there can be saving lot of money and time of the company. This can be done with off and on job training methods such as setting virtual lectures and conferences to all the employees together. This can save a lot of time and money. In addition to this, management of PM can select its candidate's from top colleges of UK which can help to reduce their training and development cost. This way, corporation can get skillful applicants to manage its operations (Fox, 2014).

Prepare Documentation to Select and Recruit a New Member of Staff

When selecting and recruiting, certain documents are given to the new staff to be appointed in PM Company. They are:

Employment Contract- It is the written contract which ensures the terms and conditions are clear regarding the job. This letter binds the selected employee to PM organization to give their services. In addition to this, it presents the details of the contract and the salary details of selected staff members.

Verification of Candidates Documents- Management of PM verifies documents of applicants in order to validate its qualification. This is a necessary step to provide job for any type of candidate's as per rules and regulation of government in the organization (Allen and Hartman, 2008).

Candidates Brochure- When employees newly join to PM, they do not know what to do, where there cabin is, and other essential things. These office brochures are actually the guidance to them. This is the main document given to the candidate selected on the very first day (Day, 2014).

Offer Letter- Next comes the offer letter. This is also provided to the new employee by the HR manager of company. This is the letter provided by PM to the best suitable candidate at the time of their joining. This letter contains the basic functioning, policies, rules and regulations that every employee has to follow in the office premises.

Assess the impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment and selection process

There is a positive and negative impact of legal, regulatory and ethical grounds to the recruitment and selection process in the UK for PM Company. They are done on the basis of:

Performance and Wage- Every organization gives incentives to its employees on the basis of its performance. In addition to this, management of PM organization provides bonus as well as extra time working pay to all staff members which create effective impact on its image in the market. In addition to this, there are legal laws that safeguard and protect these rights of the individual and work on these legal and ethical grounds. These regulations help PM company to build there goodwill. (Game Theory Assignment Help).It also helps in joining of employees and clients feel safe being the member of PM organization. However, it also increases expenditure and documentation activities which create negative impact to manage its organizational selection and recruitment activities in the organization (O'Leary, 2013).

Equality- It produces positive impact on hiring process of PM organization in the nation. In addition to this, it help to build effective image in the market. Generally, There are many legal laws that safeguard and protect women from all kind of threats such as sexual harassment. So it PM work on these legal and ethical grounds to avoid legal obligations. If the company does not follow these rules, then its goodwill is at stake and then market image of firm can be damaged. It can also affect the performance of the company (Mendenhall and Osland, 2012).

Discrimination- Government of United Kingdom compel the management of United Kingdom to follow the proper rules and regulations regarding discrimination. These policies creates effective impact to select skillful candidate's. If the company does not do discrimination with its employees then it help to increase respect towards the firm (Campbell, 2007) This process also aids to increase its efficiency of PM organization which bring positive impact in the market.

Evaluate own contribution to the selection process

I being a CEO of PM company, my contribution to the selection process will be:

First impressions can be so powerful that most interviewers make judgments regarding a candidate in the first 30 seconds of an interview. I had tried to overcome those first impressions and use well thought-out, structured questions to assess the candidate’s ability to do the job. I was instructed to ask posed questions that can detect how the candidate might act under pressure. I found the best way to do this is to take note of non-verbal communication and body language. The best candidates made eye contact, maintained a straight posture and listen intently.
i have to be as prepared as the interviewer. Before starting the interview, I should carefully review the candidate's cover letter, resume, background information and references. It is important to keep questions focused and relevant so they are tailored to individual job candidates.

Skills and Attributes Needed for Leadership

According to the given case study, PM Company is facing various issues in its administration and leadership management. Therefore, there is requirement of presenting skills and attributes that are required for implementing effective leadership in an organization. Some of them have been discussed below:

Building Team: If the initiative has been taken by PM to work in an areas, for instance, delivering and parceling, allocating works and designing work plan, in a team, then things can be improved (Chatzoglou, 2008). However, in order to achieve things in a team, a need for effective leader is there. He is required to play role of managing and making other people work in a team to achieve the desired goal.

Communication and Interaction: The another skill which is required to become a good leader is a communication skill. All the aspects which are crucial for the organization are required to be discussed and transmitted appropriately at all levels of the enterprise. It is required to meet the proper flow of work at the company.

Decision-Making Attributes: A leader is well known for the decision making skills. To take a proper solution for the benefit for all the working of the company, a leader must possess an attribute of taking effective decision.

