Impact of workers satisfaction on Business Growth


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Satisfaction of employees plays an essential role in determining the company’s success. It is important to know, that how workers could be kept motivated or satisfied to attain more than ordinary results. Satisfaction of buyers is results of employee’s satisfaction and ultimately business growth is the outcome of this double act. In order to encourage employees to give effective response to buyers, it is required to create adequate working atmosphere (Gregory, n.d). This is also an input to drag service revenue chain of company. Improved financial achievement obtains from satisfied employees who meet customer needs by providing excellent performance. Thus, there is a direct relation among customers and employees level of satisfaction. Not only productivity, but also quality of work is enhanced by workers fulfillment (Allen and Wilburn, 2002).

It is required for an organization to recognize feelings, desires, perception of employees and to discover how commitment as well as devotion of workers could be increased. Through this, business results can be enhanced, productivity could be improved, commitment can get strengthened and attrition rate can immerse (NAUERT, 2011). In between employee fulfillment and customer satisfaction, cause and effect relationship exists. It is impractical to sustain consumer’s loyalty without workers fidelity. Client service ultimately depends on society who supplies that service. For that issue, workers volunteerism as well as loyalty is needed particularly for those staffs who give their service on front lines. Devotion, volunteerism and loyalty cannot be imposed on people. It could only be made by giving them satisfied and encouraged workplace atmosphere.


Employee Satisfaction

It is the fact that in the service industry, the innermost concern is workforce satisfaction. Several factors are included in the employee’s satisfaction, such as excitement factors, performance factors and basic factors. Basic factors refer to minimum needs, which cause disappointment. Performance factors provide satisfaction, when there is an advance performance and excitement factors helps in enhancing buyers’ fulfillment.

Satisfaction of employees is closely linked to customer’s satisfaction and service quality that ultimately related to business success. Quality of service has an activist influence on satisfaction level of buyers. In addition to this, profitability of the company has a rational non-recursive impact on workers fulfillment. Satisfaction of employees plays an effective role in improving operational performance along with revenue of business as well as facilitates production of quality products or services (POWELL, 2011).

There is no doubt in saying it that workers satisfaction is vital to achieve profitability as well as quality, particularly in the service industry. In this industry, for the reason to attain profitability or value for company, workers contentment is crucial and without it, the industry could not imagine of being victorious.

In order to increase service quality, loyalty of employees is very important which is interrelated to the satisfaction of customers. Further, it also provides progress in making productivity of firm within industries. An imperative affiliation presents among organization and employees, which plays an active role in growth of trade. However, there are some more requirements in its development. Role relationship is believed to be developed by managers, in which decisions and actions must promote organizational interest. The outcome of interest is a contribution along with involvement of workers in business

 Customer Satisfaction

Due to globalization, business environment has got a significant change and international competition along with free trade is increasing with a high rate. For these reasons, managers should understand ways to handle unexpected changes, in order to bring suitable financial returns and to sustain in a competitive atmosphere.

Financial performance grounds on consumer satisfaction. Financial performance is directly related to customer satisfaction and indirectly connected to employee’s fulfillment, as it is intervened by satisfaction level of buyers. Thus, there is s direct relationship within workers and customer satisfaction. The link between financial performance and staff satisfaction could not found, because it is arbitrated by client contentment.

Customer fulfillment is the means to get success point in the service industry. There is a positive correlation presents among employees satisfaction, buyer’s fulfillment as well as apparent service quality. Perceived service quality of client satisfaction entirely mediates between consumer satisfaction along with work satisfaction of staff members. Framework of service-profit chain shows that more productivity can be brought by those workers who are more satisfied.


The overall purpose of research methodology is to demonstrate the theoretical explanation, which are underneath the project survey. Further, under this topic, the researcher introduce to its readers about various techniques along with strategies that has been used during the process of research. This particular heading of the whole project explains or defines the methods, which is being set up under investigation and also depicts practical task of the study complete study. The mode in which study is being undertaken must be persuaded in terms of strategy, philosophy as well as several instruments of research that are being created for the attainment of specific aim and the detection of resolution for a problem .

The diverse possibility along with limitations of the research is defines by research methodology. Moreover, it also places the study within present research as well as traditions in information system. The methods pay attention on data accumulation with the help of accurate reason. The information’s gathered can be use for practical and theoretical reports projects. The specific aim of this heading is to discover those hidden facts, which has not been exposed till date. Besides this, the methods also determine suitable solutions for the problems through systematic applications along with process.

The backbone of any report survey is called as research methodology. It is grounds on proper outcomes as well as facilitates evaluation of data’s regarding various aspects of the topic. For example, in particular report, it would help in identifying present satisfaction level of hotels employees, their performance in respect to customers. Moreover, the research methods will also evaluate about behavior and nature of consumers for hospitality services being provided in the city. This report will provide an adequate and detailed understanding about the importance of employee’s satisfaction for an organization in gaining customers satisfaction along with organization success.

Aims and objectives of the Research

  • To evaluate working atmosphere being provided by US hotels to its employees.
  • To assess benefits gain by such organization by paying focus on their workforce satisfaction.
  • To determine positive outcome of employees fulfillment on services provided to customers.  
  • To suggest several recommendations to the hotel manager that may aid in the development of human resource practices.

