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Employees are regarded as important element who decides the success of the business unit. It is through the combined efforts of employees that the business unit is able to achieve all its objectives (Bubb and Earley, 2007). Moreover, leading people in an efficient manner is necessary so as to satisfy their needs. The business unit is able to achieve success when an adequate level of satisfaction is achieved among its employees. It is the responsibility of management to make employees satisfied by implementing various human resource techniques. It is seen that employees need to perform different roles and responsibilities over a period of time. Henceforth, an adequate level of satisfaction is necessary among them. The report proposed herewith emphasizes analyzing the case of an organization that faces leadership and administrative issues. The report provides valuable insights in relation to leadership aspects that are to be implemented within the business unit.

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Task 1

1. Importance of selection & recruitment process and documents required for selecting new staff

The business unit is responsible for filling the vacant positions by employing the right members at the right place. It is essential for the organization to judge the capabilities of an individual before assigning him/her certain responsibilities. The recruitment process emphasizes attracting a large number of employees towards vacant positions. On the other hand selection process emphasizes selecting the right personnel for the right post (Madlock, 2008). It is through an efficient recruitment and selection process that the business unit is able to select the right and qualified personnel for vacant positions. It is through an efficient recruitment process that the business unit is able to select qualified personnel for vacant positions. PM is one of the largest courier firms in the United Kingdom. It is essential for PM to design a recruitment and selection process that helps in hiring the right personnel for the right post. It can be said that the selection and recruitment process is highly important in nature (Afkhami, Eisenberg and Vaziri, 2001). It is essential for the organization to test the job fit so as to identify suitable personnel. It is through the implementation of an adequate recruitment and selection process that the business unit is able to map individual capabilities with those of job requirements. The business unit in the present world is facing various issues in relation to recruiting new staff and retaining the same. Henceforth, the recruitment and selection process has taken an upfront seat. It can be therefore said that adequate recruitment and selection procedure helps in fulfilling the vacant positions in an efficient manner. Moreover, proper documentation is necessary (Miller, and Miller, 2012). The new staff members need to submit documents related to past experience, qualifications and so on. Moreover, an appropriate agreement between employer and employee needs to be established. Besides, experience letters and certifications the business unit needs to collect health certificates. It is the responsibility of the organization to test whether candidates possess adequate health constitutions or not. It is essential on the part of employees to submit relevant and required documents at the time of joining the organization (Mansour Almansour, 2012).

Implications of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations

Recruitment and selection is a very complex process for the PM company as it ensures choosing and selecting the appropriate candidate for the courier firm that renders the timely and proper delivery of the products to the market customers. For conducting the recruitment and selection process there are certain legal, regulatory and ethical considerations that have to be followed by the PM company. The various considerations are:

Employment Equality regulations: This regulation is being framed by the UK government so that companies can not discriminate against candidates or employees on the basis of their sexual orientation or on the basis of their caste or religion (Wilson and Pirrie, 2000). While initiating this the PM company will select competent and calibre candidates for their company without any discrimination and provide equal opportunities and rights for both male and female candidates.

The ethical consideration in the recruitment and selection process of the PM company will ensure that the management of the PM while selecting the candidate must follow the proper structure that is being stated by the management. While, the management ensures the recruitment will disclose the correct and adequate information regarding the job position available in the PM company (Moore, and Abadi, 2005).

2. The selection process and measure your contribution to the selection procedure

The selection process is defined as the procedure that an organization adopt for selecting and choosing the correct candidate according to the requirements of the job. As, the new CEO of the company my role in the selection process will be to interview the short-listed candidate for the job, check the background references and provide the contract of employment to the selected candidate (Tohidi and Tarokh, 2006). My role is to :

Preliminary screening: The first step in the selection process of the PM company includes preliminary screening of the selected candidate. I would screen the candidate on the basis of the job description and the requirements of the vacant job in the PM company.

Conduct interview: After screening the candidate, I should conduct the interview sessions for the selected candidate. I must conduct the interview to know about the candidate's background and the knowledge that they possess for rendering the services in the courier firm (Van Der Vegt and Bunderson, 2005).