Attitude of Making a Decision: Imparting only a solution is not sufficient. A manager is one who is successful to do the different job functions such as hiring, selection, training etc. A right attitude at the right place for the appropriate work helps an individual to emerge as a good leader in the organization.

Skills for Conflicts Management: PM is a leading courier industry and therefore, there is need for a leader to develop a skill of managing any conflict that arises among team members. Dealing with any of the conflict that arise in the organization is considered as one of the significant attribute and skill of a leader (Chatzoglou, 2008). Since, there are various issues that are encountered as a part of regular activities of the organization. A manager who is acting as a leader must be fully aware and possess this skill as well.
The above mentioned points depict skills and attributes that should be required by the manager acting as a leader in PM.

Difference Between Leadership and Management

In an organization, the terms, leadership and management, are used interchangeably. But, in real sense, these are two different aspects and possess following points of differences. It has been depicted in the table given below as follows:

Difference between management and leadership 

Comparison of different leadership styles for different situations with suitable examples

Different leadership styles for different situations in an organization has been compared. As analyzed from the given case study, PM company is facing various challenges. These are in the form of poor administrative and management system of the organization. With the help of proper leadership style, the PM Company would effectively being able to manage and bring new things to lead team (Allen and Hartman, 2008). Therefore, it is suggestible for PM Company to make use of transformational leadership style. This style is adopted to recruit employees who can influence other manpower. This is required to bring overall productivity and participation of the employees.

The another style of leadership is autocratic which can be further used by the manager for number of clients. It is required to meet the work load of an organization (Baker, G. and Henson, 2010). In this accord, there is need to implement the changes for increasing productivity and to ensure all the staff for making decision (Schoemaker, Krupp and Howland, 2013). Therefore, in this regard, autocratic leadership style is considered as the most best way to ensure effective decision making of the organization.

In this chain, democratic is another style of leadership, which can be followed for conducting the work. This is a new style where work of employees can be increased to enhance the comfort level of new personnel (Caldwell, 2013). Thereby, leads to do task and responsibilities achievement in more effective way. Creation of better communication among the new hired employees and existing senior members at the PM Company.

2.4 Explanation of different ways to motivate staff to achieve objectives

Training and Development Programs: As given in the case study, 100 staff from this courier company had resigned. PM Company is in continuous requirement of undertaking and learning new methods of training and developing staff. It is likely to increase their interest in work and make them give enhanced benefit effort for working.

Job Redesigning: Redesigning is the attempt which is helps to motivate a new staffing an organization. It is to motivate managerial skills and abilities. This has been achieved with the help of activities such as job enlargement, enrichment and rotation.

Sharing Profit: Monetary reward is considered as one of the form of motivation. It is to motivate employees (Campbell, 2007). Regarding this, doing activities such as providing salary, incentives etc. sharing of other benefits can also be carried out to motivate the workers.

Recognize Achievements: It can be considered as one of the best possible way to influence the employee to work in more better way. This can be done by using an strategy of employee-of-the-month or star performer awards. identifying team as well as individual attempt leads to improvement of morale. it also gives a encouragement to the new employee hired recruited by PM Company for doing its activities and work.


Benefits of Team Working

There are many benefits of team working in the PM organization which described below in the paragraph.

Increase in performance and productivity- Team working can contribute effective role for organization to increase performance and productivity of PM organization by sharing work with team workers. In addition to this, it can provide optimistic reliability to increase speed of staff members in the organization. (Baker and Henson, 2010). Team working supports in reducing the weaknesses of other employees of the team.

Betterment in Communication- Team working can help to connect a better interpersonal communication among the team members by sharing their ideas and thoughts. Further, it can reduce hesitation with their senior members and team members to explain their concepts in the PM organization (Teamwork Theories, 2015). In addition to this, effective communication with consumers can help to enhances the frequency of clients in the corporation.

Amendment in Clinical Judgment- By engaging team members at PM Company, leads to sharing of information and ideas among team members. With this, they can equip to make better decisions regarding benefit of service users. In addition to this, experienced employees and managers of PM organization can contribute effective role to guide new recruited staff by proper sharing of information for courier service company (Adair, 2013). So this process can help in taking effective decisions for better for future of organization in the logistics market.

Working in a team as a leader and member towards specific goals, dealing with any conflict or difficult situations

From the given case scenario it has been found that PM Company is now facing the various problems regarding the different business operational activities. To solve such types of issues, a effective team work is require where the team leader and its members will playing different kinds of roles. These roles are as follows.

Coordinator: Here, the team leader has responsible and dedicated towards the objectives of business of PM Company (Cartwrigh, 2002). He has given the motivation and provide the guidance to the team members whenever required.

