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To analyse the impact of digital technology on business activities of retail based organisation: A study on Tesco


Background of the study

Digital technology is considered as a way that helps in the advancements of the operations and processes of a company. There are various different aspects that are associated with the digital technology (Quinton and Simkin, 2017). Also, it has been observed that the implication of technology can further help the organisation in an increased rate of the processing of the operations and services. The research project is on analysing the influence of  technology on the overall productivity rate of Tesco.  Also, it can help Tesco in increasing their popularity as well. A very common example of this can be classified as if Tesco can replace all the manual processing after its implication, it can help Tesco in an increased rate of popularity as well as productivity.


To analyse the impact of digital technology on business activities of retail based organisation: A study on Tesco

Research Objectives

  • To analyse the factors associated with digital technology.
  • To understand the influence of digital technology on maximized productivity.

Research Questions

Q1. What are the factors of digital technology?

Q2. Hoe technology impact on increased productivity of Tesco?

Rationale of the study

The topic, the influence of digital technology on the business activities of Tesco has been chosen because there has been the involvement of a  number of processes that are still being operated manually. It further becomes responsible for decreasing the processing rate of the operations of the company. So, there is a need of involving  digital technology and its various aspects so that it can help Tesco and the other retailers who are still operating manually. Involving digital technology in Tesco can help in replacing their manual processing by the digital ones which can further help them in various beneficial factors. Some well known and common examples of it can be considered as the less consumption of time, maximized rate of achieving the objectives, etc. Therefore, for increasing the overall rate of  productivity, the topic, impact of digital technology on the productivity of Tesco has been chosen.


Concept of digital technology

Digital technology helps in making the process of digital marketing easy by including various ways such as internet, online processing, mobiles, gadgets, etc. It has been observed that there have been a number of advancements in the processing of the operations and functions of  organisation (Manganello and Strogatz, 2017). Its involvement can help in maximizing the speed and processing of various operations of Tesco. Involvement of digital technology in Tesco can also mean an improved rate in the operability because after replacement of manual factors by digitalised ones, it can help Tesco.  The fact that is to be ensured by Tesco is that they should provide proper training and development because it is obvious that it will be completely new for the employees. So, they might find it hard to go through it. So, a proper orientation and training can help them to understand it in a more efficient way. Also, as the competitiveness in the market is increasing widely. So, for dealing with the competitiveness, digital technology can help Tesco a lot. Also, it will help them in an increased rate of popularity as well.

Relationship between digital technology and increased productivity

The relationship between digital technology and an increased rate of productivity is quite wide enough. It is because; when Tesco will make the involvement of digital technology in their processing, it will help them to replace all their manual processing in the digitalised one.  Whether it is about taking the attendance of the employees or recording the data of the customers or about recording the overall amount of sales and profit rates, etc., the digitalised technology can help them in replacing the manual operations. It is obvious that the manual processing takes much amount of time but on the other side, digitalised one helps in speeding up the overall rate of all the processes and functions that Tesco is operating. It is obvious enough that when the rate of processing of the operations will increase, they can shift to the other consecutive processes after finishing the previous one and this will help them to achieve some specified number of outcomes. Rather than wasting the time in maintaining the operations manually, the employees will have to work harder and still, there is a possibility that they will consume much amount of time for a smaller task.

In case of the involvement of the digital technology, it can even guarantee Tesco that their processing rate will increase to a high extent that it can help the company to achieve all the outcomes and targets at a much faster rate. Therefore, it is very important to note that if Tesco involves the digital technology, the average cost of  implementation of digital technology is quite high, although then afterwards, the whole processing etc. helps in gaining a higher rate of productivity. As compared to the traditional way of marketing and technology that seems slow and also involves a higher amount of cost as well. But still, in that case, the processing is slow and it takes a lot of time to achieve a single objective (Manganello and Strogatz, 2017).

But in case of digital technology, it will speed up the processing speed and that too at a much higher rate. So, it can be considered efficient enough if Tesco makes the involvement of these processes because if they will consider the fact of recording the personal data and information of  employees or customers or about recording the overall revenue rate of the company. The involvement of digital technology can help in performing all these functions in a higher speed and rate. This will help Tesco to perform all the factors at an increased rate. Thus, it will help the company to achieve the popularity as well as productivity at a fast rate. 


Research is termed as a proper management of various aspects and factors essential for the study. The actual purpose of collecting the information is to make the research more effective and appropriate. There are various different aspects of research methodology which are discussed as under :

Research approach

            It is classified as a method of research methodology which helps in making a proper procedure consisting of all the assumptions in performing the analysis of the information and data. There are two types of research approaches and these involve qualitative and the quantitative. The qualitative approach is based on the theoretical frameworks while the quantitative one focuses on the statistical data and frameworks. Qualitative approach will be used in this research.

Data collection

            It is termed as a method of collecting information from various sources. There are two ways through which the information can be collected and these involve the primary and the secondary way.  Primary data is  the data that is being collected for the initial time but in case of  secondary, with the help of an external body, the information has been collected already but the same can be used by the researcher for making its involvement in the research to make it more appropriate.

There are various ways through which primary data can be collected and some well known examples of this involves focused groups, questionnaire etc. Different means of gathering secondary data includes online etc. Primary collection will be used in this study.  There might be a possibility that secondary sources can be unable to provide accurate information for this topic, so primary will be used. 

Research philosophy

            Research philosophy is considered as a way that helps in providing a proper way about ways that the information should be gathered and used. There are various types of research philosophies and some well known examples of it include positivism, realism, interpritivism, axiology, etc. Ontology is considered as that type of philosophy which is based and is associated with the reality factors. Positivism means following a structured and more efficient approach for the achievement of the objectives. Realism is considered as that philosophy which is associated with the scientific investigations. Interpritivism means the people acting as some specific role so that it can be termed helpful. In this research, the researcher will make use of the positivism philosophy because it can help in achieving all factors and  objectives.


            It is considered as a method of taking samples from numerous population (Oldham and Da Silva, 2015). There are various ways in which sampling is described and it involves simple random, stratified sampling etc. In Simple random sampling, random samples are taken from the population and data is collected from them. In case of cluster sampling, samples are taken into clusters and the fact that is to be noted here is that the researcher does not know the people participating in the samples for providing the  information. In this research, the researcher will make use of simple random sampling because it will help them to analyse the impact of digital technology in a better and efficient way.

Research limitations

            These are classified as ways that may at some point of the research can act as a barrier or challenge. If researcher wants to extend  time of the research to make it better enough and also, they can be able to achieve all the outcomes easily as well. In such case, the fact that should be ensured by the researcher is that for expanding the overall time of the research, it is essential to expand the availability of other resources as well that are required for the extension of time of the research (Pigni, Piccoli and Watson, 2016). If at that time, efficient cost will not be available, then it can act as a challenging factor for the same. So, completing the research within given time period is the most effective way.





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