Check background references: After conducting the interview, I must check the background of the selected candidate to gain information about the candidate and their past record.
Contract of employment: The last role in the selection process includes providing the contract of employment to the selected candidate so that they can provide quality services to the market customers by timely delivering the courier (Grint and Holt, 2011).

In the selection process, I have effectively contributed in playing the distinct role that is the role of interviewer and observer so that I could select competent personnel. I have also contributed to the interview round by framing the structured questions that I have to ask the candidate. So that I should gain effective knowledge about their personality and behaviour.

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3. The skills and attributes needed for leadership and the difference between leadership and management

The business unit is among the largest courier organizations in the UK market that deals in selling and delivering parcels and couriers in different countries (Tsourvakas, Zotos and Dekoulou, 2007). As the company is continuously focusing on improving its management by appointing the leader in the PM company so that they can manage the employees and the services within the company. The different skills and abilities required for leadership include:

Effective communication: The leader must possess effective communication skills so that they can easily communicate with the employees and the staff so that they can deliver the courier to the proper addresses and also ensure the timely delivery of the courier (Geller, 2008).

Problem solving: Another skill and attribute that is required in leadership is that they should feature the ability to solve the problem that arises in the business unit. As the PM company mainly deliver the couriers in the UK and different region. So, generally, the problem regarding the late delivery of the parcel arises. Hence, the leader should be effective in solving the problem of their market customers and maintain healthy relations (Afkhami, Eisenberg and Vaziri, 2001).

The differences between leadership and management include:

The management of the organization initiates effective thoughts and ideas in the business unit. While, the leadership within the organization implement the thoughts and ideas in the action (Maxwell, 2000).

The management of the organization directs their staff to move progressively on the existing roads. While the leadership skills allow them to design their own path so, that they accomplish the desired objectives.

4. The different leadership styles for different situations and explain ways to motivate staff to achieve the objectives

There are mainly different types of leadership styles that the company uses in different situations so they should minimise their negative effects. Leaders of PM companies should follow different styles of leadership in the situation that arises in the company (Miller, and Miller, 2012). there are mainly two type of leadership styles that are being followed by the leaders: autocratic and participative leadership styles. The autocratic style ensures the rigid and controlling behavior of the leaders and it also ensures close supervision. While the participative style of leadership ensures collectively and mutually taking the decisions. Employers consult with the staff while making any decisions.

In the situation, of delivering the courier late the leader of the PM company will follow the autocratic style of leadership. This style is being used by the leaders so that they can understand their employees and staff to timely deliver the courier to the customers. The leader adopts the autocratic style in this situation so that staff should lead to gain the minimum error. While in situations like framing the targets and planning to ensure the timely delivery of the courier. The leaders within the PM company will adopt the participative leadership style. The leaders and the employees collectively and participative design the plan so, that they should render the courier to the customers (Mansour Almansour, 2012). Both the styles in the different situations are distinct from each other. The autocratic style ensures the rigid rules for conducting the task properly. While the participative style will ensure the decision-making collectively for completing the task.

There are several ways to motivate the staff in the PM company so, that they should accomplish the objectives are:

Satisfactory remuneration: For motivating the staff the PM company often provide effective remuneration to their staff so that they should be motivated towards delivering the courier on time to their several customers that are residing in the UK and other regions (Wilson and Pirrie, 2000). If the company provide fair remuneration to their staff that is drivers it will assist in accomplishing their basic needs. Effective remuneration also results in boosting the morale of the staff and employees so that they can render and contribute the quality services among their market customers by timely delivering the couriers.

Recognizing and rewarding the employees: The effective way to motivate the employees of the PM company is to recognize and reward them for their contribution to the business unit (Tohidi and Tarokh, 2006). For example, if the staff of the PM company deliver all the couriers within the UK market in the proper time period then, the CEO of the company should reward them with the award or any financial incentive for their performance. This will act as an important way to motivate their staff in accomplishing the objectives.

Task 2

1. The benefits of team-working

Improvement in the activities: The benefit of teamwork will benefit the PM company by improving their processes of delivering the couriers to the market customers. As, within the team, it renders applying a wide range of skills and knowledge in modifying the ways in which they can deliver the couriers in the UK market.

Increases productivity: The benefit of the team working also includes an increase in the productivity of the PM company. The team working in the PM company will deliver the parcels on time without ensuring any delay. Thus, it enhances the profit of the organization by attracting a large number of customers (Dyer, 2007).