Shaper: The following person has allotted the roles and responsibilities to the team members according to their capabilities and skills. This person has very much focused and showing the commitment towards the complete the work within the given time duration (Chatzoglou, 2008).

Resource Investigator: This person has identified the various opportunities for the growth of the company as well as develop the contact with the various organizations. He is also responsible to determine and allocation of resources whenever required.

Implementer: This person has execute the ideas into the action or it can be said that it has give the shape to the suggestions or ideas of the team into reality (Gravells, 2010).

Finisher: These people are completing the work which was allocating by them to their team leader within the given time duration.

Effectiveness of the team in achieving the goals

The effective team working assist the company to meet the objectives and aim of business in more appropriate manner. With the help of this, the new ways can be easily find out to solve the issues related to operational activity of the organisation (Dransfield, 2000). In the case of PM Company, to resolve the different problems, a effective team work has required because it help the company to re-established the firm objectives in new form. The effectiveness of the team in PM Company to attain the goals is as follows.

  • Team members should having the clear vision towards achieving the objectives of business.
  • The roles and responsibilities of every team members should be clear and transparent.
  • Optimum utilization and allocation of resources to attain the goals of PM Company (Epstein, 2008).
  • There should be required to give the proper training and knowledge to the team member to face the challenges as well as solve the issues during work.
  • The effective team working has improved the productivity and quality of work.

4.1 Factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance

There are various factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance of PM Company employees which are as follows.

360-Degree Feedback: It helps in monitor and assess the performance of staff. In this context, PM Company should use 360 degree feedback process for every employees (Johansen, 2012). This help in knowing the major core competencies, strengths and weaknesses in the workers on individual manner.

Benchmarking: By developing some sets of benchmarking, PM Company can easily monitor the performance of the every staff members in most effective manner. Under this method, the performance can be judge by comparing the actual performance with the expect performance. It has define the gap or lacking areas in working method of employees (Khan and Sheikh, 2012).

Code of Practices and Procedures: By developing some code of practices and procedures, PM Company can monitor and assess the performance level of workers. The set code of practices will be followed by every employee during the work. On the basis of working pattern, the performance will be evaluated (Leatherman, 2008).

Assessment of the development needs of individuals

For the assessment of the development needs of individuals of PM Company, a proper and appropriate plan has required (Cassidy, 2006). It can be developed on the basis of learning styles, understanding capabilities, coordination with the other workers etc of individual person. The assessment plan of the development needs of individual is showing in below table.

Assessment of the Developmental needs of Individuals

For the assessment of the development needs of individuals of PM Company, a proper and appropriate plan has required (Cassidy, 2006). It can be developed on the basis of learning styles, understanding capabilities, coordination with the other workers etc of individual person. The assessment plan of the development needs of individual is showing in below table.

Activites Description
Determination of Needs and account of the Development Here, those elements and factors have identified which promote the development need of employees on individual bases. The component of  raise the need of development may be absent of the skills, miserable performance, in-coordination between the team members etc (Deckop, 2006).
Choice of Learning Style and Process Here, the learning style and process of learning has selected on the bases of individual manner. According to the identified needs, the training program will be developed (Humphris, 2013).
Formulation and implementation of leaning plan In this stage, the development plan formulated and implemented for the employees of PM Company (Kumar, 2010).
Encourage individual for lifelong learning Here, the company will motivate to each employee to adopt the continuous learning because it help in dealing with the various problems within the firm (Cartwrigh, 2002).
Recording, Monitoring, and Evaluation Under this step, the performance level of each and every employee has recorded in the proper format. For judging the performance and knowledge of staff, the various tests and methods will be used.

Evaluation of the Success of the Assessment Process

The above table has related to the plan of assessment of development need of the individual employee of PM Company(Gravells, 2010). For evaluation of the success of the above stated plan, PM Company can evaluate the success of plan by judging the performance of the employees. For this, organization can give them a situation or task related to the work place and assess their actions and behaviour on it. The modification in behavior, as well as productiveness of the workers, can also assist in evaluation of assessment process. The success, growth and opportunities are also helps in evaluation of the plan (Leatherman, 2008).


It can be concluded form the report that working and leading people within a corporate organization is not an easy task. This is as skills and knowledge is needed for working with and leading people, through understanding the importance of recruiting the right people for the right job. The same concept applies to PM company which is a one of the largest courier firms in UK. Following a proper process of selection helps in increasing the productivity of the organization with effectiveness and efficiency within sales and other department.


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