Research approach and philosophy

The idea regarding the method within which data in relation to the event must be gathered and examined as well as taken in operation is termed as research philosophy. The philosophical assumption fundamental in any investigation arrives from interpretive practice. For the reason to uphold the methodology process, it is very essential to lead the research pattern through proper research philosophy (Gill and Johnson, 2010). There are mainly two types of research philosophy, such as interpretivism and positivism. Both methods are helpful in the process of selecting an adequate approach for the study. The positivism philosophy usually pays attention on essentials, create hypothesis and then measures them. This technique is mostly appropriate in case of huge samples collected in the survey. Interpretivism focuses on the significance plus it creates the idea by initiation from data. Further, it investigates small samples over a specific time period.

The effectiveness of the report is increased by research approach. The approach can be qualitative and quantitative. In this specific project, the interpretivism philosophy has been used, by which it become easy to know actual happenings of the survey. In order to identify results of conducted survey, qualitative approach has been utilized. This approach is used, as it helps in analyzing, gathering as well as disclosing hidden significance and necessities of employees and customer satisfaction in the service industry.

The outcomes of study will give knowledge regarding strategies and methods used by hotels of US for fulfilling needs of their workforce, in order to gain more customer satisfaction. Further, the collected data’s would be supportive to other hotel industry in the country for understanding the importance of employee’s satisfaction and ways to develop it (Singh, n.d). Qualitative data under this report is collected by undertaking an interview of employees of the hotels along with customers who regularly visit and stay in these hotels. After completing the process of data collection, they were analyzed through thematic analysis. In order to conduct interview, two separate questionnaires were distributed among employees and customers of hotels.

Data Collection

In this particular investigation, the data’s were gathered from 12 famous hotels including five and seven stars in four different huge areas of United States. The questionnaires were circulated among employees and customers. They also requested to fill it up by their own preferences.

In total 25 questionnaires were gathered from workers together with 150 questionnaires were accumulated from customers. Among all these, 20 questionnaires of employees and 132 questionnaires of customers were chosen for analysis, as remaining were having unfinished responses.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is an overall summary of the entire survey that has been carried out. It mainly records ultimate finishing results from concluding analysis that has been undertaken with certain aims and objectives. There are numerous methods available for collection of data in a research report that depends on methodology, which will provide most relevant outcomes (Steve, 2012). In this research project, qualitative analysis has been done under which different themes was prepared for every outcome through thematic analysis. The research was performed among employees of the hotel and customers as well. After an accumulation of data, the results collected depicts that consumers are very much conscious about hygiene’s and cleanliness in hotel (Denzin and Lincoln, 2011). Other than this, it was found that overall client’s fulfillment is quite specific in terms of valuing different aspects in hotels, such as healthy atmosphere, perfect quality of food as well as beverages and services should be available at the proper time

Further, from the assessment it was observed that this is very much important that employees should work with full dedication and sincerity, as they are the first and ultimate people who meet and fulfill demands of guests. Thus, satisfaction level of buyers is based on the services rendered by employees. High level of customer’s satisfaction will help the organization to build in up brand image and a positive word of mouth in the external environment, as it is the service based industry.


Firstly, I had learned that customers are very much conscious for matters related to cleanliness and hygiene in hotels. Moreover, cleanliness also shows the interest of workforce of a particular organization (Denzin and Lincoln, 2011).

Secondly, company should make an attempt to satisfy its customers, as it is essential in today’s competitive environment where all firms try to pull attraction of more buyers. In order to improve satisfaction level, managers must offer adequate quality food and beverages along with excellent room service (Vine, 2009).

Next, I clearly understood that for gaining buyers satisfaction, organization employees should work with their full dedication. Moreover, for increasing workforce devotion, managers must build such policies and strategies that can provide a friendly atmosphere to staff members (Aronson, 1994).

Lastly, it has learned by me that for the hotel sector fulfilling future needs of clients is always a big challenge. This hard task can be easily tackled by managers, if they will keep records of demographic factors of buyers, such as financial status, age groups, living standards, etc. In addition to this, company can also offer various types of incentives in a frequent time period to gain more attraction of their customers (Williams, 2005)


The above research analyzed the employee’s satisfaction factors which in turn fulfill the customer’s needs that give result in the success or growth of business. After considering the outcomes of the present work, it can be concluded that local public ventures such as examined under this study is not self-governing. Moreover, these organizations are coupled with determinants that are indirectly connected to each other.

From the findings of this report, it is recognized that satisfaction of employees on the growth of the company is indubitable. Besides this, the project reveals that maintaining customer’s satisfaction is an ongoing process for business. Thus, managers should make continuous efforts to meet their clients’ needs and demands. Further, employee’s contribution is very essential in fulfilling buyer’s perspectives, so it is essential for the company to pay attention on development of their human resource. All over it can be said that workforce satisfaction is significant for making profits for the organization together with gaining customers attraction.

The findings of this research suggested that impact of employee satisfaction on the success of the organization is undeniable. Moreover, sustaining the satisfaction level of customers is a continuous process whose basics are intricately linked with the employees whose performance reflects through customer satisfaction and organization progress.


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