While the effectiveness of the team working in achieving the goals and objectives of the PM company is being reviewed by the following ways:

Effective growth of the company: The teamwork within the PM company will result in completing the tasks that are delivering the courier to the customers residing in the UK or other regions. Thus, the team-working will often benefit the company in increasing their growth by timely performing activities that reduce the pressure on their staff and they quickly deliver the product on the proper time (Moore, and Abadi, 2005).

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Building relations: The effectiveness of the teamwork will also reviewed by building relations at the workplace among the team members. This will help the PM company in accomplishing its goals and objectives. As, with the effective relationship between the individuals in the team will also result in enhancing or raising the productivity of the PM company by achieving the objectives (Twyford and Watson, 2008).

The importance of working in a team as a leader will also benefit the PM company. Working as the leader in the business unit will help in resolving the conflict that arises within the team. As the leaders' ability is to resolve the conflict and ensure the proper work so that they can attain the objectives. While, the importance of working in the team as a member is that it will support the other team member in completing their tasks or the work so, that they can properly attain the objectives (Matthew, 2009).

2. The important factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment

PM Company serve UK market customers by delivering their couriers and parcels to other people who are residing in the same country or in any other region. There are several factors that are involved in planning monitoring and assessment of the work performance of the individual in the PM company (Grint and Holt, 2011). The main factors are:

Recording: The crucial element that is participating in the planning and monitoring of the work performance of the employees includes recording. The CEO of the PM company must record or document all the relevant data or information regarding the employee's performance so that they can monitor the performance in the future by comparing the data. While, the recorded data will also help the company by evaluating the performance on an interval basis (Gardner, 201).

The poor management and reduction of the senior managers and the staff from the company will lead to the proper recruitment and selection of the staff. PM company selecting the new staff for delivering the courier and the parcels in the UK region. So CEO, of the PM company will plan and deliver the assessment of the development needs of the individuals by:

Determining the goals and objectives: The PM manager determines the goals and objectives of the individuals that they have to fulfil to survive or exist in the company. It may also help the individual in knowing the certain skills and abilities that they need to possess while, accomplishing the objectives (Madlock, 2008).

Prioritizing the individual skills that need to be enhanced: After determining the objectives and the detailed skills and abilities needed to achieve the objectives. They must prioritize the development needs of the individuals according to their requirements. For example, a manager is being hired in the PM company they need to have effective communication skills so that they can motivate the staff to deliver the courier in the proper time period (Limsila and Ogunlana, 2008).

Training sessions: So, for developing the needs of the individuals that manager must plan the training program so that the selected individual in the PM company will enhance the skills and knowledge to accomplish the task and improve work performance.

Monitoring: Another step in the assessment process is that the manager or the CEO should effectively monitor the training program to review that individual must develop their needs to render the delivery services of the couriers in the UK (Tsourvakas, Zotos and Dekoulou, 2007).

Evaluating: The last step in the assessment of the development needs of the individual includes evaluating the result of developing the needs through training sessions. The result is being measured by the timely delivery of the services.

The success of the assessment process for developing the needs of staff is being measured in the following ways that is:

Providing Feedback: The success of the assessment procedure for developing the needs of the individual is measured by the positive feedback of the customers or the clients (Bubb and Earley, 2007). The positive feedback from the customers depicts that the business unit has timely delivered the couriers to the UK customers. It also helps in identifying if the PM company has been successful in developing the needs of the individuals.

Improving performance: The continuous improvement in the performance of the PM company will result in measuring the success of the assessment process. It assists the individual in enhancing their skills so that they can safely and timely deliver the parcels to the customers. While, the developing needs of the individual also help in communicating with the customers while delivering the parcels that help in improving the image among their market customers (Geller, 2008).


Conclusively, it can be stated that leaders are the one that directs the personnel within the organization so that they can successfully result in accomplishing the goals. While it is also stated that leading a group or individual in an efficient manner is essential to satisfy their requirements and the various needs. The report has also understood that the company must adopt different leadership styles in different situations so that they can handle it properly without any error. Furthermore, the report also measures the work performance of the individual and the developing needs of the individual for attaining success.


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